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Vol, I,


TEXT Richard Priestley & Bryan Ansell

BOXART John Blanch" \-
Vol .j-:- Cover Art:- Tony Ackland, Interior Illustrations:- John Blanche, Tony Ackland,
and Nick Bibby, with additional material by Patrieia Turner.
FORCES OF FANTASY is a J Volume compilation of all the
information you will need to choose and play your own fantasy
army. Aspiring leaders of men... and of those creatures which are
other than men...read on!

The first volume - FORCES OF FANTASY - comprises of lhe lists

of Fighting Battalions. It is divided into individual lists of racial
types. For example you will find a complete list for Wood Elves,
Dwarves, Orcs - and so on for all the major warrinq races. you are
able to choose troops from any one list to assemble a Battalion of
troops of that race. Using as many Battalions as you wish you can
assemble a fantasy army of any size, and you may select Battalions
f rom either the same or dif f erent list,s in order to create a
powerful mixed army.

In the second volurne - FIGHTING FANTASY BATTLES - you will

find all of the information you require to set up battles, including
battlefield encounters, tactical hints, and additional rules to cover
chariots, seige equipment and buildings. We have included a full
selection of fantasy shield patterns and relevant uniform details
for each of the Armies described described in the first volume -
together with organisation details and painting and modelling tips
where appropriat,e.

The third volume - ARCANE MAGICKS - provides players with new

r"nagical weapons, monsters, potions, spells and equipment.. Rules
are included for enchanted weaponry including power Weapons and
Rune-weapons, as well as new monster types such as the Hydra and
Chaos Chimera.
A Battalion usually consists of a number of regements to the
cornbined value of I000 Points. Battalions generally include at
least one personality model who will act as the Battalionrs
Commander. When, in Warhammer, we speak of a BatLalion, then /\
we mean simply 1000 points of troops chosen from the lists that
follow. Purists will note that this use of the word Battalion does /)
t.t r,

not conform to the aceepted prac[ice in the modern British army! .2\ 1 ----
i (_^

An army consists of three Battalions. Select each Battalion using

the appropriate list. Your army ean consist of I BatLalions of the
same creatures, or you may choose I different Battalions. The only
restrict.ion is that you may not mix Good and Evil aliqned
Battalions inLo the same Army.
You must then appoint I of the Battalion Commanders to be your
General, the model which will represent you. J Battalions will give
you a fairly sizeable battle. If you like, you can fight smaller
battles, either with less Battalions, or with smaller 500 point For example, one possible army could consist of I Battalion of
Battalions; alternatively you can fight huge battles with as many Night Goblins, I Battalion of Red Goblins and I Battalion of
Battalions as you like. The points values are not intended to be Undead. A tolal of 1000 Points worth of troops. An army to oppose
restrictions on imaginative play, only a guide for the Games
Master. There is no reason why Battalions shouldn't be slightly this could consist of 2 Battalions of High Elves and I Baltalion of
Dwarfs. Some creatures are tNeutralr and these may fight in either
over, or under, the 1000 points level - so long as the entire army Good or Evil Armies.
balances at 1000 points, or your agreed points Lotal.

The Lists of Fighting Battalions are arranged in the following




9n U
rn O
€ @
-{ -o z
C Z cZ <Z
! --{ q'<
-- a
€ F
rrl C
-l o_ 6' (n
d f') v rn
a z I
a3 7>a
T o rrl --l
Z 7
{I Z
? r'\
a tFl o)iJ
I tJJ o rn X r tn T T
o o(D -U
Z n
r n v ov
^m ov,
Jrn +
€ { o
zi )
f.> d
U -

Tq U z r
Trl -.1

U) 3
m Trl o -;
n - a X
o O6

5l rrl € -l 6
7 Y-o
\e (D I G
(D !,
i l- 0)

o C
n f lo 1
<@ Z C
! <=
-O I

- J
d6 o
g o_

5 +o f
o) aC )
c Jn J
@ o
€ .<; €
J. f,
{e (D
a 7 J
o 0)
c 3 3 3
c@ @
7:3) 3 J.
u o o)
Troops are organised into units called Regiments. A Regiment Any Regiment may have a Regimental Champion who will be a
usually consist,s of between 5 and f0 models all of which have the Hero and have enhanced prof ile characterislics. Regimental
same Profile; i.e. identical Move Rabes, Weapon Skill etc. Champions are described on the appropriate tHero'chart for your
Normally a Regiment will count as having the same weaponry and Battalion. Char4pions fight alongside t.heir brethren but their
armour throughout, although it is not strietly necessary lo have eombat. is worked out separately. Champions of opposing
identical models. For example, a Regiment of Red Goblins could Regiments will always fight each other if opportunity permits.
comprise of some in Mail armour, some in Plate and some with no Charnpions may not leave their parent unit.
armour at all - but on the battlefield they could all counb as having
Mail. Similarly a Regiment of Night Goblins could have assorted A Regimentrs Leader may also be the Regimental Champion if you
weaponry, some could have spears, some axes others clubs or wish. Leaders who are also Champions are not obliged to fight
swords - but on the battlefield they could all count as ordinary other Champions.
hand weapons. This is perfectly acceptable and makes your
Regiments look more threatening and interesting. Just so long as it REGIMENTAL STANIDARDS
is clear [o your opponent how Regiments are equipped it doesn't
matter too much. Any Regiment may have a Regimental Standard - this can take the
form of a banner or trophy of some kind. The Standard Bearer
The ideal size for Regiments depends on Lhe size and type of game model may fight exactly as if he were a normal member of the
you wish to play; but between 12 and 20 models look good and can Regiment, it is assumed he eilher plants the Standard in the ground
be manoeuvred easily. Troops mounted in Skirmish order may be or holds it irr one hand or something. The standard Bearer is not
better employed in units of 10, or fewer, models. removed as a casualty unless there are no ordinary soldiers left
alive, and then any surviving Leader, Champion or personality
There is no reason why some fighters in a Regiment shouldn't be model may take up the Standard. So long as the Standard remains
equipped in a different manner to others - for instance you could intact the Regiment may:-
have a Regiment which is half bow armed unarmoured troops and
half plate armoured spearmen. The Spearmen could then lry to Add I to all MORALE dice rolls
protect the bowmen while deriving support fire from them. Such Add I to all dice rolls against FEAR
units require more skill to manoeuvre and employ.
If the Standard is lost, however, the Regiment will also be so
Large Creatures and Monsters may be organised into small disheartened that they must:-
Regiments if you wish, without of f icers, standard bearers or
musicians. Alternatively, individual Monsters may act as Deduct I from bll MORALE dice Ehrows
personality types, moving and fighting independantly. Such Test, Morale instantly
creatures can attach themselves to fighting units to enhance their
power where opportunity permits. Capturing Standards. In combat any Regiment may attempt to
captufe the Standard of the enemy if they succeed in pushing back
REGIMENTAL LEADERS their opponent. After the combat has been worked out and lhe
opponent retreated 2'r the player must declare that
tseize the Enemyrs standard'. This is a risky businesshe is
going to
Every Regiment must have a and involves
Regimenlal Leader model. the Leader shouting, 'Follow me lads!' and heading off t,owards the
Leaders are not removed as enemy's Standard, hopefully followed by those around hirn. The
casualt.ies until the rest of the number that will actually follow will be:-
Regiment has been slain, or until
he is challenged and slain by Attackers = I D5 plus 1 per Leadership Factor over J.
another Leader.
Champions never follow, they are much too engrossed in the
The Leader for each Regimenl normal confusion of hack and slay. Leaders who aie also champions
will have a Leadership Factor - may, however, still attempt t,o capture standards - but their
the higher the Leadership the superior fighting abilities are not laken into account. The scramble
better commander he is. The for the standard is considered bo be more a question of luck than
values for Lhe leaders of each race are given in with the Battalion marlial prowess.
The enemy Standard Bearen, seeing his opponent baring down on
Regiments whose commander had a Leadership of J or more mav him with his mates in tow, will naturally shout, 'Rally iound me',
add to their dice throw when saving against Fear and Terror. and hopefully his friends will all come to his assistence. The
number that will come will be:-
Leadership Save Modifier
4+2 There is no need to fight. the fierce battle over the Standard; Lhe
5+J side wit.h more models committed automatically wins. The side
6+4 that wins causes I Wound per I rnan advantage they have, Lhe
losing side causes no casualties. casualties receive normal 'saving
Commanders with a Leadership of ) or more can lry to stop unit.s Throwst but 'savedr men still count as easualties for purposes of
reacting to Hated Enemy - Roll a D5, you will need to score a 5 to working out whether the Standard is captureo.
stop the unit reacting for that turn. Add I for each point of
Leadership above J. If the attacking side causes enough casualties to kill all of the men
who have rallied to the Standard, including the Standard Bearer
When Throwing for Morale a Regiment may add I to the dice if the himself, then the Standard has been captured! Ot.herwise the attack
Leadership of the Leader is J or more. has been beaten off.
In combat a Regimental Leader may challenge his opposite numDef Standards may be recaplured in exactly the same way. If you have
to personal combat. His opponent may accept or refuse. If he capt.ured enemy Standards then you may take them along to future
refuses then he loses all but I point of Leadership. If he accepts
batt.les and parade them in front of the enemy. This will annoy him
then the two models must fight against each other in combat - ano
no end! A Regimental Leader who captures 3 enemy Standards may
if either Leader shouid be killed then an instant Morale test musr increase his Leadership Factor by ].
be taken by his unit.
Special Attributes - D5
Musicians are not essential, but any Regiment, other than Militia
Regiments, can have a Musician model if desired. The presence of I The weapon will destroy any other magical weapon in
a Regimental musician model will inspire the troops and make combat on the D6 score of a 6. Roll once per Combat
them more reliable.....hopefully. Round. The weapon gains any of the magical abilities of
the defeated weapon for the rest of the game. If two such
Regimental musicians are not removed as casualties unless all the weapons meet in combat the highest Initiative may roll
normal troopers are killed, the premise being that if the musician first. Simultaneous dice rolls of a 5 will destroy both
should be slain then one of his fellows will pick up the instrument weapons.
and carry on with as much enthusiasm and musical talent as he can
muster. If there are no ordinary troops left then Musicians are the 2 The weapon will dispell all Undead within 3r' including
next to go, although the Standard Bearer or Leader can pick up the Liches, Undead Champions and Heroes as well as ordinary
instrument if they wish. Undead. This power can be rfelt' by Undead creatures
within l2r'.
Musicians and Standard Bearers are often combined into a single
model, in which case they have a combined effect. f The weapon enables the wielder to fly as if he had wings.

A Regiment which has a musician may add L to all Morale Dice 4 The weapon causes Terror in all enemy living creatures
rolls, so long as the Regiment is advancing and at least some of its within 12rr.
mentbers are facing the enemy.
5 The weapon may strike with a Strength Attack of 6 during
one combat round in the game.
6 The wielder of the weapon is invulnerable to the effects
A choice of standard Heroes and Wizards is presented within the of fire or fire
based magic so long as he retains his hold
lists. These give the gamer a selection of standard pre-rolled on it.
characters which will save time and ensure a fair game. A further
section is included to enable the gamer to generate Heroes,
Wizards and their followers more thoroughly. Players may mutually decide to retain Heroes and weapons from
game to game if they wish. Games Masters can decide to rebalance
Heroes and Wizards selected from the main lists may be mounted forces to allow for magical weapons.
on horses on the D5 dice score of a 4r5 or 6. Roll before the game
starts. Alternatively, if both players are in agreement then either The basic points cost of Heroes and Wizards does not include any
all or an agreed number of character models may be mounted. additional equipment or armour. Such things must be bought and
Champions belonging to cavalry regiments automatically have paid for using the Basic Points system given below. Any Hero may
horses, at no additional cost, champions belonging to mounted units choose to wear Mithril Armour, so long as he pays the points cost.
in which the mount actually fights, such as Wolves and Boars, must In Goblin, Orc or Hobgoblin Battalions Mithril may only be worn by
pay the extra points indicated on the list for an appropriate mount. the Battalion Commander - who will normally be the most powerful
Both Heroes and Wizards are entitled to carry magic weapons.
Arcane Magicks provides the gamer with the option of rolting up
eomplete magic weaponry for your Heroes.

If you are short on time, or if you wish to play a strictly

competitive wargame, then players can agree to use either no
magic weapons at all, or else the same weapons or weapons chosen
from the following - SIMPLE MAGICAL WEAPONS FOR
BATTLEFIELD HEROES chart. This chart does not pretend to be
inexhaustive, but you may find it convenient if you do not have
enough time to properly develop magical weapons before baltles.

Any Hero or Wizard may employ a magic weapon - but players may
mutually agree to use only a restricted number if they prefer.
Generate weapons by rolling a D10 to give youn magical bonus.
Lesser Heroes, Heroes and Wizards may roll once - cost 30 points
extra. Mighty Heroes may roll up to 3 times - cost l0 points per
roll. Results are cumulative, a weapon may have only one special


- Roll a DIO

\ +i Initiative Level
2 +I on tTo Hitr dice score
I +l on tTo Kill' dice seore
4 +l Attack oer Combat Round
5 Cause double damage - each wound = 2
5 +l level of Toughness
7 +I level of Strength
8 +L level of Weapon Skill
9 +I Wound
0 A special attribute - roll again on the following chart

The Lists of Fighting Battalions give the standard points value for
I model of the type indicated. The value includes L basic close For example:-
combat weapon; usually a hand weapon sueh as a sword or axe. The
value does not include any armour or a shield, armour may only be
bought if thEption is indicated in the list. Shields may alwayi Ue
A Wood Elf with Shield and Elf Bow
bought, even if other armour is prohibited. Further weapons or
equipment must be paid for separately, the costs are listed below.
Basic Cost 9 - with long knife
These costs may be modified for certain troops types.
Elf Bow +2
Extra for shield +|

Sword, mace or other additional hand weapon

Total 11| points
Spear, Pike or Cavalry lance +
Halberd, two-handed axe or other A Lesser Goblin with bow and shield
Heavy Cutting or Crushing Weapon I Basic eost I - with short sword
Short Bow I2 Short bow | - half price
Infantny Bow I Shield | -half priee
Long Bow rl Total 3| points
Elf Bow* 2
Night Elf Crossbow* 2
A Mounted Samurai with lance, bow and mail armour
Crossbow 2 Basic cost l3 - with sword
Sling, javalin, throwing knife or darts * Cavalry lance +|
Long bow +1+
Shield * Chainmail armour +2 (double - basic cost 10+)
Chainmail Armour l Horse barding +1
Plate Armour 1*
Total 18 points
Mithril Armour* 50
An Ogre with double handed club, mail armour and shield
Horse Barding or Armour* I
Nets* ,I Basic eost l0- with sword
Huge Ball and Chain* I Double handed club +1
Blowpipe* *
Shield +1* (treUte - basic cost 20+)
Mail +l (treble - basic cost20+)
Extra for C.amel* I Total )5| points
Extra for Warhorse* 2
An Orc with mail armour, spear and shield
Extra for Regimental Standard 100
Extra for Regimental Musician 50 Basic eost 6 - with sword
Chainmail armour +1

* Troops may only employ the weapons and equipment marked * if

Shield +|
Spear +|
the.se are specif ically mentioned as options in the Fiqhting
Battalions section. Total I points

If your basic points value, as given in the lists, is 4 or less (as is the
case wilh some Halflings and Goblins) then you may acquire extra
equipment at half cost, round f 's up to |'s.

Larger or more exotic creatures may find it harder to find suitable

armour, or they may have dif f iculty hiring the services of a
specialist armourer. For this reason troops with a basic points
value of more than 10 points must pay double the normal cost,s for
armour and shields. Troops wilh a basie points value of more than
20 must pay treble, more than 3O x4r 40 x5r 50 x5 and so on.

If your basic Weaponskill is 6 or more then additional weapons cost

I point extra on top of the costs given. If your basic Bowskill is 6
or more then missile weapons cost I point extra.

Regiments of mixed weaponry, which are all being counted as the

same weapon type, pay points as if they were all equipped
identically. 5o a mixed RegimenL of Spears, Clubs, Swords and
Axes, which is going to count as all Swords, is treated as if every
model is sword armed, with no need to pay extra points for the
spears etc. Similarly you do not have to pay extra points for
multiples of the same weapon type which are not going to benefit
you in any way. Having ll swords may look pretty, but if you
int,end to use only one at a time then there is no need to pay any
extra points.
ol theEast
The Easterners live along the coasts of Araby, in mythical Arabia .

and the heartlands of the near east. They are a colorrful people,
sometirnes eruel, but always involved in eome exotie adventure.
The fabulous wealth of Arabia coines from world wide trade, piracy
and conquest.

The toughes! fighters come from the grea[ desert tribes;

independant warriors feared greatly by desert travellers. Also
feared by travellers and merchanls are the strange eestern mages
d and desert demons. Araby is a very magical place, the wise men of
the east are often accomplished magicians, and their powers of
'' :'21
healing and surnmonation are unrivalled.

Arab Warrior

Dervish Rider

N\N Eastern Characler - choose Hero or \Vizard

SPECIAL PROVISIONS Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero

I. Bowmen must be bought Infantry or Short Bows, Slingers must Weaponskill-5- 6-

be bought slings. BowSkill 3-5- 5
Strength 2- 2- 3

2 Desert Riders may ride camels at extra points cost. Toughness B- B- C

Wounds 2- 3 t
I Up to half of the number of Horsemen may ride armoured Initiative 4- 8 11
horses. Attacks 1- 2-- 3

Points Value 16- -

4 Elephants must have an unarmed driver - who will be too busy 29 62
to fight. In addition an Elephant may carry up to 1 fighters
armed with either a long spear or bow. - 1 Wizard at
A Battalion of Men- of the East may include the
indicat,ed Poinls cost. Wizards have the following profile depending
SPECIAL RULES upon Level. PoinLs cost includes a sword and Personal Talisman.
which is usually a staff.
I. Eastern Dervishers are subject to Frenzy. They Hate Men of the
West. Dervishers add I to all Morale, Fear and Terror dice.

