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Ultrasonic Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing

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X’WELL Testing Services Inc.


To ensure corporate sustainability in managing profitable

business, continuing training and development, and promoting
positive environmental effects by providing world-class quality
service and high-precision testing services.


To be a globally renowned integrated and technical inspec-

tion and testing services organization with unparalleled compe-
tence and efficiency.

We are committed to provide testing services and technical

assistance conforming to the standards set by the National and
International Standards with integrity.

Permit and Accreditation

Permit and Accreditation

Permit and Accreditation

List of Personnel

Material Testing

Name Qualifications

1. Juanita B. Ladiana Material Engineer

Laboratory In Charge
2. Romeo P. Martinez Civil Engineer
Material Engineer II
DPWH-BRS Accredited
3. Aileen May C. Sumampao Civil Engineer / ME 1
Laboratory Technician
DPWH-BRS Accredited
4. Omar B. Malon Civil Engineer
Material Engineer I
DPWH-BRS Accredited
5. Marlito A. Uy Sr. Laboratory Technician
6. Cenon D. Reyes Sr. Laboratory Technician
7. Julie M. Tayona Sr. Laboratory Technician
8. Joecel A. Nabo Sr. Laboratory Technician
9. Erskine B. Malon Laboratory Technician
10. Katrina Merzi P. Guerra Laboratory Technician
11. Bobby L. Jamen Laboratory Technician
12. Rodolfo Soriano Jr. Laboratory Technician
13. Bryian Soriano Laboratory Technician
14. Lyza Marie G. Mandal Office Clerk/ Document Controller

List of Personnel

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

Name Qualifications

1. Edgar A. Aragon Registered Mechanical Engineer (RME)

Welding Engineer Certified by PWS
NDT Technician / Inspector

2. Randy V. Guisihan Registered Mechanical Engineer (RME)

NDT Technician / Inspector

3. Joseph M. Leonen Registered Mechanical Engineer (RME)

NDT Technician / Inspector

4. Ryan V. Ferrer Registered Mechanical Engineer (RME)

NDT Technician / Inspector
5. Webster John Padilla Assistant Radiation Safety Officer (ARSO)
NDT Technician
6. Jade Mark Banjawan Radiographer
NDT Technician
7. Joecel Sabio Radiographer
NDT Technician

Testing Services Offered

Materials Testing

1. Grading / Particle Size Analysis 1. Grading / Particle Size Analysis

2. Plastic Limit / Liquid Limit 2. Unit Weight
3. Compaction / Moisture Density Relation 3. Wash Loss
4. California Bearing Ratio 4. Specific Gravity
5. Field Density Test 5. Absorption
by: Nuclear Density Gauge & Sand Cone 6. Soundness
6. Abrasion 7. Organic Impurities
7. Moisture Content 8. Clay Lumps
8. Specific Gravity 9. Abrasion
9. Plate Load Test


1. Compressive / Flexural Test of Concrete

1. Compressive Strength of Hollow Block
3. Slump Test on Fresh Concrete
4. Coring
5. Air Content of Fresh Concrete

 We also offer formulation of Designed Mixes

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

1. Radiographic Testing (RT)
2. Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
3. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (UTG)
4. Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
5. Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
6. Holiday Testing (Pinhole Testing)
7. Coating Thickness Gauge
8. Rebound Hammer Testing

Testing Services Offered

Materials Testing

Testing Services Offered

Soil Testing

 Moisture Density Relation

This test is performed to determine the relationship between water
content and dry unit weight of soils for a specified compactive effort.
Different methods are being used and it be based on material grada-

 Atterberg Limits
This test determines the liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index of
soil. These test methods are used as an integral part of several engi-
neering classification systems to characterize the fine-grained fractions
of soils and to specify the fine-grained fraction of construction materi-

 Field Density Test (FDT)

FDT is used to determine the density of compacted soils placed during
the construction of earth embankments, road fills and structural back-
fill. This test method is used as basis of acceptance for soils com-
pacted to a specified density or percentage of a maximum density de-
termined by a test method.
Nuclear Density Gauge

Sand Cone Method

Testing Services Offered

Soil Testing

 California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

This test method evaluates the strength of cohesive materials
(subgrade, subbase & basecourse) having maximum particle sizes
less than ¾ in. (19mm). The specimens are compacted using three
different compactive efforts to obtain unit weights both above and be-
low the desired unit weight.

