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Human Resources

Standard Operating Procedures

Vacancy – Recruitment – Selection Procedures

The following procedures will guide you through the standard processes of filling a vacant position.
Because unique circumstances may exist for some vacancies, please contact the Human Resources
Department with any questions.

1. Complete the Recruitment Authorization Form

2. Submit current Role Description

a. If the Role Description has changed/been updated it will need to be reclassified by HR.
b. The Recruitment Authorization Form requires signatures from Fiscal, and the
Assistant/Associate Dean prior to being submitted to HR for final signatures from the
HR Director and Dean.
c. The RAF and Role Description for all newly created positions must be submitted by the
HR Director to the HR Director, University of MT, who coordinates the approval process
and establishing a new position.

3. The Vacancy Announcement, generated by HR, will be posted according to the Recruitment
Authorization Form. HR will also block dates and times for interviews for all hiring committee
members to ensure availability and that the process continues to move forward at an
appropriate pace.

4. After closing date or “first review date”, HR will screen applications for minimum qualifications
and forward applications in accordance with the Recruitment Authorization Form. Minimum
qualifications will be jointly established by HR and the Hiring Manager.

5. The selection process (interview(s), testing, etc.) must be submitted to HR before applications
that meet minimum or preferred qualifications will be released to the Hiring Committee

a. HR and the hiring manager will determine interview questions based on information
submitted on the Recruitment Authorization.
b. HR and the hiring manager, will determine the selection committee.

6. The Hiring Committee reviews the applications received from HR, to determine the list of
applicants that will proceed with the selection process, which is submitted to HR by the
Committee Chair. Screening criteria for the review will be determined by HR and the hiring

7. HR will review and apply any VA preferences before finalizing and reviewing the list of
applicants that will proceed with the selection process.

8. HR will schedule any testing, followed by interviews for those who are selected or pass any
required testing. HR, the hiring manager, and hiring committee will determine the interview

9. The Hiring Committee conducts interviews and scores are calculated by HR.

10. HR applies any preferences and seniority where qualifications of union applicants are
substantially equal. Hiring recommendations for bargaining unit vacancies shall be reviewed by
the human resources office prior to any job offer to insure compliance with the seniority
provisions of the position’s CBA. Preference and seniority information is provided to the Hiring
Committee Chair.

11. The Hiring Committee Chair, or HR if requested, conducts reference checks on the top
candidate(s). This information is provided to HR by the Hiring Committee Chair.

12. HR schedules final interview with the Dean, and meets with candidate to provide information
about Helena College, the position responsibilities, benefits, and to answer any final questions.

13. If approved by the Dean, HR provides the Hiring Authorization Form (HAF) and the Letter of
Offer (LOO) to the Hiring Committee Chairperson.

14. The Hiring Committee Chairperson presents the LOO to the top candidate for their signature.
After the LOO has been signed by the candidate, the Hiring Committee Chairperson signs the
HAF and returns both signed forms to HR. The Hiring Committee Chair is also responsible for
calling to notify the non-successful interviewees.

15. If the salary is more than the previous incumbent, the HAF and LOO must be submitted by HR to
UM HR, who coordinates the approval process by the President and the Commissioner of Higher

16. If the position is a Contract Professional position, the hiring must go through the
Commissioner’s Office and/or Board of Regents for approval.
17. HR schedules a time to complete the hiring paperwork with the successful candidate, and sends
out letters to the unsuccessful applicants, who were not interviewed, that the position has been