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How am I graded in Intermediate 1?



The evaluation system of the Intermediate courses is based on in-class continuous assessment,
a final written exam, an Autonomous Learning Project (ALP), and a grade for effort, which will
help your teacher assess your performance during the course.

Below, you will find a detailed description of each component.


A. Learning objectives/outcomes:

Your evaluation will consist of six (6) learning objectives/outcomes. The score scale is
from 0-2:

 3 learning objectives/outcomes for Speaking

 2 learning objectives/outcomes for Writing
 1 learning objective/outcome for Reading Comprehension

Below, you will find some examples of tasks your teacher will use to assess your
performance of learning objectives/outcomes in class.


Explain different problems around a house and
Speaking I can make informal suggestions.
make informal suggestions with possible
solutions to the problems.

Writing an email
I can write an email about my life using Picture yourself 10 years from now and write a
the present perfect tense. message to a friend about your life in the
future. Use the present perfect when possible.

Reading quiz
Reading I can read for main ideas and details. Read in silence and answer a total of four (4)
multiple-choice questions on a piece of paper.

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B. Scoring:

The speaking objectives/outcomes are assessed following the criteria below:

0 1
I am mostly unable to use the target I am mostly able to use the target form(s) to
Accuracy form(s) to successfully comply with the successfully comply with the speaking task
speaking task according to the level. according to the level.

I am not able to communicate ideas I am able to communicate ideas naturally

Communication naturally and fluently to comply with the and fluently most of the time to comply with
Effectiveness speaking task according to the level. the speaking task according to the level.

The writing objectives/outcomes are assessed following this criteria:

0 1
I am unable to use the target form(s) I am able to use the target form(s) most of
Accuracy most of the time to successfully comply the time to successfully comply with a
with a specific writing task. specific writing task.

I am unable to convey the message I am able to convey the message

Communication effectively and successfully to comply effectively most of the time and
Effectiveness with a specific writing task according to successfully to comply with a specific
the level. writing task for the level.

These are some examples that will help you understand the evaluation of both speaking and
writing objectives/outcomes in class:

Example 1: You will receive a total of two (2) points when you display:

 Accurate use of target language for task = 1 point

 Effective communication = 1 point

Example 2: You will receive a total of one (1) point when you demonstrate:

 Inaccurate use of target language for task = 0 points

 Effective communication = 1 point

 Accurate use of target language for task = 1 point
 Ineffective communication = 0 points

Example 3: You will receive a total of zero (0) points when you:

 Inaccurate use of target language for task = 0 points

 Ineffective communication = 0 points

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The reading objective/outcome will be evaluated through a quiz during class. This quiz will have
4 sentences and a multiple choice format and it will measure your ability to understand main ideas
(gist) and details (specific and/or factual information).

Example: Read the following article and answer the question:

Two neighbors meet on a city sidewalk. They

talk about planting more flowers along their 1. What will the reading probably be about?
street or asking the city council to add bike a) Simple ways to improve one’s city
lanes to a busy road. In small but important b) Changing cities for bikers
ways, these people are changing their cities. c) City Councils changing cities for people

The total score range goes from 0 to 2 points.



2 I answered all four (4) questions correctly.

1 I answered three (3) or two (2) questions correctly.

0 I answered one (1) or zero (0) questions correctly.


Final Written Exam: It measures your ability to understand spoken and written language
and the use and usage of English. It has a duration of 50 minutes.

This exam includes sections for listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary
use, reading comprehension, question formulation & tasks and open-ended

The scale for this exam goes from zero (0) to three (3) points and your grade will depend
on how many points (0-70) you obtain in the exam.

The conversion will be done as follows:

70 – 60 = 3 59 – 49 = 2 48 – 42 = 1 41 and under = 0


If you get 64 in the exam, then you will obtain 3 points.

If you get 50 in the exam, then you will obtain 2 points.

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You will have one more opportunity to demonstrate your ability to communicate your ideas, solve
a problem, and interact with others in English through the autonomous learning project (ALP).

You will select from a variety of communicative activity/task formats that your teacher will give
you to prepare your project, such as role-plays, presentations, stories, etc. Most importantly, you
will have the possibility to use language and functions learnt in the course, to work individually, in
pairs or in groups, and to use your creativity and imagination.

Your evaluation will consist of three important aspects: the organization of your presentation and
its content; your accurate, natural, and fluent use of language structures needed for the task; and
your effective use of presentation support (intonation, gestures, visuals, videos, etc.)

The score scale goes from 0 to 3 based on the following:

3 2 1 0
Very effective and
creative Effective presentation, Ineffective
No clarity or
presentation, logically structured presentation,
Organization organization at all.
logically structured. most of the time. Most disorganized at times.
and content Inadequate content
All content is of the content is Somewhat inadequate
for task.
adequate for the adequate for the task. content for task.
Accurate use of
Accurate use of all Accurate use of some
or most of the Accurate use of many none of the target
of the language
Use of target language of the target language language structures
structures needed for
language structures needed structures needed to needed for the task.
for the task. the task. Affects
comply with the task. Affects
Outstanding use of Adequate use of Inadequate or no use No use of
presentation aids presentation aids of presentation aids presentation aids
Presentation (intonation, gestures, (intonation, gestures, (intonation, gestures, (intonation, gestures,
Support visuals, videos, etc.) visuals, videos, etc.) visuals, videos, etc.) visuals, videos, etc.)
appropriate for the appropriate for the appropriate for the appropriate for the
task. task. task. task.

Remember to prepare your presentation well and rehearse it with your classmates to
successfully complete and present your project in an impressive fashion.


It consists of two (2) components that, if completed successfully, are worth two (2) points in

A. Participation (worth one point):

Your participation will be assessed in 5 to 10 minute activities related to the

previous day’s lesson or the actual day’s lesson or a current topic related to either
lesson at the beginning of class.

B. Assignments (worth one point):

You should complete sixty percent (60%) of the homework assignments available
in the MyWorldLink Online platform to be assigned the corresponding point.

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