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Identify the functions of communication in each of the following situations.

1. ___________Bro. Bo Sanchez talks about how to be closer to God.

2. ___________The Math professor discuses different Mathematical concepts.
3. ___________The support group for cancer patients are sharing experiences in a round table
4. ___________The members of official family of the President are discussing the rules and
regulations for the upcoming cabinet meeting.
5. ___________Pres. Duterte shares his experience as a student in the San Beda College of Law
6. ___________Chief PNP Dela Rosa reads the Rules of Engagement for all Police Officers.
7. ___________Ms. Universe, Pia Wurztbach, cried while thanking all her supporters.
8. ___________The Senators are discussing the Legislative Agenda of the government.
9. ___________The President delivers his first SONA.
10. ___________The candidates for the Baranggay Elections are laying out their plans for their next
11. ___________Best actress awardee, Jacquilene Jose, talks about how it feels to win an
international award.
12. ___________The priest explains some passages from the Bible.
13. ___________The Chief Executive explains the flow of drug trafficking in the Philippines.
14. ___________A Chinese explains why August is called the “Ghost Month”.
15. ___________Senator Cayetano delivers his speech in support of the policies of the Government
against illegal drugs.