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(for the visit of family friends and relatives)

I, ____________________________________, of legal age, Filipino citizen, after having been

duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and state that:

1. I am gainfully employed or engaged in business, holding a RESIDENCE VISA in the United

Arab Emirates, with the following pertinent contact, employment and visa information:
Passport No : _______________________________________________________
Date Issued : _______________________________________________________
Place Issued : _______________________________________________________
Residence Visa No : _______________________________________________________
Date of Expiry : _______________________________________________________
Emirate : _______________________________________________________
Residential Address : _______________________________________________________
Telephone No : _______________________________________________________
Mobile No : _______________________________________________________
Employer/ Office : _______________________________________________________
Address : _______________________________________________________
Telephone No : ________________________________________________________

2. I am sponsoring the visit of ______________________________________, of legal age,

Filipino Citizen, with Philippine Passport bearing no. _____________________, hereinafter
referred as the “subject” who is my ______________________.

3. I guarantee that I shall provide all financial support to pay for the food, accommodations, travel
(including airfare for return to the Philippines, medication & hospitalization) and expenses, debts and
obligations incurred including but not limited Immigration fines and penalties of the subject”.

4. I guarantee that the “subject” shall not be in any way or manner whatsoever a public burden or
ward in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or any country enroute from or to the Philippines.

5. I guarantee that the “subject” shall not stay in the UAE for a period longer than the number of days
allowed by UAE Immigration authorities; and;

6. I guarantee that the “subject” is visiting the UAE entirely for tourist and recreation purposes and is
not visiting the UAE for: (1) employment (2) to seek employment; (3) to transit via UAE to another
country where deployment of Filipino nationals is restricted or where deployment requires clearance
or endorsement of relevant government departments and agencies in the Philippines.