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Day 4 – Thursday, March 1st 2018

Lesson Management
Class routines
 Observe the flow of the lesson by documenting the beginnings, transitions,
endings and other aspects of lesson delivery
Lesson Children’s Teacher’s Other comments
management skills observed behavior observed
Beginnings The starting of Teacher start I like her working
How does the the lesson was telling if anybody for children to
lesson start? On beginning little not set in behave change their
time, is a signal moving. way I will not let movement
used, routine? him go to the
Transitions They had three She looks furious I don’t like the way
How do children group when the and shouting if all of screaming this
move from one teacher said red start moving. made children to
activity to another? group goes to do be afraid.
the activity they
start quietly to
Endings All the end of the Teacher start I like the way of
How is the lesson lesson they start giving some encouraging
concluded? little fighting for sweet to excellent children to be
leaving. children. more active in the
Monitoring The children start She tried to This good point
students’ progress answering explain and tell Pace and flow of
How is the teacher question or start them for example the lesson
checking you their hand to what happened in
understanding and count and answer story
Pace and flow of If the activity is Teacher tried to This great idea to
the lesson extended children change action and turn activity by
Is a particular got boring and think for new. using hand will let
activity going on for children like you remember.
too long? Are activity by using
activities changed their hand they
and children’s feel happy
Pupil movement They moved when The teacher This a right way of
What movement they go to walked when she movement will not
within the lesson is bathroom, will show activity let children be
expected of the activities center for children boring
children? by the group
about four
Pupil noise Medium scale, When anybody Good punishment
What is the children make makes the sound makes children be
accepted level of noise when they the teacher will discipline.
noise and how is are moving in punish him by not
this monitored? centers, going allowing him to
bath use centers