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11/25/2017 SafeAssign Originality Report



Case Study/ Research Paper

Abhishek Nautiyal
on Sat, Nov 25 2017, 1:14 PM
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SUBMITTED TO: - SUBMITTED BY: - Mr Raju Ganesh Sunder Simran Dua - 68 Abhishek Nautiyal
- 01

SATGURU FURNISHING HOUSE Satguru & Co. is a family business started with setting up a retail
store in the heart of Dehradun city in 1956. This family always lived with an aspiration to create
beautiful homes with beautiful interiors. Spread across 19,500 sq ft. of well-equipped area, they are
one of the most premium stores for carpets, bed & bath linen indoor & outdoor imported furniture,
in the city.

Satguru Furniture is the leading Furniture showroom in Dehradun which was opened on 3rd
October, with the sole objective of providing a unique and subtle collection of furniture to its
customers all over Doon. The product offered at this furniture house are intensely chosen and
manufactured with great care. They provide a complete range of solid teak and sal wood furniture
with each and every product designed been different and unmatched.

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11/25/2017 SafeAssign Originality Report

Company Vision

The company vision is to offer the customers a complete satisfaction goods to ensure long term
customer retention. They emphasize less on selling imported products and their designers’ works
day and night to design solid furniture as well as home décor antiques which can beat imported
products in terms of design and style.

History of company Operating since over 50 years now Satguru & co is a landmark in the city for
quality products at the best affordable price. They have captured market since very long and
established their brand image as a sole furniture and designing house in the city. They have a
strong network and working relationship in house. The CEO Mr Chetan Chauhan is indeed keen
with his employees and have built a base and strong rapport with all the people including his

Company Deals in Satguru & Company Furniture is located at Dalanwala Road Dehradun. It is one
of the best Furniture Dealer in Dehradun. Satguru & Company Furniture also offer services in
Furniture Dealers, Furniture Dealers-Godrej, Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Dealers-
Nilkamal, Office Furniture Dealers, Sofa Dealers, Bed Dealers, Steel Furniture Dealers, Wooden
Furniture Dealers, Sofa Manufacturers etc. They offer a wide range of exclusive furniture for Home,
Office, Hospital, school, colleges and hostels. We have a good collection of Rugs, curtains, wall
papers, Bed sheets, Blankets, protectors and Bean Bag also which are very much in a trend these

The organization was working seemingly well; it generated huge revenues through sales purchase
and transactions from outside as well as within Dehradun. Many big projects came their way from
in and outside the city; usually they incurred profits in projects like school furniture, designing
home interiors, collaborating with construction housing and all the upholstery material.

Facilities 1. Ample parking facility for customers 2. Lift for old age customers 3. Educated and
dedicated staff to offer a concept based furniture 4. Customized designer branded products 5.
Interior designer experts

Each and every brands associated are carefully choosen and selected to attain maximum customer

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11/25/2017 SafeAssign Originality Report


Patchwork Cushion Cover Designer Curtain Door Curtain Leather Cushion Cover Window Curtain
Rod Shower Curtain Rod Beaded Bed Cover Velvet Bed Cover Shower Curtains Silk Cushion Cover
Wooden Curtain Rods Patchwork Bed Cover Decorative Curtain Rod Yarn Dyed Bed Cover Cotton
Curtain Chenille Bed Cover Printed Curtain Silk Bed Cover Sofa Cushion Covers Valance Curtain

Stainless Steel Curtain Rod Brass Curtain Rods Iron Curtain Rod Wrought Iron Curtain Rod
Applique Bed Cover Metal Curtain Rod Woolen Bed Cover Sofa Cloth Curtain Rods Bed Covers
Cushion Covers Matresses Motorized Curtain Cotton Cushion Cover Window Curtains Decorative
Curtain Woven Bed Cover Embroidered Cushion Cover Printed Cushion Covers Hand Embroidered

Insights of the Company Organization working style is very decent with CEO at the top, followed by
various departments like Sales Department, Advertising Department, Finance Department and
Purchasing Department. The CEO at the top level is the owner as well, with 25 years of experience
in this business. He has a firm hold of all the operations going on in his showroom and workshops.
With a staff of 60 people, he managed his personnel to the best. Mr Chetan is a team player as well
as a highly motivated personality, he sometimes ignores the flaws of his people which gives them a
chance of learning more and imbibing knowledge from him. He always believes in a sense of
improvement in his staff and gives them space for inculcating more and more.