2. Eunoch Slaves are excellent warriors who may gain their

Novice AcolyLe Adept Mage

freedom by milibary service. They ignore Fear, count Terror as

WeaoonSkill- 4 5
Fear and add I to Morale throws. BowSkill 3 t 5

1. Camels cause Fear in horsed troops within Jrr.

Strengthz-2-2-3 -
Toughness B B -5 B
wounds I - 2 - 4
Initiative 3 4 -4 6
- -3 -
will have a Regimental leader. Unless
Each Regiment of Easterners Mastery I - 2 - 4
he is also a Champion his profile will be normal for his type. Constitutio 9 - 14 -l-5 - ?7
Generale the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by rolling
lDl+I. Poinrs Value 108 - 3I2--3 5I7 - 7t6
- -20
Each Eastern Regimenb may have a Regimental Champion -who -
may also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have -
Generate the number of spells available as follows:- -
the same profile as Minor Heroes.
2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
Each Battalion of Men of the East will have I Eastern hero lo lead ID4 Spells at Ehe Mastery Level
it. He may attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be thein
leader, or he may act as an independant characten. Points cost Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
includes a sword. Thene are three kinds of hero available, with the necessary talismans to cast each spell IDI times.
characterislics and costs given below. The player may select which
level of hero he wants and will then pay the points indicated.

The Northrnen, also called the Norse,,l,otse, Eare a numerous and
influential race of Men. They are barbariana,
'bariana, workirq the land and
fishing the cold northern se-as. They are alsr
also great sesfarers and
traders, as well as hardy wamiors and fearsorr
fearsome pirates.
rscholars of lumen behaviourl
It haa been claimed by many so called rscholar
r-ordinated grang of drunken
that the Norse are merely an unco-ordinal
thugs. It has even been said that they are led by psychopathic
hey are
killers, and motivated only by pillage,
e, lust rand alcohol addiction.
The Norse would heartily agree with h all ol
of this. They are very
proud of their barbarous and violent reputati
reputation, in particular they
take great pains with their personal appearanee - which is
lnal apt
invariably hairy and unclean.

SPECIAL PROVISIONS Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero

l. Warriors or Bondsmen may be bought bows - paying the extra Weaponskill- 5 6 7

cost. Berserkers and Horsemen may not carry missile weapons, BowSkill 3 5 _ 5
Strength 2-2-3
other than bhrowing axes or spears.
Toughness B--- B-C-
SPECIAL RLN-ES wounds 2_ 1 _'
Initiative 4- I
I. Berserkers are subject to FRENZY. Attacks I _ 2 _J
2. All Norse are heavy drinkers and there is a 10o/o chance of any Points Value 15 _ 29 -I1
_ 62
Regiment or individual being subject to ALCOf{OLISM at the
beginning of the game. A Regiment of drunken Berserkers is -
A Norse Battalion may include I Wizard at the indicated Points
subject to Alcoholism +1.
cost. Wizards have the following profile depending upon Level.
t. Points cost includes a sword axe or hammer and Personal Talisman,
Norsemen HATE Giants - but are immune to FEAR or TERROR which is often a Hammer pendant. .
caused by Giants.

4. Norsemen are, on the whole, a pretty brave, fearsome and Novice

hirsute bunch. They add 1 to all FEAR and TERROR react,ion Acolyte Adept Maqe
Weaponskill- J 4 , 6
BowSkill J _ j _ 4 _ 5
Strength 2 2 t
B -
Toughness - B - B
Each Norse Regiment will have a Regimental leader. Unless he is woundsl_2_1_4 -
also a Norse Champion his 'profile' will be normal for his type. InitiaLiveS-5_6 -2 -
Generate the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by throwing Attacks -B 1_t _ I _ 2
Mastery I 7 4
Each Norse Regiment may have a Regimental Champion, who may Constitutio 9 L4 20 27
also be the Leader if you wish. RegimenLal Champions have the
same profile as Minor Heroes. Poinrs Vatue 108-? 3I2 - -
5I7 _ 1j5
Each Norse Battalion will have I Norse hero to lead it. He may - -
attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be their leader, or Generale -
the number of spells available as follows:-
he may act as an independant character. PoinLs cost includes a
sword, either a normal sword or double-handed sword; or else an 2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
axe or double handed axe. There are three kinds of hero available, J.D4 Spells at the Mastery Level
with the characterislics and costs given below. The player may
decide which kind of hero he wants and will then pay the point.s Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
indicated. lDl times.
necessary lalismans to cast each spell

nol the Orient
SunderedJ from ththe greater part of humanity by great distances and
dangerous seas, the Men of the Orient have developed a
terrible dangerou
strange warrior society. The whole of their country is
rnd strant
unique and
under the domination of warrior lords called Shogun; these Shogun
re domina
cruel, and retain power only through the use of their
edibly crt
are ineredibly
rriors - tthe Samurai. Fortunately for the rest of mankind
elite warriors
the Samurai spend most of their time fighting each other and have
urai spen
very little
le regard for foreigners.
warriors are supported in battle by their fotlowerst
nurai waI
The Samurai
the Ashiguru, who form the backbone of most armies. Sueh is the
iguru, wh
training and dedication of the Samurai that they have an
peak of training
profile - being able to take 2 Wounds rather than just I
improvedd profile
lrmsl Mar
like a normsl Man.

feature of Oriental society are the Vim-to Monks who are

Another feature
feared and respected. They live in strict segregated
rlly feare
communities and study the ways of Spiritual and Arcane
temple communi'
Vim-to, a study lwhich involves the worship of unnamable gods and
nable der
unfathomable demons.



01-40 Samurai 5 5 5 2 B 2 6 t Sword YE5 9

4r-45 Kamikaze t 5 5 2 B 2 6 I Sword YES 1I l0 Max
46-55 Ashiguru 3 t 3 2 II t I
L Sword YES 5
66-15 Vim-[o Monk , I t c 2 It 2 NO t5 20 Max
76-96 Mounted R 5 2 B 2 o I Svrord YE5 TJ
91-OO Oriental Character - choose Warrior Hero, Martial Arts Hero or Mage

SPECIAL MOUSIONS Monks ignore MORALE, FEAR and TERROR and are Magically
I. All oriental warriors may be equipped with Naginata.

2. Mounted Samurai may ride horses with barding.

3. All orientals may use Long Bows, as well as ordinary Bows and


l. Samurai are so hiqhly trained and powerfully motivated that

they are rarely perturbed in battle. Samurai never need test
for MORALE and ignore FEAR reactions entirely. They treat
TERROR as if it were fear but get a plus 2 dice modifier.

7. Kamikaze are Samurai warriors sworn to die gloriously in this

particular engagement. They are subject to compulsory
FRENZY. They must go into a Frenzy as soon as enemy are
spotted, and may not even try to come out of Frenzy until all of 4. The naginata is a curious oriental weapon which resembles a
the enemy are dead. They are totally immune to all short spear with a very Iong curved blade. It counts as a shorl
Psychological effecLs at all times. spear for Weapon Length, and as a Heavy Cutting weapon for
attack bonus.
3. The Vim-to priesthood administrate the nations curious form of
religion. The Vim-to Monks ai'e possibley the ultimate ORIENTAL CHARACTERS - HEROES AND WIZARDS
expression of the main principals of Vim-toism; total dedication
of mind and body, complete self deprivation and self sacrifice. Each Regiment of Orientals, except Monks, has a Regimental
leader. Regimental leaders are always Samurai, and may be
The Vim-to Monks fight in squads, each Monk may be armed Samurai Champions. Generate the Leadership f actor of the
with any of the traditional weapons of Vim-to, staffs, the bo- Regiment by throwing lD4+1. Kamikaze Squads have Kamikaze
stick, naginaLa, mace or sword. Some Monks scorn weapons and leaders.
use their hands and feet only. No matter how they are armed all
monks are treated as having a normal hand arm - such as a Each Oriental Regiment, excepl Monks, may have a Regimental
sword. In addition the Monk may use his training to block or Champion -who is always a Samurai and may be the units Leader.
dodge blows, giving him a 5,5 Saving Throw on a D5. Monks His profile will be as a Minor Warrior Hero. Kamikaze squads may
receive no benefit from wearing armour though, as it slows have Champions who are themselves Kamikazes, but wilh profiles
them down. A Squad of Monks has no Reoimental Leader. as l'4inor Warrior Heros.
Standard Beaner or Musician.

Each Battalion of Orientals will have I Oriental Warrior Hero to All Martial Arts Heroes are Vim-to masters and have all the usual
lead it. He may attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be attributes of Vim-to. Some may be masters of other paths - but lhe
lheir leader, or he may act as an independant characten. In addition characteristics of these are identical to Vim-to as far as the
a battalion may include up to 2 other Warrior Heroes and I Martial details given are concerned. For example, the Ninja are a cast of
Arts Hero. Points cost includes a sword. There are three kinds of master assassins with many extra abilities including extended night
hero available for each type, with the characteristics and costs vision (f0"), Woodsman and Tracker abilities and possible limited
given below. The player may select which level of hero he wants at spell use.
the cost indicated.

A Battalion of Orientals may include 1 Vim-to Mage at the

WARRIOR HERO Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero indicated Points cost. The Vim-to Mage is a master of Arcane Vim-
to and, as only age brings enlightenment, the more experienced
WeaponSkill 6 mages have lower fighting abilities. It is against the principles of
BowSkilt 6 _8 Arcane Vim-toism to willingly precipitate combat, but defending
Strength 2 -7 -8 yourself is O.K. The points cost includes a personal Talisman,
Toughness B -7 usually a white stick, but no weapon. The mage does not need
wounds 3 - weapons as he has all of the normal powers of a Vim-to monk.
Initiative 7 -B -C
Attacks I -4 2 -5 Novice Acolyte Adept
-10 -14 Mage
Points Value 24 - 56 -3 90 Weapon Skill 5
- Bow Skill 5
- Strength - t
Toughness B
Wounds I 4
MARTIAL HERO Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero Initiative - l0 I0 l0
Attaeks I 2
Weapon 8 9 - -
BowSkill 7 8 - 9 stery - I -
StrengthS-t-4 irurion 14 27
Toughness C- C - D
Wounds 4 5 ints Value-9 3L2 5I7 736
Initiative L2 14 - 15 - -2O
- Generale the number of spells available- as follows:- -
Points value 95 16,0 tIz
2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
- - - ID4 Spells at the Mastery Level
Choose the spells you wish to use. .You automatically have any
necessary talismans to cast each spell lDf times.

of theWest
The men of the Kingdoms of the West live in well ordered
communities, with large towns and cities. Their society is highly
and rigidly structured on a feudal basis; Lords, Knights, Townsfolk
and lowly Peasants. ln charge of the each country is the King; who
keeps a court consisting of the most valiant, chivalrous, cultured
and bigoted Nobles.
The various Kingdoms are different to a degree, and fight amongst
themselves when not otherwise engaged, Of particular note are the
Religious Orders; warrior monks who belong to one of the Templar
or Hospitaller organisations. They are very dedicated individuals
with a burning hatred of foreigners in goneral and non-westerners
in particular.

The chief enemy of the Kingdoms of the West are the Easteners
(Godless Heathens who deserve to be cut down mereilessly) and the
Norse (Unshaven Barbarians who deserve to be cut down

Western Character - Choose Hero or Wizard

I. Crossbowmen must be bought crossbows, Longbowmen must be Weaponskill- 5 6 7
bought LongboG. BowSkill 3 5 5
Strength2-2-t - -
2. Men-At-Arms may be bought missile weapons if you wish. ToughnessB-BC - -
Knights regard the use of all missile weapons as cowardly and Wounds 2 3
unchivalrous and so never employ them. Initiative 4 11
Altacks I 3
t. Mounted Knights may ride barded or armoured horses, they may -
also ride Warhorses instead of normal horses at extra points Points Value 15 - 29 62
A Battalion of men -
- may include
- of the west r wizard at the
4. Up to 10 Knights, either mounled or on foot may be religious indicaled Points cost. wizards have the following profile depending
Knights belonging to either the Templars or Hospitallers. upon Level. Points cost includes a sword and personal ralisman,
which is usually a staff. western wizards may nor wear armour or
SPECIAL RULES use shields, they generally wear a pointy hat and have long white
1. All Peasants are subject to Stupiditv, and use only improvised
weapons, such as farming or kitchen implements. Novice Acolyte Adept Mage

2. Templars and Hospitallers are subjeet to Frenzy, they never Weaponskill- 3 4 5 G

take Morale tests and add I to Fear and Terror throws. They BowSkill J _ 3 _
Hate all non-western men. In Frenzy they disregard bhe normal Strength 2 2 2
requirernent to cast off their armour. ToughnessBBBB - - -
Wounds 1- 2 3
Initiative 3 _- 4 -_ 5 -3_6
- -4
Each Western Regiment will have a Regimental leader. Unless he is Mastery I 2 3
also a Champion of the West his 'profile' will be normal for his constitutio 9 - 14- 20 27
type. Generate the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by
throwing lDl+1. Poinrs value 108-
- -
JIT_ _
5I7 -4 736
fach Western Regiment may have a Regimental Champion - he -
may also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have Generate the number of spells available as follows:-
the same profile as Minor Heroes.
2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
Each Battalion of Men of the West will have I WesLern Hero to 1D4 Spells at the Mastery Level
lead it. He may attaeh himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be
their leader, or he may act as an independant character. Points Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
cost includes a sword. There are three kinds of hero available, with necessary talismans to cast each spelllDl times.
the characteristics and costs given below. The player may decide
which kind of hero he wants and will then pay the points indicated.
Dwarfs are not a numerous people, they live a long time but
multiply very slowly. They are aldo very clannish and live in small
extended family communities, these often take the form of
inaccessible castles or underground holds. They are powerful
wamiors and much feared and respected, even by Goblins.

Dwarfs are proud and often very short tempered. Dwarf history
relates many occasions when Dwarfish indignation at some petty
slight resulted in raciat feuding or costly war, One sueh occasion
was when Wulfrun Willowhand was slain in a drunken brawl with
Grom rThe Paunch of the Misty Mountainr, a Goblin of especially ill
repute. The resultant feud lasted for half a century and became
known as the Goblin Wars, this was a costly affair which ended in
the destruction of the remaining Goblin armies at the Battle of
Mad Dog Pass. This list typifies the Dwarf armies of those times.


Dwarf Personalilty - choose Dwarf Hero or

SPECIAL PROVISIONS decide which kind of hero he wants and will then pay the poinLs
l. Up to t Qsoto) of the Dwarf Warriors may carry Crossbows in
addition to other weapons. BUT NO MORE.
MinorHero Hero Mighty He
2. The Dwarf Militia usually only fights in times of the direst
need. This consists of very old and very young Warriors, Weaponskill- 5.- 6 9
women, disabled Dwarfs and servants. They are armed with the BowSkill ?_ J_ 4
first thing to hand (with Dwarfs this is usually something Strength j
deadly), kitchen knives, clubs, axes, agricultural tools and such Toughness - D
like. Militia units never have Champions or Standard Bearers, Wounds J 4
although they still have Leaders. Initiative
Attaeks 1_ 2_3
3. Dwarfs may employ War Engines. See the Fighting Fantasy
15 _
Battles section for details and full rules. Points Values 39 _ 65

SPECIAL RULES A Dwarf Battalion may include I Wizard at the indicated points
cost. Wizards have the following profile depending upon Level.
l. Dwarfs are not natural horsemen, the ponies they ride are small Points cost, includes a hammer which also functions as a personal
and stolid, more suitable as pack animals than cavalry mounts. Talisman.
For this reason Dwarf Cavalry receive no charge bonuses and
suffer a mirrrs I 'To Hitr penalty. Novice Acolyte Adept Mage
2. Dwarfs Hate Goblins and Orcs. WeaponSkill- 4 4 _5 _ 6
Bow Skill _3 3 _ j _ 4
t. Dwarfs are Magically Resistant, averaqe Willpower is I0. Strength _2 2 _ j
Toughness _c - c c
Iniliative 5_
Each Dwarf Regiment will have a Regimental leader. Unless he is Attacks -3 -D
also a Dwarf Champion his 'profiler will be normal for his type. -
Generate the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by throwing Mastery 2
IDJ+2. Constitution 7 II _15_21
Each Dwarf Regiment may have a Regimen[al Champion, who may Points Value I09- 5ZI-
-4 754
also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have the -
same profile as Minor Heroes. Generate the number of spells available as follows:-
Each Dwarf Battalion will have I Dwarf Hero !o lead it. He may 2D3 Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
attaeh himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be lheir leader, or lD3 Spells at the Mastery Level
he may act, as an independant character. Points cost includes a
sword, either a normal sword or double-handed sword; or else an Choose the spells you wish to use. You aut.omatically have any
axe or double handed axe. There are three kinds of hero available, necessary balismans to cast each spelllDl times.
with the characteristics and costs given below. The player may

Gnornes are smaller relatives of Dwarfs, they have a similar
cultural background and share many of the same character traits ae
their larger cousins. For instance, they speak a dialeet version of
the Common Dwarf Language, and share many Dwarfish Folk
Beliefs. Dwarfs and Gnomes feature greatly in each others mythic
background - the Dwarfe seeing the Gnomes as troublesome and
mischievous, the Gnomes regarding Dwarfs as oafish and stupid.
Gnomes can be very short tempered and difficult to get on with,
although they are not basically evil. It has been known for Gnomes
to imprison humans, Dwarfs and other adventurers that upset them;
they are particularly sensitive about their squeaky voices.

