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Adenoma removed in colonoscopy

GI receives pathology

GI enters data into AGA CDS tool

PART 1. Decision Support

(results, recommended surveillance interval) AIM 1 (Year 1)

GI evaluation of AIM 1 Methods: Think
aloud methodology
• Usability
GI generates universal letter • Usefulness
• To communicate results, risk status, recommended surveillance interval based on
AGA CDS risk stratification (previous step)
• Link to video and brochure automatically populated in each letter


AIM 2 (Year 1 & 2)

Formative assessment to
PART 2. Communication

Email I.
Patient portal Regular mail create health literate “template”
• Patient receives email that • Universal letter (same as one • PCP Receives
library AIM 2
message waiting in portal in patient portal) Universal letter
(same as one in II. Develop educational materials Methods:
• Will receive the following • Brochure (hard copy, same as III. Evaluate educational materials Interviews/
materials in the patient portal: one in patient portal) patient portal)
a) Patient evaluation of letter, focus groups
• Universal letter • Link to video included in letter video, brochure
• Link to educational video and brochure b) GI and PCP evaluation of
• Link to educational brochure letter, video, and brochure

PRE iColon Survey (Aim 3, Year 2)

iColon goes live

POST iColon Survey (Aim 3, Year 3-4)

AIM 3a. AIM 3b. AIM 3c. AIM 3 Methods: Pre-

Patient survey: GI survey: Primary care survey: Post survey
• Knowledge of results and • Self efficacy with communicating risk • Knowledge of surveillance interval (administered before
surveillance date • Self efficacy with adequately educating patients of • Barriers for not accessing the and after iColon goes
• Risk perception their results, risk, and surveillance date Universal letter live)