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Geena DeGroat

Hagerstown MD 21740| (240) 469-1885| Geenahaynes@gmail.com|

Carroll Community College Westminster, MD
Major: Registered Nurse Graduating May 2018
Certificate, Licensed Practical Nursing 2017

Hagerstown Community College Hagerstown, MD

Associates of art (Psychology) 2016


Clinical Skills
Under supervision of RN:
 Educate family members and patient on disease process, medications and therapeutic regimens
 Teach therapeutic techniques to promote sucking on a premature infant
 Perform physical assessments (Neuro, respiratory, cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary,
Musculoskeletal, Integument and Neurovascular.
 Follow isolation precaution and infection control procedures
 Care for patient’s postoperative open-heart surgery, including CABG, Valve Replacement, Heart
 Baseline vitals before administering oral medications
 Observed epidural on active labor patient; learned needle placement and positioning
 Changing of wound dressing on a stage 4 pressure ulcer, from wet to dry gauze
 Administration of oral, Intramuscular, and subcutaneous medications
 Obtain and record patients’ vital signs, intake and output in Epic and Meditech
 Insertion and removal of Foley Catheters and straight catheters
 Support patients in activities of daily living, bed baths and bed linen changes
 encourage patient to use incentive spirometer to promote lung expansion

Smile Forever Frederick, MD
Dental Assistant 2011-2015
 Set up dental trays per dental procedure
 Sterilized dental instruments and treatment areas before and after procedures
 Instructed patients on pre and post-operative procedures for Root canals, Fillings, implants, bridges,
extraction, and sinus lifts.
 Placed films, utilized safety precautions and completed digital x-rays
 Freed patient airways from debris during dental procedures
 Keeping sterile technique throughout dental procedures

 American Heart Association (Basic Life Support) 05/2019

Professional Association
 National Student Nursing Association 2016-Present