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Unit 1 Strategy Skill Genre Vocabular Writing Language Phonics/Spellin Essentia Writing

y Strategy Trait g l

Week 1 Reread Sequence Realistic Context Ideas Used Context Short Vowels How do Introduction:
RL.5.5 Fiction Clues as a Clue to we get Hook,
Author’s A Fresh L.5.4a the Meaning the Thesis, 3
Point of Idea of a Word or things Reasons
View Phrase we RI.5.1
RL.5.6 need? RL.5.1

Week 2 Reread Problem & Realistic Idioms Voice Lesson 1 Long Vowels What
Solution Fiction RL.5.4 Idioms can
RL.5.5 Whitewate L.5.5b make us
Author’s r rethink
Point of Adventure an idea?

Week 3 Ask and Answer Cause and Narrative Homograp Word Lesson 4 Words with u How 3 Reasons
Effect Nonfiction hs Choices Homographs can with
RI.5.3 A Life in RI.5.4 experien Evidence
RI.5.5 the Woods L.5.5c cing RI.5.1
nature RL.5.1
the way
we think
about it?

Week 4 Ask and Answer Sequence Biography Greek Organization Lesson 2 R controlled How
RI.5.5 Fantasy Roots Greek and vowels does
Becomes RI.5.4 Latin Roots technolo
Fact L.5.4b gy lead

Week 5 Reread Author’s Persuasive Greek and Sentence Lesson 1 R controlled What Conclusion:
Point of Article Latin Fluency Greek and /ur/ are Restate
View Are Prefixes Latin Affixes positive Thesis, 3
RI.5.8 Electronic L.5.4b and Reasons,
RI.5.6 Devices negative Conclusion--
Good For effects Opinion
Us? of new Writing:
technolo Analyze
gy? multiple
Week 6 Reread Author’s Persuasive Titles of Lesson 1 milarities
Point of Article Work Titles of and
View Textbooks L.5.2d Work, differences
RI.5.8 vs. Tablets Quotations, between
RI.5.6 Underlines, POV
and Italics RI.5.1
Unit 2 Strategy Skill Genre Vocabulary Writing Trait Language Phonics/Spellin Essential
Strategy g Question

Week 1 Reread Text Expository Context Clues Ideas L.5.1.a Variant o What do good
Structure: Text Lesson 3 (bawl, coil, problem
Problem and Creating a Interjections spouts) solvers do?
Solution Nation
RI 5.5

Week 3 Make Predictions Text Biography Greek and Voice L.5.1a Plurals What can you
RL 5.3 Structure: and Myth Latin Suffixes Lesson 2 do to get the
RL 5.6 Compare and Growing in RI 5.4 Prepositions information
Contrast Place you need?
RL 5.3
RL 5.5
RL 5.9

Point of View

Week 2A Reread Sequence Fairytale Similes and Organization - Lesson 1 Inflection How do we
Text Structure A Modern Metaphors - L 5.4c: Similes Endings investigate
RI.5.5 Cinderella RL 5.4 consult questions
L 5.5b: reference about nature?
similes lesson materials for
L 5.5a: pronunciation

Week 2B Make Predictions Text Fairy Tale: Similes and Voice Lesson 2 Plurals What can you
Structure: Anthology Metaphors Metaphors do to get the
Compare and The Princess information
Contrast and the Pea you need?

Week 4 Make Predictions Theme Folktale Personificatio Organization - Conjunction Contractions When has a
RL 5.2 The Magical n L 5.2e: s L.5.1a plan helped
Lost Brocade RL 5.4 consult you
L 5.5b reference accomplish a
L 5.5a sources for task?

Week 5 Repetition and Theme Poetry Homographs Sentence Conjunction Closed What
Rhyme RL 5.2 A Simple Plan RI 5.4 Fluency s, Syllables motivates you
and Rescue Prepositions to accomplish
, and a goal?
Unit 3 Strategy Skill Genre Vocabulary Writing Trait Grammar Phonics/Spellin Essential
Strategy g Question

Week 1 Summarize Theme Realistic Context Clues Voice Correlative Open Syllables What can
RL 5.2 Fiction Conjunctio learning about
A Reluctant ns different
Traveler L.5.1e cultures teach
Lesson 1 us?

Week 2 Summarize Theme Fantasy Context Clues Word Choice L.5.2a Open Syllables How can
RL 5.2 Survivaland Use learning about
Punctuation nature be
to separate useful?
items in a

Week 3 Ask and Answer Main Idea and Informational Greek Roots Ideas L.5.2b Vowel Team Where can
Questions Key Details Text/ Punctuation Syllables you find
RI 5.2 Expository to separate patterns in
Text an nature?
Patterns of introductor
Change y item.

