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Vocabulary list 2 - Verbs often confused page 59

1. discuss (regular verb): to talk about something with other people, especially in order to decide

2. argue (regular verb; argue with somebody about/over something): to speak angrily to somebody because
you disagree with them; to give reasons why you think that something is right/wrong, true/ not true, etc.,
especially to persuade people that you are right

3. notice (regular verb): to see or hear somebody/something; to become aware of somebody/something

4. realize (regular verb; British also -ise): to understand or become aware of a particular fact or situation
Other meanings include:
achieve something; happen; sell; make something real

5. raise (regular verb; pronounced /reiz/): to increase the amount or level of something
This verb must have an object.
Other meanings include:
move upwards; collect money/people; mention a subject; cause; to care for a child/animal; farm animals crops;
end something; to contact somebody on the phone/radio; to come to life again

6. rise (pronounced /raiz/; past: rose, pronounced /rouz/; participle: risen, pronounced /rizn/): to increase in
amount or number; to move from a lower to a higher position
This verb is used without an object.
Other meanings include:
to become more powerful/important; to end a meeting; to become louder; to begin to fight; of beginning of a
river; to appear.

7. avoid (regular verb): to prevent something bad from happening

8. prevent (regular verb): to stop somebody from doing something; to stop something form happening

9. remember (regular verb): to have or keep an image in your memory of an event, person, etc. from the
past; remember something you have to do

10. remind (regular verb): to help somebody remember something important that they must do

11. expect: to think or believe that something will happen or that somebody will do something

12. hope (regular verb): to want something to happen and think that it is possible

13. mind (regular verb); (especially with negatives): to be upset or annoyed or worried by something
Other meanings include:
not care or worry; asking permission

14. matter (regular verb): to be important or have an important effect on somebody or something

15. rob (regular verb -bb-): to steal money or property from a person or place

16. steal (past: stole; participle: stolen): to take something from a person, shop, etc. without permission and
without intending to return it or pay for it
17. hear (past/participle: heard): to be aware of sounds with your ear; to listen or pay attention to somebody

18. listen (regular verb): to pay attention to somebody/something that you can hear; to take notice of what
somebody says to you so that you follow their advice or believe them

You cannot ‘listen something’ (without ‘to’)

19. seem (regular verb) (to somebody) (to be something; seem like something): to give the impression of
doing or being something, to appear

20. look (regular linking verb) (like somebody/something): to appear or seem; to have a similar appearance
to somebody/something; to have an appearance that suggests that something is true or will happen

Complete these sentences with the correct form of a suitable verb from the box.

seem - hope - listen - rise - discuss - avoid - matter - remember - hear - steal
look - argue - raise - mind - notice - expect - remind - prevent

1. He… a hand in greeting. (past)

2. The first thing I… about the room was the smell.
3. You should… mentioning his divorce.
4. You can’t… to learn a foreign language in a few months.
5. I’ve never heard him even… his voice.
6. I hope you… the noise.
7. He had been… from his employer for years.
8. We… to arrive around two.
9. People were making fun of him but he didn’t… to notice.
10. The House… at 10 a.m. this morning.
11. Did she… about not getting the job?
12. You… me of your grandfather when you say that.
13. She… her eyes from her work. (past)
14. I… carefully to her story about how she survived.
15. You made me… a complete fool.
16. The river… several metres so far.
17. She… to win the gold medal. (progressive)
18. ….you… how Sabine kept looking at her watch?
19. Do whatever… best to you.
20. The book… many important questions. (present)
21. We… always… with each other about money.
22. They… to know what they are doing.
23. We need… public awareness of the issue.
24. That photograph… like her at all. (negative)
25. ‘Do you think it will rain?’ ‘I… not.’
26. My wallet...
27. I couldn’t help… that she was wearing a wig.
28. How can we… standards in schools?
29. … ! What’s that noise? Can you… it?
30. I’m sorry; I’ve forgotten your name. Can you… me?
31. Let’s… we can find a parking space.
32. I… you were so unhappy. (negative)
33. I… my first day at school. (negative)
34. Did you… what I said?
35. The moment I saw her, I… something was wrong.
36. She… footsteps behind her.
37. You… like you slept badly.
38. I… helping if you can’t find anyone else.
39. She… the gun and fired.
40. The children… more to her than anything else in the world.
41. I’ll report you to the police if I catch you… again.
42. We… money for charity. (progressive)
43. He… a nice man. (present)
44. My brothers were… in the South.
45. We discovered that the tomb…already… for its treasures when we arrived.
46. The sun… in the east. (present)
47. The accident could have been...
48. After his death, nothing… to matter anymore.
49. The name was changed to… confusion.
50. We… with the waiter about the bill for an hour.
51. He is… by law from holding a license. (British English: ‘licence’, but less frequent)
52. This is Carry. Do you… her?
53. We are… a rise in food prices next month.
54. …you…the problem with anyone?’ ‘Not yet.’
55. We are… to work on Saturdays.
56. Would you… explaining that again, please?
57. It… to me what you do. (negative)

1. raised 29. Listen…hear
2. noticed 30. remind
3. avoid 31. hope
4. expect 32. didn’t realize
5. raise 33. don’t remember
6. don’t mind 34. hear
7. stealing 35. noticed
8. hope 36. heard
9. seem 37. look
10. rose 38. don’t mind
11. mind 39. raised
12. remind 40. matter
13. raised 41. stealing
14. listened 42. are raising
15. look 43. seems
16. has risen 44. raised
17. is hoping 45. had… been robbed
18. did…notice 46. rises
19. seems 47. prevented/avoided
20. raises 48. seemed
21. are ... arguing 49. avoid
22. seem 50. argued
23. to raise 51. prevented
24. doesn’t look 52. remember
25. hope 53. expecting
26. was stolen 54. Have… discussed
27. noticing 55. expected
28. raise 56. mind
57. doesn’t matter

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