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I. IDENTIFICATION: Write the LETTER of your answer

1. _____________ are devices that are used in order for all of the sentences to be linked properly.
2. The last part of the introduction is the _____________ which states the main idea or argument of the essay.
3. ____________ is achieved when a composition contains one focused idea.
4. ____________ is achieved when ideas are logically and accurately arranged.
5. Generally, ____________ is used in academe and formal texts. However, they are sparingly used in business texts.
6. The technical aspect of writing also known as, ______________, should not be overlooked when writing.
7. _____________ are sentences that clarify and prove the main idea of the paragraph.
8. The central idea of the paragraph that states comments and questions is called_______________.
9. _____________ concludes the details that have been presented in the paragraph.
10. _____________ occurs when ideas are connected at the conceptual or idea level.

II. IDENTIFICATION. Patterns of the Development

___________1. Organizes ideas or events according to time either in the form of a narration or a process.
___________2. Discusses ideas about a problem, its major effects and the proposed solutions to address it.
___________3. Lays out ideas to show how a set of evidence leads to a logical conclusion or argument.
___________4. Presents ideas to point out how concepts are similar or different from one another.
___________5. Provides details on the idea by using either a sensory or spatial pattern.
___________6.Presents the general statement then provides specific examples.
___________7. Explains the information by giving the meaning and providing descriptions.
___________8. Arranges ideas using enumeration or series of items supporting the main idea.
___________9. Presents details based on the cause and the consequences of a certain phenomenon.
___________10. Arranges ideas according to categories or division based on criteria or standards.

III. Language Use: Choose one sentence that contains the principle of a well-written text. Write the letter of your
_____11. A) I was invited to attend the birthday bash.
B) I was invited to attend the birthday party.
_____12. A) At this point in time, the government is working hard to uplift the economic status of every Filipino.
B) Now, the government is working hard to uplift the economic status of every Filipino.
_____13. A) We must not leave our decisions to something that does not exist.
_____14. A) Many students read books in the library.
B) There are many students reading books in the library.
_____15. A) Greg was one of the media men who covered the road accident.
B) Greg was one of the media practitioners who covered the road accident.
B) We must not leave our decisions to something that doesn’t exist.
IV. Write C if the statement involves critical reading and write N if it does not involve critical reading.
___________1. I preview the table of contents.
___________2. Hacksaw Ridge book is far different from the movie. There are relevant information excluded from the
___________3. Robert gets the main idea when reading a paragraph.
___________4. Amanda believes that you do not only read one book in order to understand the story, concept or idea
of something.
You need to read other books, because basically, it adds meaning to the current text.
__________5. Rachel reads the Harry Potter and critics the author J.K. Rowling for the mistakes that she sees in the
___________ 6. I memorize the names, dates and places in the history book.
___________ 7. I look for discrepancies in the news article.
___________ 8. Brenda likes reading short stories of Saki and tries to ponder about the meaning of those stories.
___________ 9. In order to be a good writer, Paolo Coelho always read books and he tries to understand not only the
meaning of the words but he also studies the feelings of the writer like asking questions “why did he
write that phrase? “what was he thinking?” “what was he feeling while writing this?”
___________10. Segregating facts from opinions is important when reading.
__________11. I don’t care whether there are missing information in the text that I’m reading.
What’s more important is I pass my exams.
__________12. In times of doubt, I consult other books to validate the accuracy of the text.
__________13. There’s nothing new so I just skim the newspaper.
__________14. In order to understand the point of view of that book, research about the author too
__________15. Always agree with the writer to enjoy reading.

V. Instruction: Identify the Informal Fallacies

1. ____________I wore my religious scapular when I joined the quiz bee competition. So, it is probably why I won
the first place award.
2. ______________Look Senator Trillanes, you could go to the Ombudsman and Sandigan Bayan with your
information about the questionable Bank Accounts and Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth of DOJ
Aguirre. But remember, you have plans to run as a Vice-President for the next election. Besides, you know how
politicking works in our government and it might impact your desire to win for the position. You'll never get
support among those powerful connections of DOJ Aguirre again in that case.
3. ______________If you do poorly in Mrs. Garcia’s class, you will start doing poorly in other classes too. The first
thing you know, you'll end up failed, and then you will get kicked out of Senior High School. Without such
degree, you won't get to college and you won’t be hired for a job, and you'll starve to death. So you had better
do well in his class.
4. ______________No one has conclusively proved that there are extra-terrestrial beings out there in the whole
galaxy. Therefore, there are extra-terrestrial beings out there in the whole galaxy.
5. ______________President Rodrigo Roa Duterte believes that killing the criminals is not a crime against
humanity. Therefore, killing the criminals is not a crime against humanity.
6. ______________I know the MTRCB Committee declared that the ORO movie was not qualified for Metro Manila
Film Festival for reason of violating animal rights. But, I still think they’re wrong. After all, it was one of the most
controversial hit movies for the first two weeks.
7. __________What's the big deal about the Extra Judicial Killing among drug pushers and users in order to protect
the whole nation? After all, you cannot make An omelette without breaking an egg.
8. ______________All of the UAAP Basketball players are really mean and rude. I asked the MVP star for a
photograph once, and he told me to get away from him.
9. ______________There is no reason to believe on the arguments of those witnesses, for they are the drug
addicts and criminals.
10. ______________If the Congress and senate of the Philippines allow the passing of Death Penalty as a law, next
thing you know the President will declare a Martial Law, and it won't be long before society gathers together for
the next people power revolution.