Gnomes live in underground caverns like Dwarfs. They HATE

Goblins and for pretty much the same reasons as Dwarfs. Gnomes
have Night Vision up to 24fr.

Gnome arrnies usually fight their battles under the earth - in the
tunnels and chambers of Goblin dens and Dwarf mines.


SPECIAL PROVISIONS Each Gnome Battalion will have I Gnome hero to Iead it. He may
attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be their leader, or
1. Crossbowmen must be bouqht Crossbows. he may act as an independant character. Points cost includes a
sword but no other equipment. There are two kinds of hero
available, with the characteristics as given above. Each one costs
SPECIAL RULES more, or less, depending on how good he is. The player may decide
which kind of hero he wants and will then pay the points indicated.
I. Gnomes HATE Goblins.
A Gnome Battalion may include I Wizard at the indicated points
2. Gnomes are not natural horsemen, the ponies they ride are cost. His profile will depend upon level, there are two levels
small, more suitable as pack animals than as cavalry mounls. available. The basic points cost includes a sword and a Personal
For this reason Gnome Cavalry receive no charge bonusrs and Talisman.
suffer a minus I 'To Hit.r penalty.


Each Gnome Regiment may have a Regimental leader. Unless he is Weaponskill- 4 4
also a Gnome Champion his rprofilet will be normal for his type, BowSkill 3 3
whether that is Warrior, Clansman or Crossbowman. Generate the Strenglh 2
Leadership Factor for each Regiment by throwing ID4+1. Toughness B- B
Wounds - 2
Each Gnome Regiment may have a Regimental Champion -who Initiative - t
may also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have Attacks I I
the same profile as Minor Heroes.
Mastery I 2
Ccnst,itutio 6 - I
Minor Hero Hero Points Values 40- 100

Weapon Sl<ill 4- -
Generate the number of spells available as follows:-
Bow Skill 3-
Strength 2- J ID) Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
Toughness - c- D lD2 Spells at the Mastery Level
Wounds 2- 3
Initiative 4- 5
Attacks 1- I rlhoose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
!'recessary talismans to cast each spell IDf times.
Points value 18 36

- -


1. Halfling Militia may not have shields and may carry only Each Halfling Regiment must have a Regimental leader. His profile
improvised weapons - scythes, farm and kitchen u.tensils or will be normal for his type. Generate the Leadership Factor for
knifes. Alternatively they may have missile weapons such as each Regiment by throwing IDI+I.
Bows and slings.
Half lings donrt have champions - they would regard the
2. Watchmen and March Wardens are better equipped than the establishment of anything of this kind as not only an infringement
militia, they may carry normal weapons as well as missile of their personal liberty but also down right silly.
Each Halfling Battalion will have I Halfling Hero Bo lead it. He
i. Halfing Riders have small ponies - with a slower move rate than may attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be their leader,
normal horses. Halflings are not natural horsemen, for this or he may act as an independant character. Points cost includes a
reason_Halfling Cavalry receive no charge bonus's and suffer a sword but no other equipment. There are three kinds of hero
mirrus I 'To Hitr penalty. available, with the characteristics given. Each one cost,s more, or
less, depending on how good he is. The player may decide which
kind of hero he wants (or thinks he can afford) and will then pay
SPECIAL RULES the points indicated.
l. Halftings are Magically Resistant with an Average Will power lvlinor Hero Hero Mighty Hero
of 10.
Weaponskill- 4- 5 6
BowSkill 5_ 6 _ 7
Strength l-2 -
Toughness A-B C
wounds 1-2 _
-2 1
Initiative 6-7 tl
Atfacks I-?
Points Va[Je 15 ]0
- 58

- - -
[w-z At a time when the
became disenchanted with their lot. They rebelled against the Old
Gods and, in their pride, were seduced into the worship of the
sinister Gods of Chaos. In doing so they lost all of the charm and
wisdom natural to their kind, becomlng bitter snd twisted so that
they were called the Dark Elves. Driven from the Elven lands they
tooi< refuge amongst dark forests and caves until, many years later,
they established a small independent Kingdom.

Dark Elves bear an almost uncontrollable hstred for all other living
creatures, especially other Elves' They are jealous of Menr despise
Goblins and Ores and regard Dwarfs as repulsive. They are greatly
involved with magic, eepeeially Necromantie and evil magic.
Amongst the deep cavesr away from eunlight, the Elves found the
huge mutant Lizardmen, possibly the aneient primal reptile from
which all intelligent Lizardmen evolved. These they called tho Cold
Ones. The Elves discovered that although very stupid, and almost
blind, the Cold Ones could be controlled and ridden. In the dark
tunnels and midnight forests the Cold Onee could move fast' using
their uncanny sense of smell to root out hidinq cteatureg.

Witch Elveo

(.)N-\'\T"i.. L24:Qo I Dark Elf Personality

Pet - choose Hero or Necromancer
l..rlti1.1..-:.....: ..v|L/
(\ I S - t,4
A ,nA. '''i/.\ r" )",u."' -') '*-{*1 {i

SPECIAL PROVISIOI.IS 6. Using their acute sense of smell Cold Ones can detect the scent
of any creature within 6rr, even if completely hidden. They can
I. Dark Elf soldiery is as likely to be female as male, Elf maidens detect the scent of creatures over 5trand up to 18" away on the
are as cruel and murderous as their menfolk. D6 dice roll of 4,5,5.
2. Witch Elves are Dark Elf maidens whose lives are dedicated DARK ELF CHARACTERS - HEROES AND NECROMAT\CERS
totally to the hellish gods of the Dark Elves. In battle they are
possessed by inhuman forces which give them enhanced profiles. Each Dark Elf Regiment will have a Regimental leader. Unless he
After battle they bathe in cauldrons of sacrificial blood and is also a Dark Elf Champion his profile will be normal for his type.
feast on the remains of the slain. Generate the Leadership Factor for eaeh Regiment by throwing
Each Dark Elf Regiment may have a Regimenlal Champion, who
1. All Dark Elves are expert Woodsmen and Miners, and they have may also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have
an extraordinary sense of direction and perspective in the dark. the same profile as Minor Heroes.
Accordingly they move full distance in woods, at night' and
amongst tunnels or inside buildings. Each Dark Elf Battalion will have I Dark Elf Hero to lead it, He
may attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be their leader'
2. Dark Elves HATE other Elves. or he may act as an independant character. Points cost includes a
sword. There are three kinds of hero available, with the
t. Dark Elves may not make use of the Elf Bow' they may use the characteristics and costs given below. The player may decide which
ordinary infantry bow. Alternatively they can use the Dark EIf kind of hero he wants at the points cost indicated.
Crossbow - a small, light crossbow with a short range and rapid
rate of fire. Maximum range is 15" - which eounts as Short
Range, there is no Long Range. Strength Attack with a Dark Elf Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero
Crossbow is 2, but the weapon can fire 2 shots per move. Unlike
a normal crossbow the user may move and then fire during his Weapon Skill 5 6
Active Player Turn..,- Bow Skill 4 5-6
Strength 2 2 -7
4. The Cold One is subjeot to STI-FIDITY - but the rider may
over-ride this on the D6.score of 41516. CoId Ones are over l0'
Toughness B c-c
Wounds I 2 -3
tall and cause FEAR in Man sized, or smaller, enemy within Initiabive 6 9
15". Cold Ones will not attack other Lizardmen. Attacks l
I 2-3-J
Cold Ones have very tough skins which act like Mail Armour at Poinls Values l0 -IJ
no extra cost. This gives them a Saving Throw of 5 on a D5.
A Dark Elf Battalion may include I Dark Elf Necromancer and I The Necromancer acts exactly like a normal Wizard - except that
Witch Elf Necromancer bt the indicated Points cost. Necromancers he can also make use of Necromancy spells and act as a rcontrollert
heve the following profile depending upon Level. Points cost of friendly Undead.
includes a sword and Personal Talisman, which is often a sacrificial
knife or dark jewel. Generate the number of non-Necromancy spells available:-

ID) Spells at each Level lower than Mastery

Novice Acolyte Adept Mage Generaretnunu-uerrStt'tt5:l:'-T$",[1i:?"i'"J",:,-

ronskiu 5 6 lD2 Spells at each Level lower than Mastery

skilt 4 5 IDz-t Spells at the Mastery Level
Strength 2 2 Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
Toughness -5 - B -7 to cast each spell IDI times.
Wounds - t -6 t necessary Talismans
Attacks -B-
I -B -t
2 -C
Mastery t t -
Constitution-8 -l - 18 -t
Points Value 100 - 500 750
-2 -4

-12 - -25

- -

,% ffilflt't'NtW{-d\ikn |,'% '67

W %:;.

dt' 'Z).tl

' - -ruilfr'E--= - High Elves are related very closely to Sea Elves - they are part
the same Elf kindred, and are separated now only by choiee of
habitation. While the Sea Elves maintain their white towem by the
sea, the High Elves have moved away from the coast and built
mighty eities of stone, cities which hold sway over vast inland
empires. The power and the technical skill of the High Elves is
without equal. Perhaps because of their achievements the High
Elves have become somewhat arrogant - even towards their fellow
Elves, and especially the Wood Elves who they regard as rustic and

The High Elves claim kingship over all of the Elf Races - and by
means of their wealth and influence they maintain an effective
control of the other Elf kingdoms. They have a professional
soldiery and a, Guard elite as well as a strong Warrior class. Elf
armies are always well supplied and equipped, and the Elf kings are
always ready to use force of arms to back up their expansive
foreign policies.

vz- \-- -- s\<-

-i?- _t-\_.
High Elf Personality - choose Hero or Wizard

SPECIAL PROVISIONS A Hiqh Elf Battalion will have 1 Elven Hero to lead it, and may
have up to J other independant Elven Heroes as well. Hiqh Elf
l. High Elf Soldiers, but not Warriors, may make use of bows - Elf Battalion Commanders must be Mighty Heroes. Points cost includes
bows may be chosen at the extra points cost. a sword but no other equipment. There are three kinds of Hero
available, with the characteristics as given below. Eaeh one costs
2. Cavalry may have barded or armoured horses. more, or less, depending on how good he is. Apart from the
Battalion Commander, the player may decide which kind of Hero he
t. Guard Cavalry may ride Warhorses. wants and will then pay the points indicated.

SPECIAL RULES Independant Elven Heroes may ride Chariots - see the Rules
Additions section on chariots for details. The Basic Points cost of
1. Elf infantry may move through woods at normal speed. each chariot includes a driver but no other crew. There is room for
the Hero and one other model - who must be paid for separately.
2. Elves HATE Goblins, Orcs and Night Elves
An Elven Battalion may include I Elvish Wizard at the points cost
3. Elves cause FEAR in units of Goblins less than twice their own indicated for his type. He may be the Battalion Commander. Elvish
strength - so, for instance, I0 Elves cause Fear in 19, or fewer, Wizards have the following profile depending on Level. Points cost
Goblins. includes a long knife only.
Novice Acolyte Adept Mage
Each Elf Regiment may have a Regimental leader. Unless he is also
an Elf Champion his prof ile will be normal for his type - Weaponskill- 4 4 5 6
Guardsman, Soldier, Warrior or Cavalry. Generate the Leadership BowSkill 4 5 6
Factor for each Regiment by throwing IDI+I. Strength 2 t
Toughness - - - C
Each Elf Regiment may also have a Regimental Champion -who woundsl-1 - -
may be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have the Initiative -B -2 7 -2 - 11
same profile as Minor Heroes. Attacks -B I -B
-6 -2-3
Mastery -l 2 -9 - 4
Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero constitution-9 -2 -t 27
Primary Skill -I
if Bow 7 I Points values lll 111 -3 5D - 7J7
if Sword 5 -I4-2O
Secondaryskill- 4 - not wear
Elvish Wizards may armour or carry a shield, they may
Strength 2- -9 employ additional weaponry if they pay the appropriate - points
-7 - -
Toughness B -6 costs. Generate the number of spells available as follows:-
Wounds I -5 -6
Initiative -2 9 -3 13
2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
Attacks I - . 1D4 Spells at the Mastery Level
Points Value 15 l0 - 58 Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
-2 -3 necessary Talismans to cast each spell lDl times.

- -
sea Elves live amongst the west facing shore lines - where they
maintain and guard the passages to the lands across the sea, They
are reclusive folk; proud and independant. They are also fearsome
warriors, seafarers and explorers.
sea Elves do not favour ihe bow as do the wood Elves, but prefer
to rely upon close combat weapone. Aecordingly they have never
te developed the archery skills of their breihren - jlthough some
rriors do carry bows and make good use of them.

Sea Elf Personality - such as a Hero or Wizard.

O Or'o -Q':.O

SPECIAL PROVISIONS Each Battalionof Sea Elves will have I Elven hero to lead it. He
may attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be their leader,
1. Up to half of the Warriors may make use of bows - you may or he may act as an independant character. Points cost includes a
choose to pay the extra points for Elf bows if you wish. sword but no other equipment. There are three kinds of hero
available, with the characteristics as given below. Each one costs
2. Cavalry may have barded or armoured horses. more, or less, depending on how good he is. The player may decide
which kind of hero he wants and will then pay the points indicated.

t. Elf Infantry may move through woods at normal speed.

An Elven Battalion may include I Elvish Wizard at the points cost
2. Elves HATE Goblins, Orcs and Night Elves. indieated for his level. He may be lhe Battalion Commander. Elvish
Wizards have the following profile depending on Level. poinls cost
3. Elves cause FEAR in units of Goblins less than twice their own includes a long knife and personal Talisman.
strength - so, for instance, l0 Elves cause Fear in 19, or fewer,
Goblins. Novice Aeolyte Adept Mage


Bow Skill
- 4- 4_ 5- 6
Each Elf Regiment have a Regimental Leader. Unless he is also an Strength 2- 2- 2_ t
Elf Champion his rprofile' will be normal for his type - Bowman, Toughness B_ B B r-
Spearman, Warrior or Cavalry. Generate the Leadership FacLor for Wounds 1_ 1_ 2_ t
each Regiment by throwing lDl+l. Iniliative 6_ 7_ 9_ I1
Atlacks l_ 1_ 2_ J
EachElf Regiment may also have a Regimental Champion - who
may be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have the Mastery 2- 3_
same profile as Minor Heroes. Constitution 14- 20_ 27

Points values -_ 111 _ 111 _ 515 _ 7t7

Primary Skill
if Bow 7 _ g_ 9
if sword 5 _ 6_ 1
Elvish Wizards may not wear armoun or carry a shield, lhey may
Secondaryskill- 4 5 6
employ additional weaponry if they pay the appropriate points
Strength2-2-t costs. Generate the number of spells available as follows:-
Toughness - C-- C
wounds I _2_ 3
Initiative -B 5_g_ 15
2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than Masterv
Attacks I _2_ 3
ID4 Spells at the Mastery Level

Points Value t5 _ l0 _ Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
necessary Talismans to cast each spell LDl times.


Wood Elves live in woodlands and forests, as their name
They are expert woodsmen and archers, and their armed
reflect this preference for the bow. Wood Elves are the most
practical and least sophisticated of all the Elf races - pre
hunting, dancing and singing to arduous otudy and learned

Orcs and Goblins are the main enemies of Wood Etves - and many a
long battle has taught the Goblins to fear Elven valour. Sadly Elves
are not overfond of Dwarfs either and the hiatory of the two races
is not an entirely oeaceful one.



Wood Elf Character - choose Hero or Warrior

SPECIAL PROVISIOT\S Each Elven Battalion will have I Elven Hero to lead it. He may
attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and act as their Leader,
1. Bowmen must be bought bows - you may choose Elf Bows if you or he may act as an independant character. Points cost includes a
wish. sword but no other equipment. There are three kinds of Hero
available, with the characteristics described above. The better
SPECIAL RI'-ES Heroes cost more points, whilst the lesser one is cheaper. You can
decide which kind of Hero you require, or think you can afford.
I. Elf Infantry may move through woods at normal speed.

2. Elves HATE Goblins, Orcs and Night Elves.

An Elven Battalion may include I Warrior Mage at the indicated
t. Elves cause FEAR in units of Goblins less than twice their own points cost. He may be the Battalion Commander if you wish. The
strength - so, for instance, l0 Elves cause Fear in 19, or fewer, Warrior Mage has the following profile depending upon level. Poinbs
Goblins. cost includes a sword and Personal Talisman - usually a gemstone.

Each Elf Regiment may have a Regimental Leader. Unless he is

Novice Acolyte Adept Mage
also an Elf Champion his 'profiler will be normal for his type.
Generate the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by throwing Weaponskill- 5 7
lDl+1. BowSkill t 4 5 6
Strength 2 ,
Each Elf Regiment may have a Regimental Champion. Regimental ToughnessBBBC - -
Champions heve the same profile as Minor Heroes. Wounds I - - - t
Initiative 6 -2 -2 9 ll
Attacks I 2 - t
-2 -3 -
Minor Hero Hero Mighty Mastery I -7 - - 4
Constitution- 9 -t 14 - 20 27

Primary Skill
Points Value 120 -2 -t
8- 9
il*:,. Skill-
5 7 -
Secondary 5 5- 6 -
Strength 2 2- 3 The Warrior Mage acts exactly like a normal Wizard - except he is
Toughness B c- C not subject to the extra Fumble Factor for wearing armour.
Wounds t 2- 3 Generate the number of spetls available:-
Initiative 6 9- L3
Attacks I
I 2- ? lD6 Spells at each Level lower than Mastery
ID5 Spells at the Mastery Level
Points Value 15 tO- 58
Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
necessary Talismans to cast each spell lDl times.

