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Deployment: Deployment Sign-off Template

This template should be used to obtain customer approval for the deployment phase. This
template can also be used to request review and approval of project documentation and
materials between NUIT and the customer or within NUIT itself (where internal approval is

Insert the name, title, and contact information of the person completing this template here.

Date of Request for Sign-off

Insert date of request here.

Project Name
Insert name of the project here.

Deployment Preparation
This section provides details regarding the activities that need to be (or have been) completed
and approved prior to deployment. The following list provides examples of possible
activities. You may need to modify the list to meet the needs of your project.
 Customer sign-off
 Security clearance
 Database access
 Code migration
 Server or network configuration
 User guides, FAQs, web-based information or other documentation to support

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Sign-off: Approval or Rejection
Use the chart below to document approval or rejection.
Name and Title of Approver Decision Reason for Rejection Date

Next Steps
This section outlines the next steps that will be taken if approval is received and/or if there is
a rejection and additional work needs to be completed. If you want the approver to provide
you with more information regarding additional changes to be made, include instructions

Document Tracking
Date Action Taken By Whom

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