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Pop Art Concept Map Rubric

Name: ____________________________________________
Below Average Needs work
Category Superior (8-10) Average (5-7)
( 3-5) (0-2)
Decent amount
There was There was no
of effort is put
minimal thought real thought and
into the
The questions have and effort put effort put into
questions and
a lot of thought and into the question the question
they make
make sense based making. They making. They
sense based on
Critical Thinking / on the video. make sense but are not related
the video.
Organzation Concepts that are are not related to to the video.
Concepts that
related are linked the video. Concepts that
are related are
together in a way Concepts that relate are not
linked together
that makes sense. relate are not linked together
in a way that
linked together in in a readable
makes just
a readable way. way.
enough sense.
Students Students
Students effectively decently Students mapped mapped out
mapped out their mapped out out their concepts their concepts
concepts and their concepts with minimal with extremely
created an excellent and created a effort and had a low effort and
variety of question decent variety limited variety of had no variety
types. of questions question types. of question
types. types.
The students
The students did The student
made decent
The students made not make good made a bad use
use of their
exemplary use of use of time. They of time and was
time and was
time. They were were absent or not present for
Effort/Participation present in class
present in class not all together class and
working with
working with their there when present when
their partner
partner always. working with working on with
most of the
their partner. their partner.

Grading Scale 100-90 A 89-80 B 79-70 C 69-60 D
Total Possible