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WeSejadah Apps


Our Mission

WeSejadah is an online based app dedicated to bring Muslims closer to God. Our team’s
mission is to provide superior services for our Muslim clients that wish to be closer to God.

1.1 Brief Description of the Business and Product Concepts

Our clients are male and female Muslims, ranging from children to adults who wish to be
reminded to pray 5 times a day. We guarantee to remind our clients when a prayer time enters,
at any region of the world. Our app is designed to switch the alarm in a specific way, therefore
our users will have to comply by praying. Besides that, WeSejadah offers a variety of services,

 Accurate prayer times based on your current location with multiple settings available
 Azan: visual and audio notifications for the calls for prayer with many muezzin voices
to choose from
 Log book for parents to keep track of their children’s prayer
 Fasting times (Imsak and Iftar) during Ramadan
 The Holy Quran (Al Qur'an) with audio recitations, phonetics and translations
 "Tasbih" to count your dhikr
 Animated Qibla compass and map to show you the direction to Mecca
 Complete Muslim Hijri calendar to estimate holy dates such as Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-
 Collection of doas and supplications
 App and Quran fully translated to Bahasa Melayu

WeSejadah Apps

How The Product Works

The product must first be downloaded via electronic device (smartphones/iPads). For Apple
users, it can be found in the Apple Store, whereas for Android users, the app can be downloaded
from the Google Play Store for a minimum fee of RM 5 yearly. Once downloaded, the app can
be used as a daily prayer reminder. When the prayer time enters, the phone would alarm the
users the prayer call (Azan). Therefore, the user would never miss the opportunity to perform
his Islamic duties. For parents who lack the time to monitor their children, the app has a unique
function whereby the app would sense if the user performs his/her prayer. Both parent and child
must first download the app, then link the app to one another’s device. When the prayer time
enters, the alarm begins to ring. In order to turn off the alarm, the user will be given 10 minutes
to perform the prayer. If fail to do so, the alarm would ring every 10-minute interval. The user
has to place the phone on the praying mat, facing upwards. Every movement would then be
detected by the light sensor which is on the front side of the device. For every movement
detected, the device will automatically disable the alarm. Parents could also keep track of their
child’s prayer with the log book pre-existed in the device. The device would the type of prayer
perform, the time of the prayer perform, as well as a picture that would be captured by random
through the front facing camera as proof. Besides that, there are also a range of different
services that are stated above.

1.2 Target Market and Projections

There are many Islamic countries within the Asia region, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and
Singapore. And many Islamic practitioners in India and China. Our target is to attract clients
in Asia, then expanding to European countries. However, Malaysia would be the first step in
terms of launching and advertising as we have gathered feedback and research among the
citizens here and found that majority of them favoured and had a liking towards the app.
Gathered research found that most of the Muslims didn’t pray 5 times a day instead 2-3 times
a day due to their busy schedule and lack of reminders. Besides that, a research was also done
on young teenagers and found that most of them rarely even pray at all. Therefore, our main
target for this app is to capture the hearts of Muslims who are trying to make a change for the

WeSejadah Apps

better. Those who neglect praying due to unfortunate circumstances such as having little or no
time because of heavy work load. With the purchase of this app, the user would have a better
chance to pray whenever the prayer time enters. Other than that, this app would be suitable for
Muslim converters as they are not familiar to the concept of praying 5 times a day. This app
would be handy as they are reminded every day to the point where they would remember
subconsciously. Last but not least, this app is a great way for parents to monitor their children
at a young age. Since we live in a world where technology is used in our everyday life, this
could be a fun learning app to improve their children’s iman.

1.3 Competitive Advantages

There exist similar apps to encourage Muslims to pray with azan calls etc. However, none of
them offer alarms that disable when performing prayers making this app unique as it is. The
other applications offer azan calls similar to WeSajadah and other features such as fasting
times, Islamic calendars and doas. The design and outlook we offer is appealing and the ease
of using this app makes it exceptional. Besides that, users are more likely to be happier with
apps that do not contain advertisements such as WeSejadah. Furthermore, compared to the
other apps, WeSejadah is the cheapest among them, however there are apps which are offered
for free but lack the essential components.

