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Human Impact

Reclamation process
Surface mining clears helps return the mine
the land destroying to its natural state.
ecosystems. Mining Using alternative
Mining releases pollutants energy sources will
that can affect lessen the need for
nearby areas. non-renewable
Land resources.
Removes native Adding organic material
vegetation and loosens to the soil in the form of
plant or animal waste
the soil which allows
Farming the wind and water to
increases the fertility of
the soil and improves it’s
wash away soil and ability to hold onto water
depletes the nutrients and nutrients.

exhaust from motor Catalytic converters help

vehicles create smog to break down pollutants
and the fossil fuels before they are released in
Transportation burned release carbon motor vehicles and hybrid
monoxide and nitrous vehicles have an electric
oxide which contributes motor that also helps
to ozone depletion. reduce auto emissions.

Power plants that burl Pollutants are removed
coal or oil release from the exhaust streams
of power plants before
Factories pollutants such as they enter the atmosphere
sulfur dioxide that and catalysts break down
/ Power enter the air and sulfur and nitric oxides
contributes to acid which reduces issues such
Plants rain.
as acid rain.

Runoff from crops and

livestock carry contaminants The Clean Water Act gives
such as fertilizers and the EPA the authority to
pesticides into nearby water set standards for water
ways. Nutrients such as quality for agriculture,
Agricultural nitrates in the fertilizers industry, and residential
promote algae growth in the uses which focuses on
water and clog the area reducing the discharge of
causing organisms to die
pollution into water ways.
creating dead zones.
Wastewater from cities Water treatment plants
and towns contain removes contaminants
Municipal contaminants from homes, from sewage and water
businesses, and industries purification produces
(cities and and can pollute bodies of drinking water by removing
towns) water from sewage bacteria, algae, viruses,
disposal, storm drains, and fungi through a series
boats, and yard runoff. of steps.
Human Impact

What Can You Do?

Land Pollution/Soil Erosion: Landscape with plants that minimize erosion.

Air Pollution: Riding a bike or walking instead of driving.

Water Pollution: Keep litter, pet waste, leaves, and grass clippings out of street
gutters and storm drains.