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Lesson Plan

Day: M T W T F Date: 28/03/2018 Time: 9.15am Year: 6

Learning Area: Maths Topic: Algorithms to Subtract Decimal Fractions

Curriculum content description: Add and subtract decimals, with and without digital
technologies, and use estimation and rounding to check the reasonableness of answers (ACMNA128)

Students’ prior knowledge and experience:

Previous experience with adding and subtracting decimal place with money
Students are beginning to estimate accuracy of answers however still require support with this
Students are able to use a formal algorithm to add decimal fractions into the thousandths and have had some
experience with subtracting decimals
 Learning purpose: exploring and practising efficient methods for solving problems requiring operations on
decimals, to gain fluency with calculating with decimals and with recognising appropriate operations

Learning objectives: Evaluation:

On completion of this lesson, students will be Informal evaluation:
able to: - Correct answers to questions
- Student participation
- use a number line written method to subtract - At the end of the lesson have students
decimal fractions involving tenths without complete a question on their whiteboards
regrouping independently so you are able to assess if they
- Identify the right operation needed to solve have the your objectives
problems involving decimal fractions (money-
dollars and cents)

Preparation and Resources:

- Journals (Students)
- Printed Resources from static questions
- Whiteboard/Markers
- Mini whiteboards
- Passports for students
Catering for diversity
How will you support struggling students?
Check understanding with 2 thumbs up, 1 thumb up 1 thumb down, 2 thumbs down
How will you extend capable students?
I have created additional examples (below) to extend students.
How will you modify your lesson to respond to individual student requirements, eg students with special needs,
limited English skills, lack of self-efficacy, previously absent students and so on?
N/A in small group I have
Timing: Learning Experiences:
10mins Today we are learning: Using Algorithms to Subtract Decimal Fractions
First some class rules put your hand up for the answer. If you also wouldn’t mind, could you
please tell me your name and the answer as I don’t yet know all of your names?

Ice breaker:

Hands up who has a dog? Hands up who has a cat? Hand up who has a different pet from a cat or
Ok for a warm up we are going to do this algorithm with these two dogs. Who remembers the rules
of an algorithm? I am looking for 4 rules – what are they?
Which number goes on the top?
Does the number require a placeholder?
Have you put the decimal in?
Are all the numbers lined up?
Ok everybody please show me your algorithm without the calculation on your which boards. Do not
calculate it yet. Quick as you can.
Ok everybody, please calculate your answer. ANSWER 3.54

Remembering the rules, everybody please show me your algorithm without the calculation on your
which boards. Do not calculate it yet. Quick as you can.
Ok everybody, please calculate your answer. ANSWER 1.27

25mins Step Up
Part 2
I am going to write this one out and you tell me if I am correct. Let’s do this one the with the rules we
know about algorithms. Tell me if I have got this correct?
Which weight tag goes on top?
Is the decimal place lined up
Are there any placeholders needed?
Are all of my numbers lined up? Don’t line up the numbers correctly.
Can we self-talk this through? Can we check for understanding? 1, 2, 3.
Righto team, please listen and look. When I say go, I want you to go back to step 1 and finish these
questions first then continue on with step 2 questions and go on to step ahead. As a show of hands,
who would like to go through the rest of the step up questions together with me? Who would like to
go ahead on their own? Team, if you have finished your step up and step ahead questions,


1) This is the list of the talent score in the school. John 18.36; Kate 15.86 and Sam 14.12. What
is the difference between John and Sam? (4.24)
2) 3 cats went to the vet and they weighed the following: Whiskers 15.2kg, Smudge 16.35kg
and Harry 17.46kg. What is the difference in weight between the heaviest and the lightest?
3) I had 3 mars bars at 1.35 and 4 cans of coke for 1.7. I paid for it with $20. How much change
do I have?
4) I took back two mars bars because they were mouldy. How much change would I have now?
5) Why do we estimate? How do we estimate? (looking for a written explanation)