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They Are Billions Ultimate Guide 

Contributors: AznElite123/Ragnorak
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WARNING​: Lots of cussing so keep the minors outta here.

Guide UPDATE: 0.6.2 under construction thanks for your patience Map 4 strategy
implemented yay!!

Video gameplays that can probably be used for learning:

1st Map Hardest Difficulty -No Pause, No Turrets Challenge
2nd Map Hardest Difficulty - No Pause, No Turrets Challenge
3rd Map Hardest Difficulty - No Pause, No Turrets Challenge
4th Map Hardest Difficulty - 0.5.3 No Pause Run 98K score best run to learn from.
These videos are hella outdated.

Early Game (Waves 1-2) 
Before Wave 1
1) The Economy, What to build and when to build.
a) Think ahead of where you will place your housing area and also plan where your
market and bank will go. Normally i do a 2x5 house setting before I know exactly
where to place them. So a 2x5 setting either horizontal or vertical, than vice versa
from the outside point end.
b) Check out this ​layout​ for houses. I used the Center’s Row format. Credit goes to
discord user: Night_Ange1 and Tegga21
c) Keep eyes out for food specifically grass area and forests. I normally placed
down hunter huts on either of them. Oh and don’t forget the fishies. Fishies
need some good lovin.
d) If a tree area is small remember that you cannot place hunter huts in the same
working area. So one food hut that provides 15 food is probably not better than 2
hunter huts that provides 10 food each resulting in a total of 20 food.
e) Also put hunters hut in grassland if they give 8 food per.
f) Sawmills are extremely important early as well. You got extra cash? Put down at
least 2-3 sawmill by the first wave. Once you get 30 lumber and have 4 energy (I
run out of energy fast because of spamming houses), rush a stone quarry.
g) Get 20 Stones and pop a soldier center down and pump out archers pronto.
h) Wood workshop should be placed halfway towards the first wave. If you get
research farm for a mayor, well you can build it ¾ or ⅘ towards wave 1 for a
ballista research.
i) If you see that you have 4 energy left, it’s a good indicator to start building a mill
ahead of time so you don’t have to wait for it to pop when you have 0 energy.
j) On map 1, 2, 3 and 4. My economy on brutal difficulty (10 days) is around
400-500 gold with at least 200+ colonist
k) Turn off the quarry if you have 40 stone. Once you have a market down you can
turn it back on.
l) NEVER LET your gold source overflow ever. Any overflowed gold will set you
back in the later game. Overflow = max gold reached in storage.
m) Scratching Posts is a single wall between the zombies and your farthest out
infrastructure. You don’t need a full line of walls in the first 2 waves or ever. Wall
costs money and they add up. That single wall is enough to get you a notification
of being under attack.
2) The military
a) DO NOT queue up troops, build them 1 by 1, use hotkeys on the soldier center
so you don’t have to go back to it. EX: CTRL + 3 while the building is selected.
b) By First wave on 80 Days I can get from 15-20 archers depending on how early I
can place it down.
c) You can go for rangers early. They are effective up to 20-25 to get the middle
area cleared. These are extremely basic troops that can be used until you get to
either snipers or high tier troops like titans or thanatos.
d) You can go for soldier’s as well. They are effective up to 10 to get the middle
area cleared. Do not use these soldiers near Villages of Doom or close to the
corners of the map. The soldier way early can also save workers, but workers
shouldn’t be much of a problem if you are fast in managing your economy. DO
3) The Research
a) I normally always go for farm first. Farms are always sexy for massive food
income up to a max of 64. It is 2 food per grass tiles.
b) Farm is done? Have a shit ton of gold? Cottages to save space.
c) Market is for those with 200 colonists.
d) Ballista is for those who don’t kite or worried they have a small area to kite. I
research ballista typically a day or two before the first wave.
4) The Expansion
a) At the very start of the game, explore every single spot until you reach the horde
surrounding you then you can stop.
b) Once you finish exploring, start putting your archers to work in clearing out the
surrounding zombies, specifically the ones closest to your housing area.
c) I normally try to clear as many zombies around me as possible to provide myself
a kiting space. Otherwise I would push to expand my current housing area so
that zombies aren't too close to the houses. Food is always a great reason to
expand towards too!
5) Other Tips
a) Learn to bloody kite
b) To kite is to use a ranger to keep runners aggroed to her while you have a
secondary damage source which will be explained later
c) If you are playing on the 4th map, keep archers 1-2 tiles from another, when they
are blob together they draw more aggro.

