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Lesson 6 – Gossip: The Possibility of Evil

Motivational Set:
(stop at 5 mins)
Discuss how self-deception can lead to gossip sometimes we make ourselves feel good by
making others feel bad

In-Class “Exit Slip”

The short story will be read as a class with the utilization of a ball. The ball will be thrown from
classmate to classmate determining who will read next. The instructor will have predetermined
points in the story to have the reading stop and a short time will be allotted for the students to
fill out their worksheet. These worksheets will be handed in upon exiting. No marks will be
given, this will be an assessment FOR/AS learning
1. Make an assumption of what the story will be about based on the title alone and the
video we watched
2. After the third page, explain what you think will happen next and why
3. After plot twist on page 6, explain why you think Miss Strangeworth sends the letters
4. After reading, what was the main message of this story?

Jeopardy Game (if leftover time)

- About healthy relationships, manners and friendships
- Connects to short story by discussing what it means to be a good person and have
healthy relationships with one another to avoid Miss Strangeworth’s position
- Will get the students thinking about how the short story relates to their personal lives
and friendships making the story relevant to them

CR A10.1 - Comprehend and respond to a variety of visual, oral, print, and multimedia texts that

 identity (e.g., Foundational Stories);

 social responsibility (e.g., Destiny and Challenges of Life); and
 social action (agency) (e.g., Human Existence).

CR A10.3 - Listen to, interpret, summarize, and draw conclusions about the ideas and
information presented in a variety of literary and informational texts including group
discussions, oral readings, interviews, and prepared talks about a topic being studied.

CR A10.4 - Read, interpret, and draw conclusions about the ideas, information, concepts, and
themes presented in a variety of literary (including poems, plays, essays, short stories, novels)
and informational (including magazines, newspapers, and on-line information) texts
Make a prediction Explain what you Why do you think Miss What do you think
about the story think will happen Strangeworth sends the main message
based on the title next and why these letters? of this short story