1.4 Profitability

Before launching this app, payment to the app store has to be made (Apple Store and Google
Play Store) as well as to the programmer that developed this app. The total cost that was
ventured was RM 3508. However, since there are 14 states in Malaysia, the number of users
are predicted to grow yearly. With a yearly fee of RM 5 per user, the estimated profit is RM 9
000, 000 in the first 3 years of launching app. The profit would then be estimated to grow at a
steadier rate once the amount of users increases at different regions and countries.

1.5 Management team

The organization chart consists of 4 share-holders and founders for the app “WeSejadah”. The
main share-holder of this app at owning 40% of the shares in Muhamad Harith bin D.M. Prem

WeSejadah Apps

Najeeb who has experience in the technology and business field. The remaining 60% of the
company is equally distributed to the remaining 3 co-founders who are Muhammad Aiman
Ashraf Bin Rosli with experiences as a supervisor in his former job at Intel, Amirul Rahman
Bin Mohd Nor with experiences in finance when we has working with Nestle and RHB Bank
and lastly Amirul Aizad bin Salehuddin who has an outstanding record in marketing where he
worked as an assistant marketing manager at one of the most recognized telecommunication
company, Digi. The company also hired Muhammad Shafiq Ezat Emir Bin Mohd Kassimi to
handle our development and improvements in software technicalities. He was previously
working at Microsoft Intel and we strongly believe he is a valuable asset to WeSejadah.


In conclusion, WeSejadah can be very useful and beneficial for all Muslims who wish to be
closer to Allah. This app may not only be a milestone to that journey, but it can also help us
fully understand Islam with the other in app features. In the Quran, it is stated that all Muslims
should seek the time and effort to be closer to Allah and attain his love. By purchasing this app,
the user will be trained to pray whenever the prayer time begins, hence planting a subconscious
act in the future which he or she may not depend on the app to remind them no more. As for
teenagers and children, this can be a great teaching tool. It is always better to train the young
ones at an early age. The other features in the app such as dua’s as also great to connect with
God. As they come with translations, the recites can be understood in a deeper level. Moreover,
humans are not immortal, this app could also be influence humans to remorse and repent from
sins as it keeps the faith in Allah strong. Overall, WeSejadh isn’t only about praying, but it is
to also generate better Muslims and have a better lifestyle.

WeSejadah Apps


Malaysia is an Islamic country which dates back to when the country was formed.
However, with today’s multi culture and technology, many Muslim brother and sisters are
neglecting their Islamic duties. Majority of them are teenagers from the age of 13-19 with
minority of adults. Part to be blamed is the western culture they learn from movies and videos,
as well as from technology which provides endless entertainment and consumes most of their
time. This has to be rectified before their morality and religion background would be criticized
and looked down upon. Besides that, converted religions tend to not notice or remember when
a prayer time begins, therefore he/she would miss the opportunity to perform their muslim’s

In order to overcome this problem, an application has been designed to monitor

children, teenagers and adults. This application works as a reminder to pray 5 times a day. The
steps are fairly easy to follow. Firstly, download the application from the iOS store, or play
store. Next, register as a parent or a user. If registered as a parent, both parent and child would
have an account linked to one another. Whereas, if registered as a normal user, no links are
tied. Next, is to patiently wait for the upcoming prayer time. When a prayer time begins, the
phone would be alarmed. You will be given 10 minutes to perform your prayer, or the alarm
begins in a 10-minute interval until the prayer is performed. Before praying, the user must then
place the phone on the praying mat and perform his prayers as usual.

Also, this app plans to add a feature to which it can recite holy words of the Quran. The
function of this app is not only as a reminder to pray but to also learn recites of the holy Quran
words along with translations. This could be a paid feature to which a variety choices of imam
could upload their recites for users to understand and connect on a deeper level.

WeSejadah Apps


The proposed application is a type of software that solely depends on the mobile phone.
It only supports mobile phones which have internet data or wifi connections and the ability to
download softwares. Since the application itself has a proprietary technology, the user would
be charged in order to purchase. The app does not require monthly fees, but only a one-time
fee. However, there will be no adds in this app so that users can enjoy the app without any
disturbance from sudden adds.