Wave 1
1) The kiting method
a) Done if you have an open area to kite the zombies around.
b) Grab all your archers together and leave some behind at areas where auto
spawned walkers will move towards to keep your colony safe.
c) Move your bait slowly so the runners can catch up and not break off to attack the
archers clearing them off. Just don’t let the bait get hit.
2) The ballista method
a) More for 4th map and narrow areas that honestly can’t effectively kite.
b) Put a ballista down and some walls to block off the choke and continue on your

Before Wave 2
1) The Economy
a) 200 Colonists? Get a market now, the extra food will help a lot more than placing
anymore farms down. But still place farms down if you run out of food.
b) Keep pumping out houses and food infrastructures
c) If you’re making 50 wood by this point you should be good on sawmills.
d) You don’t need more than one quarry unless you have plenty of workers, or a
stone workshop.
e) You can build a stone workshop if you feel comfortable. But once you researched
almost everything, definitely get a stone workshop to help clear out the excess
gold with sexy research :)
2) The Military
a) You should have at least 30 archers by this point, 40 if you really want to, but you
really only need 30.
b) I use veteran archers to guard areas that should have ballistas to guard to
prevent zombies from going sneaky deaky on your colony.
c) You can start blobbing your archers to quickly expand towards a direction. Just
don’t do it on map 4. No really don’t. Ok sure.
d) Soldiers are players choice. Just don’t do it on 4th map. Noise generation needs
to be limited so soldiers are out of question.
e) If you have 25+ archers, then you can go the sniper strategy explained later
f) Kiting can be done throughout in order to relieve pressure on troops or your walls
against waves or the actual zombie that’s already spawned on the map
3) The Research
a) No market yet? Research it
b) No ballista yet? Research it, unless you can wipe the random runner spawns that
come after wave 2 with only your mobile force
c) Watchtower is definitely going to help with expansion and vision over a general
d) Snipers is optional, unless for the Veteran Sniper Strategy
e) Definitely get cottages by now, you should have a steady wood income
f) Fok stake traps
g) Stone workshop, should definitely be researched after wave 2, but if you have the
economy to get this, then go for it. Early stone walls isn’t always horrible.
4) The Expansion
a) Well this is when you should push towards food, stone, and land to build
b) Aggressive pushing is fine, which I normally do, but also comes with high risk.
Note that all four corners, the northern edge, and the southern edge contain
special infected including fatties, harpies, and spitters.
c) ALSO aim to expand towards strategic chokes. Easier to contain waves and the
final wave.
d) Watchtowers will give you far vision and give you a better idea to expand towards
that certain area/choke. You can delete it later if you want.

The Sniper Strategy (max difficulty POV) 

1) The sniper strategy is extremely powerful because of the veterancy upgrades.
a) The upgrades are +10 attack power and x2 attack speed.
2) Snipers are able to one shot most enemies, two shot the spitters and harpies, and 5 shot
the chubbies. This makes them extremely helpful in large groups to clear out the map
and take out hordes.
3) Snipers can be built directly after Wave 1, but preferable after Wave 2 once you have a
stronger economy.
4) 10-15 snipers can clear the middle area.
5) 30-35 snipers can clear corners, northern edges, southern edges, and villages of doom.
6) Make sure to place your snipers on high priority because their specialty is taking out the
special infected.
7) When withdrawing snipers, make sure to pop 2-3 snipers to guard so they can take out
chasing harpies.
8) High tech units like thanatos and titans are optional.

The Sniper Rush Strategy (Map 4) The best tactic for high score 
1) Before 1st wave, you will worry more towards economy. This strategy depends on good
food and some building space rng. It really shines the less chokes to defend.
2) Focus primarily on economy. Get 2 sawmills or 20+ wood at least before first wave hit.
3) Rush a wood workshop, do not worry about stone or a soldier center.
4) Tech rush order: Farms -> Cottages -> Ballistas -> Market -> Snipers. Lookout tower is
situational really but more towards before wave 2. And finally stone workshop.
5) This strategy requires focused attention on the 5 starting units. Get them to veterans as
soon as possible so that you don’t have to worry TOO MUCH (you still have to worry
idiot) about runners.
6) Push food first at the beginning then focus housing area. Or split push if you’re boxed in
7) Ballista should be researched AT LEAST 2 days before 1st wave hits. You can place it
whenever cause it will help clear zombies.
8) Place ballistas where there are only at most 10 zombies within range. Due to aggro from
ballistas shooting to damn much, you will probably get overruned. Ballistas have 5
activity generation per shot covered by 4 tiles. So make sure to clear as much as
possible with your rangers.
9) Once ballistas are placed use your rangers to kite zombies towards them. If you are
pulling runners try to pull at least 4-5 at a time unless you want to kite them around
(wastes time for no pause runners). Only time they can hit your walls is if there are no
zombies within 10+ tiles of the ballista. If you have 2 ballistas that has overlapping
radius, kite the zombies towards that overlap for maximum kill efficiency. Also you can
go super ham on pulling zombies like that. Easy 30 zombies kill at a time = faster
10) 1st Wave can easily die to one ballista given you have kiting space. If you still have large
amount of zombies close to the ballistas towards the first ballista, you’re probably gona
need another one.
11) Normally I would want to rush a warehouse first next to farms before the marketplace.
You’re gona stack up on gold and you really want to prevent overfilling. You’ll also get
more wood to upgrade tents. Try to go for a market once you spent all the food after the
warehouse is done.
12) You can start snipers production either after wave 1 or wave 2. I prefer wave 2 because I
normally place down 2 soldier center with around 500-600 gold income per iteration.
13) A goal would be at least 20 snipers by wave 3.
14) Because you already cleared large amount of zombies around the ballistas, you are free
to use snipers immediately knowing when to pull back. Think in terms of kill ratio
compared to aggro. If zombies are hitting your sniper yea bring them back to the ballista
15) Normally if you’re gona push the snipers towards a food source, you will want your
rangers to kite zombies into the ballista towards your housing area. Think of multitasking.
16) That’s about it. Everything else should follow towards thanatos or whatever you do
towards wave 6 and higher.