Many of the larger humanoid cneatures live solitary
lives or live in small roving groups. Often these creatures are
handicapped by stupidity or psychopathic criminality, and for these
reasons Giants cannot really be considered as 'armiesr - but they
often band togelher with other evil types to assault passing
merchants and travelling parties.

One popular trick, developed by an unusually Qriqht Giant, concerns

lhe military use of the Giant pitching ball - a huge sphere of lead
used by the Giants to play Giant Skittles . This is a game which
requires great strength and a dozen captive travellers (preferably

-- .\-


1. Players may select any of the three types of Giant described The Giant may thop a metal ball onto combat opponents who
above, either the Small Giant (models up to 40mm), Giant are man sized or smaller in any combat round instead of
(models up to 60mm tall) or True Giants (models 50mm tall and aLtacking normally. The ball will cause 1 Strength 4 Hit, I
upwards). Because giants are so diverse a race the Strength I Hit, I Stnength 2 hit and 1 Strenglh I hit due to the
characLeristics for True Giants may be very variable. Use t.he bounce effect.
True Giant Generation section to create them. Obviously ihis
means that your Giant could be beLter or worse than you 2. True Giants may be attacked normally by long spears or longer
expected. It is all in the luck of the dice. weapons. They may be attacked nonmally whilst they are laying
down, after the result of a fall, for instance. Otherwise if the
2. Giants usually carny a club or similar massive weapon. Where attackers are armed with shorter weapons they can only hack at
included on the model True Giants carry I or 2 huge spheres of the Giants feet - causing only * damage. I Wounds can be
lead to drop on or bowl at their enemies. recorded and added to normal Wounds.

J. A Giant pushed back in combat may fall over. Roll a D5 - a

SPECIAL RULES score of 5 and he will fall over.

I. True Giants may Bowl or Drop balls of metal where included on 4. Giants cause FEAR in man sized, or smaller, enemy. Elves are
the model. not easily impressed by brute force alone, and so are immune.

A Giant may attempt to Bowl one ball at a Regiment up to 18"

away. Of course, there is always a chance the missile will miss GIANT ATTACK MODES FOR TRUE GIANTS
altogether, either not reaching the target or veering off at an
angle. Because Giants are rather soecial their combats are nob worked out
in quite the same way as normal attacks. Normally you will throw
rTo KilI for each Attack. With Giants you will roll
Establish as follows:- 'To Hitr and then
a dice to discover how many automatic hibs you cause. Then roll,
The Giant picks his exacl target spot and bowls the ball. as normal, for each

The player then rolls dice to see how far ihe ball goes. Roll lD5 In combat the True Giant. has several possible Attack Options.
for bowls on the level, I D5 for bowls uphill and 4 D5 for bowls Each has a slightly different effect and level of amusement value -
down hill. Bowls passing over rivers, bogs or trenches get stuck. a factor important to Giants. The Giants Weapon Skill Level makes
Bowls passing over hedges Iose ID5 inches of range. Bowls no difference to his altack, and similarly the Weapon Skill Level of
passing through woods or over low walls lose 2D5 inches of his opponent makes no dif ference either (no amount of fancy
range. fencing is going to stop a Giant who is intent on hitbing you with a
telegraph pole.)
Mark the target point of the ball and then roll for accuraey.
For example, Drough Glutthog, the Giant, swings his club aqainst a
Roll a DlO for right swerve in inches, and a D10 for left swerve Regiment of Dwarfs. He causes ID6+? automatic hits at Strength 3
in the same way. Now you should know where the ball strikes, (standard number of hits for this attack option as explained in the
balls hitting a Regiment go straight through to their bowled nexl bit). The dice turns up a 4 - so he has caused 5 hits.
distance. The ball will strike any units in its path, and may even
pass through one unit and hit another behind it! 1. Stomp and Grind. (Against opponents unden I0' tall only). This
involves the Giant t.reading on his tanget and grindinq the poor
Each bowl causes lD6 auLomatic Hits at Strength 1. Troops in victim into the ground - an attack option which negales the
Skirmish order, or units of less than l0 models, can try to dodge value of armour entirely. Creatures with St.rengths of J on more
the ball. To simulate this they geL a +L on their Saving Throw are immune -smaller crealures receive lDl Hits al Stnenqlh 4
(minimum 6). with no Saving Throw for Anmour.

Pick Llp and Thmttle. (Against opponents under l0ronly). This 10. Head &rtt. (Aqainst opponents over 10' tall or flying only). If
is an option which appeals especially to the more stupid Giants. your opponent is tall enough, or is attacking you from the air
The Giant picks up any single member of the enemy Regiment. then you may opt for this useful combat mode. The Giant
The victim may attempt to escape. He does this by striking causes DJ-I automatic Hits, so their is a chance he will miss
once against the Giant's hand at it descends - this is an extra altogether. Hits caused are at Strength Attack l.
attack, on top of any other attack he might already have had.
If the struggling victim causes a Wound then the Giant must TRUE GIANT GENERATIO}.I
drop him causing I Strength I Hit as he hits the ground. If the
victim fails to cause a wound then the Giant squeezes .... (and To generate your Giant deal with each of the characteristics in
the rest is too horrible to think about, but results in automatic turn, Movement, Weapon Skill etc. For each characteristic roll a
death for the person concerned). D6 and read down the appropriate coloumn to give the score - some
scores involve extra dice throws. The chart may be used to give
J. Pick up and Thmw. (Opponents under l0'only). This is another personal characteristic scores for smaller Giants if you wish.
popular attack option with Giants of a more athletic
disposition. The Giant picks up the victim in the same way as in CHARACTERISTIC I 2 t 4 5 6
2 above and the victim gets his chance to strike and escape. If
he doesnrt escape then the Giant may throw him bodily back MOVE 7t. 8rl 8rl 8rl 8rt 9'r
into his regiment causing I Strength I Hit on him and 1D5 WEAPON SKILL 2 t t 3 t 4
Strength 2 Hits on the Regiment.
BOW SKILL I 2 2 3 5 4
4. Pick up and Eat (Against opponents under l0ronly). This is an TOUGHNESS E E E E F F
option used by especially slow witted or enraged Giants who WOIJNDS 6 7 I I 9 il0
have diff iculty remembering whether they are f ighLing or INITIATIVE 1 2 2 3 t 5
eating. The Giant picks up his victim who may strike and escape INTELLIGENCE l* l* 7 t 4 5
as for the other 'Pick Up' attacks. If the captive fails to escape
then the Giant biles his head off. The unfortunate victim, faced COOL 2* t 4 5 6 7
with the oncoming maw of the unhygenic Aiant may have yet WLL POWER D6 D6+l D6+2 D6+1 D6+4 l0
arpther attack - this time against the face of the Giant. Again
if he scores a Wound he is instantly dropped causing I Strength
I Hit on him as he hits the ground. Victims who have their All True Giants attack once, using a selected strike mode.
heads bitten off are killed instanLly, and their remains can be
thrown back into their Regiment as for tJr above. Giants with an Intelligence Level of 1 are subject to Stupidity, with
a further L07o chance of being subject to Stupidity -1 (that's really
5. Pick Llp and Stuff into Bag. (Against opponents under l0ronly). dim).
The Giant picks up the victim who may try to escape as per the
other rPick Up' attacks. Failure to escape results in being Giants with a Cool of 2 must.make a compulsory throw for Frenzy
stuffed into a sack, bag or pocket for the rest of the game - the whenever any enemy approach within charge reach or fire missiles
captive escapes automatically if the Giant is killed. at them.
6. fump up and Down. (Against opponents under I0'only). A Giant Giants with a Will Power of 1 or 2 take double damage from
may jump up and down on top of lroops in combat - the magical attack. Giants with Will Power levels of I0 are Magically
resulting carnage can be quite devastating. There is a l0o/" Resistant (see Advanced Rules).
chance that any Giant attempting to jump up and down will fall
over immediately (use the Stagger and Fall chart to find out GIANTS AtlD ALCGICI-
where). The chance increases lo 5oo/o if the Giant attempbs to
jump up and down for two or more turns consecutively, with an It is a sad fact that Giants have a very irresponsible attitude
additional L07o chance of instantly expiring in an apoplectic towards alcohol. Quite why this should be is uncertain, the Elves
frenzy. (1(itts outrighl - use Stagger and Fall Chart). A. believe it is due to renviromental factorst and twidespread social
Regiment jumped on must save against Terrnr at the end cf and economic deprivation'. Whatever the cause it is certainly true
combat. The Giant causes Dl,2 automatic Hits at Strength 4 on that a great many Giants spend a great deal of lime utterly and
the Regiment. obviously drunk. Giants with a Will Power of J or less are Subject
to Alcoholism +1, there is a l,0olo chance any other Giant may be
7. Swing With Club. This involves cutting a sweep across the front subject to Alcoholism.
of the Regiment causing ID6+2 automatic Hits at Strength 3.
A Giant subject to Alcoholism will start the battle drunk 25olo of
8. Thump with Club. This is a more discriminating stroke for tire the time. Even if sober he will take every opportunity to drink all
conscientious Giant. It involves raising the club above ones head he can, stopping at noLhing to imbibe as much as possible before
and, taking hold of the weapon with both hands, bringing it passing out.
down with a single stroke. This method causes only 1 automatic
Hit - but at Strength 5. There is a l0o/o chance any weapon used Drunken Gianbs have very little control of their attaek options - so
in this manner will become embedded firmly in the ground and instead of the player choosing how he will attack roll a dice. If the
take an entire combat round otherwise unengaged to free. result is inappropriate for the enemy type roll again.
Yelling and Bawling. (Against opponents under 10' tall only).
This is an attack option which is a great favourite wibh the Stomp and Grind
more jovial Giants. The Giant bends down unt,il his face is only Pick uo and Throttle
a few yards away from his assailanls - he then proceeds to yell J Pick uo and Throw
as loudly as he can, bombarding his foes with a frightening blast Pick up and Eat
of sound and rancid air. The air blast has the effec! of making Pick up and Stuff into Bag
it impossible for the enemy to fight at all that Combat round. 6 Jump up and Down
In addition they must save against Terror. The Giant player Swing with Club
must announce that the Giant is going to Yell before lhe enemy I Thump with CIub
attack. 9 Yelling and Bawling
10 Head Butt or Drop Ball on short opponents

Giants are clumsy. This chart will enable you to simulate that most
common occurance - the Giant Stagger and Fall. A stagger consists This chart is intended as a ready reference for players familiar
of the Giant lurching about in a random direction, treading on with the attack options.
people and walking into trees etc. Giants may stagger for many
reasons- Drunken Giants stagger automatically on the D6 dice roll
of a 6 made at the beginning of their movement phase. A Giant
Stomp/Grind D] 4 No Armour Save
who is killed in combat may also stagger about in his death throes -
this happens on the throw of a 41516 on a D5. Pick up/Throttle I Instant Death
Pick up/Throw I 3
How to sirnulate a Giant Staggerirg:- and... D6 2
Pick up/Eat I Instant Deeth
Pick up/Bag uapture
Jump up/clown utz 4 I armr

Swing with club D6+2 t

Thump with club 6 Embed Weapon
Yelling rx)ne none Terror
Head Butt Dr-l 3
Dropped Ball 4 1-4

Fall 2 4 Full Strike
and... I 2 Partial Strika


Drough Glutthog is a True Giant, he is also very drunk. At the
beginning of his move he rolls a D6 to see if he staggers - he rolls,
Consult the chart above - you will see that it resembles a clock scores a 2, so hers alright. The Giant charges an enemy unit of
face, with 12 being the direction in which the giant is facing . Roll Goblins, who dice to save against Fear and stand firm. Drough has
a DZO to establish the direction in which your Giant is going to an Initiative of 3, against the Goblins 2, so he attacks first. As
stagger. A roll of l3-2O is counted as 12, so there is more chance Drough is a bit worse for drink he gets a random Attack Option,
your Giant will stagger forward. Stagger distance is lD5 inches. dices and scores 4 - Pick Up and Eat. Drough bends down and picks
up one of the Goblins, the Goblin takes a swipe at his hands but
A Giant Staggering through a unit causes lD5 Strength 2 Hits. causes no damage (Tne Coblin requires a 5 followed by a 4 'To Hit'
-WS 2 vs l). As Drough stuffs the struggling Goblin into his mouth
Falling Giants are downright dangerous! Dead Giants always fall, it strikes again, but again causes no damage as Droughrs jaws clamp
(after staggering if appropriate). Drunken giants may fall after down and crush him.
staggering on the D6 throw of a 6.
The Goblins fight back but cause no damage at all and are pushed
l-{ow to simulate a fdlirrg Giant:- back and routed. Drough decides not to follow them, contenLing
himself with chewing contemplatively on their ex-comrade.


Use the clock chart above to determine the direction in which tire
Giant falls. Throw a D20. 12 o'clock on the chart represents the
direction in which the Giant is facing, a dice score of Il-20 is
counted as 1.2. Now use the Falling Giant Template to determine
who has been hit by the plumetting Giant. You can copy out the
diagram onto a piece of card for easy use. Place the feet of the
template by the feet of the model with the head in the direction of
fall. All models completely covered by the template necieve 2
automaLic Strength 4 Hits. Models partly covered recieve I
automatic Strength 2 Hit.
A Drunken Giant falling over may knock himself out, or just lapse
into urrconsiousnes, noll a D5 - a score of 5 and [he Giant is
unconscious for ID6 turns. A Drunken Giant attempting to nise
takes a complete Move Phase to stand up and then must roll again
to see if he staggers.

The tirree lists that, follow will allow you to select Battalions of
three Lypes of Goblin - Great goblin, Night Goblin and Red Goblin. Score Result
Hobgoblins and Orcs are related quite closely to Goblins but are
different in many ways and so have been given their own distinct Below I The Reliment loses all self control and
sets of list.s and rules. The three main types share many attacks the nearest goblinoid unit, charging
characterisLics, and for this reason many of the special rgoblint and giving missile fire where possible.
rules apply to them all.
I-2 The Regiment will eharge and fight any other
The Warhammer player with a Goblin army will be faced by unit of goblinoids within charge reach, taking
additional problems of command. As everybody knows Goblins are any opportunity to fire missiles. If there are
an extremely quarrelsome lot. They argue amongsl themselves, no goblinoids within charge reach then the
fight and even kill each other without much provocation. The only Regiment will halt for the duration of the lurn
thinq that keeps these creatures from their own throats is the and fight amongst itself. Fight half the unit
prospect of killing someLhing else. The Inter-goblinoid Animosity against the other half.
Chart provides rules for goblins going out of control and attacking
their own troops. I Some internal squabble develops inLo an open
brawl within the Regiment. You may not move
INTER-GOBLINOID ANIMOSITY a! all this turn. D6 members of the Regiment
decide to fight amongst themselves.
A goblinoid is a creature of general Goblin sLock, and here I would
include all Goblins, Hobgoblins and Orcs as well as cross breeds. All 4 or more The Regiment is still under control and
of these types may be subject to Animosity - that is, they don't. like behaves as normal, swearing, spitting, cursing
each other very much! and gesticulating but mt actually fighting.

At the beginning of his turn a player whose armies includes Goblins

or goblinoids must make a check for each Regiment that is not Reactions apply only for the rest of that turn. A character model,
already engaged in combat. Roll a D6 - if a 5 is thrown then the such as a Hero or Wizard, may interject himself into a goblinoid
Regiment becomes subject to Animosity for this t.urn, and may Regiment that is out, of control and Ery to rsort tem outt. He may
possibly lose control. If a score of from I to 5 is thrown then the then add his Leadership levels lo the Regiments dice throw instead
F.erriment is under control and behaves as normal for this turn. of the ordinany unil leader.

R,egiments which have scored 5 must test immediately for Advanced players may add character Eo their Goblin uniLs by taking
Animosity. Friendly Goblins who find themselves in combat, due to into account the past record of each Regiment. lfr for example
the effects of a previous turns dice roll, are always subject to Borg the Red's Red Goblins were to attack Dagmuttrs Night Goblins
animosity and t.est automatically. In such a combat both Regiments then it is to be expected that Dagmutt would be out for revenge.
must be bnought under control before the fighting can cease. If two
squabbling goblinoid units are attacked by enemy troops then they Every time a goblinoid Regiment fights another it receives 'I
will instanlly forget about each other and fight the newcomers. 'Anirnosity Pointl (AP) against that unit. Record Animosity Points'
If you have AP's againsl any unit within charge reach you are more
Roll a D6 and modify as follows likely to Iose control and become subject to Animosity, deduct any
AP's you have against one such unit from your initial D6 dice roll.
This will be the highest possible, if two units are within charge
reach you will ignore the one you dislike least. If you 90 out of
ADD The Leaders Leadership value. controi then you must try to atLack the Regiment you dislike mosL.