 Plate Load Test

Plate Load Test is to find the bearing capacity and the settlement of
the foundation. A test plate, square or circular in shape, are used. The
plate is placed at the proposed level of the foundation and is sub-
jected to incremental loading. Settlement at each increment of the
loading is measured and the load settlement curved is plotted. Bear-
ing capacity and the settlement of the foundation are determined from
the load settlement curves.

 Los Angeles Abrasion Test

The principle of Los Angeles abrasion test is to produce abrasive ac-
tion by use of standard steel balls which when mixed with aggregates
and rotated in a drum for specific number of revolutions also causes
impact on aggregates. The percentage wear of the aggregates due to
rubbing with steel balls is determined and is known as Los Angeles
Abrasion Value.

Testing Services Offered

Quality Test of Aggregates

 Specific Gravity and Absorption of Aggregates

Specific gravity or bulk relative density is the characteristic generally
used for calculation of the volume occupied by the aggregate in vari-
ous mixtures containing aggregate including Portland cement con-
crete, bituminous concrete, and other mixtures that are proportioned or
analyzed on an absolute volume basis.

 Unit Weight Test

This test method covers the determination of bulk density of aggre-
gate in a compacted or loose condition necessary for use for many
methods of selecting proportions for concrete mixtures. It may be
used for determining mass/volume relationships for conversions in
purchase agreement.

 Particle Size Analysis

This test method covers the quantitative determination of the distribu-
tion of particle sizes in soils and aggregates. The particle sizes larger
than 75µm (No. 200) is determined by sieving, while particle sizes
smaller than 75µm (No. 200) is determined by a sedimentation proc-
ess using hydrometer test. This can be used to identify classification of

Testing Services Offered

Concrete Testing

 Compression Testing
This test method covers determination of compressive strength of cy-
lindrical concrete specimens such as molded cylinders and drilled
cores. Its results are used as basis for quality control of concrete pro-
portioning, mixing and placing operations; determination of compli-
ance with specifications; control for evaluating effectiveness of admix-
tures and similar uses.

 Flexural Testing
Flexural testing is used to determine the flexural strength of concrete
specimens prepared and cured in accordance with test methods C-42
or practices C-31 or C-192. Results are calculated and reported as
modulus of rupture. The results of this test method may be used to
determine compliance with specifications or as basis for proportioning,
mixing and placement operations. It is used in testing concrete for the
construction of slabs and pavements.

 Rebound Hammer Testing

This test method is applicable to assess the in-place uniformity of
concrete, to delineate regions in a structure of poor quality or deterio-
rated concrete and to estimate in-place strength development.

Testing Services Offered


Testing Services Offered

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

 Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

NDT method in which beams of high-frequency sound waves are in-
troduced into materials for the detection of surface and subsurface
flaws. The sound waves travel through the material and are reflected
at interfaces. The reflected beam is displayed and then analyzed to
define the presence and location of flaws or discontinuities.
Ultrasonic testing is often performed on metals and alloys, though it
can also be used on concrete, wood and composites.

 Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

Method of revealing open to the surfaces discontinuities of solid mate-
rials. Indications of a wide spectrum of flaw sizes can be found re-
gardless of the configuration of the work piece and regardless of flaw
orientations. The process is well suited to the detection of all types of
surface discontinuities. It is extensively used for the inspection of
wrought and cast products of both ferrous and nonferrous metals, ce-
ramics, plastics, and glass objects.

Testing Services Offered

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

 Magnetic Particle Testing

NDT method of locating surface and subsurface discontinuities in fer-
romagnetic materials. Discontinuities that lie in a direction transverse
to the direction of the magnetic field will cause a leakage field to be
formed at the surface of the part. The presence of this leakage field, is
detected by the use of fine ferromagnetic particles applied over the
surface, with some of the particles being gathered by the leakage
field. This collection of particles forms an outline of the discontinuity.

 Holiday Testing (Pinhole Test)

Holiday test or a Continuity test is one of the non destructive test
method applied on protective coatings to detect unacceptable dis-
continuities such as pinholes and voids. If the electrical flow is de-
tected then the test area is termed as conductive indicating presence
of discontinuities such as pinholes and voids.