The Tech Rush Strategy 

1) This strategy requires large amounts of rangers… around 30-40 at least to keep middle
expansion going.
2) You will need at least 6000 gold storage for this strategy to work.
3) Ignore researches like snipers, traps, shock towers, and soldier towers.
4) Once a stone workshop is down focus on stone walls first then foundry, after that go for
economic upgrades.
5) Once Foundry is up, research: Executors(3000) OR Engineering Center(2000) -> Oil
Platform(1500) -> Thanatos(2000) is optional -> Titans(6000)
6) If you choose the unit upgrades first, remember to upgrade executors after.
7) Remember to place down engineering center to research the high tier units.
8) Titans requires micromanaging to be effective. They have the splash to wipe entire
hordes, you just have to shoot further into a horde to maximize splash! Titans are
extremely weak against chubbies but strong against everything else.
9) Titans and Thanatos have extremely far range
10) Thanatos shoots slow, but have massive splash.
11) Pump em out :)

The Mid Game (Waves 3-5) 

1) The Economy
a) Get a bank by 400 colonists, normally I get it by 600-700 cause well I just want
more houses.
b) Once you hit 1000-1200 colonists, time to plan your second housing area in order
to grab more workers.
c) MOAR FOOD and energy.
d) DO NOT get power plants if you do not have more than 30 stone income.
e) Never neglect your economy ever. You will need at least 2000 colonist to help
win the map.
f) After wave 2, you should definitely start getting some warehouses down and
place them down to affect multiple food or stone sources as possible!!!
2) The Military
a) Please check the sniper and tech rush strategies.
b) You will need a growing military in order to tackle the corners of the map.
Normally 35 snipers can clear em out just fine or 10 titans.
c) Rangers are kept close to expansion to help defend until you get walls and
ballistas up
3) The Research
a) Stone Workshop time!
b) Stone Walls -> Bank/Stone Houses -> Vice Versa -> Iron Foundry
i) Power plants are not so great if you don’t have the stone economy to
support yourself first which is 30+
ii) Soldier Towers are great for the sniper strategy, otherwise not worth
iii) Shock towers cost too much energy imo, so if you have the energy to
support both your populace and the shock towers, go for it!
c) Iron Foundry time!
i) Upgrade Quarries are worth it if you don’t have much stone income and
you’re trap from expanding, or you’re just lazy to expand.
ii) Upgraded Farms are definitely worth it if you are upgrading farms with
40+ food. The houses placed down will pay for this.
iii) Upgraded Mills are definitely not worth it unless you have an extremely
strong economy. Note that you pay x7 the upkeep for x2 the power.
iv) Oil Platform is necessary for any infrastructure upgrades and high tier
v) Executors is necessary for final wave for new players to help kill trash
mobs and some special infecteds. They are the best turret in the game
because they have fast rate of fire as well as splash.
vi) Engineering Center is mandatory for high tier units
vii) Iron traps are not really worth it unless you have an extremely strong
economy and nothing else to spend it on. They cost 100 gold and are
also degrading once zombies step on them which is their downfall.
viii) Thanatos are definitely worth it for clearing oncoming waves because of
their huge splash which can clean up trash zombies quite easily.
ix) Titans are definitely worth with a massive economy, think of them as mini
executors with far range.
4) The Expansion
a) If you haven’t been clearing Villages of Doom, now is the time to clear at least
one of them. The extra resources will help with mid game to late game
b) Clear at least the entire middle area of the map. If you already did, time to go
clear the corners of the map.
c) Continue expanding for more building space and food sources. Keep previous
layers of defense as a fall back for final wave.
5) The Defense
a) You should already have ballistas at each choke with stone walls covering where
random waves should be hitting by wave 5. Double stone walls help but thats
more towards late game area.
b) Do not go for executors yet because they can place a strain on your economy
early on. You want executors by wave 6 at least.