ADD One (I) for each enemy Regiment within 20'r. After a few battles goblin Regiments will all dislike each other so
Add three (l) instead if the Reqiment is of much that they become to all intents and purposes useless. This
Hated enemy. may be realistic, but its a bit impractical. Therefore' as soon as
your AP reaches 5 the Regiment can decide torbury the hatchet"
DEDUCT One (1) for each 'friendly' Regiment of This is done in one of two ways. In the first way the Regimental
goblinoids within 20". Deduct two (2) if the Leaders get together over a few beers and agree that fighting is a
Regiment is of a different Goblin or goblinoid bit silly and if would be a good idea to stop it. There is a IOo/o
race. chance of this method working - if successful reduce AP's to zero.
If the f inst method fails lhen the second method will be used. This
involves t.he Regimental Leaders fighting to the death. Fight the
Now use youn scote on the animosity chant to find out what t:rat combat in a spJre moment, it will make a good basis for.a mini-
Reoirnent decides to do. game. winning leaders can insLall a new leader over the defeated
unit. New leaders can be qeneratedr or may be minor heroes as
appropriate. Losing leaders get eaten. APts are reduced to zero'

There are many different tribes of Goblin, ancl these fail into
several broad types. The Great Goblins form one of these
they are characterised by their sizei large thickset faces and squat
bodies. They also ride giant boars and, of course, cannot stand the
sight of other Goblins. A sub-species of their kind are the Lesser
CoUtins which have similar features but are smaller. Lesser Goblins
live alongside their larger brethren, usually as slaves or social

All Goblins are naturally evil creatures who dislike each other
almost as much as they hate Elves and Men. Because of this Goblin
armies are sometimes difficult to control, and often the whole
course of a battle ean depend on the ability of the individual Goblin
Regimentel Leaders to keep their troops in check.

Goblins have always presented a threat to settlements of Ment

Elves end Dwarves. T6 meet this threat these so-called 'goodly
peoples' sometimes collaborate to Purge an area of Goblins.
Fortunately Goblins are very prolific and can regain their lost
lation very quickly.

Goblin personality - choose Hero or Shaman

Lesser Goblin personality - choose Hero

SPECIAL PROVISIONS 7. The Lesser Goblin thralls are armed with clubs, but up to half
of them can carry nets as well. Nets are used in hand to hand
l. A Goblin Battalion may contain m more Lesser Goblins than combat, and can either be thrown or used as shields in each
there arc normal Goblin types. round of combat. If a Goblin throws his net he cannot strike
with his club. Net Attacks throw rTo Hit' as normal in eombat,
then throw to entangle your victim - you will need to score
SPECIAL RIT-ES 41516 on a D5 to do so. Entangled victims get a Saving Throw
which is:-
I. In combat a Goblin Boar rider gets two (2) attacks - one normal
attack with the rider, and one'gore'from the boar. Use the Strength Grade Saving
factors given for the Boarrs attack. Charging Boars receive the of Creature Throw
same combat bonus as mounted Lancers.
I 6
2, Alt Goblins must deduct one (l) from their Morale Dice when 2 516
testing in strong sunlight. Woods, Mists, Buildings and other t 4t516
terrain features block out the effects of the sun. 4 tr4r516
5+ zrt141516
t. Goblins HATE Dwarfs.
Entangled figures may not move or fight - they may be
4. Goblins FEAR units of Elves which ere more than half their own attacked and cruelly slain whilst helpless. Reduce their
numerical strength - for exemple 20 Goblins will fear ll or Initiative to I whilst entangled. Once a net has been thrown it
more Elves. is gone and may not be used again.

5. Goblin Regiments sometimes loose control and attack other Entangled models who survive an entire combai are f reed
Regiments of Goblins. Simulate this using the Inter-Goblirnid automatically by their friends.
Animocity Clrart.
5. The Great Goblin Battalion Commander may ride in the Goblin GGLIN CHARACTERS - I-fROES AT\D SHAMANS
Chieftens Chariot - see the Fighting Fantasy Battles volume for
the full chariot fighting rules. The Commander may dismount Each Goblin Regiment must have a Regimental leader. Unless he is
and fight on foot if he wishes leaving the rest of the crew to also a Goblin Champion his 'profile' will be normal for his type.
battle on alone. Generate the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by throwing

Each Goblin Regiment may have a Regimental Champion -who may The Shaman acts exactly like a normal Wizard. Generate the
also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have the number of spells available as follows:-
same profile as Minor Heroes of the appropriate type.
lDl Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
Each Goblin Battalionwill have I Goblin Hero to lead it. He may ID2 Spells at the Mastery Level
attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be their leader, or
he may acl as an independant character. Points cost includes a Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
sword but no other equipment. There are two kinds of Hero necessary talismans to cast each spell lDf times.
available, with the characteristics as given below. Each one costs
more, or less, depending on how good he is. The player may decide Goblin Shamans will act perfectly normally so long as there is a
which kind of Hero he wants and will then pay Ehe points indicated. friendly Hero within I2r'. But as soon as the friendly Hero turns his
back, and leaves the Shaman with no one in 12'r to keep an eye on
If the Battalion includes Lesser Goblins then the player may select him, the Shaman will try to make his way off the battlefield by the
a Lesser Goblin Hero as well. shortest route. He'll come to heel only if another Hero comes
within I2".


Minor Hero Hero Lesser Lesser
Minor Hero
Regiments of Lesser Goblins may have Leaders in the same way as
other Goblins. However, they never have Regimental Champions.
WeaponSkill 4 5 t 4
A Goblin Battalion may have a Lesser Goblin Hero as well as a
normal Goblin Hero if you wish. There are two grades available -
BowSkiil 4 5 3 4
choose which one you require and pay lhe appropriate points cost.
Strength t- 2- t
Toughness B-- C-- A-- B
wounds 2-3-
- - 2-- J
Initiative 4-5- 4- 5 Minor Hero Heno
Attacks 1-2- l- 2
Weaponskill- 3 4
Points Value 10 20- 5 l0 Bow Skill 4
Strength 2 - t
Toughness A B
- These
- include a Goblin Sharnan.
:\ Goblin Battalion can also Wounds 2 - t
are low
l,:vel Wizards with only a few spells, and are nob to be lrusted! Initiative 5
l;ramans cannot lead other troops aE all becausu-Ih-"y are much too
Attacks - - 2
t:lricken. The Poinis Cost includes a dagger and a personal Talisman
Points Value 10
of some kind - usually a bit of bone, broken mirror or a cheap glass
Novice Acolyte

Weaponskill- t 4
BowSkill 7 5
Strength 2 2
Toughness B- B
wounds t 2
Iniriative J - t
Attacks I - I
Mastery I - 2
constitution-7 - IL
Points Values 140

ight Goblins are by far the most common of all the Goblin races.
They are shortish and stooped and have misshapen learing faces.
of them are noticeably smaller than others, and these are
times called rlegser' Night Goblins. Both sorts live together,
intermix and interbreed, but the lesser Goblins are more often
found performing the more menial and demeaning tasks in Goblin

lins of[en live in underground warrens, somewhat like Dwarf

Mines but far cruder. They are relatively safe in these holes
because verf few people would dare to risk being trapped amongst
the dirty and dark stone caverns and passages. Occasionally the
Goblins organise raiding parties, or may even group together into
large armies if they have some specific objective in mind.



Night Goblin personality - choose Hero or Shaman.

7. The Night Goblin Fanatic is a strange and frightening creature.

SPECIAL PROVISIONS Promising young Goblins are selected for incorporation into the
ranks of the Fanatics. Each initiaie is cruelly tortured and fed a
1. A Goblin Battalion may contain no more Lesser Goblins than constant diet of mystic herbal preparationsl needless to say
there are normal Goblin Types. they are thoroughly insane and twisted. They walk around
with a glazed expression and a permanent grin - but never
2 . Lesser Goblin Warriors may be bought ShorL Bows in addition to speak to anyone.
other weapons at the appropriaLe extra poinls cosl.

3. Goblin Slingers must be bought slings at additional points cost.

4. Goblin Bowmen rnust be bought Goblin Short Bows at additional



1. In eombat a Goblin Boar rider gets two (2) attacks - one normal
attack with the rider and one gore from the boar. Use the
factors given for the Boarts attack. Charging Boars receive the
same combat bonus as mounted Laneers.

2 In combat a Goblin Wolf rider gets two (2) attacks - one normal
attack with the rider and one 'biter from the wolf. Use the
factors given for the Wolfts attack. .-,..\€',*----
In battle the Fanatics hide themselves--".to1lg;i-th-e ordinary
3. All Goblins must deduct one (I) from their Morale Dice vihen Goblins and appear only when able Eo charge the enemy. This
testing in strong sunlight. Woods, Mists, Buildings and other they do screaming their nauseating battle cry and swinging huge
terrain features block out the effects of the sun. Ball and Chains around their heads in an uncontrollable manner.
4. Goblins HATE Dwarfs. In the Wargame the Goblin player pays for his Fanatics in the
normal manner, but doesnrt place them on the table. Instead
5. Goblins FEAR units of Elves which are over half their own they are 'hidden' in with normal units of Goblins or Lesser
strength or more. Goblins, either split up into small qroups, singly, or all in one
unit. The player must note down how many Fanatics are hiding
6. Goblin Regiments sometimes loose control and attack other in which Regiments, a Regiment may conceal up lo half its own
Regiments of Goblin. Use the Inter-Goblinoid Animosity Chart number of Fanatics.
to dictate their actions.

When the Regiment comes within 8" of any enemy then the At the end of his second turn the Fanatic will have whipped up
Fanatics go totally loony, leap from the ranks, and start his Ball and Chain to such velocity that he must attempt to
swinging their fearsome Ball and Chain weapons. This happens throw it at the enemy. Determine direction of throw by
as soon as the models are within 8rr even if movement has choosing the direction you want and then rolling a DZO on the
already been completed and the models couldntt otherwise move random direction chart. What actually happens is determined by
or fight. rolling a Df:-

Mount your Fanatic models on circular pieces of card I[ radius. I. Goblin lets go and the Ball whizzes
Within this area the twirling Fanatics are spinning round like off 8rr - the first thing it hits
tops - hopefully causing horrendous damage to anything they receives a Strength 4 Hit.
hit. As the Fanatics leap from the ranks of their covering unit
they go almost completely out of control. Treat each model as 2. Goblin misjudges his throw and the
an individual and determine the lr{ove DistarEe and Directiqr Ball wraps itself around his neck -
randomly for each one. killing him instantly.

hrfove Distarrce Throw 2D6 - this is the distance moved in 3. Goblin almost gets it right, he
inches. throws the ball but forgets to let
go. He and his weapon whizz off 6'r
Move Direction Throw a D20 and consult the chart below. The - the first thing hit receives an
Fanatic player first decides the direction he automatic Strength I Hit. The
actually wants the models to move in. Then he Goblin is killed.
throws his.dice - if the score is 12-20 he may
move the Fanatics as desired, otherwise lhey
go out of control, and could go almost Once a Fanatic has thrown his Ball and Chain he subsides into
anywhere, including back into their covering exhaustion and religious ecstasy. The model is removed from play
unit. Any models they come into contact with as the Fanatic is now too rout of it'to continue.
are automatically attacked, friend and foe
Each Goblin Regiment must have a Regimental leader. Unless he is
also a Goblin Champion his profile will be normal for his type.
Generate the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by rolling lD}.

Each Goblin Regiment may have a Regimental Champion -who may

also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have the
same profile as Minor Heroes of the appropriate type.

Each Goblin Batt,alion will have I Goblin Hero to lead it. He may
attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes, and be their leader, or
he may act as an independant character. Points cost includes a
O\ U, sword but no other equipment. There are two kinds of Hero
available, with the characteristics as given below. Each one costs

o{\ more, or less, depending on how good he is. The player may decide

which kind of Hero he wants and will then pay the points indicated.

If the Battalion includes Lesser Goblins then the player may seleet
a Lesser Goblin Hero as well.

Minor Hero Hero Lesser Goblin Lesser

Minor Hero Goblin Hero

Weaponskill-3- 4 4
BowSkill 3 4
Strength 2
In their first turn the Fanatics must attack any body of troops Toughness - A B
that they come into contact with. This may mean they attack wounds 2-t-2-3
mote than one Regiment in the same turn. Each enemy
Initiative t-4-4-5
Regiment thitr by the flailing Fanatics receives .LDl automatic Attacks I
hibs at Strength J. They may not fight back.
PointsValue-B- 16- 5 10
In their next move the Fanatics rrust determine Move Distance -
and Direction again. This time use a D12, so they could go
anywhere! If they stumble into combat they cause DJ automatic -
A Goblin Battalion can also have a Night Goblin Shaman. These are
Hits again al Strength 3. By this time lhe enemy will have minor Wizards who tend to the spiritual needs of the Goblins -
reeovered from the initial shock and can fight back but with a needless to say these are pretty basic. Night Goblin Shamans are
reduced Initiative of only l. The Goblins can cut swaithes much more enthusiastic than Great Goblin Shamans, but still
through any opponents and so can move straight through units cannot lead other lroops, as they are half-crazed and
they are attacking, possibly attacking more than one Regiment unpredictable. The Points Cost includes a dagger and a personal
a lurn. Talisman of some kind which will often be a ju-ju stick or else
some disgusLing piece of bone, flesh or entrail.

Novice Acolyte
WeaponSkill- 3
BowSkilt 3
Strength 2 2
Toughness B B
wounds I -4 ?
Initiative 3 -3 3
Attacks I - I
Mastery I - 2
Constitution 6, -J- I
Points Values- 50 120
The Shaman acts exactly like a normal Wizard. Generate the
number of spells available as followss-
lD} Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
ID2 Spells at the Mastery Level

Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
necessary talismans to cast each spell lDf times.

The Night Goblin Shaman can go into a Spirit Dance if he is-within

5" of a Night Goblin Regiment of at least 10 models who are
otherwise unoccupied. The Regiment vrill then join him in their
tribal chant, the details of which are not only ultimately evil but )
unprintably obscene as well. During the chant the Shaman draws L__
off a portion of the life energy of the Regiment and converts it
directly into Constitution Points which rrrust then be used that tum \
to cast a spell. If they are not used, or if only part are used' the
points are lost. Gain DlO points of Constitution for use in that
magic phase only.


e;?951- " 16f;


Red Goblins are a eharacteristic tribe of goblin who were bred
away from the main Goblin stock by evil Necromantic Wizards in
years past. They have little respect for other typee of Goblinl or
anything else for that matter. They are by far ttp moet evil
hearted of their kind. Red Goblins still gerve the purposes of their
Wizard creators, although whether these still live is unknown.

Goblin per ty - choose

SPECIAL PROVISIONS Each Goblin Regiment may have a Regimental Champion, who may
also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have the
I. If Wolves are to be used without riders there must be at least 1 same profile as Minor Heroes.
Goblin Wolf rider 'Leaderr for every 5 Wolves. If he is killed the
Wolves become subject to Stupidity. Each Goblin Battalion will have I Goblin Hero to lead it. He may
attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be their leader, or
2. Wolf Riders may be armed with Goblin Bows in addition to their he may act as an independant charaeter. Points cost includes a
other weapons. sword but no other equipment. There are two kinds of Hero
available, with the characteristics as given below. Each one costs
SPECIAL RII-ES more, or less, depending on how good he is. The player may decide
which kind of Hero he wants and will then pay the points indicated.
l. In combat a Goblin Wolf rider gets two (2) attacks - one normal
attack with the rider and one rbiter from the wolf. Use the
factors given for the Wolfrs attack.

2. All Goblins must deduct one (l) from their Morale Dice when Minor Hero Hero
testing in strong sunlight. Woods, Mists, Buildings and other
terrain features block out the effects of the sun. Weaponskill- 4
BowSkill 4 5
t. Goblins HATE Dwarfs. Strength Z t
Toughness B -5 C
4. Goblins FEAR units of Elves which are twice [heir own slrength Wounds 2- t
or more. Initiative 3- 4
Attacks L- 2
5. Goblin Regiments sometimes loose control and attack other
Regiments of Goblin. Use the Inter-Goblinoid Animosity Chart Points Value - 20
to dictate their aclions. -
Each Goblin Regiment must have a Regimental leaden. Unless he is
also a Goblin Champion his rprofile' will be normal for his type.
Generate the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by throwing

.8 Hobgoblins are large, aggressive relatives of Goblins - in fact the
!C' relationship is so close that the two types cen interbreed,
producing espeeially large Goblin off-spring, Hobgoblins are
generally more organised and together than other Goblins, they are
prolific, if crude, metal workers - producing armour and weapons in
great guantities. The Hobgoblins are known to manufacture some
of the armour and weapons used by other Goblins. Hobgoblin
Shamans can have fierce mutant guard dogs called Hobhounds.

lin Personality - choose a Hobgoblin Shaman or Hero

Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero
t. Hobgoblin's may employ bows or crossbows - but no more than
25o/o of the models may be so equipped. Archers may use either Weaponskill- 4 5- 8
a normal bow or a long bow, at the appropriate points costs. BowSkill 3_ 4_ 5
Strength 3
?. Hobhounds may only be used in conjuction with a Shaman. Toughness - D
Hounds without a master will run off the table, defending Wounds 4
themselves if attacked. Initiative 4_ 5-- g
Attacks I _ 3
1. Hobgoblins are subject to FRENZY - but dontt have to remove
their armour when Frenzied. Hobgoblin armour is cunningly
constructed to be almost impossible to shake off when frenzied A Hobgoblin Battalion can also have a Hobgoblin Shaman. Such a
(these Hobgoblins are no fools). character has the characteristics described below. Hobgoblin
magicians are relatively powerful compared to other goblin-like
2. Hobgoblins HATE Elves, Dwarfs and Men. magic users and they are much sought after for this reason. A
Shaman ean have up to 5 Hobhounds as guard dogs and pels.
3. Hobgoblins are subject to inter-goblimid animosity as described Hobhounds are loyal and extreqnely aggresive, they will fight unto
in the rGoblin' section. death and are immune to psychological facbors. Hobhounds
normally do not move more than 6rr away from their Shaman, bu[
4. Hobhounds are immune to psychological factors. they can be ordered to attack any enemy within 12". If they survive
a combat and kill their foes, Hobhounds with return lo their
HOBGOELIN CHARACTERS - HEROES AND SHAMANS master. If the Shaman should be killed Hobhounds will leave the
table, defending themselves if attacked.
Each Hobgoblin Regiment must have a Regimental leader. Unless
he is also a Hobgoblin Champion his rprofilerwill be the same as a Points cost includes a sword, axe or mace and Personal Talisman,
normal warior. Hobgoblin leaders are quite ruthless! and they can which is often a huge ceremonial mace.
usually control their troops very effectively. Generate the
Leadership Factor for each Regiment by rolling LD4+2.
Novice Acolyte Adept Mage
Each Hobgoblin Regiment may have a Regimental Champion -who
may also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have Weaponskill-J
the same profile as Minor Heroes of the appropriate type. BowSkill 2 _t _4 _5
Strength 2
Each Hobgoblin Battalion will have L Hobgoblin Hero to lead it. He Toughness
may attach himself to a Regiment if he wishes and be their leader, wounds I -4
_2 -5
_3 -6
_ 4
or he may act as an independant character. Points cost includes a Initiative -C 3 _4 _5 _6
sword or club but no other equipment. There are three kinds of Attacks I -2
_I -2
_I -t
-C -C -C
Hero available, with the characteristics as given below. Each one
costs more, or less, depending on how good he is. The player may Mastery I
decide which kind of Hero he wants and will then pay the points itution 10 _ 15 _ 20 _ 30
ints Value lI5_ 32O_ _
525 -4 775
-2 -t
Generate the number of spells available as follows:-

2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery

1D4 Spells at the Mastery Level

Choose the spells you wish to use. You au[omatically have any
lDl times.
necessary talismans to cast each spell

and meaner than even the very largest sorts of Goblin.
are related quite closely to Goblins and they speak different
ons of the same language, the two races can even interb'reed
producing repulsive half orc/half Goblin offspring. This debasing of
!h" fighting Orc stock, together with tribal bigotry
fragmentation has resulted in the appearance of several
ri'lf\ \,L istinguishable orc races. of special note' are the' famous pig
.:' \\\ t
aced orcs who enjoyed fame and supremacy in former times, but
\i are now, sadly, hardly ever seen at all.