Mr Chetan deals with his staff in Laissez faire style of leadership, he leaves decision making
completely to the subordinates and accordingly it creates chaos and mismanagement in decision-
making. Leader is able to fully delegate the power. Subordinates are well competent and
knowledgeable in the firm but lacks mutual cohesiveness and group decision making.
Organizational goals and objectives are well communicated to the employees but sometimes due to
miscommunication there occurs a late delivery scenario which affects the revenues.

The positivity of the CEO makes the staff work lethargically, which impacts their performance level.
The workers are not motivated as they should be, they do not adhere by the rules of the company
and feel as if they are the owners of their departments. This creates a lot of mismanagement in the

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11/25/2017 SafeAssign Originality Report

In the sales department, the cashier Miss. Shilpa, works keenly with interest, as she is in this
company for 5 years, but is more interested with what others are achieving and often becomes a
reason for making staff argue with each other. She comes late to the showroom twice or thrice in a
week and is sometimes aggressive with her co-employees. The basic problem arises when the
company faces issues regarding team work, although their CEO is one, but they lack this quality.

Mr Deepankar, is the head of the Purchase department, is from sales background, and has a
working experience of 7 years in a furnishing firm in Haryana. In order to settle his family in
Dehradun, he has shifted himself here. He tries to manage all the staff using his previous learnings
but some workers hardly listens to him even mock him for being very formal. Not only this but,
since he is experienced and quite learned than others, there comes a gap between them. All others a
either new joiners or have worked here since inception, making it quite difficult to engage together
in work at same place.

All the departments are linked closely like sales, purchase, accounts, so there should be a
cohesiveness within all the members which seemed to be lacking here. No person tries to
collaborate with one another rather do what they think is apt. The people working under Shilpa and
Deepankar, hardly acknowledges them to be their boss. They pay no regards or neither have any
association with them in terms of work and relationship.

As it is evident from such issues that there exist some drawbacks in the company which can be
rectified by some attention and seriousness. The CEO always tries to make sure to neglect certain
things which are not important and also talk to his staff about all the matters possible. He is
cooperative at all possible steps and has a sense of forgiving employees. This is always taken
otherwise by the staff and that is the reason they lack leadership qualities.

Accounts manager Miss. Sahiba Sharma

As going by the traditional saying “Old is Gold”, somehow proved inaccurate here. The accountant
Miss. Malhotra had been working in Satguru furnishing for last 1.5 years, the CEO was not so happy
while all others found it difficult to gel up with her. There were some confusion in the accounts as
the accountant was purely a Science background and lacked core knowledge of accounts .She was
trained in her task but not skilled which rather created some flaws every time she made the balance

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sheet of the company and it showed some errors. This made Mr Chauhan to find a new accountant
for his firm, also with the upcoming of new tax regime- GST (goods and service tax) made the work
more complex for her. She worked on Tally ERP software but now there was a need of Navision
2016 software, after the implementation of GST. Further she never met the expectations of CEO Mr
Chauhan and many times there was utter chaos in the accounts department.

Mr Chetan was in intense need of a new accountant for his firm, his team gave advertisements in
newspapers, magazines and brochures for the vacancy of an accountant.

Mr Chauhan’s close friend Mr Rishabh Rathore is a renowned lawyer in the city with great
knowledge and fame. He knew a girl who passed out from Graphic Era University completing her
B.COM Honors with specialization in Accounts. She was a polite, well-mannered and decent girl,
was in search of a job in Dehradun. Having completed her higher education from one of the
esteemed institutions of Dehradun, ST. Joseph’s Academy, she passed with flying colors from SJA
accomplishing Commerce with Accounts, Economics and Mathematics. She was well versed with
the content and was full of enthusiasm and vigor to pursue with her new job.

It was a Sunday evening on 24 July, 2017 when the two friends met at the Sunset Bistro. Discussing
their lives and busy schedules Mr Chauhan came up with the topic of him wanting a new Accounts
manager in Satguru & Co. He narrated some of the issues and difficulties he faced in the due course
of time with Miss. Malhotra and now with new policies coming up, he urgently requires a new
Accountant to handle and sort his functions well.

Mr Rathore fell in deep thoughts that whether or not he should inform him about Miss. Sharma, as
she was a fresher and being inexperienced will she be able to handle the loads of tasks and duties at
the Satguru furnishers. As he was observing the sad plight of his friend narrating the incidents, Mr
Rathore was in deep dilemma. As it is Mr Chetan was not happy and if by chance another
accountant came and deteriorated the situation then it would seriously cost him a lot. With these
emotions Mr Rishabh explained him what was flashing in his mind.