 Coating Thickness Gauge

Coating thickness gauges are used to measure dry film thickness.
Dry film thickness is probably the most critical measurement in the
coatings industry. A coating thickness gage provides vital information
as to the expected life of the substrate, the product's fitness for pur-
pose, its appearance and ensures compliance with a host of Interna-
tional Standards.

Testing Services Offered

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

 Radiographic Testing
RT is the most commonly applied NDT method in industry. It
is sensitive for detecting volumetric discontinuity. Ionizing
Radiation either X-Rays or Gamma Rays are exposed in ma-
terial and form an image on film then interpret by the Radio-
graphic Testing Personnel in accordance with written codes or
specifications. Radiography can be used with most materials
and provide permanent visual record of the test object.

On-Going Projects

Name of Scope of
Owner Client Address
Project Work

3x55MW Brgy. Mandan- Ultrasonic Testing

Sta. Clara. Int'l.
Balingasag Ther- MINERGY goa, Balingasag, and Liquid
mal Power Plant Misamis Oriental Penetrant Testing

Ateneo de HA Pastor Con- Ateneo de Manila

Jesuit Health and Liquid Penetrant
Manila struction University
Wellness Center Testing
University Corporation Campus

60MW Toledo Sta. Clara. Int'l. In house Materi-
Construc- Toledo Cebu
Solar Power Plant Corp. als Testing
tion Corp.

Japan To- LiMa Technology FDT using

Site Grading Sta. Clara. Int'l.
bacco Inter- Center, Malvar Nuclear Gauge
Works Corp.
national Batangas and Sand Cone

Aboitiz Brgy. Sabangan,

25.4MW Manolo Sta. Clara. Int'l. In house Materi-
Power Manolo Fotich,
Fortich 2 Corp. als Testing
Corporation Bukidnon

3x55MW Brgy. Mandan-

Sta. Clara. Int'l. In house Materi-
Balingasag Ther- MINERGY goa, Balingasag,
Corp. als Testing
mal Power Plant Misamis Oriental

Maco Tailings
Brgy. Masara, In-house
Management Apex Min- Sta. Clara Int'l
Maco,Compostela Material Testing
Facility Phase ing Inc. Corp.
Valley, Philippines Laboratory

Marcos Alvarez
Maynilad Field Density Test
Ext. Reservoir Sta. Clara Int'l
Water Ser- Bacoor Cavite and Materials
and Pumping Sta- Corp.
vices Inc. Quality Test

Projects Completed

Name of
Owner Client Address Scope of Work

Monde Nissin- Monde Brgy. Balibago Materials Quality

Sta. Clara. Int'l.
Noodles Building nissin Sta. Rosa Laguna, Test and Field
1 corporation Philippines Density Test

Unilever Truck Materials Quality

Uniliver Sta. Clara. Int'l. Sta. Ana, Manila
Parking and New Test and Field
Philippines Corp. Philippines
Access Density Test

Warehouse Bldg. S&R

San Fernando Materials Quality
for S&R Manage- Sta. Clara. Int'l.
Pampanga, Test and Field
Membership ment Corp.
Philippines Density Test
Shopping Corporation

Materials Quality
Metro Manila Netforce Malvar Batangas
Norkis Test and Field
Turp. Club Inc International Inc Philippines
Density Test

Warehouse Bldg.
Ateneo Katipunan Materials Quality
for S&R Ateneo De Netforce
Quezon City Test and Field
Membership Manila International Inc
Philippines Density Test

20MLD Reinforce AFP Road Que- Materials Quality

Manila Sta. Clara. Int'l.
Concrete Water zon City, Philip- Test and Field
Water Corp.
Reservoir pines Density Test

Rehabilitation of
Brgy. Kilog, Li- In-house
7MW Bubunawan Sta. Clara Int'l
CEPALCO bona, Bukidnon Material Testing
Hydro Electric Corp.
Philippines Laboratory
Power Plant

Cabulig Hydro Cabulig Misamis, In-house

Sta. Clara Int'l
Electric Power MINERGY Oriental, Material Testing
Plant Philippines Laboratory

