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If a fire should occur…

• CLOSE the doors to

stop the spread of
Living With Fire is a project to develop
the fire campus-oriented fire safety material. It will
be made available, nationwide, through the
US Fire Administration in November 2001.
• SOUND the alarm, Funding for this project was provided by
alert others to the the following organizations committed to
reducing the tragic losses caused by fires
danger involving students:

• American Cancer Society

• National Electrical Manufacturers
• GET OUT of the Association
• National Fire Sprinkler Association
building • NFPA International
• SimplexGrinnell
• United States Fire Administration
• NOTIFY the fire • University of Texas System

Living With Fire was developed by, llc
PO Box 1046
DO NOT go back into the building or try Belchertown, MA 01007
to save your stuff. 413-323-6002
Clothes, books and papers can be

Fire Alarm System Information Bulletin

A building’s fire alarm system-How does it work?

Smoke Alarm…also often known as Pull Stations…Manual pull Audible and Visual
smoke detectors, these devices are one of stations are the devices that are Alarms…There are a variety of
the best early-warning devices of a fire. located on the wall. While there are different devices that can let you know
They are designed to sense low levels of different designs, generally they are when the fire alarm system has been
smoke and sound an alarm. activated by “pulling” on a handle. activated. Some are horns, some have
This sends a signal to the building’s flashing strobe lights on them, some are
Some smoke alarms are what are known fire alarm system, which will make it speakers that will provide you with
as “single station,” or stand-alone devices. go into alarm. recorded instructions. All fire alarm
If they go into alarm, only the one detector systems are designed to be audible in
is activated, alerting people right around it. As with all parts of a fire alarm system, all rooms, even when the doors are
Some detectors may be connected to the pull stations should only be activated closed.
building’s fire alarm system. When this when there is a true emergency.
detector senses smoke, it may either Unfortunately, these devices are often What to do when the alarm
sound an alarm in the room, or send a used by vandals to cause false alarms.
signal to the building fire alarm system. To help combat this, a number of different goes off…if the alarm in your building
methods are used that have been very goes off, there is one thing that you
It is important that smoke alarms are successful. should always do-get out! While you
located in areas where they cannot be set may think that it is another false alarm,
off accidentally by steam from showers or or you may believe you are in no
Heat Detectors…In some areas, such danger, you can’t tell from your room.
from cooking smoke. as kitchens, smoke detectors would be You should always evacuate the
going off all of the time. Heat detectors, building when the alarm on your floor
No matter what type of setup you may which react at either a fixed temperature,
have, no fire detector can do its job if it is sounds if it is safe for you to do so.
or when heat is rising at a certain rate,
disabled. Whatever you do… provide detection in these areas. Some When the fire alarm went off on the
• LEAVE the batteries in the detector smoke detectors have heat detectors as night of January 19, 2000 at Seton Hall,
• LEAVE the detector uncovered so it part of their design to provide dual it had been the 19th alarm within several
can “smell” the smoke protection. weeks that had occurred at Borland
• LEAVE the detector on the wall or Hall. A number of the students didn’t
ceiling where it can do its job. Flow Switches…If a building has a leave, thinking it was another false
sprinkler system in it, this system may alarm. This time, the fire was real and
A lot of fire fatalities have occurred when have switches that will detect water three freshman were killed.
the detector has been disabled. flowing in it. These switches will then
cause the building fire alarm system to
Don’t be one of them! activate. Generally, if a sprinkler system
is flowing water, there is a fire in the
building and everyone should get out
immediately if they can do so safely.

Updated 10/1/01