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Advanced Technology:

A Hypothetical Guide to Making Animate Crystals, Crystal Technology,

Laser Technology and Space Travel
By: Enumbisag
Table of Contents

1. How To Make Bind A Deity To A Gemstone

A. Find a gemstone that corresponds to that element based on its color.
B. Then use the spell in Konstantinos’ The Art of Drawing Spirits Into
2. How To Make A Gemstone Animate
A. Then say the following spell:
NOTE: The words are in Vulgate Latin. You must be holding the gemstone in your
hand while saying this spell.

“In the name of Adonai by the words Sangre, Corpus, Anima, Spiritus”, while
holding the gemstone.

3. Crystal Correspondences To The Four Elements By Color

A. Earth – Brown
B. Fire – Red
C. Water – Blue
D. Wind – Light Blue
4. Alchemic Correspondences To The Four Elements
A. Earth – Flesh
B. Wind – Breath
C. Fire – Acidic Chemicals In The Body, Passionate Feelings
D. Water – Base Chemicals In The Body, Emotional Behavior
5. How To Use Crystal Technology
A. There are two methods I am aware of for using crystal technology. You can
either stare into the gemstone which will conjure the deity bound to it
B. You can also focus light from the sun through the gemstone and
theoretically it would cause the being to physically manifest.
6. How To Use Laser Technology
1. Lasers can be used to carve gemstones into specific shapes when the light is
agitated enough to where it becomes hot enough. Theoretically radiation
could be used to focus the energy.
7. How To Make A Ship for Space Travel
Rockets would be needed to power the ship. Electronic fans that are sealed
off can be used to generate breathable air. An antimatter reactor can be used
for light speed travel. Four opposing electrical magnets can be used to hold
the antimatter in place. Electromagnetic boots can be used for walking
around the floor. Astronaut and naval training would be needed for the entire
crew. Closed circuit telephone service for crew communication or two-way
walkie talkies. Astronaut suits will be needed for repairing the outer portions
of the ship. Microphone headsets can be placed inside the suit. Water can be
used for hydrating the food, drinking, and brushing your teeth. A separate
water system that is launched out of the ship can be used for taking baths
and washing clothes. Surveillance equipment would include miniature
cameras and speakers placed in the hallways and the different parts of the
ship that do not include the crew’s quarters. Police weapons should be given
to the taskmaster. Nuclear-Electricity would be needed to power
technological appliances, plumbing, and lighting. Plumbing would entail
sinks, laundry, showers, and bathrooms. Bathroom pipes would entail a
stellar ejection of bodily wastes and separate pipes for garbage. Garbage
would need to be compressed and ejected into space. Medical training
supplies would be needed along with doctorate training for the person who is
to be the doctor. Authority would be used according to coastal and maritime
laws. Communication sattelites would need to be set up for interstellar
communications. Weapons for safe stellar travel would entail rockets,
torpedoes, a laserbeam, and guns of various sizes. Cellular communications
would be needed for planetary explorers and onboard crew. An IT antenna
can be set up for research and intelligence access. The person who is in the
captain’s chair would have to be able to take training similar to that of a
naval captain.
8. Possible Uses For Crystal Technology:
A. Space Travel
B. Knowledge Storage
C. Healing
D. Teleportation
E. Metaphysical Technology
F. Informations Technology
G. Tapping Into The Earth’s Electromagnetic Field via the Golden Ratio by
Sacred Geomtery