The Late Game (Wave 6+) 

1) The Economy
a) Remember 2000 population by final wave to have that gold income, you should
almost or already be at the 1000+ gold income per iteration with upkeep cost by
this point.
b) A second housing area is highly advisable at this point if haven’t done so.
c) If your gold continues to cap, well time for even more strategic warehouses.
2) The Military
a) You should have a sizable force of snipers (40+) or titans (5+) by this point with
whatever rangers you have left over.
b) Continue to pump out troops so you still have a mobile army for the final wave.
3) The Expansion
a) You should focus on clearing out the map at this point. All four corners and all
doom villages should be taken care because they provide the highest threat
towards your colony in the final wave. Focus specifically on the special infected
for sure.
4) The Defense
a) 10 days before the final wave is when you should start fortifying with what you
have instead of pushing out more unless it’s a small choke that can easily be
taken advantage of.
b) Executors can now be made but more towards in the direction that the wave is
coming in.

The Final Wave 

1) The Economy
a) Stop focusing on economic structures and focus on defense
b) Delete unit production centers for more workers and energies
c) Sell all your oil for more gold
d) Sell some of your wood production buildings
e) Sell your oil production building if you’re not planning on making anymore oil
needed troops
2) The Military
a) Optional continuous unit building
3) The Defense
a) You should have at least 6+ ballistas at each choke. The waves will come from
all directions spawning across the edges.
b) Any zombies you didn’t clean up on the map will automatically attack your colony
including those inside the village of doom.
c) 1-2 Executors at each choke will clean the trash. Anymore is overkill but that’s up
to you. It also depends on how big the wall length is as well.
d) Shock towers can be used to clean up trash if you have spare energy
e) Spread your military to all chokes and pull back if you noticed that most of the
infected is cleaned up to reinforce other chokes
f) Build a second defense line just incase the infected broke through the first. This
will give you time for your mobile army to come defend.
g) If your houses are about to be infected, delete some houses in order to get walls

The Sniper Strategy (max difficulty POV) 

1) The sniper strategy is extremely powerful because of the veterancy upgrades.
a) The upgrades are +10 attack power and x2 attack speed.
2) Snipers are able to one shot most enemies, two shot the spitters and harpies, and 5 shot
the chubbies. This makes them extremely helpful in large groups to clear out the map
and take out hordes.
3) Snipers can be built directly after Wave 1, but preferable after Wave 2 once you have a
stronger economy.
4) 10-15 snipers can clear the middle area.
5) 30-35 snipers can clear corners, northern edges, southern edges, and villages of doom.
6) Make sure to place your snipers on high priority because their specialty is taking out the
special infected.
7) When withdrawing snipers, make sure to pop 2-3 snipers to guard so they can take out
chasing harpies.
8) High tech units like thanatos and titans are optional.

The Tech Rush Strategy 

1) This strategy requires large amounts of rangers… around 30-40 at least to keep middle
expansion going.
2) You will need at least 6000 gold storage for this strategy to work.
3) Ignore researches like snipers, traps, shock towers, and soldier towers.
4) Once a stone workshop is down focus on stone walls first then foundry, after that go for
economic upgrades.
5) Once Foundry is up, research: Executors(3000) OR Engineering Center(2000) -> Oil
Platform(1500) -> Thanatos(2000) is optional -> Titans(6000)
6) If you choose the unit upgrades first, remember to upgrade executors after.
7) Remember to place down engineering center to research the high tier units.
8) Titans requires micromanaging to be effective. They have the splash to wipe entire
hordes, you just have to shoot further into a horde to maximize splash! Titans are
extremely weak against chubbies but strong against everything else.
9) Titans and Thanatos have extremely far range
10) Thanatos shoots slow, but have massive splash.
11) Pump em out :)

