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Advertising Management and Sales Promotion

Qus:1 Define Advertising by highlighting its various characteristics. What are the
various objectives of Advertising?

Define Advertising and also highlight the characteristics of advertising 4

Explain various objectives of Advertising. 6

Answer: Advertising is defined in Webster's Dictionary as “the action of calling something

to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements; or, to call public attention by
emphasising desirable qualities so as to arouse a desire to buy or patronise.” As is commonly
defined and understood, advertising is “any paid form of non-personal presentation and
promotion of ideas or products by an identified sponsor.” The definition highlights the
following characteristics of

Qus:2 Explain the factors that affect Marketing and Advertising in India.

Elaborate factors that affect Marketing and Advertising in India. 10

Answer: There are some factors which deeply influence our thinking about advertising in

Qus:3 Explain the various types of Advertising copy.

Elaborate various types of Advertising copy 10

Answer: Here are some of the major types of ads and thus copy that is written to suit these

Qus:4 What do you mean by Advertising Budget? What are the various factors
influencing Budget Setting?

Explain Advertising Budget 3

Explain various factors influencing Budget Setting 7

Answer: As we discussed , after setting its advertising objectives, a company has to estimate
how much it is willing to spend on the promotional programme. Although in an ideal
situation, the budget should be determined by the objectives laid out for the communication
function in

Qus:5 Explain the various innovative use of mass media in Rural Marketing.

Elaborate how mass media is used for rural marketing 10

Answer: A successful campaign mixes the traditional and modern media cleverly to get the
best results. The following mass media is used for rural marketing:

Television – Due to the government supplying free televisions in rural areas for broadcasting

Qus:6 Explain the various Civil and Penal Codes applicable to Advertising.

Elaborate various Civil and Penal Codes applicable to Advertising 10

Answer: There are many laws which apply to advertising and its professionals should be
familiar with them rather than land in a court of law later. Advertisers in their enthusiasm or
ignorance often make wild claims, which can have unfortunate consequences later, not only
for the

Solved Assignments\ Projects

Contact: -
Phone: +91 -9873669404