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Peer/Self Presentation Rubric 4 - Excellent 3 - Good 2 - Fair 1 – Needs Improvement

Delivery Holds attention of Holds attention Minimal eye contact, No eye contact or
audience with volume of audience read mostly from confidence in material,
and is very confident with some use notes. Little reading from notes
of notes. confidence, speaks
Confident with quietly
most material
Content/Organization Has clear purpose and Has somewhat Unclear purpose and No clear purpose or
lots of examples. clear purpose weak examples. Little examples. No connection
Connects with unit with some or no connection made between content
clearly examples. explained and unit
Enthusiasm/Awareness Strong enthusiasm and Some Shows mixed feelings
position. Increases enthusiasm, about topic. Raises No interest or position on
audience awareness on clear position audience awareness topic. Does not increase
project content and raises with few points awareness or knowledge
awareness with on topic
most points