Week 4 Ask and Answer Main Idea and Informational Latin Roots Organization L.5.2c Consonant What benefits
Questions Key Details Text/ Lesson 1 +le come from
RI 5.2 Expository Use Syllables people
Text commas to working as a
Gulf Spill set off group?
Superheroes Yes/No

Week 5 Summarize Author’s Informational Context Clues Sentence L.5.2c R Controlled How do we
Point of View Text/ Fluency Use vowels explain what
RI 5.8 Persuasive commas to happened in
RI 5.6 Article set off tag the past?cd5
Strange questions
Strings Lesson 2

Unit 5 Ask and Answer Author’s Persuasive Antonyms Organization L.5.2c Use Suffix -ion How do
Week 5 Questions Point of View Article Lesson 1 commas to natural events
RI 5.8 Should Plants L.5.5c set off and human
RI 5.6 and Animals direct activities
Live Here address affect the
Lesson 3 environment?
Unit 4 Strategy Skill Genre Vocabulary Writing Grammar Phonics/Spellin Essential
Strategy Trait g Question

Week 1 Visualize Point of View Tall Tale Synonyms Voice L.5.3a Final /el/ and What kinds of
RL 5.6 How Mighty Lessons 2 Lesson 1 /en/ (listen, stories do we
Kate Stopped L.5.5c Expand marvel) tell? Why do
the Train Sentences we tell them?
Lesson 3

Week 2 Visualize Point of View Mystery Play/ Adages and Ideas L.5.3a Prefixes What can you
RL 5.6 Drama Proverbs Lesson 2 discover when
Where’s L.5.5.b Combine you give
Brownie Lesson 2 Sentences things a
(5 Star second look?

Week 3 Summarize Author’s Biography Prefixes and Organizatio L.5.3a Homographs What can
Point of View Frederick Suffixes n Lesson 3 people do to
RI 5.8 Douglass Reduce bring about a
RI 5.6 Sentences positive
Lesson 3
Combine, and

Week 4 Summarize Author’s Expository Context Clues Word L.5.1c /cher/ Searcher Why are
Point of View Text Choice Lesson 1 pasture /zher/ natural
RI 5.8 Power from Use Verb resources
RI 5.6 Nature Tenses, valuable?
States, and
Unit 5 Strategy Skill Genre Vocabulary Writing Trait Grammar Phonics/Spelling Essential
Strategy Question

Week 1 Make Character, Realistic Context Clues: Organization L.5.1b Suffixes What
Predictions Setting, Plot: Fiction Comparison Lesson 1: experiences
Compare and Miguel in the Form and can change
Contrast Middle Use the way you
RL 5.9 Past see yourself
RL 5.3 Perfect and the world
Verb around you?

Week 2 Make Character, Historical Idioms Sentence L.5.1b Homophones How do

Predictions Setting, Plot: Fiction L.5.3b Fluency Lesson 2: shared
Compare and The Day the Compare/Cont Form and experiences
Contrast Rolletts Got rast Dialects Use help people
RL 5.9 Their Moxie and Registers Present adapt to
RL 5.3 Back Perfect change?

Week 3 Ask and Answer Text Structure Informational Context Clues Ideas L.5.1b Prefixes What
Questions Compare and Text/ Lesson 3: Changes in
Contrast Expository Form and the
RI 5.5 Text Use Future environment
Forests on Perfect affect living
Fire Verb things?

Week 4 Ask and Answer Text Structure Informational Greek Roots Organization L.5.1b Suffixes- less How can
Questions Cause and Text/ Lesson 4: and ness scientific
Effect Expository Perfect knowledge
RI 5.5 Text Verb change over
Changing Tense time?
Views of Review
Unit 6 Strategy Skill Genre Vocabulary Writing Trait Grammar Phonics/Spellin Essential
Strategy g Question

Week 1 Summarize Theme Historical Homophones Organization L.5.1b Greek Roots How do
RL 5.2 Fiction Lesson 1: different
Shipped Out Recognize groups
and Correct contribute to a
Verb cause?

Verb Tense
of the Day
Power Point

Week 2 Summarize Theme Realistic Connotation Word Choice L.5.2e Latin Roots What actions
RL 5.2 Fiction and Lesson 1 can we take to
The Bully Denotation Consult get along with
Reference others?
for Spelling

Week 3 Ask and Answer Text Informational Context Clues Sentence L.5.4c Words from How are
Questions Structure/ Text/ Fluency Lesson 2 Mythology living things
Cause and Expository Consult adapted to
Effect Text Reference their
RI 5.5 Mysterious Material for environment?
Oceans Meaning

Week 4 Ask and Answer Text Biography Synonyms Ideas L.5.4c Number What impact
Questions Structure/ Words to Save and Lesson 1 Prefixes (uni, do our actions
Problem and the World Antonyms Consult bi, tri, cent) have on our
Solution L.5.5c Lesson Reference world?
RI 5.5 3 Material for

Week 5 Literary Element: Point of View Poetry/ Lyric Personificatio Word Introductio Suffixes: ible What can our
Consonance and RL 5.6 and Narrative n Choice n to and able connections to
Assonance To Travel and Figurative the world
Wild Language: teach us?
Blossoms Personificat

Unit 4 Literary Point of View Lyric & Verse Simile and Word L.5.5a/b Suffixes- ance How do you
Week 5 Elements: RL 5.6 Poetry Metaphor Choice Lesson 3 and ence express that
How Do I Stanza and Theme Catching a Similes and something is
Hold the Meter RL 5.2 Fly, How Do I Metaphors important to
Summer/ Hold the you?
Catching a Summer?,
Fly/When I When I Dance