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PATTI PELLERITO & BRADFORD SMITH: Portals To Inner Space / Musical Chakra

Meditation I

1 - Earth
2 - Sun~Moon
3 - Mars
4 - Venus
5 - Mercury
6 - Jupiter
7 - Uranus

A meditation to Inner Space, transporting you into present centered awareness.

Entrain and slow your brainwave state with the harmonic vibrations of the Tibetan
Singing Bowls as ethereal melodies lead you on a journey.

Using the chakra system as a guide, we awaken our awareness to the connection with
the infinite universe. Perfect for; Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Massage, Energy Work,
and Meditation.

Featuring Patti Pellerito on Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Bradford Smith on Flutes,
Harmonic singing and Soprano saxophone. Together Patti and Bradford lead
participants in meditative experiences encompassing breath, movement, and music.
The songs/improvisations on this CD have evolved from this process. Contact them to
schedule an event at your location.

About the artist,

Patti Pellerito, Exploring the science of sound, and continuing studies in the
healing arts, yoga, qi gong and meditation, brings love, intention and intuitive
guidance to her practice. With 16 years experience as a Massage Therapist, she
integrates Tibetan Singing Bowls to facilitate sound/vibrational healing.

Bradford Smith, a multi-instrumentalist on flutes, saxophone, keyboards and voice.

He creates music to find the inner-connection to the soul, to aid in the process of
healing and facilitating the knowing of the Unifying Intelligence.

How to use this Musical Chakra Meditation...

As pure relaxation, adjust the lights to create a soft mood, lie down, making
yourself completely comfortable and simply absorb the sounds. For an active chakra
meditation, sit up with your spine strait, but not tense. Visualize the color for
each specific energy center, breathing in/out slowly and evenly. You may be as
interactive as you wish here, by visualizing, breathing into and focusing on each
of the characteristics associated with each chakra. Or as a 10 minute meditation,
by choosing one of the chakras that you wish to bring awareness too!

The Seven Major Chakras...

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk” and denotes a point of
intersection where mind and body meet. The ancient vedics who developed the chakra
system found correlation between the planets and our chakras. We are using the 7
basic chakras as a model for integrating body/mind/spirit, as a mechanism for
personal growth.
Chakras are seen as portals situated in nerve centers along the spine, for
receiving distributing and releasing bio-energies through out our bodies. This is
a system connecting our nerves, hormones, and emotions forming a link between our
energetic and physical anatomy. A connecting channel linking Heaven and Earth,
mind and body, spirit and matter, past and future.
This cd was designed to help you focus your awareness and attention to your 7 major
chakras. Bringing the energies into balance, by using tones that interact with
these specific places within our bodies, ie. slower, deeper tones that affect the
root chakra, and faster, higher frequencies that interact with crown chakra.

We have outlined the core characteristics, organ systems, emotions, elements,

planets, and color associated with each chakra. It is helpful to become familiar
with this, in order to focus on each chakra through-out the meditation. For
example, you may imagine that you are breathing in energy the color associated with
that chakra, also, setting your intention to bring balance and harmony with each
breath to that specific area in your body.

1st Chakra, Root; Earth, red, located at the base of the spine. Grounding, physical
identity, Self preservation. Legs, feet, bones, large intestine, immune system,

2nd chakra, Sacral Plexus; Water, orange, located in the lower abdomen, genitals
womb. Desire, sexuality, Emotional identity, Self-gratification. Gonads, womb,
genitals, kidney, bladder, low back.

3rd chakra, Solar Plexus; Fire, Yellow, located in between the rib cage, below the
sternum. Will, Power, Energy, Transformation, Self-Esteem, Self-respect.
Pancreas, adrenals, digestive system, liver, gall bladder.

4th chakra, Heart; Air, Green, located at the Heart center, Love, breath,
relationship, peace, Self-acceptance. Thymus, lungs, heart, circulatory system,
arms, hands.

5th chakra, Throat; Sound, Blue, communication, Creative identity, Self-expression,

thyroid, ears, mouth, neck.

6th chakra, Third Eye, Light, Indigo, located between the brows, intuition,
imagination, visualization, Self-reflection, Pineal gland, eyes, base of skull.

7th chakra, Crown, Thought, White, located top of head, consciousness, information,
knowing, transcendence, meditation, Self-knowledge, pituitary gland, cerebral

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