Brgy. Nangka In-house

100 MLD Marikina Manila Wa- Sta. Clara Int'l
Marikina City, Phil- Material Testing
North STP ter Corp.
ippines Laboratory

Projects Completed

Name of Scope of
Owner Client Address
Project Work

Trans Asia
54MW San Brgy. M.Chavez, In-house
Renewable Sta. Clara. Int'l.
Lorenzo Windfarm San Lorenzo, Gui- Material Testing
Energy Corp.
Project maras Laboratory

Alternergy In-house
54MW Pililla Sta. Clara. Int'l. Brgy. Halayhayin,
Wind One Material Testing
Windfarm Project Corp. Pililla Rizal
Corporation Laboratory

14MW Sabangan Aboitiz Brgy. Namatec,
Sta. Clara. Int'l. Material Testing
Hydroelectric Power Sabangan,
Corp. Laboratory and
Power Plant Corporation Mountain Province

Pepsi Cola STRO Geographic Radiographic

Pepsi Cola Sto. Tomas,
Pet Line 3HP Resources United Testing at
Corporation Batangas
compressor Piping Pan Pacific Inc. Compressor Pipe

Cathedral of Cathedral of HA Pastor Versalles,

NDT and Field
Praise South Praise Construction Almanza, Las
Density Test
Campus Philippines Corporation Piñas City

Ultrasonic Testing
of 7th Flr.
CPF-Aquaculture Pokphand First Orient Brgy. Gugo Samal
Feed Mill Plant Foods Development & Bataan, Philip-
Plant and 2
Project Philippines Const. Corp. pines
Warehouse of
Structural Steel

Projects Completed

Name of Scope of
Owner Client Address
Project Work

Ultrasonic Testing,
Monde Nissin- Monde Brgy. Balibago Liquid Penetrant
Sta. Clara. Int'l.
Noodles Building nissin Sta. Rosa Laguna, Testing, Dry Film
1 corporation Philippines Thickness Gaug-

Unilever Truck Welding Inspec-

Uniliver Sta. Clara. Int'l. Sta. Ana, Manila
Parking and New tion and Ultra-
Philippines Corp. Philippines
Access sonic Testing

Welding Inspec-
tion, Ultra-
Brgy. Sto. Do-
20MLD Reinforce Agile sonic Testing, Liq-
Manila mingo, Sta. Rosa,
Concrete Water Technodynamic uid Penetrant
Water Laguna, Philip-
Reservoir Inc.. Testing, Dry Film
Thickness Gaug-

Monde M.Y Calmelray Indus- Ultrasonic Testing

Monde M.Y San Sta. Clara. Int'l.
San trial Park II and Liquid
Building Facility Corp.
Corporation Calamba Laguna Penetrant Testing

Pacita Complex
Rustan First Orient
Shopwise Store San Fernando, Ultrasonic Testing
Supercen- Development &
No.9 Laguna, Philip- of Structural Steel
ter Inc Const. Corp.

Welding Inspec-
Warehouse Bldg. S&R Brgy. Subang- tion, Ultrasonic
for S&R Manage- Sta. Clara. Int'l. dako, Mandaue Testing, Liquid
Membership ment Corp. City, Cebu, Philip- Penetrant Testing,
Shopping Corporation pines Dry Film Thick-
ness Gauging

Projects Completed

Name of Scope of
Owner Client Address
Project Work
Ultrasonic Testing,
Liquid Penetrant
Monde Nissin Sta. Clara. Int'l. Brgy. Ilang Davao Testing Magnetic
Plant Building Corp. City, Philippines particle Testing,
Dry Film Thick-
ness Gauging

Maxim Philippines First Orient

Maxim General Trias
Operating Development & Ultrasonic Testing
Philippines Cavite
Corporation Const. Corp.

