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Slam Poetry Presentation Rubric

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Scoring 4 3 2 1
Voice/Clarity The presenter is The presenter is The presenter is The presenter is
exceptionally clear exceptionally clear mostly clear as they unclear as they speak
and enunciates every and enunciates most speak, but may have a and has several
word precisely. Their words precisely. Their few distracting errors distracting errors
volume fluctuates volume fluctuates with word with word
flawlessly and is appropriately for the enunciation. Their enunciation. Their
appropriate for the content a majority of volume does not volume does not
content and easy to the time and is easy to fluctuate but is still fluctuate, and it is
hear the entire time. hear. easy to hear. hard to hear.
Tone The presenter The presenter The presenter attempts The presenter does
strategically fluctuates fluctuates their tone to fluctuate their tone, not fluctuate their
their tone, making appropriately, making but does not do it tone, causing their
their work extremely their work more consistently. presentation to be
interesting to listen to. engaging. monotoned.
Pacing The presenter uses The presenter The presenter attempts The presenter does
expertly incorporates incorporates some to incorporate some not incorporate any
natural pauses and natural pauses and pauses and other pauses or other
other pacing other pacing pacing techniques. pacing techniques.
techniques. Their techniques. Their But, their work may The pacing is
work flows smoothly, work flows smoothly. be somewhat choppy. inconsistent and may
and pacing contributes cause the work to be
to overall impact. disjointed.
Physical The presenter stands The presenter stands The presenter is The presenter does
Presence confidently, and uses confidently, and uses a somewhat confident, not stand confidently,
numerous gestures and few gestures and and attempts to use a and does not attempt
moves naturally & movements to few gestures and to use gestures and
strategically to add to supplement the work. movements. There are movements. There
the impact. No Hardly any distracting a few distracting are several distracting
distracting movements/gestures. movements/gestures. movements/gestures.
Organization/ The presentation is The presentation is The presentation is The presentation
Ideas refined and clearly clearly organized. The somewhat organized. lacks organization.
organized. The ideas ideas presented may The ideas presented The ideas presented
presented go deeper be more surface level are basic, and are easy are basic and unclear.
than just the surface, and are easy to to comprehend.
and are easy to comprehend.