Map 4 Ultimate Strategy to winning 500% 

1) RNG is still an ultimate factor but it is also the way you handle your economy and
2) In my opinion, this strategy is probably the best for winning the game if executed
3) Most important military units are: Rangers, Snipers, and Thanatos.
4) 2 extremely important tasks to finish before wave 10. Research farm, and have at least
15-20 Rangers.
5) All troops on the map are required to continue clearing zombies on the map. Keep them
busy. Veteran rangers can just help patrol areas that you already cleared to keep the
infected off of your base.
6) Kiting is extremely important, you do not need a ballista until before wave 2 to ward off
random runner waves
7) Day 10 - 150-200 colonists. Day 20 - 350-400 colonists. Day 30 500-700 colonists. Day
40 - 700-1000 colonists. Day 50+ 1100+, normally by this point you should be rapid on
expansion so your economy can snowball from here.
8) I stop making rangers after having 25 or 30 of them and the rest of the resources go to
defending the perimeter and economy.
9) I always push east or west first with rangers in terms of expansion because of no special
infected in those edges unless you pull some from the corners.
10) I immediately start pumping out snipers after Wave 2, and can be made before wave 2
depending on your economy. If you don’t have 400 income with upkeep costs then
focus a little more towards economy.
11) I stop making snipers when I have at least 35 of them. 50 by the end of final wave. After
making the starting 10 snipers they are sent towards a ballista area normally east or
west to start clearing infected for exp to get them to veteran faster.
12) Warehouse next to your farms if possible especially on this map
13) After the wave at day 40, or wave 5. Snipers are to start clearing the entire of the map
(Have to have at least 35 with some vets). THE SAFEST WAY to clear the map is to
push completely east or west then move towards the corner. If you are moving from the
center to the corners then you will pull the special infected from the edges as well and
risk getting overrun.
14) I tech rush around day 35-45 or try to at least before wave 6, where there is a lot more
infected to deal with. The tech rush includes going straight to thanatos. 2-3 thanatos
can ward off wave 6, and that count keeps going up. If you cannot get thanatos by at
least wave 7, then use shocking towers instead. The sniper ball can easily help take out
wave 6. I prefer using the sniper ball continuing to clear the map though.
15) Once you have thanatos and continuously creating more of them. Do not pull snipers
back ever. They are to finish clearing the entire map before the final wave. This makes
your chance of victory against the final wave higher.
16) If you are clearing with the snipers. Remember to expand with that clearing, use rangers
to guard the expansion and clean up any normal zombies that the snipers missed. It is
okay to expand towards the edges of the map, but keep your thanatos at the center of
your BASE not command center so they can easily get to any edge of your base during
wave attacks.
17) If you want a small simulation I recommend watching this latest ​map 4 no pause run ​I did

Taking out or Tanking out Villages of Doom 

- You cannot do this with a small force. You will need either around 20-30+ rangers, or
20+ soldiers, or 20+ snipers, or 3 ballistas. These are to kill the zombies that comes out
of them.
- When you tank out a village of doom, you have to kill all of the zombies inside those
buildings. Not that all villages contain a FINITE amount of zombies. All you have to do
is aggro them to come out with either hitting the buildings or creating enough noise
attraction. Tanking out will take a while but gives your troops plenty of exp.
- When you want to take out a village of doom as fast as possible you will need snipers
and/or a lot of micro. You will need to select the snipers to take out the buildings while
your other troops focus on clearing the trash.
- If you are about to be overrun or you see a lot of zombies hitting your troops fall back
around 10+ tiles to slow down the aggression spawn and continue to push towards the
village again.

No Pause Tips and Tricks 

- Get a keyboard that can remove the pause button in case your muscle memory kicks in
from hitting that space bar since there are no options to take it out in-game. There is
probably a program out there somewhere that can do the same.
- PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. I suggest practicing in Map 1 and Map 3 specifically.
More towards Map 3 cause zombies are slower and allow you to have more time to
react. Start with 80 or 100 Days always, 120+ won’t get you any better.
- This is synced up with pause, but always keep your screen moving so you have visual of
what is going to happen. For example you see a ranger just patrolling but a zombie is
about to hit a building soon. Move that ranger to kill the zombie then move back.
- MAP AWARENESS, you have a sea of green which is your building and the red are the
zombies. Red in a middle of green is a bad omen and should be taken care of.
- Use alt, it shows all HP on the screen. Should help spot out the zombies.
- Rotate through troops at all times to make sure they are doing their jobs.
- Use hotkeys, specifically for buildings. Optional for units, I should do this more often to
get me to them faster, but since I know where they are at I can just move to them via the
map. So memory serves a benefit.
- Practice economy runs (this goes for no pause as well). No pause = worse economy
than pause SOMETIMES. 200 is still the mark for 1st wave. 400 for 2nd. 700 for 3rd.
1000 for 4th. 2000 by the final wave.

How does Aggro Work? 

- Read the comment in this ​link
- Definitely help you understand a little bit more how aggro work on map 4

Milestones or Goals you should reach for 80 Days 

- Day 10 - 200 colonists
- Day 20 - 400 colonists, Warehouse, Market
- Day 30 - 600-700 colonists, Stone Workshop, Bank earlier the better
- Before Wave 3 - 15+ snipers
- Day 40 - 1000 colonists, Iron Foundry
- Day 50 - Snowball time 1500 colonists
- Before Wave 6 - thanato productions, You don’t really need it but if you can’t get
thanatos before this wave, then focus on economy and keep researching. You’re gona
place 2 engineering centers before Wave 7.
- Day 60 - Half map cleared at least
- Day 70 - All chokes fortified, 2000 colonists, entire map cleared.

