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Learning activity 2 / ​Actividad de aprendizaje 2

Evidence: Expressing advice / ​Evidencia: Dando consejos

You will find some situations below. Give at least four suggestions to the person
about each situation. / ​Usted encontrará algunas situaciones. Ofrezca al menos
cuatro sugerencias a la persona respecto a la situación.


Fuente:​ SENA

I want to buy a car. What should I do?

1. You should first know what model you want.

You must look at how much money you have.

3. You must Investigate: By Internet, in specialized magazines or with close

friends, it is possible to consult on the characteristics of the cars that the
market currently offers

4. You must look for security: No car purchase would be complete without
knowing the elements of active and passive safety of the vehicle, since
these will depend on your life and that of yours before any eventuality.

Fuente:​ SENA

She wants to decorate her apartment. What should she do?

1. She should first know how she wants to decorate it.

2. She must buy the necessary materials.
3. She must search the internet as it would look better.
4. She must look at prices

Fuente:​ SENA

He has a cold. What shouldn’t he do?

1. He must not go out without a sack.

2. He should not take acid things.
3. He must not rest.
4. He should not get wet

Fuente:​ SENA

They want to take care of their neighborhood.

What should they do?

What shouldn’t they do?

What they should do.

1. They should install cameras.

2. They should hire a surveillance company
3. They should set alarms.
4. They should have the nearest CAI number

What they shouldn’t do.

1. They should not take revenge by their hands.

They should not leave their doors open or without security.

1. When you finish your work, send the file to your instructor through the
platform as follows:

1. Click the title of this evidence.

2. Click E ​ xaminar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. Make sure the
file is attached.
3. Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).
4. Click ​Enviar​.

Una vez finalice la evidencia envíe al instructor el archivo a través de la plataforma,


1. Dé clic en el título de esta evidencia.

2. Dé clic en el enlace Examinar mi equipo y busque el archivo en su
computador. Asegúrese de adjuntar el archivo.
3. Escriba algún comentario si lo considera pertinente.
4. Dé clic en Enviar.

Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the learning

guide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities, know how to
develop them and deliver them correctly.

Nota: Esta evidencia es de carácter individual. Recuerde revisar la guía de

aprendizaje con el fin de verificar que ha realizado todas las actividades
propuestas, saber cómo desarrollarlas y entregarlas correctamente.

Criterios de evaluación
Usa los verbos modales ​should / ​must ​y el semi-modal ​have ​to ​con la
estructura gramatical y vocabulario requeridos, teniendo en cuenta el contexto.