- .--t'-Ji Despite their close re-lationship there is a great deal of hostility

between Goblins and orcs, and fighting and squabbling will break
! it.
t from time to time. The Ores generaily get the better of this.



SPECIAL PROVISIONS against the Wyvern until it is killed, and the rider is
dismounted. Wyvern cause FEAR within 8'r and TERROR in
l. Orc Wamiors, but not Guards, may employ Bows or Crossbows anything they abtack. Wyvern may also fly.
and may use the Infantry Bow paying the appropriate cost. Orc
Guards may use heavy weighted throwing Darts.
2. The cost of a Wolf Rider includes the Wolf. The value for
Wolves used individually is given too (5). If Wolves are to be Each Orc Regiment must have a Regimenlal leader. Unless he is
used separately then lhere must be I Orc Wolf Rider for every also an Orc Champion his profile will be normal for his type -Guard
5 independant Wolves, otherwise the Wolves become subject to or Warrior. Generale the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by
Stupidity. Use bhe Wolf profile given for Wolf attacks. throwing 1D4.
J. The cost. of the Wyvern Rider includes the Wyvern. The value Each Orc Regiment may have a Regimental Champion -who may
for Wyverns bought separat.ely as a mounl for the Shamen is also be the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have the
given too (J-20). same profile as Minor Orc Heroes.
4. Wolf Riders may employ Short Bows in addition to their other Each Orc Battalion will have I Orc Hero to lead it. He may altach
weapons. himself to a Regiment and be their leader, or he may act as an
independant character. Poinls cost includes a sword but no other
5. Any Orc Battalion may employ up to 5 chariots pulled by either equipment. There are two kinds of Hero available, with the
2 or 4 Wolves, and crewed by Orc Warriors. Wolves and crew characteristics as givpn above. The player may decide which kind
must be paid for separately. See the Fighting Fantasy Batlles of Hero he wanLs and pays bhe points indicated. Orc Battalion
section for the full chariot fighting rules. Orc personalities may Commanders may ride a Wyvern at the additional points cost
also ride chariots. Use the Wolf profile for any Wolf attacks indicated.
from the chariot. Chariots may have scythed wheels at 10
points extra. Minor Hero Hero
6. Orcs may use War Engines crewed by Orc warriors. Any Weapon Skill 4
Skill ---
Battalion may include I Stone Throwing and up Eo I Bolt Bow 4 5
Throwing engines. See the Fighting Fantasy Battles section for Strength 2 t
the full War Engine rules. Toughness C D
Wounds 2
SPECIAL RULES Initiative i 4
Attacks I _2
I. The Orc Wyvern Rider occupies an important social position,
the Wyvern ilself is a veneraled animal accorded much respect Poinbs Value 15 _ 25
by the Orcs. In combat an Orc Wyvern rider has 4 attacks, J.
from the rider and J from the Wyvenn. Use the factors given for -
the Wyvern's attack. The combat opponent must strike back An Orc Battalion may include an Orc Shaman. Orcs are not

naturally competant Wizards but can master a few simple spells
with which to impress their fellows. Only the Orc Shaman has the
ability to train the Wyvern, which he achieves by battling with the
spirit of the Wyvern on the spirit plane. Beeause of this speeial
relationship the Shaman may ride a Wyvern into battle, paying
extra points for his fearsome mount, as indicated on the list.

Choose one of the two grades of Shaman available. These may act
as normal Wizards - the points cost includes a sword and personal
Talisman, usually a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, bangle or

Weaponskill- 3 4
Bow Skill t
Strength 2
Toughness C- C
wounds I _ 2
Initiative 2_- 2
Attacks I _ I
Mastery I 2
constitutio g_ 12

Points Values- 70 - 150

Generate the number of spells available -as follows:-

lD3 Spells al each Level Lower than Mastery

lD2 Spells at the Mastery Level
Choose which spells you wish to use. You automatically have
enough Talismans to cast each spell up to 1 times.

Orc Shamans are a bit incompetant and so always add J. onto their
Fumble - giving them an automatic chance of Fumble on every
spell, so remember to always roll.

Unlike other creatures Half-Orcs are not easily destinguishable as belonging to a
definile species. An otherwise nolmal Human can often display 'Orcish' features,
whilst the opposite is true of Orcs. Why this should be so is uncertain. It has been
suggested that cross-breeding between the species has been accomplished in the
distant past by means of evil, Perverted magic; and that traces of mixed blood
remain in many otherwise normal crea[ures. The individuals popularly recognised as
Half-Orcs are extreme examples of this kind, Men, or Orcs, whose physiques are in-
between that of the two race3. Half-Orcs usually settle in their own small
eommunities, living away from both Humanity and Orc-kind. They are by natural
disposition viotent and mean hearted, and this generally r6sults in ihem beinq
forced out of most normel communities. Brigandry, murder and theft ate trades
that they turn to most readily. Their serviceg are often hired out Lo armies of Evil
creature8, including both Men and Orcs.



0r-50 Briqand 4 t z B .t 2 I Sword YES 5

5l-85 Thuo , , L B I 2 Sword NO 4

85-90 Chief's Band 4 t a 2 c t I Sword YES 6 l0 Max.

9t-95 e"r"..i" lz, |+ lrlzl cl rl4l rl swora I ves I r: lt0t*ax,
95-00 Half-Orc Character lhoose Hero or Wizard

Novice AcolYte AdePt
l. A Battalion of Half-Orcs may form part of any Neutral or Evii
Army. Any Battalion of Orcs, or Evil ment may include I 4
Regiment of Half-Orcs.
- t 4
BowSkill - , 4
Slrength -2 ?
SPECIAL RI..[-ES Toughness - B-C
l. Half-Orcs are subject to Intergoblinoid animosity.
Wounds -B - 1 -
Initiative -, 4 -t
2. Half-Orcs Fear units of Elves which are more than half their Attaeks 2
own numerical strength - for example 20 Half-Orcs will fear -l
II or more Elves.
2 -5
t. Half-Orc Assassins are subject to Frenzy. They also use
Mastery - I -?
poisoned weapons; count all hits as Poisored. -8
Points Value
- 80 200- 450
Generate the number of spells as follows:-
Each Half-Orc Regiment must have a Reqimental Leader. Unless -
he is also a Half-Orc Champion his profile will be normal for his 2Dl Spells at each level lower than Mastery
type. Generate the Leadership Factor for each Regiment by 1D4 Spells at the Mastery level.
throwing J.D4.
Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have enouqh
Each Half-Orc Regiment may include a Reqimental Champion - talismans to enable you to casl each spell DJ times.
who may be the same character as the Leader if you wish.
Regimental Champions have the same profile as Minor Heroes.
We al Citadel are pleased to announce a new ranqe of l-lalf Oc! -
A Half-Orc Battalion will have I Half-Orc Hero to lead it. He may designed by the incomparable Ali Morrison. There are 1l diffenent
attach himself to a Regiment as its Leader, or he may act as an models in all and individual models will retail at lt5p each, but
independant character. Points cost includes a swotd, but no other we're offering the following bargain selections. A stamped SAE will
equipment. There are two types of Hero to choose from with the bring you all of our latest lists.
characteristics as given below.
Please send me.
Minor Hero Hero ]0 assorted Half-Orcs - only tll post fiee

WeaponSkill 4 5 I0 different Half-Orcs - only t4 post free i I

BowSkill 4 5
Strength ,
Toughness .-- C - D
Wounds -
Initiative 4 I
Attacks I _- 2 NAME

PointsValue 17:- t, ADDRESS

A Half-Orc Batlalion may include a Half-Orc Wizard. Half-Orcs

worship many dark Gods, and their Wizards form the clergy within
individual cults. These Cleric/Wizards wear the animal skins of
their own cult animal, often a boar or wolf. Half-Orc Wizards are
subject to Frenzy, and so often take to battle as warriors, even
restricting their spell use by wearing af motlf .

Choose one cf the three qrades available' The points cost includes
a sword and personal talisman - usually a staff bearing the head of
a cult animal, the vulture being cornmonly used for this purpose.

Please mention White Dwarf when replying to advertisements 10

A proper study of these reptiles would show them to be a diverse,
possibly genetically unstable, gr6up of races. As with Goblins there
are several main tribal groupings based on slze. They live in the
deeper regione of cave systems, emerging into the lower levels of
Goblin dens or Dwarf Holds to raid and take captives.

Deep in the heart of the earth tive the largest ard the most
primitive of all living Lizard men - The cold ones. These creatures
have only the faintest glimmer of primal intelligence. Eons of
living in darkness has eaused their eyes to beeome almost. useless,
but they have a keen senge of smell. Cold Ones may be ridden by
other Lizardmen, although Troglodytes mostly lack the skill except
in the case of a few rare individuals,
The next largeet of these reptiles are Troglodytes. These creatures
are powerful wamiors but, sedly, rather stupid and smelly.

The smallest of the Lizardmen are the Lesser Lizardmen. These

are by far the most intelligent and lively of the reptilians.
Raiding parties of these ereatures often wander far from their
cave homes, raiding and looting the farms and villages of men.
oL-25 Troglodyte 3 3 t C 2 I 2 * YES 30
26-70 Lizard Warrior 3 3 2 .- 2 I 2 * YES 20
71-85 Lesser Lizerd 3 5 2 B I 3 I * NO 5
86-95 Cold One Rider 5 3 3 2 C 2 l. 2 * YES I24 Max.5
Cold One 5 4 L Chew! NO t04
96-OO Lizardman Personality - choose Lizardman Hero


I. All Lizardmen may have any one close combat weapon as their 7. Using their acute sense of smell, cold ones can detect the
basic weapon. scent of any creature within 5r', even if completely hidden.
They can delect the scent of creatures over 6'i and up to lg"
SPECIAL RI.'-ES away on the D6 dice roll of 41516.
t. Lizardmen have really tough skins which provide some defence
against most normal weapons. All lizardmen, including the Cold
Ones, count their skin as if it was Mail Armour, at no extra Each Regiment will have a Regimental leader. Unless he is also a
points cost, thus giving them a minimum Saving Throw of 5. Lizardman Champion his profile will be normal for his type.
There is no need to have Leadership Factors, as Lizardmen are
exempt from Psychological reactions.
2. Troglodytes ane, unfortunately, rather stupid. They are subject
to Stupidity -I. Each Regiment may have a Regimental Champion, who may also be
t. Troglodytes smell extremely badly. This horrendous aroma the Leader if you wish. Regimental Champions have the same
causes Fear in all non-reptilian creatures within )'r, all such
prof ile as other Heroes. Regiments of Lizardmen or Lesser
troops within Jrr must test to save against Nausea. Roll a D6. Lizardmen may have Champions of any Lizardman type.

Each Battalion of Lizardmen must have I Lizardman hero to act as

I Bouls of giddiness and siekness.
the Battalion Leader. He may move as an independant character,
-2 from 'To Hit' dice this combat round. moving freely over the battlefield. Alternatively he may act as the
leader. of a Regiment in battle, remaining with that Regiment
2 Sickened and disgusted. throughout.
-I from rTo Hitr dice this combat round.
Points cost includes any one close combat weapon, usually an axe
f+ Put out - but otherwise uneffecled. or heavy pole weapon. There are three kinds of hero available. with
the characteristics and costs given below. The prayer may decide
4. Troglodyies are over l0'tall and so cause Fear in man sized, or which kind of hero he wants and will then pay the points indicated.
smaller, creatures.
5. All Lizardmen are a cold blooded and emotionless people. They Troglodyte Lizardman ,.Lesser
Hero Lizardman
have an avenage Cool of 12, and so are immune to Fear, Terror Hero i-|ero
and Frenzy, even if caused by magic. They are also immune to
Aura of Command and Mind Control spells. In addition they Weaponskill- 5- 5 S

ignore Morale. BowSkill J_ 5_ t

Strength 4- t j
6. The Cold One is subject to STUPIDITY - but the riden may
Toughness D- C-- C
over-ride this on the D5 score of 41516. CoId Ones are over l0'
Wounds 4- 3 z
tall and cause FEAR in Man sized, or smaller, enemy within Initiative 2_ 2_ - 4
l5r'. Cold Ones will not attack other Lizardmen. Attacks 3_ 3_ 3
Points Value 50 _ l0 -
;ticated raee of semi-aquatic
The Slann are an ancient and sophisticr
creatures who inhabit tfe continent of Southern Lustria. In former
rf Sc
times they controlled a vast Empire, 'e, and built huge ziggurats,
stone tombs and mighty highways. The incursions of the Northmen,
e in
and more especially the Elves, into their
rcir Empire has much reduced
this onee proud race.

Their Empire is controlled by the Imp

Imperial Soldiers, aided, and
sometimes hindered, by untrained tribalibal warriors. The lands they
retain under their dominion are almo lmost entirely tropical rain
ibes of primitive Slann.
forests, populated by the scattered tribes

The list that follows differs slightty fro

from those in the rLegend of
Kremlof scenario whicfi appeared in r prprint in the first Citadel
Compendium. This new list is representsentative of the whole Slann
Empire - rather than just the local area
'ea around Zapotec, involved
in the Kremlo adventure.
Yffiv 0l-10 Palaee Guard 3 6 2 D Sword YES 10 20 Max
X-.R LL-25
Empire Soldier
Cold One Ride
t 3
t t 2
2 C
c I t I
1J 5 Max.
LOIO Une I t E 5 I t Chew NO 104 7
tr-35 Warhound 6 3 5 D 2 t 2 Chew NO 20 5 Max.
Hendler I z D Any NO
35-55 Tribd lVsrrior
Water Scvthe 3 t 2
'- I t t Knife YES
tuowpipe t t 4* z C I 3 Knife YES 7
56-70 Yqrn Brave
Tomahawk 3 t 3* 2 c I I
4 Knife YES 7
Blowpipe 5 3 3* C 4 Knife YES 7
7L-95 Eunoeh Slave I 2 2 D t I I Anv NO t
95-00 Slann Character - Choose Slaan Hero or Wizard
SPECIAL PROVISIOIIS Slann Blowpipes are often poisoned when used for hunting. On
the battlef ield their isnrt usually time to prepare poisoned
r. Eunoch slave soldiers are human captives, surgically altered to missiles. Slann Heroes may employ poisoned blow-darts if they
fight in the Imperial armies. They are almost will-less, and very wish.
poor fighters, but shortfalls in the Slann population make their
use necessary. For every Palace Guard and Empire soldier in Blowpipes have the following Range and Att.ack Strength.
your army you must have at least I Eunoch Slave Soldier.

