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Jonah Tucker ENGL 2100: Technical Writing Daniel Baird March 29, 2018

Double-Entry Notebook #4

National Society of Professional Engineers:

National Society of Professional Engineers is a website accented in blue and green. On this website, they have a Job Board,Threats to PE Licensure, and News

Latest News: NSPE Statement on Autonomous Vehicle Pedestrian Fatality

Job Board: Powertrain Engineer, In-House Software Calibration


Tau Beta Pi The Engineering Honor Society

Tau Beta Pi The Engineering Honor Society is a website accented with brown and blue. On this website they have, News, Fellowships & Scholarships, and a Job Board

News: Read the 2017 Convention minutes and business summary. The C&B Ratification Ballot is due April 1, 2018.

TBP Job Board: Thousands of engineering jobs, find yours today! Post a resume & search opportunities on the new mobile responsive Best People Engineering Job Board.


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers is accented with blue, green, and purple. On this website they have a Journals, News, Article, Conference, and Inspire.

Journals: The ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control (JDSMC) is currently accepting manuscripts for a special issue, “Unmanned Mobile Systems.”

While pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree, I planned to take two years of classes

at Salt Lake Community College and then transfer to the University of Utah to finish a Master’s

Degree. For my research topic, I chose to look at the professional societies/associations

involving Mechanical Engineering. To accomplish this, I went to the internet to look for different

associations with an emphasis on Mechanical Engineering.

While researching for the information which I required, I searched, “Mechanical

Engineering Associations.” I found a list of Associations and looked through the list to decide

which ones would best represent the professional societies of Mechanical Engineers. When I got

my results it surprised me the interesting information I found.

On each of the websites, I found a job board and news section. Each of these sections

had multiple links and descriptions. The job boards had different jobs available, and the news

had relevant news to Mechanical Engineering.

I found this interesting, all of these websites had different color accents, but each of them

had the same general information. At first I was a little confused, I could not find the information

I wanted. At a deeper look, the weird and confusing format the websites used made a little more

sense. I found a job board in each of them and news. After further research, I believe I might

actually use these types of websites in the future.

The Associations all required a membership to be able to use. If you are planning on

getting connections and going deeper into the Mechanical Engineering field, I would recommend

purchasing a membership so you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and jobs.

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