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UiTM Terengganu, Bukit Besi Campus

Program : Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Course : Fundamentals Of Computer Problem Solving
Course Code : CSC 128
Lecturer : Miss Fatimah binti Mamat


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Due to problem of student and people that do not have transport, NotMyCar
Sdn. Bhd. were establish to solve this problem by rent a transport specifically the car. Idea
from two young man Muhammad Haziq bin Mohd Asri and Ahmad Nurfaiz bin Nordin were
being realized by establish of NotMyCar company. As a student , transport always be a problem
for who that always travel. But this company scope of client is not for student only, this include
of the surrounded community. To use our service you just need to have copy of your id card
and driving license. This company were establish in end of 2011 and have 16 car (saga, myvi ,
viva ,iris) – 8 manual and 8 auto. Haziq and Faiz have went through rough path for create this
company. Starting modal that enough to pay for 3 car ( myvi , viva and saga) without any loan ,
they succeed to expand their business. In the earlier of their company, the business is handle
manually ( black and white ). The idea of Faiz to put this business online were attracted Haziq.
They both agree to expand their business online to ease the customer and their business. By
doing this, they could improve their quality of services and increase their productivities.

This system were created to ease our documentation of our client. By doing this if any
problem happening we would refer this system and the hardcopy that hand to us by the client.

This system also ease our service by let the customer choose the car and as the
company we try to fulfil their demand. This system could led our business to a good quality of
Our system is created to ease the customer to use our services. By having 16 car , 4
type of it and 2 transmission , this system will truly help client and this company. It will show
the amount of customer should pay for our services per hour : Saga – RM8 per hour , Iris – RM7
per hour , Myvi – RM7 per hour and Viva – RM6 per hour. Addition ,customer have to pay a
deposit base on type of car they choose due to our company policy.

This business were handle Haziq and Faiz with 2 other worker. When client finish use
this system , they will come to our place to pick up their rental car. Reminded to their customer
that to bring copy of id card and driving license for our purpose in documentation. In our
company, we believe that client safety is our main priority. Thus , our car is constantly done
their service to give our client smooth, safe and comfort journey. Addition, the pay of rent car
our company is half before and half after.

There are four system data that user need to key in our system. First , user need to
key in their name base their name on the id card. This will ease our documentation process.
Second , the user need to key in the type of the car that they choose. There are four types of it
which is ‘Saga’ , ‘Iris’ , ‘Myvi’ and ‘Viva’. Each of this car has four of it with two of it auto
transmission and other two is manual. Third , the user need to key in whether auto (A) or
manual(M) that the car that they rent.

Forth , the user will key in the hours that the will rent the car. This system only accept the
key in integer number only. And this system will time the hour with rent of the car which is :
Saga – RM8 per hour , Iris – RM7 per hour , Myvi – RM7 per hour and Viva – RM6 per hour.
After fill all the system need, the system will display the amount of user will pay for to rent the
car per hour and it also display deposit ( base on our policy ) based on the type of car : Saga –
RM 20 , Iris –RM20 , Myvi – RM20 and Viva – RM15.