Smart phones nowadays have advance technology functions that can helps user in many
ways such as the clock and alarms. For this app, these basic functions are used to help in this
app development. As for the clock, different countries are able to download this app since
prayer times are based on the rise and dawn of the sun. Different countries have different time
zones, and this would allow the app to function properly. Besides that, the clock is also used
as an alarm, which would ring based on the prayer time. This can be set to either the prayer call
(azan) or to a standard alarm tone. The user would be given the option to choose.

WeSejadah Apps


The camera is an option provided to parents who wish to monitor their children. This
would be an excellent way for parents to preach teach obedience to their young ones. When a
prayer time enters, the child would be notified. After being notified, the child would be given
a duration to which he/she would have to perform their duty. The interval of which the next
alarm would ring can be adjusted to preference. Before praying, the phone must be placed on
the praying mat, faced up, in order to capture an image. A log book is also a feature added to
keep track of the child’s prayer count.


Another features that plays a huge role in this app is the light sensor. Most of the smart
phones nowadays are equipped with light sensors to detect the presence of light. This way, it
can save the battery life by turning off the screen if the users are not using the phone. For our
app purpose, this light sensors act as a detector that detects the rakʿah of the prayers performed.
It senses when the user sujud’s/kneel. By counting the number of movements made, the device
would then turn off the alarm, and therefore, a prayer would never be missed.

WeSejadah Apps

4.0 Market Research and Analysis

4.1 Customers

Nowadays in Malaysia, contain almost 19.5 million which is 61.5 % from total resident
in Malaysia. The main problem for the muslim resident is they too busy with their work or
other secondary job due to high life cost. Their child sometime unmonitored about what they
do when their parent at home. Although they always advise them to do their prayer when they
work, but no one knows if they have done their prayers or not. Some of the children lie to their
parent about performing the prayer because they lazy or busy playing games. This will lead to
unhealthy lifestyle between parents and children.

From the problem above, our mobile application is mainly focus on married muslim
resident that have the child. According to our google form survey, among the 57.4 % from 71
people is married, that agree to have the apps as to monitored their children in performing the
prayer. The main reason that they want the apps because they are busy with the work, thus
can’t monitored their children themselves which’s 64.3%. The other reason is they are far away
from their children due to outstation work.

Figure 4.1a: Marital Status

WeSejadah Apps

Figure 4.1b : Reasons for not being able to monitor children

For our product, our main target region is Selangor. Selangor is one of the most
developing country in Malaysia. Thus the percentage of working married parent that have the
children is very high. Besides, the quantity of the muslim resident in Selangor is also high, thus
can be the highest buyer in this country.

As for the distribution. We will start distributing and make the app available within
Malaysia first. This is to see how many people demands for the apps. Since this app’s target
audience is mainly Muslims, our future target distribution will mainly focus on Islamic
countries before entering non-muslim countries around the globe. This app will available in
Google play store and Apple’s apps store. This will make it easier for users to search for the
apps and for us to advertise our product online.

WeSejadah Apps

4.2 Market Siza and Trend

The demand for our WeSejadah application within three years will increase. This is
because working muslim parents that want to monitored their children to perform the prayer.
In order to expand our market, we will not only be focusing our business on Selangor, but we
will also want to expose the product to other institution might as well to the world. The mobile
application will only have a one-time price during its construction shown as below;

No Components Price (RM)

1 Application programmer 3000
2 Apple store fee 405
3 Google play fee 103

This product has a lot of potential profitability because it is a new concept produced by
local company. We already target the potential annual growth in order to sell our services to
customers. In the early stage of our operation, we only want to focus on introducing this product
to resident of Selangor. As for 2016, there are estimated about 3.15 milliom of working muslim
resident in Selangor (Jabatan Bancian Malaysia). From this lot we will try to target about 10%
of them which is about 315,000 of resident in Selangor. We also predict each resident will buy
our apps for RM5 for.

The three years of the current total market are as shown:

Number of working muslim parents in Selangor = 3,150,000

From the population, 10% is our potential customers.

