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Khalifa S.

1010 W. Lincoln Hyw
DeKalb, Il 60115
+1(815) 508 4081

Objective To become a highly qualified faculty of distance education

and online training specialist who is totally committed to
achieving educational and professional development
objectives and working to world-class standards.

Education Current: Ph. D candidate at ETRA Department, College of

Education, Northern Illinois University (NIU), expected 2019

2007: MA in Applied Linguistics, The Libyan Academy

Graduate Studies, Tripoli, Libya.

1997: Post-Graduate Diploma in TEFL for Essex University,

Colchester, UK.

Experience Research Assistant 2018: Currently assisting with research

in Center of NNGO studies, College of Liberal Arts &
Sciences, NIU.

Teaching Assistant 2017: Assisted with online courses of

ETRA Department, College of Education, NIU

Assistant Lecturer 2008-2014: Full-time assistant lecturer

of English with Subratha college of Arts, Zawia University,
Libya 2008-2012 Full-time assistant lecturer of English with
Education college in Janzour – Tripoli University, 2012-2014

Taught different language skills (speaking, reading, writing

and listening) Taught applied linguistics and theories of
teaching and methodology Taught different academic skills
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(Making Presentations, Reading for Synthesis, Academic
writing, Creative writing, and Note taking) Teacher training
supervisor following up the performance and training of
student teachers in middle and secondary schools

Teacher of English (ESL) 2003-2008: Local & International

Exam Supervisor & part-time teacher at the Language
Centre, Academy of Graduate Studies, Libya Full-time
teacher of English at Waha oil Company training center;
teaching English in PET, FCE and IELTS courses.

Part-time teaching in intensive English courses for adults

from different professional backgrounds at different
petroleum training centers in Tripoli (PTQI, PCLTC,
JAWABI) training centers of oil industry.

Part-Time Lecturer 2002-2004: A part-time lecturer for

Medical and Engineering students at the Faculty of Medicine
and Faculty of Engineering, Tripoli University, Tripoli, Libya

Head of English Department: 2001-2003 Head of the

English section, Training Department at Waha Oil Company;
supervising for the English language courses and
coordinating between the training department and other
departments within the company.

2013 Head of the English department in Education College

in Janzour of Tripoli University and assistant lecturer at the
same college.

Training & Certificates 2017: Spring 2017 the certificate of Advanced Quantitative
Methodology in Education, College of Education, NIU

2009: December 13-17,2009, I participated in a visit to

Algerian universities for the observation and evaluation of a
training program for teacher trainers led by Creative
Associates International and other American training groups.

2010: July 20 – August 05, 2010, attended Faculty

Development Training Program in Tripoli. This program was
supported by World Learning SIT Graduate Institute. I
successfully accomplished two phases of the program.

2004: 17th Jul -19th Sep. 2004, A two-month course in

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Khalifa S. Elgosbi
teaching English at University of Exeter, Exeter, UK.

2001: I was awarded CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in

English) from the University of Cambridge, Jun 2001. I was
awarded CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) from the
University of Cambridge, Jun 2001.

2000: A six-week course for Libyan teachers of English,

Surry University, Guilford, UK.

1997: A 9-month Postgraduate Diploma study in TEFL

(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Essex University,
Colchester, UK. A course in CTESP (Certificate in teaching
English for Specific Purposes) as part of the Diploma
Program, Essex University, Colchester, UK.

1984: A 2-month French course at the French Cultural

Centre, Tripoli. A 2-month French course at the University of
Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Professional I am a founding member of the DELTS- Libya group a civil

Memberships society organization for Developing English Language
Teaching Skills in Libya; it was founded on October 20th,
2011 and I have conducted workshops and activities to help
the Libyan teachers of English who teach for public schools
in and outside Tripoli.


Dr.  Thomas  Smith  tsmith@niu.edu     Dr.  Mohamed  Grenat    

+1  8157539339     Grenat53@hotmail.com  
Professor  of  Quantitative  Research   +218925228652
ETRA  Dept.  Education  College,  NIU   Professor  in  Applied  Linguistics  &  
Dekalb,  Illinois,  60115   English  Language  
  Janzour  Education  College,  Tripoli  
  University,  Tripoli,  Libya

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