2. Tribal warriors and Braves must be bought the additional Short Range Long Range Attack Strength
compulsory weaponry. 0-5rr 6-12" l-Weak
3. Slann with Bow skills marked * may use the indieated level only Blowpipes ignore the 'To Hit' Modifiers given on page 15 of
when f iring their specialist weapon, either blow-pipe or Volume I of Warhammer.
tomahawk. All slann may throw knives or similiar hand thrown
weapons with a Bow Skill of f. 3. Regiments of Eunoch Slave Wamiors must be led by a Slann
Leader. Slann Leaders carry whips and batons for this very
Warhounds are large reptilian carnivores, used by the Slann in purpose.
battle and as guard dogs. Each Warhound must have a handler.
4. Slann Braves are somewhat impetuous. During their first
5. slann are known to occasionally ride the large reptilian cold charge/eountercharge of the game there is a chanee they will
Ones, though how these creatures arrived in Southern Lustria become subjecl to Frenzy. Roll a D5 - if the score is 5 then the
is a mystery hidden in the days of the Old Slann. Braves will go into a Frenzy.
SPECIAL RULE5 5. Slann armour is made out of shell, precious gems or gold. This
counls as Mail Armour and costs the same points. In addition
t. Slann are semi-aquatic and may move 4" swimming on lhe Slann have a +f onto their Saving Throw to account for their
surfaee of the water. They may submerge totally, in which case tough leathery hides, giving them a minimum Save of 5.
they become invisible in all but the clearest water. Submerged
they may swim 1". Slann may shoot blow-pipes from the waler 6. The Cold One is subject to STUPIDITY - but the rider may
surface, with only their eyes peeking above the water. In this over-ride this on the D5 score of 41516. Cold Ones are over LOt
semi-submerged state they are invisible at distances of over 6il. tall and cause FEAR in Man sized, or smaller, enemy within
but firing blow-pipes will give away their position. l5'r. Cold Ones will not attack other Lizardmen.
Blowpipes are a unique Slann weapon. They are mostly used for 7. Using their acute sense of smell, Cold Ones can detect the
hunting, the Slann floating along a river until he gets an scent of any creature within 5", even if completely hidden.
opportunity to pick off some likely looking animal drinking at They can detect the scent of creatures over 5" and up to 18rt
lhe waters edge. away on the D5 dice roll of 415,6.
B. Warhounds are fierce and unpredict,able brutes at the best of A slann Battalion may include 1 slann wizard at the indicated
times. They usually enler battle half starved, this makes them Points cost. Wizards have the following profile depending upon
subject to FRENZY. So long as their handlers are alive the Level. Points cost includes a sword and Personal Talismanr-which
Warhounds will only attack enemy, and the handlers can drag is often a religious motif.
the beasts about the battlefietd in a reasonably controlled
manner. If his handler should be killed the warhound will cease
fighting and begin to feed on any suitable carcase, if attacked
it will run off, but defend itself if necessary. Novice Acolyte Adept Mage

Weaponskill- 3 4 5 6
Strength 2 2 J
Each Slann Regiment must have a Slann Champion as the ToughnessCCCC - - -
Regimental Leader. The Leadership Factor is generated by rolling wounds I _ 2 _3 _ 4
ID4. Initiative 3 - 4 -Z 5 - 6
Attacks I _ I _l _
-- 2
Regimental Champions have t,he same profile as Minor Heroes.
Mastery 1- - 2 - 4
Each Slann Battalion will have I Slann Hero to lead it. Slann Constitution l0 15 20 25
Heroes are often Imperial officials, or else relalives of the Slann
rulinq family. Points value - 110 _ _
32O -J 510 _
- 73o
The Battalion Commander may attach himself to a Regiment if he -
wishes and be their leader, or he may act as an independant
character. Points cost includes a sword. There are three kinds of Generate the number of spells available as follows:-
Hero available, wibh the characteristics and costs given below. The
player may decide which kind of hero he wants and will then pay 2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than Mastery
the points indicated. ID4 Spells at the Mastery Level
Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
necessary talismans to cast each spell IDI times.
Weaponskill- 5 7 8
BowSkill 3_ 4_ 5
Strength 2 t- 4
Toughness C-- D- D
wounds 2 t- - J
Initiative 4_ 6_ g
Attacks 1- 2- 3

Points value 18
- l0 75

- - - /tt

,4 z\

} ..,

{,:, t''
i,i, '
74- ',
/- ?',/aQz to. 3'2
.'?''i 2''':'
t' i. ;i
:1.. '4 '. : "'1 t /z
The Chaos Battalion is potentialty the most powerful of tabletop
forces; its eldritch potency and awesome strangeness makes it a
difficult and unpredictable enemy indeed. By its very nature a
Chaos force is always a distinctly rone-off' formation. There is no
such thing as a ready-made Chaos Army, players wishing to general
the Chaos Hordes will have to assemble their armies after
generating their Champions, followers and appropriately weird
Chaos Creatures, using the various charts contained in our arcane
REALM OF CHAOS publication,

Though we intend manufacturing various Chaos types for your

convenience, a certain amount of modelling and eonversion work on
your part will probably be desirable to give you a complete tailor-
made Horde.

For this reason, we have a convention whereby the same Creatures

and Champions, once provided as complete models, may be used
time and time again by their owner. The only exception to this is
the CHAOS GENERAL, once he, she or it is finally and imevoeably
dead (after attempting an after battle saving throw on the injuries
chart in Vol. I of the main rules), he must be rolled up again. If the
army includes a Necromancer, either as part of the Chaos Horde,
or as an ally commanding his own Battalion, then the General may
return as an Undead Champion of Chaos.


Chaos either
Beastmen or

Beast Varies
nsonality - Choose Chaos Charnpion, Undead Champion, Necromancer
Wizard, Heno or Liche.

SPECIAL PROVISIONS 2. AII troops types marked with an asterix (x) have double normal
chances of having Chaos Attributes, as per the MARK OF
l. Chaos Beastmen may be considered as a mass of bestial and CHAOS section in REALM OF CHAOS, or lhe simplified system
ugly ex-humans, whose various Chaotic Attributes have the given in the FIRST CITADEL COMPENDIUM.
effect of increasing the Weaponskill and Toughness of the
Regiment as a whole to 5 and C in each case. This form of NEW Percentage chances are;
Beastmen costs only 8 points each.
Centaur 2lo/o
Alternatively you may wish to field a group of more advanced Chaos Warrior 5o/o
and complex, individual Chaos mutations. Roll for each member Chimera 4]o/o
of the unit, starting with a basic human, and adding D4 Grif f on 2oo/o
Beaslman attributes lo each. This is most suitable for a small Harpy 20o/o
battle or skirmish, but experienced Warhammerists should be Heroes and Wizards 4o/o
able to cope with the added colour, even in major battles, Hippogrif f IOo/o
especially if they enjoy the extra detail and strangeness. These Hydra t0%
more horrible Chaos Beastmen cost 25 points each. Manticore ZOVo
Troll IOo/o

Happy Conventing!

,. Demons and Demonic Beasts must be of an appropriate type for
the Chaos God which the General worships. Chaos Generals who
do not worship a documented God (Khorne, Slaaneesh, Nurgle
or Tzeentch at the time of writing) may summon a Demon or
Demonic Beast of their own creation approved by the GM.

4. All Chaos Generals may summon (al eonsiderable cost) a

Balmg - at a cosl of 1500 points, or a randomly generated New
Chaos Demon, as per Realm of Chaos, at a points cost of Ir900.
This is only likely to happen during very large battles.

5. Chaos Generals may choose to summon Chaos Hounds in

preference !o the Demonic Beast of their particular patron.

5. Chaos Warriors, and all Chaos personalities, may be mounted on

Warhorses. Only specially bred and uncommonly f ierce
Warhorses could possibly be ridden by these strange warriors. A
normal Warhorse would be far too timid, and would flee in
terror from so heinous and powerful a group of riders.
Accordingly a Warhorse suitable for these riders costs l0 points
for a Chaos Warrior, and 50 poinLs for a Chaos Personality.
7. Chaos Champions, Heroes and Wizards may be purehased
Centaurs, Griffons, Hippogriffs, Chimera or Manticore as riding
beasts. Riders must have a Willpower of 7 or better.

8. See the MONSTERS section for details of Hydra, Chimera and

other new creatures.

l. Skeletons and Zombies are subject to undead Instability. They

must be led by an Undead Chaos Champion, these may be
generated randomly as per REALM OF CHAOS.

2. All monsters are subject to the rules contained throughout the

Warhammer system.

3. To Summon Demonic assistance a General must spend a full

turn requesting the presence of his infernal reinforcements. At CHAOS ATTRIBUTES AND TABLETOP BATTLES
the end of the turn the allies will appear approximately where
the General wishes, anywhere within 24', of his person. Throw
for lheir exact position as for the accuracy of shot of a stone The Realm of clraos supplement can be used to determine the type
throwing engine - nominating a rtargetr and rolling a D10 for
of the many strange ctraos Attributes that af f lict some
unfortunate creatures.
right, left, under and over-shool in inches. Demons and
Demonic Beasts make no actions other than to def end
themselves during the following turn. Winged beings may be When you have determined that a member of , say, a Goblin
materialised in Lhe air. Regiment, has Attributes, and discovered what they are, it is
possible to use your imagination to picture the creature, while
using the original model to represent it on the table. Once the
battle is underway you should stop thinking of it simply as another
Goblin, as you picture its wings, fangs and extra arms. Blu-tack can
be used to model on temporary arms, tails, heads etc and will not
Chaos Hordes must always be commanded by a Champion of Chaos.
damage the models paint job. The stage beyond this is to actually
Chaos Champions, and bheir entourages, are generated randomly provide models of Ehe Chaos creatures you use. Citadel will be
using the system provided in REALM OF CHAOS, aL the following manufacturing various Creatures of Chaos in our Warfiammer
costs. ranlle, but it is very satisfying to set about converting and
constructing your own.
MINOR CHAMPION plus entourage 480 Points
CHAMPION plus entourage 800 Points
MIGHTY CHAMPION plus entourage II50 Points
In our own games we have a convention that Creatures of Chaos
are only permitted if a model is provided. There is no way [hat our
collection could encompass all possible eventualities, so we have a
There is a one in three (5r5 on a D5) chance of a Champion being a system which compromises between variety and visual appeal.
Wizard Champion. This does not cosl extra poinbs.
When the dice roll reveals that an Orc Regiment has a member
A Chaos Champion may command one, lwo or more Battalions. bearing the Mark of Chaos, he can only be used if his commander
This is fortunale, as the Man and his associates can cost nearly as has an Orc model with a suitable number of Chaotic Attributes
much, or indeed more, than a f ull Battalion. Thus an army available. Obviously the model will already have specific physical
containing a Mighty Champion must consist of eithen two or three Atlributes, and it is assumed that if a physical mutation is rolled it
Battalions; the Champion and his followers plus 850 or 1850 points is automatically changed to one the Orc model already has.
of other tnoops respecbively. Regimental Leaders - Leadership D4. Attribules which do not involve a change to physical appearance
remain as rolled.
In addilion to its despicable leader, the Chaos Horde may contain
one addilional Chaos Personality per Baltalion. If Necromancers, The player must bherefore have an Orc model with lhe right
Wizards or Heroes are chosen, then they may bd genenated on the
appropriate charLs in the heroes and Wizards section of FORCES
number of physieally evident Attributes to be able to use it (Blu-
tack can still be used to add the odd [entacle or whatever).
OF FANTASY, sometimes bringing their own groups of followers
with them. Extra points must be paid for these powers as detailed in Realm of

N ead
7fu/f/'n i, r It is not difficult for Necromancers of qreat power to raise whole
armies of Undead creatures. The Undead have . certain
I, 7 -v/l/ - ra, il disadvantages, some kinds may be banished, for instance, or they
/,,/r) may be ineffective in sunlight. For this reason Battalions of
Undead are often included in with living troops of evil alignment.
One particular problem with employing undead troops is that they
have an inherantly unstable existence in the living world, and this
stablity may be undermined outside of the creatures host
enviroment. Skeletons, for example, are powerful foes amongst
grave yards and death pits, but in the open and under the living sun
they may crumble into dust. Similarly Wraiths may exist within the
confines of a tomb - but are dispersed in daytight. Almost, it is as
if there are pockets of the world of the dead in the world of the
living and these pockets are often places of carnage or burial.
.' $S.-: -'[*'t

Hero, Necromancer or Liehe.

Skeletons, Zombies, Wraiths, Wights and Spectres are subject to
l. Skeletons, Zombies, Wraiths, Wights and Spectres are subject to Undead Instability. These types naturally belong in the Planes of
Undead Instability - use the Undead Instability chart to the Dead; the plane into which the spirit is transported after death.
determine their state every move. Accordingly each Regiment of these Undead types may, at any
time, be effected by Shifts between the various planes.
2. Skeletons cause Fear in living creatures within 5r'. They cause
Terror in units of_Men they are fighting - test once only during If your army contains potentially unstable Undead roll a D6 at the
the initial charge/countercharge. beginning of your tunn before you do anything else. If the result
turns up 6 then a Dimensional Shift has occured, and each
f. Zombies cause Fear in all living creatures they attack - test Regiment of unstable type may be effected. Roll again for each
once only during the initial charge/countercharge. Regiment as follows, the result takes effect from then until your
next turn.
4. Hits from Ghouls are Poisoned.

5. Wraiths are dispersed in sunlight and rendered ineffective. Each I The dimensions pull apart totally. The Regiment is now
hit by e Wraith reduces the victims Strength Level by I grade, trapped in this plane, do not throw any more for instability
victims reduced to a Level of 0 are killed. Wraiths are immune this battle. This seriously effects the fighting power of the
to non-enchanted weapons. They cause Fear in all living unit, as their minds gradually decay and their bodies become
creatures. more insubstantial.
6. Wights are dispersed in sunlight as per Wraiths. Each hit causes The Regiment becomes subject to STUPIDITY. Deduct I
Strength reduction in the same way as Wraiths. Wights are from theirtto hitrdice each turn from now on. Eventually
immune !o non-enchanted weapons and non-necromantic magic, the Regimen! will no Ionger be able to hit at all. When this
a Blessed Blade has no effect on them. Enchanted Weapons happens the Regiment will not be able to cause any damage.
cause normal damage. They cause Fear in all living creatures. They can, however, still cause Fear or Terror as
7. Mummies cause Fear in living creatures within l0rt, and Terror
against combat opponents. Test at the initial charge or 2 The dimensions are in a state of flux. Confused by the
countercharge for Terror. suddenfluidity in reality, the creatures are held in a state
between 2 planes.
8. Spectres cause Fear within I5", and Terror within 5rr, in all
normal living creatures. Hits cause Paralysis, throw to save as The Regiment may not move at all this turn. If in combat
Poison. Paralysed victims are helpless for 5D6 Turns. Spectres the Regiment fights at half effect (halve number of hits)r
are immune to non-enchanted weapons and most magic. They and all hits caused on them destroy automatically.
may be dispelled by a Necromantic Banish Undead spell with a
plus f Fumble Factor. They are affected by enchanted t A sudden shift between the dimensions removes the physical
weapons, and a Blessed Weapon will cause normal damage. part of their bodies back into their own realms. The visible,
though ineffectual, images of the Regiment remain. In time
lhe shift ends and the creatures return to full power.

The Regiment may conlinue to move as normal. However A Battalion of Undead must have either a Necromancer, Evil
blows struck by them, and blows slruck against them, will be Wizard, or Liche to lead it. An Undead Battalion may, in addition,
totally ineffective. The blows just go straight through! include as many Necromancers, Evil Wizards or Liches as the
Magic will have full effect and the Regiment continues to player wishes, so long as he pays the appropriate points cost. So it
cause FEAR etc as normal. would be possible, for example, to field a Battalion which consisted
entirely of Undead or Evil characters.
A slow shift between dimensions draws some of the
Regiment back to their own world. lrlecromancers have the following profile depending upon Level.
Points eost includes a sword and Personal Talisman, which is often
Roll a D6 to determine how many models are drawn back - a sacrificial knife or dark jewel.
bhey do not return.

The Regimentrs natural dimension moves more closely onto Novice Acolyte Adept Mage
the one they occupy. The Regiment becomes more stable
and aequires added vigour. WeaponSkill 5 5 6 7
BowSkill 4 4 5 6
For this turn only the Regiment fights with twice as many Strength 2 t
Attacks as normal. ToughnessBBBC - - -
wounds I - 2 -_3 -_ 5
The Dimensions shift slightly and, although the Regiment Initiative 6 -2.-2 9 - lI
will be aware of the change, they are uneffected. Attacks 1- I 2
The Regiment may fight, move and otherwise function as Masteryl-2- -7 - 3-4-
normal. constitution I 12 - -3 18 25
Points Value I20 -- 100 500- 75o
The Necromancer acts exactly -
like a normal Wizard - except that
he can also make use of Necromancy spells and act as a controller
of friendly Undead.
Generate the number of non-Necromancy spells available:-

ID) Spells at each Level lower than Mastery

1D2 Spells at the Mastery Level

Generate the number of Necromancy spells available:-

1D2 Spells at each Level lower Ehan Mastery


fach Regiment of Undead must be led by an Undead Champion. An Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
Undead champion is basically the Undead form of a once powerful necessary Talismans to cast eaeh spell lDl times.
Iiving character. Typical Undead Champions are Skeletal
tJhampions and Zombie Lords. Liches, who are Undead Magicians,
are also counted as Undead Champions. Evil Wizards, and
if they wish.
i'rlecromancers can act as Undead Champions Evil Wizards have the following profile depending upon Level.
Points cost includes a sword and Personal ralisman, which is often
Undead Champions can have very varied profiles. To represent this a staff.
generate Undead Heroes using the following chart. Roll a D6 for
each of the characteristics qiven.
Novice Acolyte Adept Mage
CHARACTERISTICI2S4S6 Weapon Skill t 4 _5 _ 6
Bow Skill 3_t-4-5
MOVE htr 4" 4n 4n 4n Strength 2-2-2-3
WEAPON SKILL 2 t 4 5 6 7 Toughness BBBB
Wounds 2 4
Initiative 4
STRENGTH z 2 2 t , 4 Attacks I _1 _ 2
WOUNDS I 2 z 5 t 4 Mastery 2 -5 -6
INITIATIVE t t constitution 14-20 27
5 J J 3 -
ATTACKS 0 I 2 2 1 4 Points Value I0B- JIz--3 5L7 -4 736

WILL POWER D5 D5+I D6+2 D5+ D6+4 IO

Generate the number of spells available as follows:- -
Points Cost 25
2D4 Spells at each Level Lower than MasLery
Undead Champiorrs cause Psychological ef f ects appropriate for 1D4 Spells at the Mastery Level
their type, Skeleton Champions cause Fear with 6" and Termr
against Combat opponents, for example. Choose the spells you wish to use. You automatically have any
necessary talismans Eo cast each spell IDI times.
Alternatively the Undead Hero may be a deceased Chaos
lhampion, these rnay be generated using the rules given in Realm
of Chaos.

