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POSITION DESCRIPTION – Professional Services Staff

For levels 1 to 5
Position Title: Advancement Student Caller (Casual) Level: Casual Rate 2
Faculty/Division: Advancement Division School/Unit: Development Team

Primary purpose of the position:

The Advancement Division (AD) is responsible for developing and stewarding relationships between the University of
Wollongong (UOW) and its communities, to strengthen the vision and objectives of the University.

UOW is working to develop a spirit of giving amongst Alumni and for them to remain engaged with the university long after
graduation. Each year AD runs a year-long fundraising appeal – ‘the Annual Appeal’ - to raise money for priority University

To support the targets for the 2018 Annual Appeal a phone based fundraising campaign will run for four weeks across the mid-
session break. Calling will take place during the evenings between 4.45pm – 8.15pm and Saturdays between 10.00am
and 4.00pm. Applicants are expected to be available for a minimum of 80% of the shifts.

The purpose of the campaign is to:

• Raise funds for UOW priority projects
• Enhance communication between UOW and Alumni. They enjoy hearing what’s happening at UOW – particularly from
a current student’s perspective – and this is an important opportunity for you to help build closer links between the
University and our Alumni by finding out how they want to engage with us.

This year, callers will be seeking gifts for:

• Equity scholarships - To ensure our students are supported once they have started their degree to develop the next
generation of leaders through the Learning and Development Fund. These scholarships are only made possible
through the contributions from Alumni, staff and community giving.

All Alumni whom we intend to call will be contacted in advance (via letter or email) to let them know that a current student will
be calling to ask for a donation. Alumni are given the opportunity to opt-out if they do not wish to receive a phone call.

The phone call will also update them on UOW news and forthcoming events. Student callers will also check that we have up-
to-date information about each Alumnus they speak to.

Major Responsibilities:
You will be responsible for relationship building with Alumni and donors of the University. You will speak to Alumni over the
phone and provide updates on UOW news and events; engage in conversation about their time at UOW, seek feedback on
UOW events, publications etc and seek support for student scholarships.

All callers will receive compulsory comprehensive training and guidelines prior to their involvement in the campaign.

Tasks Percentage of time

1. Speaking with Alumni over the phone and the solicitation of donations 85%

2. Recording gifts and Alumni information 10%

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3. Administrative tasks such as data entry, card writing and preparing mail-outs 5%

4. Observe principles and practices of Equal Employment Opportunity Ongoing

5. Have WH&S responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities as outlined in the Ongoing
http://staff.uow.edu.au/ohs/commitment/responsibilities/ document

Reporting Relationships:

Position’s Reports to: Senior Development Coordinator (Regular Giving)

SELECTION CRITERIA - Knowledge & Skills:

Acting as an ambassador for the University and asking for donations are essential to this role. Therefore we expect callers to be
passionate about UOW and genuinely want to share this with UOW alumni. We also expect callers will be committed to the
concept of charitable giving and have an understanding of its importance for UOW.

• First-hand experience as a UOW student and a willingness to share positive experiences
• Exceptional phone manner, including confidence and active listening skills
• Confidence in asking people for money, and willingness to do so
• Self-motivated to achieve targets

SELECTION CRITERIA - Education and Experience:

• Applicants must have completed one full year at a UOW campus prior to their appointment to this position. (Must be
2nd year students or above).

• Previous call centre or retail experience while not essential will be highly regarded.
• Being an active member of a UOW club, society and/or involved with other UOW activities.

Personal Attributes:
This role is a challenging but rewarding one. We are looking for confident and energetic students with a drive to succeed:
reliability and professionalism are important, as are tact and discretion; all personal information must be treated as confidential
beyond the calling room.

Special Job Requirements:

The phone campaign will run for four weeks across the mid-session break. Calling will take place during the evenings
between 4.45pm – 8.15pm and Saturdays between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Applicants are expected to be available for a
minimum of 80% of the shifts.

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Roles and Responsibilities in Relation to Workplace Health and Safety:
The University of Wollongong is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its workers, students and
visitors. All members of the University community have a collective and individual responsibility to work safely and be
engaged in activities to help prevent injuries and illness.

In addition to the major accountabilities/responsibilities required for your position, you also hold the following roles
and responsibilities in relation to Workplace Health and Safety:

All Staff
• Take reasonable care for your health and safety as well as others.
• Comply with any reasonable instruction by the University.
• Cooperate with any reasonable policies and procedures of the University including reporting of hazards or
incidents via the University reporting process.
• Certain staff have specific responsibilities for Work Health and Safety (WHS), further information is available
in the document Roles And Responsibilities for WHS and WHS Management System.

Additional Responsibilities for Staff with supervisory responsibilities

• Ensure work area, equipment and practices are compliant with applicable legislation, standards, codes of
practice and University guidelines.
• Ensure risk management activities are undertaken to minimise WHS risk including hazard and incident
reporting, risk assessment and safe work procedures.
• Provide the necessary instruction, information, induction, training and supervision to enable work to be
carried out safely.
• Ensure Work Health and Safety (WHS) activities and requirements are implemented for area as outlined in
the Roles And Responsibilities for WHS and WHS Management System.

Inherent Requirements:
For all positions

This position description outlines the major accountabilities/responsibilities and the selection criteria against which
you will be assessed as suitable for the position. As such there will be specific job requirements that we refer to as
Inherent Requirements.

Inherent Requirements refer to your ability to:

• Perform the essential duties and functional requirements of the job;
• Meet the productivity and quality requirements of the position;
• Work effectively in the team or other type of work organisation concerned; and
• Do the job without undue risk to your own or others health, safety and welfare at work.

If you have any injuries, illness, disorder, impairment, condition or incapacity that may affect your ability to perform
the inherent requirements of the position, we encourage you to discuss this with the University to assist in the
process of identifying reasonable adjustments to enable you to perform the duties of the position. The University
wants to place you in the best situation to use your skills effectively in the position you are applying for at the

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