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Creating A Menu Project

Your project is to construct a menu for a fictitious restaurant. Your restaurant should have a
theme that will be carried out throughout your menu. It must contain a selection of twenty
food and beverage choices that include:

v 40% entrees

v ¼ appetizers or 3 appetizers, whichever is greater

v 15% drinks or 2 drinks, whichever is greater

v 0.2 desserts or 1 dessert, whichever is greater

Your menu should include at least three visuals. You must turn in two written questions with
your menu. The questions should involve percents, decimals or fractions. You must include
an answer key on a separate piece of paper. The questions should show variety and should be
neatly written and well organized.

Criteria Points
4 3 2 1
Use of Visuals Clear diagram or Clear diagram or Inappropriate or No diagram or
sketch with sketch. unclear diagram. sketch.
some detail.
Mechanics No math errors No major math May be some Major math
errors or serious serious math errors or serious
flaws in errors or flaws in flaws in
reasoning. reasoning. reasoning.
Demonstrated Shows complete Shows Response shows Response shows
Knowledge understanding of substantial some a complete lack
the project, understanding of understanding of of
mathematical the project, the project. understanding
ideas, and ideas, and for the project.
processes. processes.
Requirements Goes beyond the Meets the Hardly meets the Does not meet
requirements of requirements of requirements of the
the project. the project. the project. requirements of
the project.