Warehouse Bldg. S&R Welding Inspec-

San Fernando
for S&R Manage- Sta. Clara. Int'l. tion and Dry Film
Membership ment Corp. Thickness Gaug-
Shopping Corporation ing

Welding Inspec-
Cabulig Hydro Cabulig Misamis, tion, Ultrasonic
Sta. Clara Int'l
Electric Power MINERGY Oriental, Testing, Dry Film
Plant Philippines Thickness Gaug-

Manpower Supply of QC
Inspectors (Welding and
Piping), Visual Inspection,
Refinery Master Brgy. Lamao Welders Performance
Sta. Clara. Int'l.
Plan 2 (RMP-2) Petron Limay, Bataan Qualification Test (WPQT)
Corp. Ultrasonic Testing of
Project Philippines Underground Piping,
Holiday Testing of Under-
ground Piping

Brgy. Sto. Do-

Santierra Nuvali Excell Contractors mingo, Sta. Rosa, Liquid Penetrant
Ayala Land
AMC & Developers Inc. Laguna, Philip- of Structural Steel

Manpower Supply
of QC Inspectors,
S&R Visual Inspection,
Warehouse Bldg. Brgy. Maa Davao
Manage- Sta. Clara. Int'l. Magnetic Particle
for S&R Member- Del Norte,
ment Corp. Testing Of
ship Shopping Philippines
Corporation Structural Steel,
Ultrasonic Testing
of Structural Steel

Other Clients

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

 Goodmix Concrete Corporation

Taguig City

 Ahnex Builders and Ready Mix Corp.

Brgy. Lantic , Carmona, Cavite

 New Tri-Star Ready Mix Plant

Bangkal Carmona, Cavite

 Sta. Clara International Corp.

Brgy. San Andres Alaminos, Laguna

 Biñan Ready Mix

Gen. Malvar St. Binan Laguna

 Citicon Ready Mix & Const. Inc.

Brgy. Mamplasan Binan Laguna

 RCPJC Ready Mix Co.

Brgy. Bangkal Carmona, Cavite

 Readycon
Calamba, Laguna

 Betonval Readyconcrete Inc.

Brgy. Langkaan Dasmariñas, Cavite

Project Highlights

Name of Client: Sta. Clara International Corp.

Name of Project: Cabulig Hydroelectric Power Plant
Location: Brgy. Plaridel, Claveria, Misamis Oriental

Project Description:
The Cabulig hydroelectric power project located in northern Plaridel, Misamis Oriental, about 30
kilometers northeast of Cagayan de Oro City in Mindanao Island. The plant will have a nominal
installed capacity of 8.0 MW and a projected yearly average generation of 49.253 Gigawatt
hours (GWh). The main components of the run-of-river type hydropower plant includes a low
concrete dam to allow the diversion of water onto the headwork's, an intake weir, headrace ca-
nal, forebay and desilting basin, penstock, a powerhouse that encloses two (2) Francis-type tur-
bines connected to two (2) generators, and a tailrace canal.

Project Highlights

Name of Client: Sta. Clara International Corp.

Name of Project: 20MLD Reinforced Concrete Water Reservoir
Location: #54 AFP Road Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City

Project Description:
20 ML 2 chamber rectangular concrete reservoir facility for potable water and related ancillary
structure for Manila Water Company, Incorporated located along AFP Road Brgy. Holy spirit
Quezon city.

Project Highlights

Name of Client: First Orient Development and Construction Corp.

Name of Project: CPF Aquaculture Feed Mill Plant
Location: Brgy. Gugo Samal, Bataan

Project Description:
Construction of 3 Buildings (rested on Bored and Driven Piles)

7 Storey Structural Buildings (Feed Mill Building) including Fabrication and Installation of Bins)

Storey Combination of Concrete and Structural. Steel Frames (RAW MATERIAL BLDG.)

Storey Combination of Concrete and Structural Steel Frames (FINISH PRODUCT BLDG.)

Project Highlights

Name of Client: Sta. Clara International Corp.

Name of Project: Refinery Master Plan 2 (RMP-2)
Location: Brgy. Lamao, Limay Bataan

Project Description:
Petron Refinery Master Plan Phase 2 (RMP-2) project valued at about USD2 billion from the Phil-
ippines, is a mammoth project to produce high value-added oil products by extensively moderniz-
ing existing refinery plants located in Brgy. Lamao Limay, Bataan.

Project Highlights

Name of Client: Sta. Clara International Corp.

Name of Project: 54MW San Lorenzo Wind Farm
Location: San Lorenzo, Guimaras

Project Description:
54MW San Lorenzo Wind Farm Project located at San Lorenzo Guimaras aims to sustain the
energy source not only on the province but also on it’s neighboring provinces.

