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International Conference on Information, Business and Education Technology (ICIBIT 2013)

Application of IOT in Information Teach-

ing of Ethnic Colleges
Ma Guojun Li Yueguang
Gansu Normal College for Nationalities, Hezuo, gansu ,747000, China

Abstract In our country, in the process of de-

velopment of educational informatization,
This paper firstly analyzes the present due to the geographical location, network
situation of the teaching of ethnic colleg- transmission speed, the server data pro-
es in China and introduces the basic con- cessing ability and other factors in minor-
tent of Internet of things. And in view of ity area, it results in education infor-
teaching problems in ethnic colleges, mation platform can not meet the ethnic
combined with the advantages of the In- college teachers and students' learning
ternet of things, taking Gansu Normal needs, it is difficult to share information
College for Nationalities as an example, a and resources effectively . These prob-
new information teaching model based on lems have become the bottleneck of the
the Internet of things of national educa- development of the ethnic colleges.
tion is discussed, the model integrates Therefore, we need to seek a kind of new
the teaching resources of various ethnic technology to solve these problems.
colleges, it provides more efficient, excel- In this background of the demands, it
lent service for the majority of teachers is urgent to need a kind of new teaching
and students, it is useful to improve the mode to replace the existing teaching
teaching effect of ethnic colleges. mode, the combination of Internet of
things and teaching is vividly portrayed,
Keywords: Internet of things (IOT); the internet of things technology into
Teaching of ethnic colleges; Gansu Nor- teaching, it will improve the teaching
mal University for Nationalities; Teach- quality. To realize the strategy of rejuve-
ing model nating the country through science and
education, it makes education feed sci-
ence, at the same time, achievement of
1. Introduction
science and technology services educa-
With the popularization of Internet, in the tion.
daily life and study, people need to get a
large amount of information. At the same 2. Domestic research trends
time, along with the improvement of their
network information literacy, they put The Internet of things refers to the ubiqui-
forward higher requirements on the net- tous terminal devices and facilities,
work services. The network deals with through a variety of wireless or short dis-
massive data every day, how to deal with tance communication network to realize
data quickly and easily, and provide per- interconnection ( M2M ), it uses grand
sonalized web services for the user, it has integration mode, unified management of
become urgent to solve the problem of all things[1,2].
network development.

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In China, study on the application of network of Gansu Normal College for
the Internet of things is developing. Jia Nationalities, it needs the following
Kai [3] and Liu Jiansheng [4] study on the equipment, function and technical support.
application of the Internet of things in In terms of equipment, it needs to have
medicine application in circulation. They perceived functional lighting equipment,
analyze the application framework and central air conditioning, electronic black-
application process in medicine circula- board and electronic desktop, HD audio
tion of the Internet of things. Xie Yong recording playback device and a record-
and Wang Hongwei[5] automatic storage ing device. In view of these equipments,
management system based on Internet of it requires the following functions in con-
things. Through the Internet of things to junction, the classroom lighting with au-
obtain the detailed information of the tomatic recognition function, in some
products and automatic generation of sin- people into or out of the classroom, the
gle storage, it uses the electronic label as automatic light will automatically turn on
product identification means in the prod- or off, and it will automatically adjust
uct identification and product information, lighting to save electricity. Central air
it uses the Internet of things to obtain de- conditioning will pass through sensitive
tailed information storage products. thermometer to monitor surrounding en-
This paper attempts to put the Internet vironment, automatic opening and regu-
of things and the teaching of ethnic col- lating temperature. Electronic blackboard,
leges together, this paper puts forward a blackboard will use the capacitive touch
new teaching method, the biggest differ- screen, teachers use electronic pen direct-
ences of the teaching method and tradi- ly to write on the blackboard, or directly
tional teaching method is: new teaching open the various file formats within the
methods can be more time-saving, labor- mobile hard disk, like a slide show, Mp3
saving, high efficiency, it can improve play etc. The application of electronic
the teaching level. blackboard will achieve no teachers’
classroom. Students can watch the elec-
3. The new teaching method under tronic blackboard teaching and talk with
The Internet of things technology teacher through electronic desktop. Stu-
dents’ desks mount capacitive touch
Based on the existing campus network, screen, and they are connected with the
using radio frequency identification, sen- blackboard, unified to control. Students in
sor, wireless data communication, com- the classroom pass the class icons on the
puters and other technology, construct a desktop to raise hands to ask a question
more extensive campus Internet of things or answer questions, and they can freely
network than the existing campus net- read teachers played slide or other docu-
work. In this network, the system can be ments. They can pass through the net-
automatic, real-time object recognition, work to download and upload their own
positioning, tracking, monitoring, corre- work, or pass through the network to
spond to the trigger event. It can break download learning materials. Electronic
through the scope of information applica- desks are provided with a safety system,
tion and management mode, the digital, it can effectively prevent the student to
intelligent campus get a more substantial use network game behavior in the class-
development. room. The classrooms are installed in the
Taking Gansu Normal College for HD voice recording equipment. The de-
Nationalities as an example, the author vices will automatically open when the
thinks: Based on the existing campus teachers begin to record, teachers’ excel-

