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E-learning Questionnaire

Thanks for filling in this questionnaire. The contents of this questionnaire are absolutely confidential and
academic project only.
Please tick the relevant boxes and be as full and comprehensive as possible with your other answers.

Section A:
Perception Towards E-learning
Q1: Since how many years are you using internet approximately?

Q2: Do you prefer taking online course over face to face course?
Yes No
Q3: The e-learning is only advisable for people with a lot of computer knowledge?
Yes No
Q4: Are textbook your preferred learning material?
Yes No
Q5: Is accessing copies of offline academic transcript is hard?
Yes No
Q6: Do you have difficulty in finding relevant online material?
Yes No

Q7: How much E-learning Helps?

In clearing the basic understanding
Grab gist of topic
Acquire subjective knowledge
Exposure to practical applications
All of the above
Q8: E-learning is time consuming?
Yes No

Preference Towards E-learning

Q9: Do you prefer online study?

Yes No
Q10: Do you prefer presentation in classroom study?
Yes No
Q11: How often you buy online material?
Monthly Quarterly
Half Yearly Yearly
Q12: How often you use e-study or online study material?
Monthly Quarterly Randomly
Half Yearly Yearly
Q13: Do you prefer buying online subscription on learning material?
Yes No

Particulars Highly Agr Neutral Dis- Highly

Agree ee agre Disagree
14. I am able to manage my time effectively

15. E-learning provides working

16. I feel comfortable composing text on a
computer in e-learning.

Satisfaction Towards E-learning

Particulars Highly Agr Neutral Dis- Highly

Agree ee agre Disagree
17. The e-learning environment enable us to
access information and learn when we
18. Compared to traditional learning, e-
learning makes you productive at study
19. The e-learning environment can enhance
exchange and communication between
the teachers and students
20. Using e-learning techniques requires
21. E-learning imparts to psychological stress
22. It is difficult to become skill full at using
the integrated e-learning platform
23. E-learning materials are accurate and

Section B: Personal Details


Age: Below 18 Years 18-21 Years

22-25 Years Above 25 Years

Gender: Male Female

Employment Status:

In full time education In part time education Not in education

Main Program of study:

Engineering Pharmacy BBA B.Com B.Sc


Others, Please Specify