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CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________

Mathematics and Science Departments Date __________ ____________________

(CCSS, NGSS, WIDA, etc.) Not Directly Related to Math
Data Students have struggled to
What data do you have to support persist and finish long,
aspects of lesson? challenging activities such
performance based assessments.
Objective(s) for this Lesson Sw identify traits of persistence
Sw analyze the effects of
Prerequisite Knowledge Persistence was taught as a habit
mind, but it was only briefly
touched on
Potential Misconceptions or 1. Being correct is everything
Procedural Mistakes 2. It is better to leave
something undone or blank
than be wrong
What questions can I ask to 1. What type of world do you
check my students’ think we would have if
understanding of the lesson everyone gave up when they
objectives and outcomes? faced a challenge?
Questions should represent all levels 2. How did Tesla show
of cognitive demand. perseverance in the video?
3. How did Edison show
perseverance in the video?
4. Who do you think was more
successful in showing
perseverance? Why?
Resources Projector and video (Nat Geo:
● Texts American Genius Tesla v. Edison)
● Technology
● Manipulatives
● Vocabulary
Engagement Outcome(s): Sw identify how one
7 minutes shows persistence
● Warm-Up
● Essential Question Activity/Assignment: Do Now
● Opening Activity
Grouping: indep.

- All students will identify at least
one way persistence can be
CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________
Mathematics and Science Departments Date __________ ____________________

Exploration Outcome(s): Sw discuss the

8 minutes importance of perseverance.
● What cooperative learning
strategies are used? Activity/Assignment: Class
● How will you model concepts for discussion on the importance of
● What questions will uncover
student misconceptions?
Grouping: class wide

- Students will identify that
persevering is an
important skill
Explanation Outcome(s): Sw examine
50 minutes perseverance in a real-life problem
● How are misconceptions being
addressed and cleared? Activity/Assignment: Students
● How will students explain will watch the National Geographic
video American Genius: Tesla v.
● What strategies and tools will I
use to help students actively Edison. Throughout the video
formulate new vocabulary? students will note challenges both
inventors faced and how they
overcame them.

Grouping: indep

- Students will identity at
least three challenges for
each inventors and how
they overcame them.
Elaboration Outcome(s): Left intentionally blank
0 minutes
● What questions can be asked to Activity/Assignment:
help students apply knowledge
and skills to new situations?
Grouping: partners
● What new experiences will I
provide for students to expand
their understanding and connect Assessment:
to real-world situations? -
Evaluation Outcome(s): Left intentionally blank
CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________
Mathematics and Science Departments Date __________ ____________________

0 minutes
● How will it be determine that the Activity/Assignment:
students have attained the Grouping:
learning objectives?
● How will students’ work identify
needs and be used to inform
future instructional decisions? -
Homework Complete the writing assignment
on the back the worksheet
comparing Tesla and Edison
Differentiation None Section
How will you differentiate for different
subgroups (Honors, General
Education, SPED, ESOL, etc.)?