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Responsibilities of SAP MM Consultant on Implementation Project

When you assigned to SAP implementation project, then scope is very vast for the MM consultant as well
for other module consultants.

As in initial project planning phase your seniors will define project scope, goals and the objectives along
with you and team from client side. This initial preparation detail work plan will be defined, by which the
whole team will work. You will receive relevant training at each phase from your seniors.
As a senior MM Consultant, one should have strong business process knowledge of core materials
management as well expertise on SAP MM functionalities and should be able to handle all integration
points with other modules which you are going to implement at client side.
First of all Consultant will study, analyze and document the clients existing business process with clients
existing legacy system and all the management reporting requirements. After the AS IS Study, with
checking all the SAP functionalities, TO BE document will be prepared. Gaps between client's current
business process and SAP transaction functionalities are identified and documented.
With reference to TO BE Document, Business blue print document will be prepared. Business blue print
means the Final document or final picture of your system Configuration. It is the actual way by which you
will configure and customize your clients system. Either you will provide any AlterNet solution to the gap
found in business process or you will change accordingly in SAP by technical options. You will mention
this in your Business blue print. You will mention the reports details.
At the end off all the phases you have to face with your client the word SIGN OFF. But don't bother on
this term, it's for the final document approval and acceptance of your client.
You will start system configuration base line configuration, final configuration the phase is realization.

MM Configuration activities Enterprise structure like Plant, Purchasing Organization, Storage Locations,
and Purchasing Groups. Enterprise structure assignment.
SAP MM Component wise Configuration
Purchase requisition
Purchase Order
Outline agreements
Pricing Procedure
Release strategy
Inventory Management
Goods Receipt
Goods Issue
Stock Transfer / Transfer Postings
Logistics Invoice Verification.
Final preparation

This is final preparation for the Go Live. Activities in this phase are Unit testing, Integration testing, End
user training; Critical issues are resolved finally in this phase. Cutover activities, Master data upload in the

Go Live After successfully completion of above mentioned phases, you will start to run your business on
production system.