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JL MH THAMRIN 06/03/2017
BANTEN 15811
As a highly dedicated teacher, I am writing this letter to you because
I am interested to work in your school as a Secondary level teacher.
Email I believe that I have been well equipped in ITC (International Teachers College) and have gained experiences which align well
s000000019293@student.uph with the qualifications that the school has for the secondary level
.edu teacher for the subjects Biblical studies, Humanities, and Physical
Education and I am certain that I could bring differences in students’
Cell Phone lives by teaching one of these subjects with collaborating with the
+62 822-1373-9644 school.

Studying in ITC for three years has been a pathway for me to

become an educated teacher. I have learned more about classroom
management, classroom instruction, development of unit and lesson
plan, and parent-teacher relations. Moreover, my teaching
practicum has been a time for me to gain an authentic experience.
Now, that experience has set me in that position where I feel capable
of myself to lead the classroom in a well-managed way. I am
extremely enthusiastic to work in your school to utilize the
knowledge and skills that I have gained to contribute to help
students along with school to achieve their goal.

I attached my resume for additional details regarding my

experiences and qualifications. Please review it. I am looking
forward to discuss more how my experience and background meet
your needs.

Thank you for your quality time and consideration.

Bibek Guidey