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How much does my audience know about my topic?

Editing and proofreading

How do they feel about my topic: enthusiastic, neutral or
Getting to know my audience
What are their personal characteristics (age, gender,
culture) that might affect their views on my paper?
Discussing topic with peers
Make lists of ideas on a topic
Hand-in preliminary research and send to peer + Looking at past projects students
supervisor for feedback
Searching literature
Update preliminary report based on comments

Making a SWOT analysis of the company

Updating reference list Read and take notes on a topic
Revising Pre-writing
Make a cluster, which is a visual map of ideas and
Revision of full document Concept Map concepts related to your topic
Formatting Ask questions about a topic

Discuss ideas about a topic with others and take


Make an outline of your paper

Finding literature

Concepts to study + measurement

Develop research model
Defining the topic including focused research questions

Finding literature

Data collection
Schedule for recruiting and planning participants

Recruitment of participants

Writing introduction
Writing measures
Writing methods section
Analysis section

Preparation of data
Writing results section
Analyzing results

Writing discussion section