What You Need to Know with Each Map 

Map 1 - The Dark Moorlands 
- Very first map that everyone has to play no matter how much they like it
- Has plenty of chokes to expand towards
- Zombie aggression is normal, so blobbing troops together early is absolutely fine
- Has the least spawn rates for special infected compared to the other maps
- Has 2 Villages of Doom
- Plenty of grassland, water, and trees for food
Map 2 - The Peaceful Lowlands 
- Very little chokes, can be extremely open
- Zombie aggression is normal until you push out far enough where all the runners are, but
blobbing troops together early still works
- Has a decent amount of special infected
- Has 4-5 Villages of Doom and they can surround you early :(
- Extreme amount of grassland. Medium on water and trees

Map 3 - The Frozen Highlands 

- Filthy peasant snow
- Lots of chokes
- 30% energy cost for all buildings
- Units and zombies move 25% slower
- Zombies are a lot more passive, so blobbing troops is always good.
- Natural Barriers can be too good and make a zombie move from the east to the fucking
- Has a large amount of special infected
- 1-2 Village of Doom
- Plenty of water and trees. Medium on grassland

Map 4 - The Desolated Wasteland 

- Holy fucking shit fuck this map
- Barely any chokes, lots of fucking holes
- Zombies are fucking insane. Runners are a lot more closer to the colony as well, so
expanding is bloody hell
- You lose a building before day 10, you lose the game
- Build a scratching post(wood wall) on infrastructures towards the zombies. Buys time
- Zombies hitting a wall too long or almost destroying a wall attracts nearby runners
- Zombies hitting your troops too long or killing the troops also attract runners
- Don’t blob your troops together unless you have a lot of them
- Fucking special infected everywhere
- 3 fucking Villages of Doom that always trigger
- Fuck grassland rates, Fuck water rates, Fuck cactus that gives wood.
- Also fuck little mountains that blocks your building area.
- Good luck masochrists
Patch Notes 
Version 0.5.5
- New Feature: New swarm theme.
- Fixed: Some Spanish texts issues.
- Fixed: Issue when sending crash error reports.
- Fixed: Bug with infected AI that can cause the game to crash.

Version 0.5.4
- Fixed sound issues in some computers.
- Fixed: Some minor bug that could crash the game under specific conditions.

Version 0.5.3
- Fixed: Bug with units trying to target enemies not visible.
- Fixed: Some minor bug that could crash the game under specific conditions.
- Fixed: Spelling errors in English and Spanish version.

Version 0.5.2
- Fixed Critical Bug that could cause the game to crash when selecting units.
- Optimized overall performance.

Version 0.5.1
- Fixed: Visibility bug when looking through diagonal cells.
- Fixed: Lucifer sometimes could shot through diagonal walls.
- Fixed: When all games are deleted the Continue Game window is closed.
- Fixed: Exploit creating buildings in wrong places.
- Fixed: Infected buildings no longer provide supply resources (workers,food,energy).
- Fixed: Undo/Destroy builidings when the mouse was over the building.
- Fixed: Bug when resuming/pausing the production of multiple buildings at once.
- Fixed: When selecting targets the current selection could be cleared if moving the mouse.

Version 0.5.0
- Multilanguage Support: The game now supports multiple languages. In the next 2-3 weeks 8
new languages will be added.
- New Language Available: Spanish
- Solved issue that affected some players because of the VCRedist package.
- Solved many bugs and crashes reported by the users.
- Added Zoom with Keyboard with keys: Page Up, Page Down, Plus, Minus.
Version 0.4.9
- Fixed: Dismissed units are now removed from the selection groups.
- Fixed: Graphic Glitch with Infected Worker Male.
- Fixed Exploit: Creating multiple units that need oil supply.
- Fixed: Units cost per turn is updated inmediately after they die (before it was when the corpse
- Fixed: Players units sometimes could pass through walls.

Version 0.4.8
- Old Games can be deleted from the Continue Game window.
- Minor bugs / crashed fixed.

Version 0.4.7
- Fixed some issues with sounds in some computers (voices looped...).
- Balancing: Changed score factor requirements for unlocking maps. Now it is more progressive.
Scores and difficulty remains the same.
- Minor bugs / crashed fixed.

Version 0.4.4
- Unlocking the map themes is now easier. The Score Factor needed for the three locked
themes are: 75%, 85% and 100%. In this way the player have more combinations to tweak the
- Camera vibration by explosions is now attenuated if the zoom view is wide.
- Fixed: Changes Log window empty entries.