X’WELL Main Laboratory

X’WELL Project Site Laboratory

100 MLD Marikina North STP Project

Cabulig Hydroelectric Power Plant Project

Rehabilitation of Bubunawan Hydroelectric Power Plant Project


USM Go Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The USM Go has been designed to provide flaw detection capability
in inspection situations throughout the industrial and process spec-
trum, from aerospace to power generation and from the automotive
sector to the oil and gas industry.

USM 35X Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The latest version of the USM 35 portable ultrasonic flaw detector
from GE's Inspection Technologies business, is now totally protected
against the ingress of dust and high pressure jets of water to IP 66
and contains new software which allows its operation to Japa-
nese weld inspection standards.

Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Magnetic Yoke

The Magnaflux Y-7 AC/DC Magnetic Yoke is designed for portable
testing of ferrous parts and is ideal for the inspection of welds and
other remote testing applications.

Magnaflux Penetrant Chemicals with Black Light

The Portable Fluorescent/Visible Inspection Kit is typically used on
machined surfaces to find cracks, seams, laps, laminations and

Elcometer 236 DC Holiday Detector

Pinhole & Porosity Detection Premature corrosion of a substrate is
usually due to the failure of the coating. A major cause of failure is the
presence of flaws in the finished coating. Collectively referred to as a
coating’s porosity the main types of flaw.


Elcometer 456
The Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge sets new standards
making measuring dry film thickness faster, reliable and accurate;
helping you to become more efficient.

Schmidt Hammer
Consisting of a spring-loaded steel hammer that when released
strikes a steel plunger in contact with the concrete surface. The spring
-loaded hammer must travel with a consistent and reproducible veloc-
ity. The rebound distance of the steel hammer from the steel plunger
is measured on a linear scale attached to the frame of the instrument.

Controls California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

CBR Machine is equipped with a movable head or base that travels at
a uniform rate of 0.05 in (1.27mm)/min for use in forcing the penetra-
tion piston into the specimen. It has also a load-indicating device that
can read to 10 lbf (44N) or less. This machine can carry up to 50 kN

STM Compression Machine

This machine is use to test the compressive strength of concrete sam-
ples like cylinders, beams & cores. Machine is using precise elec-
tronic parts to detect the load and express its value in digital. Com-
posing of two bodies being connected with a high pressure hose. It
has 1500 kN load capacity.


Matest Plate Bearing 200KN 3 Dial Gauges

This apparatus has 5 parts, a) Loading Platforms-supplies the esti-
mated total load required, b) Hydraulic or Mechanical Jack Assembly
(200kN capacity)-provides & maintains the maximum estimated load
for the specific soil conditions, c) Bearing Plates, d) Settlement-
Recording Devices-measure settlement of the test plates, and e) Mis-
cellaneous Apparatus-loading columns, steel shims and other con-
struction tools.

Los angeles Abrasion Machine

It is made of hollow steel cylinder closed at both ends. An opening is
provided for the introduction of the test sample. With a dust-tight cover
so as the sample cannot escape during revolutions, counter is pro-
vided for reading of its revolutions. Steel spheres are also available.
The shelf is positioned so that the sample and steel spheres shall not
impact on or near the opening and its cover.

Sieve Set
Made up of woven wire cloth mounted in a circular metal frame use
for sieving. Its cloth and frame conform to standards & specifications.
Its standard sieve designation is written at its frame as well as its al-
ternative sieve designation. Pan & cover are provided so as to nest
with the sieves.

Liquid Limit Set

Composed of, a) liquid limit device-it is manually operated, with brass
dish, carriage & a counter, b) dish-a porcelain dish, preferably un-
glazed, c) spatula-a stainless blade having 75mm to 100mm length &
20mm width, d) grooving tools-flat or curved, e) containers. You also
need a balance and drying oven for moisture content determination.

X’WELL Vicinity Map

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Compression Testing

FDT Sand Cone Method

Particle Size Analysis

Governor’s Drive, Barangay 8, Carmona, Cavite

Philippines 4116

Tele Fax No. (046) 889-0818

Mobile No.
Rebound Hammer Testing

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