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Chapter 4 Test

Use the information provided in the Population Pyramid to answer the following Questions.

1. What are the two scales used in this population pyramid?

2. How many Males are in the 50 - 54 age group?

3. Does this population pyramid show a country with a slow, rapid, or negative growth?

4. Which two age groups has the highest number of people in the population pyramid?
Match the following terms with the appropriate definition:

World City; Federal System; Natural Increase; Migration; Cultural Hearths; Metropolitan Area;
Population Pyramid; Market Economy; Democracy; Monarchy; Mixed Economy; Ethnic
Group; Central Place Theory; Demographic Transition; & Cultural Diffusion.
5. A type of government that exercises supreme power based around a King or Queen is
called a _______?

6. A _________ is a type of Government relies on its citizens to help make governmental


7. A ____________ is a group of people who share a language, customs, and a common


8. ___________ is the spread of cultural traits from one culture to another?

9. The movement of people from one location to another is called ________?

10.This term is based around a spatial theory in urban geography that explains the reasons
behind distribution patterns, size, and the number of cities and town around the world.

11.A region that includes a central city and its surrounding suburbs is called a ______?

12. Based upon what you see in the picture, what type of shape
is this state?

A. Landlocked State B. Compact State C. Micro-State D. Protruded State

13. What type of boundary is represented in this picture?

A. False Boundary B. Natural Boundary C. Cultural Boundary D. True Boundary

14. The spreading of urban development on land
near a city is called ____________?

A. Urban Sprawl B. Construction Work C. City D. Village

15. Based upon what you see in the picture, what type of
shape is this state?

A. Micro-State B. Elongated State C. True State D. Compact State

16. True or False: A Democracy is a type of government that is ruled by one person.

17. True or False: Geographers identity a Natural boundary by its physical geographic
features such as mountains and rivers.

18. True or False: A Language Group comprises of a groups who share similar cultural
beliefs such as language, religion, customs, or place of origin.

19. True or False: Cultural Diffusion is a central place where a culture has developed
through the formation of ideas and traditions.

20. True or False: A Population Pyramid is a diagram that shows the distribution of a
Country's population based off of age and gender.
21. Based off of this map, in what direction were
African Americans being pulled to during the Great Migration?

A. North B. South C. East D. West

22. According to the map above, which countries of the world had the highest number of

A. Australia B. South Africa C. United States D. Czechoslovakia

Read the following scenarios and state whether each is a Push or Pull Factor and whether it
is an Economic, Religious, Political, or Other.

23. Kathy lives in an Asian country that that is ruled by a notorious Dictator. She wants to
come to the United Kingdom for new life because she heard that this country has a great
political system.

24. Frank lives in Ireland. In 1845 a famine breaks out due to the failure of their potato crop
which cause his family to become very hungry.

25. In 1918 after World War One, Germany market fails and the country goes into a
recession. John is a citizen of Germany and he cannot afford to house and feed his family
and decides to migrate to the United States.

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