lent record for other students or teachers' through the desks of the electronic screen.
to refer. The classrooms are provided The teachers may pass through the icons
with HD video recording equipment. The on the electronic blackboard to control
function and HD voice recording equip- the student desk, such as the unified op-
ment are similar, it has a special function: eration or data transmission. The students
real-time monitoring the classrooms, to click the hand’ icon on the electronic
ensure the safety of the classroom facili- desks, it will show the position infor-
ties and student supervision. These devic- mation on the blackboard. This design
es and functions will constitute an auton- based on Internet of things function of
omous control system. campus control system, it realizes to con-
trol the unified equipments and transfer
signal among equipments. In the operat-
ing system, it uses the embedded operat-
ing system Linux. Figure 1 is a network-
ing control system design.
In the Internet of things technology
support, which can support the college
classroom teaching, but also it can sup-
port the student's extracurricular learning.
In the classroom teaching: The first:
Teachers pass through the sensors in the
hands of students for teaching evaluation
real-time, it can improve teaching effi-
ciency, save energy and promote stu-
dents' transfer of learning. Second: Enrich
teaching resources. Teachers can mount
various types of sensors on the experi-
mental equipments, it can collect experi-
mental data real-time through remote
controlling these experimental
equipments, then process and analyses
the results, provide to the experimenter
through the network. The students can
view and analyze data through computers
Figure 1 Internet of things control system and other equipments. It can ensure that
the completeness, authenticity and validi-
The Internet of things technology ty of experimental data, it can also realize
support are: the electronic blackboard in the experimental teaching mode and im-
the classroom, electronic desk, HD voice, prove the learning interest of the students
video recording device via the Internet or and solve the traditional classroom teach-
Bluetooth protocol for Internet, to carry ing resources limited and save all kinds of
out Internet of things of the classroom. funds. Third: optimizing the learning en-
When electronic blackboard open, it will vironment. The school teaching environ-
transfers to the electronic desk signal and ment, teaching facilities and teaching ac-
voice and video recording equipment via tivities can produce a large amount of
the Internet or Bluetooth automatically, noise. The noise can influence students'
allowing them to open operation. Stu- listening and affect the communication
dents can call voice and video recording between teachers and students, it can pro-
device recording of the voice and video

duce negative effect for students’ learning. 5. Acknowledgment
The teachers will lead vocal strain for a
long time to raise his voice. Personnel This work is supported by Gansu Provin-
arrangement sensors node in the class- cial College graduate tutor of scientific
room, it can monitor all corners of the research project (1112-09), Gansu Pro-
noise exceeds, once it exceeds the warn- vincial College graduate tutor of scien-
ing value, it will alarm notification to rel- tific research project (1213-05)and Dean
evant departments. The light will affect Fund of Gansu Normal College for Na-
the eyesight of students, Personnel install tionalities (09-07).
light sensor in the classroom, which can
monitor the light brightness and automat- 6. References
ic adjustment of classroom lighting
brightness and computer screen bright- [1] Pu Hongmei. Discussion on the net-
ness, according to outdoor light intensity, working technology[J]. Science and
it can adjustment curtain height. The sen- technology information, 2010 (2): 191
sor can also adjust ventilation and air – 191.
conditioning temperature according to the [2] Jia Shu, Guo Yongan, Ye Yan. De-
indoor carbon dioxide concentrations. sign and Realization of file intelligent
To sum up, the new teaching mode management system based on Internet
has a significant advantage, and along of things [J]. Information technology
with its application in the teaching con- research. 2009, 35 (12): 51 – 53.
tinuous in-depth, it will produce a more [3] Jia Kai, Liu Hui, Wang Baosong. The
far-reaching influence for the develop- applied research in Chinese medicine
ment of education. circulation based on the Internet of
things [J]. Business economics. 2005
(2): 50 – 51.
4. Conclusions
[4] Liu Jiansheng, Lin Zikui, Wang Hui.
Although the Internet of things in the The reengineering research in market-
field of education research is little, but ing process based on the Internet of
along with the Internet of things technol- the things [J]. Network and infor-
ogy mature increasingly and people atten- mation technology, 2007, 26 (5): 104
tion degree rise ceaselessly, its applica- - 106.
tion in education will be more and more [5] Xie Yong, Wang Hongwei. Based on
widely. It will help to optimize the learn- Internet of things automatic storage
ing environment, abundant learning re- management system and its applica-
sources, improve learning, reduce the tion research[J]. Logistics technology,
management cost, improve management 2007,26 (4): 90 – 93.
efficiency and speed up tthe process of
educational modernization. We believe
that the era of the Internet of things of
education is coming.