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Agenda Start of Session Gifts:

• Make the Bride real. 1. Tell the story of Bluebeard. Work the Bride’s gifts into the rooms she enters. Incorporate Bluebeard’s
• Keep the story personal. 2. Have them fill out wedding prep, stats, and burdens. favorite gift into final room.
• Show the horror that lies within us all. • Animus:
3. Explain the Token Track, Trauma, & how the ring works.
4. Have each player introduce their playbook. • Fatale:

Principles 5. Go around and fill out Sisterly Bonds.

6. Describe being dropped off at new home.
• Mother:
• Virgin:
• Center the story on the experiences of women, not 7. Ask the sister with the ring to describe the first key.
Bluebeard. • Witch:
• Root the story in emotion and empathy. 8. Take her through the halls to its matching door, then
• Encourage the Bride to explore, but do not trust her tell her:
judgment. “You put the key in the lock... You turn the key.

• Reward the Bride for using power against servants, but You open the door... You go inside.
remind her men have real power. The door closes behind you.”
• Teach the Bride to act like a lady and punish her for failure.
• Inflict violence, but linger on the aftermath, not the The Bride is a dark skinned woman from the lower class part of town.
act itself.
• Show the Bride’s commitment to Bluebeard, and all
that entails.
Room List • Hands:
• Hair:
armory, artist's studio, atrium, attic, aviary, ballroom,
• Take away the Bride’s agency, but assure her it is normal. • Eyes:
barracks, basement, bathroom, bedroom, bower, butlers
• Decide what is best for the Bride, but give her oppor-
pantry, carriage house, cattery, cellar, chapel, cistern, • Mouth:
tunities to show what she has learned.
classroom, cloakroom, closet, craft room, crypt, dance • Body:
• Make the Bride feel safe, then show her that she is not.
studio, den, dining room, dispensary, distillery,
• Veil the horrific in subtlety and nuance.
drawing room, dressing room, dungeon, exercise room,
• Shine an unflattering light on the Bride if she tries to
family room, fencing room, foyer, furnace room,
hide from herself or others.
gallery, game room, garage, garden room, gatehouse,
• Build dread, but do not let her lose hope.
gazebo, great hall, guest room, herbarium, hidden
room, infirmary, kennel, kiln room, kitchen,

Groundskeeper Moves
laboratory, laundry room, library, lounge, mausoleum,
meditation room, morning room, mortuary, mud room,
What was left behind:
music room, nursery, observatory, office, orphanarium, • Animus:
• Haunt the Bride with horrors of the past oubliette, panic room, pantry, parlor, playroom, pool
• Show signs of how former Brides met their end house, powder room, private theatre, sauna, scullery, • Fatale:
• Present evidence of off screen horrors servants quarters, sewing room, sex room, shop, shrine, • Mother:
• Offer an opportunity at a cost sitting room, smoking room, solarium, stables, storage
• Inflict Trauma as established room, study, torture chamber, tower, toy room, trophy • Virgin:
• Show her that it is all in her head room, undercroft, utility room, vault, wardrobe, widow's • Witch:
• Confront the Bride with allegories of femininity walk, wine cellar, women’s quarters
GM sheet for Bluebeard’s Bride. Created by Whitney Beltrán, Marissa Kelly, and Sarah Richardson. ©2014
Room Threats

Bodily Motherhood Religion Sexuality

• Beauty Standards • Abuse • Instruction • Abortion
• Disability • Estrangement • Possession • Humiliation
• Eating Disorder • Grief • Punishment • Lesbianism
• Gender • Motherhood • Rituals • Nymphomania
• Illness • Obligation • Underworld • Sexual Violence

• Drug her • Challenge her domestic abilities • Haunt the Bride with former • Advance on a woman with someone’s
• Perform a medical procedure • Tell her to be self conscious about her body figureheads, plagues, or fluids. touch, words, or display