=10% x 3,150,000

= 315,000 customers

WeSejadah Apps

Market size in Market size in Market size in

2018 2019 2020
Demand increase 315,000 630,000 945,000
10% per year
Total market size 1,575,000 3,150,000 4,275,000

Total market size in 3 years = RM 1,575,000 + RM 3,150,000 + RM 4,275,000

= RM 9,000,000

For our apps, the major factor that affect the market growth is industry trends. The
industry trend is the study that includes the trends related to consumer behaviour, employment,
technological advancements, new product development, competition, government norms and
other factors that impact the industry. With this new era, the technological advancement factor
will affect the market growth. The smart phone used nowadays can lead the market growth,
thus make the major factor that effect the trend is industry trend.


Competitors Strength Weakness

Muslim Pro  Strong name  Contain ads for free
 Multiple features version
 Can be download for  Expensive
free subscribed fee
Prayer times: Qibla & Azan  Can be download for  Contain ads for free
free version
 Multiple features

WeSejadah Apps

The potential target market in early stages of our operation is Malaysian Muslim.
Even though we are new to this industry, our app can compete with other establish app with
offer new function, best quality and performance so that we will be recognized and this will
boost our chance to expand the market. In this industry, our app is the only app that provided
the opportunity for the parent to monitor whether their children perform their prayer. For the
service to be use, both parent and their child need to has this app, by this our market share
expand indirectly.

Some research has been done to the competitors before the business is set up. Even
though they have multiple utilities in their app like direction of qibla, al-Quran translation
and tajweed, those features are commonly found in this market. Maybe our competitor apps
can be download for free, however the free version will come with ads that very likely affect
the performance the app especially and the user smartphone generally. Our app certainly will
fill the gap in the market with the unique feature that enable the parent to monitor their child


Based on acceptance of our product by customers, we can predict the market share of
our product for 3 years. For assumption, we had assumed that the increase of market share
was 10% for every year. As we can see below, the total sales increase until RM 1,282,500 in

First year in 2018

Total market share = 10% of total market size

= 10% x RM 1,575,000

= RM 157,500

RM 157,500/ RM5 per app = 31500 apps

WeSejadah Apps

2018 2019 2020
Market share (%) 10 20 30
Total Sales 31 500 126 000 256 500
Total Sales (RM) 157 500 630 000 1 282 500

4.5 Marketing Strategy

4.5.1 Overall Marketing Strategy

A carefully planned marketing strategy provides continuous benefits to company. In

order to introduce our product to customers we should plan the strategy wisely and thoroughly.
Firstly, we must fulfil the customers demand by using the latest technology available which is
smartphone where they could seek for help easily if any of our apps crash or idea for fulfil the
demand of the customer

4.5.2 Pricing

For the google survey, most of the buyer willing to pay in the range of RM 5 to RM 10
per year. In order to attract more buyer, we put the lowest price which is RM 5. We also
improve our product from time to time.

Figure 4.2.2: Price preference

WeSejadah Apps

4.5.3 Service and warranty policy

Most of the customers worried if the apps will crush or not working. However, to tackle,
for every report receive with the prove of the problem will be renew the apps, thus the customer
no need to worry anymore about the apps.

4.5.4 Advertising and promotion

Our style of advertisement is through a viral video. We will also advertise it by using
business card and flyers when entering the business. Company website also will be built to ease
the customers to find and check about our product and coverage. Promotion also will be given
from time to time to new, frequent and loyal customers will be giving the Islamic present such
as Sajaddah or other gift. Promotion will be given in terms of codes where customers can key-
in the code themselves or by using QR scanner through their phone camera.

WeSejadah Apps


5.1 Organization

This organization are created with several people at the upper management with
different positions that play a huge role in the company. Those roles are General Manager,
administrative manager, financial manager, marketing manager, and operation engineer that
also acts as the software developer.

5.1.1 Key Management Roles

Management Roles Name

General manager Muhammad Harith Bin DM Prem Najeeb

Administrative manager Muhamad Aiman Ashraf Bin Rosli

Financial manager Amirul Rahman Bin Mohd Nor

Marketing manager Amirul Aizad bin Salehuddin

Operation engineer / software developer Muhammad Syafiq Ezat Emir Bin Mohd

WeSejadah Apps

5.2 Key manager personnel

5.2.1 Career highlights


Muhammad Harith Bin DM Prem Qualifications:

 Degree in Business Management, Uitm
Shah Alam

 Master in Business Management and

Office Administration. University of
Calicut, India

(General Manager) Skills:

