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Learning Goal(s) CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.11-12.

(Content Standard) CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.11-12.3.d


Learning Target Students will demonstrate how to add more detail into their writing.

Instructional  Students will add detail to their writings in the form of revisions.
Objectives  Students will learn terms such as adjectives and adverbs to improve their
 Students will use analysis to figure out what the problem

Assessment  Direct writing done by students

 Indirect observation of how the students are using their senses while
(Criteria/Look Fors) writing.
 Direct group conversation about exit ticket question

Materials  Pocket reminders with examples of adjectives, nouns, pronoun, verbs,

 Bags for each student with an unknown item inside
 Pencil/pens
 Spare pieces of paper
 Phone timer
Academic Language  Adjectives
Focus  Description/ depth
 Senses

Instruction Procedures Intro: 10-15min

(with time)  Mad Libs (go over all the different types of descriptive words we use when
playing mad libs/ hand out pocket reminders)
 Introduction  Have students take turns filling in the Mad libs blank spaces (read the
 Demonstration results)
 Participation Activity: 20min
 Practice  Each student will receive a bag with a mystery item inside it. The students
 Closure will write about their mystery item in drafts.
 1st: Students will describe their mystery item only by feel
 2nd: Students will describe their item only by what it sounds like
 3rd: Students will describe item by what it smells like
 4th: Students will describe item by what it looks like
 After each draft the student will write down there guess about what their
mystery item is.
Conclusion: 5-10min
 Group Discussion Exit ticket question: How can using our senses and
feelings help our writing?

Student  Writing can be hand written or typed on a computer

Accommodations  Phones may be used to look up spellings of words

Self Reflection  How well did the students use descriptive words in there writing?
 How can this lesson plan be improved?
 Can the idea of using senses when writing be used in other subject areas?


Name: Kimberly Garlie Date:

Content Area(s) Senior English Grade(s): 12th