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CHAPTER-11, QUIZ-1 HEAT NAME ______________________

Just write the answer with units where applicable. Use back side of page for rough work.

1. The Fahrenheit and Kelvin scale will have the same reading when the temperature is ____________
2. A gas which obeys gas laws under all conditions of temperature and pressure is called ________ gas
3. At constant T, if the P of a gas is increased, its V will __________ and its density will ___________
4. The KEAVERAGE of molecules of a gas is given as ______________ (write formula)
5. If P=200 Pa, area is 0.1 m2 and distance moved is 10 cm, then the work done by the gas is __________ J
6. The triple point temperature for water is _____________ K
7. A constant volume gas thermometer works on principle of ____________ law
8. The ratio of coefficients of cubical expansion and linear expansion is ___ to _____ (numbers)
9. When a copper ball is heated, it's __________ will increase (radius, area, volume, mass)
10. Sea animals are safe in winter in cold countries because of the ___________ behavior of water
11. First law of thermodynamic concerns conservation of ___________ (momentum, energy, mass, charge)
12. 1200 J added to a system, U increases by 400 J; the amount of work done is _______ kJ
13. For an ideal gas system, the internal energy is a function of ________ (P, V, T, n)
14. At constant volume, the graph between P and T is Hyperbola/Parabola/Straight Line/Ellipse (tick any one)
15. SI unit of heat capacity is ________; molar heat capacity is ________ ; specific heat capacity is ________
16. Area under the curve in PV diagram represents _________
17. The T at which deg F equals exactly twice the deg C on a thermometer is _________ deg C
18. The temperature near which all gases liquefy and at which molecular motion ceases is known as _________
19. The number of molecules per cc of a gas at S.T.P. is ____________
20. Pressure of a gas can be written as ___________ and root mean square velocity as ___________ (formulae)
21. The value of Boltzmann's constant is ________________ (value and units)
22. For adiabatic process _______; for isothermal process _____; for isochoric process _____ and for isobaric
process ______ is zero
23. When the absolute temperature is doubled is then the Vrms increases ____________ times
24. The old theory in which heat was supposed to be a fluid was known as _________ theory (name)
25. The ____________________ theory explains the behavior of gas molecules (name)
26. KE.avg per molecule is ___________ and total KE of all molecules is __________ energy of the system
27. The difference of Cp and Cv is always equal to _____, which means Cp is always ________than Cv
28. If V=10 at T=273 and P=2. The volume when P is halved and T is doubled is _____________
29. If heat of fusion of water is 336 kJ/kg, then ________ kg of water melts when 672 kJ heat is added to it.
30. The molecular mass of a substance taken in grams is known as one ________ of that substance and the
number of particles in it are ____________
31. At 500 K, the Vrms of Hydrogen molecule is _________times of Oxygen molecule
32. An isobaric process in PV diagram is represented by Horizontal/Vertical/Straight line (tick any one)
33. An isochoric process in PV diagram is represented by Horizontal/Vertical/Straight line (tick any one)
34. Work is independent of path (True/False)
35. P, V and T are state functions (True/False)
36. Intensive properties are those properties that depend on mass of the system (True/False)
37. For adiabatic process the walls and base of the container are made up of conducting material (True/False)
38. The piston of the system is considered to be frictionless and moveable (True/False)
39. Quick or sudden expansion of gases causes heating (True/False)
40. Slow or isothermal compression of gases does not cause heating (True/False)
41. SI System of units was established in the year 1947/1960/2000/2010 (tick any one)
42. The final length when T of 200 cm rod (a=11e0-6 K-1) is increased by 100 degrees is ________ m
43. 273 of thermodynamic temperature is equal to _______ deg F
44. The enthalpy is not defined as the total heat contents of the system (True/False)
45. In winter season the temperature of the walls is closer to the Outside/Inside of room (tick any one)
46. A refrigerator door is opened: the heat enters the refrigerator/the heat leaves the refrigerator (tick any one)
47. Coffee in a cup takes longer to cool if wind is blown using a fan (True/False)
48. Heat transfers from sun to earth by means of conduction (True/False)
49. For isothermal process, Boyle's law, the name of the curve/path followed is known as an ____________
50. If neither energy nor mass transfer can take place, the system is termed as isolated (True/False)


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