• Shame the Bride by introducing her to • Infantilize her through over pampering her • Tell her to confess her sins • Impregnate the Bride with words,
a perfect woman • Educate the Bride on how to be a ritual, or lies
• Tell her it’s her fault through physical
• Paper the room with imagery of what disciplinary action pious woman • Break the Bride’s sexuality through
society demands • Trigger a ritual, hunt, or initiation critique or aggression
• Tie her down with someone else’s child
• Showcase a flaw for all to see or mother • Possess an object in the room like a • Show where perversity hides in a
goblet, bed, or a dress cucumber, private desk chair, or
• Exhibit what happens to a woman who • Show her what she could have been bathroom faucet
refuses to conform through mirrors and reflections • Surface what is buried underfoot
• Invite the Bride to join a promiscuous act
• Give the Bride the tools she needs to • Reveal physical evidence of an abortion • Tempt the bride with sinful acts:
be beautiful orgies, theft, or murder • Educate the Bride on how women
• Tempt her to spill blood to save another should pleasure their husbands
• Tempt the Bride with rare gems, fine • Smother her with the need of others • Have an authority teach the Bride how
clothes, or delectable delights to think using violence or compassion • Leave signs of what Bluebeard likes
• Repeat phrases and relive scenes over through murals, books, and toys
• Bind her body in satin and silk and over • Prosecute her using religious
iconography to surround her, hurt her, • Infect someone with a sexual disease
• Make the Bride’s hair, teeth, or
fingernails fall off or heal her • Condemn a partner or a child with
• Celebrate her marriage to Bluebeard violence or words
with praise, gifts, and parties • Ask what the Bride desires and parade
it in public

GM sheet for Bluebeard’s Bride. Created by Whitney Beltrán, Marissa Kelly, and Sarah Richardson. ©2014
Final Room

Faithful Outcome: Disloyal Outcome: Shattered Outcome:

If the Bride chooses to look through the keyhole: If the Bride chooses to present her Tokens to the town If the Bride’s drive is to better herself:
Go around the table and ask the sisters… to try and prevent Bluebeard from killing anyone ever Go around the table and ask the sisters…
1. What did the Bride lose when she saw the horrors again: 1. What room does the Bride's soul reside in?
through the keyhole? Go around the table and ask the sisters… 2. What is the only thing you can feel?
2. What loving impulse has kept the Bride from going 1. What did the town do to the Bride to rid themselves of 3. How does the Bride physically display her pain?
into the room? her disloyal ravings? 4. How does the Bride overtly attempt to better herself?
3. How did Bluebeard reward you for remaining loyal 2. How did Bluebeard blackmail your family into silence? 5. Why does the Bride’s efforts to better herself fail over
and not ever going inside? 3. What reason does the Bride give for Bluebeard not and over?
4. What is the Bride’s favorite room to spend her days in? divorcing her?
5. How does the Bride cope with the horrors she spied 4. How does the Bride spend her days? If the Bride’s drive is to make future brides better:
through the keyhole? 5. What loving gift does Bluebeard send the Bride for Go around the table and ask the sisters…
their wedding anniversary? 1. What room does the Bride's soul reside in?
If the Bride chooses to enter the room: 2. How do future brides of Bluebeard see you?
Go around the table and ask the sisters… If the Bride chooses to run away and start anew: 3. What is only thing that feeds the Bride and
1. What were the Bride’s last loving words to Bluebeard Go around the table and ask the sisters… makes her feel alive?
before he killed you? 1. How does Bluebeard make your family pay for 4. What high hopes does the Bride have for
2. What room does the Bride’s soul reside in? your disobedience? future brides?
3. What about how Bluebeard displays your dead body 2. Why does the Bride keep the Tokens? 5. How does the Bride force her vision on
makes you happy? 3. How does the Bride convince someone else to future brides?
4. How does the Bride disguise the horror done to marry her?
your body? 4. What constantly reminds the Bride of Bluebeard
5. How does the Bride punish future brides for trans- in her new life?
gressions against Bluebeard? 5. What about the house still calls to the Bride?

GM sheet for Bluebeard’s Bride. Created by Whitney Beltrán, Marissa Kelly, and Sarah Richardson. ©2014