Version 0.4.3
- Fixed: Mayors that adds extra life for structures also apply it for all the structures already built
(it is not necessary to repair them to gain the extra life).
- New music themes for the infected swarms.
- Improved map generation balancing.

Version 0.4.2
- Fixed: Thanatos did not produced activity sound when shooting.
- Fixed: Infected building where not walkable when reloading a game.
- Fixed: Mayor Martha Artis
- Fixed: +20% building defenses made attack towers indestructible.
- Infected are more pronto to burn when they are reached by fire.

Version 0.4.1
- Improved units response time to the player orders.
- Improved units AI: Now when their target is dead before shooting they look for another target
in their attack range and they shoot it directly without needing to reload the weapon.
- Some more balancing adjustments for Thanatos unit.

Version 0.4.0
- New Feature: 60 new Mayors with different levels elected after reaching specific colony
population values. 64 new mayors created.
- New Mayors Window where player can see the Colony Mayors along the time.
- New Unit: Thanatos.
- Lucifer cannot attack through gates.
- Added visual effects when targets are shot by Soldiers, Titans and Executors.
- Fixed crash when using ALT-TAB when creating a new game.
- New music theme for the final swarm.
- Stakes trap can be upgraded to wire fence trap.
- Improved units AI in chasing mode.
- Achievements enabled.
- Veteran units are shown with their correct colors in the portraits of the commands of the
- Engineering Center Units now consumes oil with time. No more units can be created if the Oil
supply is zero.
- Many more small balancing adjustments and issues fixed.

Version 0.3.23
- Fixed: In some cases, units life regeneration did not work at expected.
- Fixed: Restoring a game don't remove the queded orders to be created or trained.
- Visual Enhancement: Attack towers show visually their attack range when selected or they are
being built.
- Fixed: When a building is upgraded the on screen event message displayed as the old
- Fixed: When using the command attack it can be reused inmediately after killing a target
without waiting to finish the unti animation.
- Fixed: When building strutures now it shows the resource values taking into account the bonus
buildings or other bonus as the ones of the mayors for computing the totals.
- Fixed: New units created could be veteran from the beginning.

Version 0.3.22
- New Feature 'Veteran Units': Ranger, Soldier and Sniper now gain experience by killing
enemies and can ascend to veteran with improved attack values.
- New Feature 'Target Priority': Units can choose between two modes: Attack Nearest Enemy or
Attack Highest Level Enemy. It can be set for the Attack Towers and the Unit Towers.
- Units move to available positions when the player builds a structure on top of them.
- Fixed bug: Units could end stuck between towers and walls.
- Added graphic animation on map when moving soldiers from towers (as when used the
movement commad).
- Fixed: Swarm direction could change when coninuing a game and the swarm was being

Version 0.3.21
- Improved mouse selection on units. Now it is easier to select units or select the targets with
mouse click.
- Fixed exploit: When loading a game, structures that are being built show the map as if they
were enabled.
- Hardware Compatibility: When Low or Medium Texture quality is used, the background and
terrain images are also scaled down to save system and video memory.
- Now it is possible to build over rubles.

Version 0.3.20
- Mountains and forest are now opaque, units cannot watch or shot through them.

Version 0.3.19
- Bonus Buildings area is shown even when the place to build is not valid.
- Energy Area Map is shown when a Tesla Tower is selected.
- Balancing: Attack towers cannot be disabled.
- When food reserves are negative all units without food will double the gold payment.
- Resume / Pause production commands are now in different slots so that it is easier use it
when multiple buildings are selected.
- New Ambient Sound for the Peaceful Lowlands map theme.
- Fixed some bugs to improve the compatibility and reduce specific crashes.
- Minor balancing adjustments.

Version 0.3.18
- Added some new voices for the Mayors.
- Fixed: Cancelling research on pause returned no resources (now it is 100%);
- SlimDX prerequisite is finally installed by Steam as the other requisites.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 0.3.17
- Fixed: When loading game, the resources count were truncated to 200 if they were higher.
- Fixed: In very rare ocasions the structures built had a weird (but funny) size.
- Fixed: Mayor with extra energy range for the command center, it also grans extra watch range.
- Fixed: Cancelling a research in pause mode (before it has been started) is free.
- Fixed: Dwellings did not display the gold generation in their features screen.
- New Graphic Option: Always on Top. It force the game in window mode (or borderless) to be
always on top of all the other windows. It can be useful for those that uses borderless window
and the taskbar is shown on top of the game.
- New Music Pieces for the "Choose your Mayor screen".
- Units voice phrases selection improved: now, short phrases are selected with more frequency
than longer ones.

Version 0.3.16
- Balancing: Repair costs and time for infected buildings were higher than the usual repair cost
to reflect the "desinfection" costs. We have removed that extra cost.
- Hardware Compatibility: Fixed some issues that could crash the game when starting or loading
- Alert about units or structures attacked now it is shown inmediately.
- Improved contrast of the energy layer when building in the Frozen Highlands map.

