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College of Business Administration, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

(Second Semester 2017-18)

MIS 206: Principles of Management Information Systems
Group Project (12%)

1. Introduction:
The project involves studying the IT infrastructure of a relevant information system
(IS)/information technology (IT) used by industry within Saudi Arabian territory doing business
in any one of the topics listed in section 5 below.
The idea is to investigate the selected topic using the 7 main components of IT (Hardware,
software, services, data management and networking)

Infrastructure Investigation, which is in a selected industry, should be carried out by using

articles, websites, books and journal papers and /or interviews. In the report, you are expected
to discuss:

1. The technology involved.( IT infrastructure)

2. Dimensions of information system.
3. Collaboration and Teamwork: Creating a Web Site for Team Collaboration (Guidance on how to do
this is provided in page 4.)
4. Key conclusions of the study. What did you learn from the project and how much benefit did
you get of the project idea.

The report should be no more than 7-8 pages excluding front cover, contents page and references.

2. Grade Distribution:
Project Grade Breakdown
Planning documents 3%
Final Report 9%
Presentation 8%
Total 20%

3. Rules:
1. You must follow the schedule presented in section 0 below.
2. The project must be done in a group of 5-6 students each. The group & topics must be
finalized before the end of the first class of week 8 (see schedule for details)
3. The project topic must be finalized, in consultation with the instructor, before the end of
the first class of week 8(see schedule for details).
4. A one page planning document, which reports initial finding as well as a detailed plan of
your report writing task, must be submitted by the end of the first class of week 9
In Planning Document, you are supposed to provide:
a. Brief introduction about the chosen industry and compare it with international
industry .
(200 words)
b. Groups’ Individuals’ task assignment
5. The final report must contain all the areas of investigation discussed in introduction above.
6. The final report must be submitted by the end of the second class of the week 11
(Thursday 5th April 2018)
7. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Therefore report must be written in your own words or
references must be used where necessary.

4. Schedule:
Week Item
Group finalized, Topic of Project finalized
Planning Document Submission
Final Report Submission

5. Topics:
Following are some suggested domains. You are welcome to bring any other business domain
of your interest and discuss it with your instructor (in person or via e-mail) before finalizing it.

1 Healthcare
2 Mobile/Telecommunication
3 Oil industry
4 Hotel/Restaurant
5 Courier delivery
6 Airline
7 Book selling/Stationary
8 Real Estate
9 e-Government
10 Hyper marts
5. Collaboration and Teamwork: Creating a Web Site for Team Collaboration

 Form a team with three or four classmates. Then use the tools at Google Sites to create a Web
site for your team.

 You will need to create a Google account for the site and specify the collaborators (your team
members) who are allowed to access the site and make contributions.

 Specify your professor as the viewer of the site so that person can evaluate your work.

 Assign a name to the site.

 Select a theme for the site and make any changes you wish to colors and fonts.

 Add features for project announcements and a repository for team documents, source
materials, illustrations, electronic presentations, and Web pages of interest.

 You can add other features if you wish.

 Use Google to create a calendar for your team.

 After you complete this exercise, you can use this Web site and calendar for your other team
projects. A suggested link that you can follow to create a google site is:

After you have finished your team collaborative website project you are requested to submit a
project report that has the following characteristics:

 The contents of the project documentation should be as follows

a. Introduction about collaborative tools

b. Collaborative websites benefits

c. Procedure i.e. how did you create your website

d. Your website subject and what does it talk about

e. Screen shots of your website

g-Your report should be organized

6. Report Structure and Format:
Report Structure:
1. Title page: This must contain topic title, group member names and Student IDs, section
number and course name.
2. Abstract: The report must have an abstract – around 150 words (summary of key finding
in report)
3. Main body of the report
4. Conclusion
5. References (if any) in Harvard style format. For example:
Books: Wit, J. S., Poneman, D. B. & Gallucci, R. L. 2004. Going critical : the first North
Korean nuclear crisis. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press
Website: Dawson, J., Deubert, K., Grey-Smith, S. & Smith, L. 2002. 'S' Trek 6:
Referencing, not plagiarism. [Online]. Available:
http://lisweb.curtin.edu.au/guides/studytrekk/strek6.html. [4 September 2004] .
Formatting details:
6. Font sizes:
a. Main Headings: 14, Bold
b. Sub-Headings: 12, Bold
c. Normal text: 12
7. Line spacing: 1.5
8. Paragraphs: The spacing between paragraphs must be at least 6 points.