Mr Chetan: Do you really think Sahiba will be able to handle it all?

Mr Rishabh: No doubt, she is a fresher but to the best of my knowledge she has great conceptual
facts and with a bit of training she can manage it all.

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11/25/2017 SafeAssign Originality Report

Mr Chetan: I don’t want to take any risk but there is no other choice , as it is 1 month passed, I
could not find any competitive person to work in my showroom.

Mr Rishabh: She is a diligent girl, and you can employ her for 20 days with Miss. Malhotra and
check her performance. She will be able to learn some insights and if you find her excelling you can
appoint her as your new Account Manager. I believe you will not face disappointment.

Mr Chetan: Thank you Rishabh. I will definitely go with your suggestion.

Mr Chetan issued a letter to the new Accountant and asked her to join from 1 August itself.

As Miss. Sahiba Sharma joined the company, there came a new zeal and excitement in the firm, in
not more than 10 days she grasped a lot from the previous accountant and worked seemingly hard
to know all the insights of the company. She was definitely nervous but at the same time her
confidence overshadowed it, she made connections with the staff and built a strong rapport with
the CEO. She became ahead of the pack in the firm and being a fresher, she had that passion to
learn more and more from her colleagues and her CEO. In no time she replaced Miss. Malhotra and
cornered everyone’s expectations with her hard work.

Miss. Sahiba understood her task well within 2 months and started operating new GST software.
She competed with all the members in the company and became the star in no time. Her activeness
in the firm paid her rewards. She gained appraisal from the CEO and he praised her good work. She
accomplished a lot and gained appraisal due to the following characteristics- · Knowledge and
intelligence · Clear cut and worthy goals · Conviction · Sense of responsibility · Motivation ·
Initiative and drive · Behavior towards superior · Behavior towards subordinates

External Markets As a matter of fact, in Dehradun there are many furnishing firms are there in
Dehradun, Satguru & Co. being the leading furniture firm has close and intense competition with
firms, like Virendra & Co. Naveen Furniture, Abha Furniture etc. When it comes to competitors
advantage, firms like Virendra & Co, has an edge over Satguru in terms of staff management and

The advertising department head Mr Rajdeep Ganguly is always on his toes to finish off the work
assigned to him, he takes good care of the rules and decorum of the firm. Apart from this he uses

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11/25/2017 SafeAssign Originality Report

his own ideas and innovative strategies to create a lucrative advertisement for the firm. His tactics
are always well appreciated by everyone and they bring great market to the firm. Being a matured
and well experienced person in sales and marketing he knows what is expected out of him and he
lands up to the CEO’s expectations. At times staff is little aggressive with him and he joined the firm
2.5 years back and rest all are quite old, he always takes his chance to corner them all.

Miss Sahiba and Mr Rajdeep have also built up great relationship in achieving the goals of the firm,
as they work together and seek each other assistance and guidance. Mr Chetan is also very happy
with the new Accountant manager, he has a sigh of relief that now all the messed up accounts are at
order and he does not need to worry more. His plans for starting one more sister company of
Satguru has also initiated because now his tensions are released with Miss. Sahiba coming into

Conclusion Finally “All Well That Ends Well, situation is there in finances of Satguru but will the
persisting staff learn and help others and make a good team building ability with them. They have
already started talking about new accountant and how she has firmed her feet in the organization,
some workers in sales copied her style and improved their performance. Others gossip at her back,
but rather than being jealous they can be motivated to be at par with her.

Throughout her term Miss. Sahiba developed the following qualities that are – Need for



All others had the sense of responsibility after the joining of new accountant , in order to stand out
among all, the staff members grew a bit serious.

Mr Chetan made Absolute judgment for Miss. Sahiba, which is an appraisal format that asks
supervisors to make judgments about an employee’s performance based solely on performance

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11/25/2017 SafeAssign Originality Report

standards. He also evaluates employees based on Pairedcomparison technique where he compared

the performance of each worker with that of every other person in the organization.



Mr Chetan Chauhan CEO 25

Mr Rishab Rathore Lawyer 10

Mr Deepankar Purchase 7

Miss. Malhotra Accounts 1.5

Miss. Shilpa Sales 5

Miss Sahiba Sharma Accounts fresher

Mr Rajdeep Ganguly Advertisement 6



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