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Science Fair: Parent and Community Engagement Project

By: Jon Aldrich

Vision​: To increase parent engagement and student achievement.

Mission​: To create an opportunity for parents and community members to be engaged with students on a large-scale
project culminating in a science fair.

1) Make community connections and partnerships
2) Communicate clearly with students and parents
3) Create a science fair showcase night where students feel comfortable and compelled to compete with their projects

Plan Phase

Action Steps Person/Group Responsible Timeline

Determine what type of science fair this will be and the focus 8th Grade PLC - Mr. Aldrich, March 3rd - April 7th,
for the students (topics, theme, etc.) Mr. Schmidt, Ms. Arndt, Ms. 2017
-Focus on essential questions Stockton, and Mr. Hillman
-Open-ended on topics (students have opportunity to pick
-Can be research-based or experiment project

Determine timeline for science fair in ​pacing schedule 8th Grade PLC April 7th - April 14th,

Communicate with the administration our interest in putting Jon Aldrich April 7th - April 14th,
on a science fair and the logistics about holding one 2017
Create student ​information packet​ for science fair Jon Aldrich April 14th - June 2nd,

Contact community members to gauge interest as judges Jim Pifer - Science May 1st - Sep 1st, 2017
Curriculum Coordinator

Create ​science fair project rubric 8th Grade PLC June 2nd - June 9th,

Create science fair ​topics list​ and instructions on how to find Jon Aldrich June 9th - Aug 18th,
a topic of interest 2017

Create a visual or ​slideshow​ for students on how to make a Ms. Stockton Aug 18th - Sep 8th, 2017
science fair presentation board

Communicate with the administration about reserving the Jon Aldrich Aug 18th - Sep 8th, 2017
cafeteria for the night of Nov 21st for the science fair

Research and find or create a ​judges score sheet​ for the 8th Grade PLC Aug 18th - Sep 8th, 2017
science fair night

Create a google form for ​parent​ and ​student​ feedback for Ms. Stockton Sep 8th - Sep 29th, 2017
improvements after the science fair

Determine ​award categories​ for the science fair night 8th Grade PLC Sep 8th - Sep 29th, 2017

Find ​awards certificate​ to use for science fair Mr. Schmidt Sep 29th - Oct. 6th,
Do Phase

Action Steps Person/Group Responsible Timeline

Organize information of judges who are interested in helping Jon Aldrich Sep 25th - Nov 4th,

Communicate information with students and allow three days 8th Grade PLC & Students Oct 16th - Oct 19th,
of research time to guide the process of creating a 2017

Communicate with parents via infinite campus messenger 8th Grade PLC Oct 16th, 2017
about the science fair and all expectations

Check-in with students each Friday on their progress and 8th Grade PLC & Students Oct 27th - Nov 10th,
give feedback/ask if they need support 2017

Guide students through a work week and give feedback 8th Grade PLC & Students Nov 13th - Nov 17th,
while they create their presentation boards 2017

Communicate via email to all judges the timeline and Jon Aldrich Nov 13th - 15th, 2017
scoresheet for the science fair night

Set-up the science fair, guide judges through expectations, 8th Grade PLC & Jim Pifer Nov 21st, 2017
enjoy the fair, and hand out awards

Study Phase

Action Steps Person/Group Responsible Timeline

Gather verbal feedback from parents, community members, 8th Grade PLC & Jim Pifer Nov 21st, 2017
and school staff present at the science fair

Give students the opportunity to take the ​google form survey 8th Grade PLC & Students Nov 27th - Dec 1st,
to give us feedback on how the science fair went 2017

Email a separate ​google form survey​ to parents using infinite 8th Grade PLC Nov 27th - Dec 8th,
campus messenger 2017

Email judges and ask for feedback on how the science fair Jon Aldrich Nov 27th - Dec 8th,
went and how it can be improved 2017

Gather data collected from all students, parents, and judges 8th Grade PLC & Jim Pifer Jan 8th - Jan 19th, 2018
to determine action steps for next year

Act Phase

Action Steps Person/Group Responsible Timeline

Pre-determine broad topic areas students must sign up for 8th Grade Science PLC & Feb 12th - Feb 26th,
and stand at for the night of the science fair. Jim Pifer 2018
-Physical Science
-Life Science
-Earth Science
-Environmental Science
Judges will sign up for one of the categories and only stay in Jon Aldrich Next School Year when
that category for the entirety of the science fair to judge. communicating with
This way they will see many more (hopefully all) of the judges

Make small changes to the timeline packet for the students Jon Aldrich Feb 12th - Feb 26th,
which would simplify the process for the students. These 2018
changes would be:
-Cutting down the number of dates

Move the science fair to the West Gymnasium (reserve with Jon Aldrich May 29th - June 1st,
school secretary) 2018

At science fair night we can open up the concessions for Jon Aldrich May 29th - June 1st,
parents and community members. (reserve with school 2018

At science fair night we can have a booth set up with 8th Grade PLC Next School Year a
information for the statewide science fair put on at ISU if week before the science
parents and students are interested. fair

Put together an informational packet/sheet for parents to 8th Grade PLC Aug 20th - Sep 1, 2018
email out using infinite campus messenger on how they can
help their students during the science fair at home. This can
also be handed out at Parent Teacher Conferences in
October when we start the process.