Version 0.3.15
- Fixed Bug: Units did not be aware of unseen enemies that come from outside the map.
- Fixed: Sometimes the infected could attack through diagonal walls.
- Fixed: Units could get stuck when building structures on top of them.
- Fixed: City Hall of Doom population size was not scaled by the zombie population factor value.
- In Full Screen Borderless Window the cursor can move the camera when placing it near the
screen borders.

Version 0.3.14
- New graphic mode: Full Screen Window Borderless.
- New Ambient Music for The Desolated Wasteland theme.
- Improved multimonitor management.
- Fixed bug: Units can go out from the map in chase mode.
- Fixed bug: Units can enter in a tower when being built or upgraded.
- Fixed bug: Setting rally point from multiple Soldiers Centers with right click.
- Improvement: When building strucutes that collect resources it always shows the amount of
resource collected in the area to be build while it is in the explored part of the map.
- Ballista are not hidden in the menu when the Executor is researched.
- Fixed crash while pressing End key.
- Fixed: Wrong display of quarries gold generation.

Version 0.3.13
- Physics Interaction Improved: Now infected or units that are pulled to the water will die drawn.
Also all units can be crashed or suffer damages if they are pushed into rigid elements like
mountains, forests...
- Fixed: Towers did not give bonus to attack range.
- Balancing: Tower Wood and Stone now gives +2 and +3 to Watch and Attack range.
- Fixed: Building structures only finished when they were on Screen.
- Fixed Bug: Power Plant did not consummed resourcer for operating.
- Fixed: Mouse not working on multimonitor after pressing ALT+TAB and return to the game.
- Units/targerts can be selected when they are behind buildings or other structures.

Version 0.3.12
- Fixed: When upgrading multiple buildings resources supply needs of Food/Workers/Energy
were only computed for the first one.
- Fixed: Disable Command Shortcut key is P instead of X (Repair All).
- Improvement: If the game cannot start with the selected graphic options they will be reset to
the default values.
- Fixed: Units or Structure could be selected by clicking or dragging on the GUI.

Version 0.3.11
- Fixed compatibility with some GPUs.

Version 0.3.10
- Fixed exploit: Deactivating buildings.
- Fixed bug: Lucifer fire is shown on Hold when no attacking.
- Fixed compatibility issue in Windows 7 - 32 bits.

Version 0.3.9
- Balancing: The game is a bit less brutal.
- Infected Life reduced ~10-15%.
- Infected Swarms from day 50 and above are reduced ~10%.
- Doom Village population reduced ~10%.
- Units don't overkill targets. If a target is about to die units will attack a different target. This is
specially important for the Sniper unit.
- Fixed bug: Some units/structures can get stuck shooting a phantom target.
- Fixed issue about showing too much info when trying to build structures in not explored areas.

Version 0.3.8
- Implemented new option Lock Mouse Cursor that prevents the cursor for leaving the gameplay
window or fullscreen are. It is set on by default.
- Fixed some problems under specific hardware configurations.
- Fixed bug: Building Iron Mills minimum distance with Wood Mills.

Version 0.3.7
- Added Keyboard Layout Options with WASD camera movement.
- Steam Cloud enabled.
- Fixed bug that affected the mouse clicks on some multi-monitor configurations.
Version 0.3.6
- Improved compatibility on different Multi-monitor setups.
- Fixed Bug: Infected and Doom Buildings cannot be selected when they are under the fog of
- Fixed Bug: Units can end stuck when enter in a Tower just when it is upgraded.
- Fixed Bug. Mayor that extends the command center energy radius continue doing after

Version 0.3.5
- Improvement: Double Click on a unit, selects all the units of the same kind that are inside the
camera area.
- Improvement: When you are building a structure that can be rotated, a message will appear
telling the player that can rotate it using the TAB key.
- Improvement: When you click twice on a selection group, or use twice their corresponding key,
now it centers the camera on the group.
- Fixed bug: Extract All Units in Towers was disabled when having units inside.

Version 0.3.4
- Fixed critical error, which prevented to win the game. Old games saved will continue with the
bug, so we recommend to start a new game,

Version 0.3.3
- Changed saving user stats method (to fix random Game Over crash).
- Lucifer fire affects Doom Buildings.
- Fixed text clipping in Game Over screen.
- Fixed some bugs that could lead to random crashes.

Version 0.3.2
- Score Factor required for unlocking new map themes has been updated (it was too high).
- Fixed some tooltip messages.
- Fixed some spelling errors.
- Fixed two crashes.

Version 0.3.1
This is the first version public and available for the ones that purchased any of the special
editions of They Are Billions from our web.