 Possess very high problem solving skills

 Have the ability to manage large numbers

of group

 Very high self-confidence

 Excellent leadership skills


 Senior Vice president of Panasonic sdn bhd

 General Manager in Cirgaro Oil sdn bhd

Muhamad Aiman Ashraf Bin Rosli Qualifications:

 Degree in Business Administration,

University of Malaya, Malaysia

WeSejadah Apps

 Master in Business study and

Administration, University of Malaya,


(Administrative Manager)  Familiar with technology skills involving

software, spreadsheet, database and

 Possess good time management skills


 Administrative supervisor at Intel


 Executive service Administrator at


Amirul Rahman Bin Mohd Nor Qualifications:

 Degree in accountancy and finance,

University Technology MARA, Malaysia,

 Master in Applied Finance, University of

Economics, Ho chi Minh, Vietnam

(Financial Manager) Skill:

 Able to provide and interpret financial info

 Able to manage budget efficiently

WeSejadah Apps

 Able to conduct evaluations and reviews

for cost-reduction opportunities


 Financial Executive at NESTLE

 Senior Financial Executive at RHB bank

Amirul Aizad bin Salehuddin Qualifications:

 Degree in Business Administration,

University Technology MARA, Malaysia.

 Master in Business Administration,

Yangon University, Myanmar

(Marketing Manager) Skills:

 Excellent spoken and

written communication skills

 Have skills to create, manage and

coordinate marketing activities and

 Very good at monitoring market trends

 Have a positive attitude towards everyone


WeSejadah Apps

 Junior advertising manager at ez

motorsports sdn bhd

 Assistant marketing manager at DIGI

Malaysia for 5 years

Muhammad Syafiq Ezat Emir Bin Qualifications:

Mohd Kassimi
 Degree in science multimedia, Sunway
University, Malaysia

 Master in Artificial Intelligence (AI) &

multimedia, Seoul National University

(Operation Engineer/ Software
 Able to perform cross-platform

 Able to manage and direct operations and

software to finish work fast and efficient


 Senior digital producer at Microsoft Intel

 Supervisory content editor for News

Straight Times.

WeSejadah Apps


Names and position Monthly salary Share of ownership Amount of equity


Muhammad Harith RM 7,500 40% RM 20,000

Bin DM Prem Najeeb

(general manager)

Muhamad Aiman RM 5,000 15% RM 7,500

Ashraf Bin Rosli


Amirul Rahman Bin RM 4,000 15% RM 7,500

Mohd Nor

(Financial Manager)

Amirul Aizad bin RM 5,500 15% RM 7,500


(Marketing Manager)

Muhammad Syafiq RM 3,500 15% RM 7,500

Ezat Emir Bin Mohd

(Operation Engineer/
Software developer)

WeSejadah Apps


To start a new company from scratch, our company requires some professional advisors
that can help us provide the information we need to start a business and a plan for the future.
To achieve these objectives, we have chosen a few companies which are:

Name of professional advisors Services provided

Action Business Advisors (ABA Malaysia) Provide business re-education, innovative

strategies consultative advisory to business

EASI wealth management Sdn Bhd. Financial planning specialist helps

clients realise their financial aspirations and
provide ways to improve financial status

WeSejadah Apps


The target of our business is to complete the business venture within one year of time
starting from January 2018. To clearly see the progress of the project, a monthly schedule is
created and the estimation of time needed to complete them is also stated.

Task YEAR 2018


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Preparation of

Completion of
the design and

Completion of

Apps Beta

of product after

Final prototype

Launching of
apps and
market testing

WeSejadah Apps

7.0 Conclusion

With this WeSejadah Apps, our team hope that the apps can help the busy parents to
monitor their children in performing the prayers. So that the children that use the apps will
slowly nurtured the behaviour of performing the shalat early when the time arrives. For the
next process, our team try to improve the interface and increase the other activity in the apps
to attract more customer such as Islamic quiz or leader board that show the ranking between
friends who have better performance in performing the shalat.

WeSejadah Apps



Muhammad Harith Bin DM

Prem Najeeb
(General Manager)

Amirul Rahman Bin Syafiq Ezat Emir Bin

Mohd Nor Mohd Kassimi

Muhamad Aiman Ashraf Amirul Aizad bin

Bin Rosli Salehuddin