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e (DoF) to do away with the about it.

bout it. in fact, i have to meet the management is liable for the pub- for his removal, it should be the assistant secretary to go to Coa
tative restrictions, definitely Council members about this be- lic panic, Mr. evasco added. President who should react to that “tomorrow (april 5) to set the time-
a iyong nFa because we will cause this is a new development.” Mr. evasco reiterated Presi- because it is the President who frame and the contents of such au-
ow private
Thetraders to buy and
s rice here in our country.”
Mr. evasco said the 0.35 day
or about 8 hours
thursday, worth
april 5, 2018 of low-
dent Rodrigo R. Duterte’s order
that there should be only one
appointed him. in fact, i should
keep silent on that because it’s not
dit.” — with Camille A. Aguinaldo
and Minde Nyl R.EDITOR
Cruzs. torre

3 businessmen charged
y with tax evasion
THe Bureau of internal revenue (Bir)
on Wednesday filed with the Depart-
ment of Justice (DoJ) tax evasion
charges against businessmen Wilson
gabuten Tan, Jose B. Dyquiangco, Jr.,
and lemuel Sibuma Consolacion. Mr.
Tan, whose tobacco-trading business is
based in Cabugao, ilocos Sur, is being
sued for tax liabilities of about p2.77
el million for taxable year 2009. Mr. Dy-
rs quiangco, a soft-drinks retailer based
in San Fernando City, la Union, is being philippine star_jOVen CaGanDe
sued for about p9.3 million for taxable
by year 2007. Mr. Consolacion, a pharma- ThREE suspEcTED drug pushers are presented by
he ceuticals dealer, also from la Union, Manila police District (MpD)-Drug Enforcement unit
e was found to have filed thrice his value chief Rogelio Ramos. The suspects were arrested
added-tax returns for 2015 and 2016 in Binondo, Manila, following a buy-bust operation
using the electronic Filing and payment that led to the confiscation of p1.5 million worth of
System (eFpS), but without their corre- shabu.
sponding eFpS payments. He is liable to
pay an estimated total of p3.5 million. gov’t to comply with sc order on drug records
— Dane angelo M. Enerio MalaCañang on Wednesday said it will heed the
Supreme Court’s (SC) directing the Solicitor-general
on Tuesday to submit records on the government’s
record on its anti-drug campaign. “The office of the
Solicitor-general has argued that there are certain
- CenTral lUzon security concerns that need to be addressed in con-
clark airport achieves record-high nection with this matter. But since the Supreme
aid 215,040 passengers in March Court itself has apparently made a final order for the
Clark international airport (Cia) production of these particular documents by the law
reached a total of 215,040 passengers enforcement agencies of the government, i guess we
for March 2018. “These numbers are the have no other alternative except to comply, subject
g highest, so far, in the history of CiaC probably to certain security checks or requirements
(Clark international airport Corp.) since that must be complied with and observed,” Senior
1995,” CiaC president and Ceo alexan- Deputy executive Secretary Menardo i. guevarra said
der S. Cauguiran was quoted as saying in a press briefing Wednesday.
in a statement by the Department of
Transportation and CiaC. The average
daily passenger volume at the Clark
airport is 7,000 served by a total of 481
weekly flights, of which 158 are inter-
national flights while 323 are domestic
flights. “From January 1 to March 31 this
year alone, there were a total of 600,811
passengers that passed through Clark
airport. at this rate and with the full
support of the Duterte administration,
we will be able to break the 2017 record
of 1.5 million passengers and will prob-
ably reach the two million mark this philippine star_MiGUel De GUZMan
ith year,” Mr. Cauguiran added. — patrizia JuNIOR hIgh schOOl students wait for their turn
l paola c. Marcelo as they join more than 800 students receiving their
diplomas at the Manuel g. araullo high school in
Manila yesterday.

DaVao region: DaVao CiTy senator calls on private sector

sss-delinquent employers found to be victimized by bookkeepers, accountants to hire k-to-12 graduates
ce an oFFiCial of the Social Security System-Davao branch (SSS-Davao) has alleged that SSS delinquent SenaTor grace S. poe-llamanzares, through a reso-
employers in this city were being victimized by their bookkeepers and accountants. “Sometimes all lution filed on Tuesday, called on the private sector to
t summons from the court and orders from SSS for legal action are being kept by their people. (But many hire the first batch of senior high school (SHS) gradu-
among these cases involve) bookkeepers and accountants,” said greta Fe M. Quayle, SSS senior analyst. ates “The successful implementation of the reforms
She also said SSS files an average of 30 to 40 cases a month against delinquent employers, adding that under republic act no 10533 or the enhanced Basic
40% of 19,000 employers are found to be delinquent. employers are required by law to remit SSS con- education act of 2013 requires the cooperation of the
e- tributions by their employees, and failing thus, are presumed to have pilfered these contributions. once private sector, as they comprise a major part of the
of convicted by the courts, said employers need to comply with the requirements of the court. “SSS has no demand-side of the job market, and can thus allow
hand on it anymore,” Ms. Quayle said. “employers can surrender their properties as payment for their or prevent k-to-12 graduates from finding decent
delinquency and majority of the employers opt for installment.” — Maya M. padillo and fulfilling employment,” she said in a statement
his Wednesday. Concerns over job readiness among
en k-to-12 graduates were earlier raised by the philippine
Chamber of Commerce and industry (pCCi), noting
that the 80-hour on-the-job training was not enough
. DaVao region DaVao CiTy to equip them with skills they need once in the work-
gina lopez launches program force. — camille a. aguinaldo
ForMer environment secretary regina “gina” l.
lopez recently launched her Quest for love program
recently in this city and hopes to find “loving organiza- 2 opposition senators submit intervention
tions” through a competition. The competition, which on quo warranto
will be featured as a special segment of G Diaries on SenaTorS antonio F. Trillanes iV and leila M. De lima
e aBS-CBn this June, will give a chance to social enter- on Wednesday submitted a 26-page intervention urg-
prises, cooperatives, people’s associations, founda- ing the Supreme Court to dismiss for lack of jurisdic-
tions, ngos, and other socially oriented organizations tion Solicitor-general Jose C. Calida’s quo warranto
in the country to establish sustainable community petition seeking to void Chief Justice Marie lourdes
based businesses. — Maya M. padillo p.a. Sereno’s appointment. — D.a.M. Enerio

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