Liches are Undead Wizards. They are mentally and physically foul FIGHTINIG AT TWILIGHT
and corrupt, twisted and tormented by years of nameless evil toil.
Liche are immune to magic, but may themselves cast spells as for Many of the Undead creatures are prevented from fighting in
normal Wizards. Liche may have extra powers. Generate your tabletop battles because they are dispersed in sunlight. Normally
Liche as follows. Roll 1D6 for each characteristic. battles take place during daytime and so these more unstable
Undead can only be used wiLhin buildings, dense woods or
DICE underground.
At the beginning of a game either player may ask the Games
MOVE 4l 4tr 4* 4, 4, 4, Master to determine how many turns can be played before
WEAPON SKILL 7 I 9 9 9 10 nightfall. The Games Master can establish this using the following
method. The GM secretly rolls 2D6 - giving his a score of from 2-
STRENGTH 2 3 t t 4 4
12. This is the number of turns of full daylight that remain. This
TOUGHNESS D E E E E F will be followed by 2 turns of twilight, followed by complete
WOUNDS t 4 4 4 5 5 darkness.
INITIATIVE 4 4 5 5 6 6
ATTACKS 0 I 2 2 t 4
In twilight Wights, Wraiths and Spectres and all other types of
I* 2* 5* 4*
undead that are normally dispersed by daylight may wander about
POWERS 5* freely, but are all subject to Instability on the D6 dice throw of
Points Cost +25O

*Extra Powers In darkness Undead are not subject to instability at all, unless they
attempt to enter a holy precinct, such as a church, which has been
determined to be a santuary by the Games Master.
I. The Liclle is so far gone down the path of decadence and decay
that he cannot abide the presence of living creatures. He will FIGHTIT\G AT DAWN
try to avoid being within 8rr of living ereatures - if this should
happen he must move away as soon as possible. Games Masters may wish to stage night time games involving
Undead creatures. In a similar way as with twilight attacks, the
2. The Liche has horrible glowing eyes that can transfix and
GM can establish how may turns of darkness remain by rolling 2D6.
destroy living creatures. Range is 6rr- but he can use the attack This will be followed by 2 turns of twilight, followed by normal
in close combat. First select your victim. The victim can be any daylight.
one model including characters or leaders. Now throw 2 D6 -the
Liche needs to score higher than the victims Will Power to
transfix him. The victim remains transfixed for the rest of that
Turn, he cannot f ight or move during this time. Whilst
transfixed the Liche drains his life forces - causing D6
automatic Wounds. The Liehe may not attack with normal
weapons or perform magic whilst he is using his tranfix attack.

3. The Liche has the awesome ability to throw f -l (Dl) number of

fireballs in his Shooting Phase. Each fireball hits automatically
and causes a Strength 2 hit. This in no way effects the Liche's
ability to cast other magic. The fireballs have a range of 24".
Individual characters may be shot at with the same restrictions
as normal missile fire.

4. The Liche has attained a physical condition which is far beyond

the ability of even the most skilled healer to remedie. His skin
hangs off in leprous fronds and he leaves sticky green patches
wherever he goes. His state is so putrescent lhat any combat
hits he should cause have a 5lo/o chance of being Leprous. A
character struck by a Leprous blow will loose I Wound per
Active Player Turn until he is dead. A Cure Light Wounds spell
will cure.
5. The Liche has achieved an extraordinary level of arcane
knowledge. So steeped is he in the lore of the dead that he
possitively radiates an aura of deathliness. This has the effect
of negating the effects of Undead Instability wibhin 12tt, any
Undead troops within IZu of the Liche are exempt from the
Instability dice roll.
Liches also have the same powers as eilher Necromancers or
Wizards. Choose the Level you desire and select your spells. Then
qenerate the Characteristics for the Liche. The points cost of the
Liche will be equivalent to the points cost of the Necromancer or
Wizard type plus 250 points.

Liehes cause Terror in creatures lhey attack, and Fear in all living
creatures who can see them, except friendly Evil Wizards or
Necromancers. Test just once for Temor - before the first round of
combat. Test just once for Fear when the Liche is first sighted.
There is no need to keep testing every turn. Friendly living troops
must also test, but instead of Routing they will go into an
immediate state of Frenzy.

In combat hits from a Liche cause Paralysis - save as for Poison.

Paralysed troops are not killed but lake no further part in combat
that game.
A Battalion of Goodly Hosts can form part of a good army. Thase
Hosts take the form of goodly creatures who are willing to help by
fighting alongside the normal troops for the cause of the Good and
the Righteous.

o-^z-*l'Y7-- "i_--:7zG
s"'^ _.
-ar\.- l. ,,,/

l. It is not recommended that competitive games be fought using

creatures from either this list, or !he Marauding Monsters Iist,
unless both players agree beforehand, and fix the number of
points available for such creatures. Goodly Hosts may only
appear in Good armies.


l. Players must consult the detailed rules given for each creature
within the Warhammer svstem. o\l
? Certain creatures from this Iist may be used as cavalry mounts, \- l/ ^.^
or equipped with howdas and played in the same way as
Elephants. The use of such creatures will usually involve

modelling conversion, or imaginative combination of models
already available. A player may use creaLures in this way only
with the consent of his opposing player or the Games Master. r'av^.
Crews and riders must be paid for separately, as if they were ,v nqa
standard infantry models. -'
t. Goodly creatures may be banded together into ad hoc
Regiments, or they may be attached to Regiments of normal Intelligent creatures may ac! as Regimental Leaders for Regiments
troops in order to make them more effective. Once attached to of ordinary troops - such as Elves, Men or Dwarfs. They retain the
a Regiment a creature may not leave it, in effect he becomes a same prof ile, and have Leadership Factors as would normal
member of the unit. It is no! subjecL to the psychological or Regimental Leaders of that nacial type.
other effects that may occur in the normal troops. The
creatures combat must be worked out separately from the rest " An intelligenl creature may also act as the leader of an entire
of the Regiment, and it may be engaged by missile fire in the ' army. For example an army of Dwarfs could have a Eagle general.
,i .
same way as a hero within the body of a Regiment. A creature leading an army counls as an individual Hero for
/ purposes of enemy missile fire, morale and so on.
,/ : .t I )i ;ii\
,/'' i 4',i", \\.\
Ili\\ '\ .'\\\ \ \"
M / -db II " i/
,/ c
,------\ rauding Monsters
-\ A Battalion of marauding monsters can form part of an evil armyt
although thislist has also been included to provide rprofilesr and
points costs for monsters. Marauding monsters will add rpunchr to
an evil army, and make your games more interesting.

Masters may wish to introduce large monsters into

/arhammer games, he might like to run rplayers versus monstersr
ames in whieh the GM takes the part of the monsters, and the
layers have to try and survive! The 'random generationr column
an be used to provide a random monster, or suitable wizardrsrpett,


Giant Rat

SPECIAL PROVISIONS ? Marauding monsters may include some intelligent or semi-

intelligent creatures from the lists. However, because of the
1. It is not recommended that competitive qames be foughL using high level of confusion and general lack of co-ordination all
creatures from this list, or the Goodly Hosts list, unless both marauding monsters not directly controlled by a rider are
players agree beforehand, and fix the number of points subjecl to Stupidity.
available for such creatures. Marauding monsters may only
appear in Evil or Neutral armies. 4. Marauding monsters travel round and attack in a vast rpack'.
Models sould be grouped into an approximate circle shaped
SPECIAL RULES mass. Individual monsters do not need to be in base-to-base
contact but should remain within L* of at least I other pack
I. Players must consult the detailed rules given for each ereature member. The Games Master must try to enforce this rules - and
within the Warhammer system. he can move rsLray' or rstrandedt individuals back to the pack.
2. Certain creatures from this list may be used as cavalry mounts, 5. Monsters packs do not fiqht like eonventional units. Any
or equipped with howdas and played in the same way as monster may leave the pack Eo attack troops within ibs charge
Elephanbs. The use of such creatures will usually involve reachl Two, or more, monsters can charge together if the
modelling conversion, or imaginative combination of models larget lies wit.hin their di ff erent change distances. Monsters
already available. A player may use creatures in this way only must, however, return to the main body of the pack as
with the consent of his opposing player or the Games Master. opportunity permits. Flying monsters f onm an aerial swarm
Crews and riders must be paid for separately, as if they were above the other monsters, they will attack troops within 12" of
standand infantry models. the pack.

6. Maurauding monsters get quite excited and uncontrollable if
they find themselves anywhere near scenes of slaughter, noise
or mayhem. For this reason a monster pack rnrst attack routing
or pursuing troops of either side who approach within charge

7. Monster packs are moved by the GM, but the player can tell
him which direction he wants the pack to take. The pack will
generally move as requested, but there is a I0% chance that the
pack will go out of control. Members of an out of control pack
will charge any troops within reach, the rest of the pack will
move en masse in a random direetion.


Intelligent monsters may act as Regimental Leaders for Regiments

of ordinary troops - such as Goblins or Orcs. They retain the same
profile .

An intelligent monster may also act as the leader of an entire

army. For example an army of Goblins could have a Dragon
general - excess or left over points may be balanced over the
entire army to compensate for the poinLs expense. A monster army
leader counts as an individual Hero type for purposes of enemy
missile fire. morale and so on.


TEXT Richard Priestley & Bryan Ansell

BOXART John Blanche f,2
Vol 2:- Cover Art:- Tony Ackland, Interior lllustrations:- Tony Ackland and John
Blanche with additionai material by Patricia Turner, Nick Bibby, and Charles Elliott.
If you have no GM then you can use method 3 above,
but instead of the GM choosing the scenery roll on
the chart below to determine the scenic items.
If twd players are going to fight a fantasy battle then thE first
thing they will need is a third person to act as the Games Master ROLL 2 D6.
(GM) - or Umpire. It is the GMrs responsibility to enforce the rules
of the game, and to interpret them where necessary. It is possible 2 Grave Yard 6ttx6rt
to fight a friendly game without a GM - so long as both players I Debris/Ruins 6"x6r'
are willing to co-operate a little and adopt a reasonable attitude. 4 River (and Bridge/Ford)
5 1 Small Building
7 Hill 6nx 6n
It is the GMrs job to set up the field of battle and invent the plot I Hill 6'|rrx 6rtr
line for the game. This is often the most important part of the 9 Wood 5xx 6,rl
entire battle, so it is vital that the GM puts a little thought and 10 Hedge/Watl
imagination into the plot. 1l Pool/Lake 6rtx 6n
12 Soft Sand 6nx 6u
You will need a fairly large table or area of floor to fight on, 5'x 4'
is about the size you will require for a modest game. Having Areas of the same featune can be combined into
prepared your playing area the GM may then place the model larger features if the players wish. For example 2
scenery, woods, hills, rivers and buildings. Obviously the scenery Woods can be combined to give an area of l2rrx 5tr.
available will dictate the extent and type of items you can have. The actual shape of the area is up to the player who
When positioning scenery the GM can adopt one of several policies. places the item. No feature can be namower than lil
at its narrowest point, except hedges and walls which
l-. He can sel up the seenery entirely at his own are always lrr. 2 Hills may be placed on top of each
discretion. other to give a single hill with steep slopes.
2. He can set up the table symetrically so that both
sides of the table are the same. In this way no
advantage is conferred to either side.

3. He can ask the players to secretly write down how


many pieces of scenery they would like on their half I

of the table (up to a maximum of L item per I' table I

length). The GM can then apply a plus/minus I I

modifier and choose the items of scenery himself.
The players may then place their own items on their I

half of the table. Players place their pieces down I

alternately, first one and then the other, until one

runs out of pieces. The player with pieces remaining o (!

then places them on the table. Roll a D5 to decide n 0-l

^ff{ffi c 0_
who places the first piece. I

Using this method it is still up to the GM to choose o 0)
the scenery, so he must still be as fair as possible. C Lr
Typical items of scenery could be:- I
u I
I o
A Wood approximately 6"x 6't. a
A Hill approximately 5"x 6r'.
15" of Hedge, River or Low Wall
A single small building.
Rivers must have at least one Bridge or Ford - whieh
the GM may position as he sees fit. Rivers must enter
and leave the table, they cannot simply sLop!

Example of a table set up for play. Player A has positioned 4 scenic

items, and player B f scenic items as indicated.
"o/,-': a
Players whose troops wander into Lerrain features
may run the risk of encounterinq hidden monsters or
dangers. Roll on the chart the first time a particular
terrain feature is disturbed.
! ''-


WOODS O].05 SPIDER'S DEN 5olo chance of

entanglement per model.
l-l Giant Spiders.
05 SCORPION'S LAIR I Giant Scorpion
O7 WOLF DEN l-5 Pack Wolves
O8-]-O TREEMEN l-2 Treemen.
BUILDINGS 01-05 RATS l-5 Giant. Rats
& RUINS 05-07 BEETLES 1-lGiant Beetles - D5

1-2 STAG
chance of f alling
masonry in areas with
08-09 SPIDER DEN 5olo chance of
entanglement per model.
l-l Giant Spiders
10 HAUNTED I Ghost
HILL O1-05 BARROW 1 Wight, Inactive in
daytime. I Randomly
generated Enchanted
Weapon inside.

RIVER/ 01-05 FROGS I-1 Giant Frogs

POOL/BOG 0]-05 FROGS I-5 Giant Frogs
05-09 FISHMAN LAIR l-5 Menf ish

GRAVE 01-05 RATS I-5 Giant Rats

YARD 05-10 HAUNTED I-l Ghouls
11-14 HAUNTED I Ghost
15 HAUNTED I Qnontno

'. '\lz
E \. -'t'-.. * i }.
.,#.i\, - : fi ,(
.i:. i,+- --.I.- II-J. . '

Games Maslers who have set up their own battlef ields and
scenarios may wish to construct their own encounters, and can
control lhe actions of the monsters and characters.
For example you could have a scenario in which Imperial forces
clash with a Rebel army in a small border town. The Games Masler
could decide Lhat. some of the townsfolk will stay behind and
defend their properLy against pillage and occupation....by either
side. In this case lhe Games Master plays the part of the townies
as they leap out from behind hedgerows, launch household rubbish
out of house windows and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

Once all of the scenery is in place play can begin. If the Games In a straight encounter game belween two players any army may
Master has worked out the plot beforehand then he can tell the have I engine of war, paid for at Lhe points indicabed and crewed by
players where they may set up their pieces. For instancel in a game an appropriated number of infantry types paid for separately. In
in which Malin Ironhide, the Dwarf, is besieging a Goblin Fortress special games involving fortresses and other seige equipment
the Games Master could say, - Goblins can set up anywhere within Games Masters may decide to allow players extra engines as they
the Fortress and Dwarfs anvwhere on the table but no closer than see fit.
l2rrto the Fortress.
Dwarfs and Orcs are an exception in thal any Orc or Dwarf
In a straight encounter game each player may set up his troops Battalion may have up to 3 bolt-throwing and I stone-throwing
within his half of the table and within 6" of his starting edge. An engine at the points indicated. Crew must be paid for separately.
example of a table top set out for battle could look like t,his.

Movement. The engine can be manhandled by the crew of J at 1tl

I per turn - but is normally set up somewhere near the rear and not
moved during the battle. If crew should be killed or lost then you

I may move at lrr per crew member. Engines move only in the first
Movemenl Phaser they never get to move in the Second Movement


o) ! Phase.
o I C)
To reload the device the crew must remain stationary durinq the
- I

entire turn - they may not move and fire.
! I
( !
Firing. The engine may fire once during the active players Shooling

I fftr"
E E Phase. When firing Engines of War use the Bow Skill (BS) and
o) Initiative (I) given for the Engine. Characters who have Engineering
1__l as a Skill may instead use their highest Skill (be it WS or BS) and
o =
Initiative Level. In any army there may be one Engineer as part of
the crew of one engine, and all of the crew benefit from his
c OJ

ff" I
knowledge and good advice. This allows for specialist characters to

& il
E be more effective with Engines - but stops characters who just

happen to be good with Bows etc from instantly knowing how to
operate the heavy equipment.

3 To fire first select your target. Throw 'To Hit' as normal - if you

hit your target then the velocity and power of the bolt is so great
, t h that it causes ID5 'Hitsr on the model slruck. Roll to see how many
hits you have caused. The Strerqth of the hit is 5 at short range
o) I

and 4 at long range. If your target has a Saving Throw remember to

o- I
modify the score for being attacked by weapons with high St,rengLh

I Grade hits.
If the bolt slays the model hit Ehen it will go straight through and
hit any figure stood in a second rank behind the first. The Strength
of the attack is reduced by one level for each rank pierced in this
Players may place units on alternately, first player A places a unit, way, but any number of ranks may be pierced.
and lhen Player B places on one of his units, and so on. As an
alternative both players may make a rough map of the baLtlefield
and their initial dispositions. Once both players have marked down Range BS S T W I A
where all their units are going they may place them on the table in
accordance with the maps. In this way you have to try to work out Shnnt 0-l 8rl 5 C 2 I t
where your opponent is going lo place his troops and out guess him. Long 19-4811 3 4 c 2 I I

To conLinue our example Player A made a rough sketch map of his Points cost is 30 points plus the cost of crew
disoositions as follows.
Close Combat. The Engine itself has a nominal Toughness (T) of C,
and can take 2 Wounds (W) -just in case someone should want to
aclually try to destroy it. The Engine cannot be aLtacked by
shooting.It can be rhacked and dismantledr in close combat.
The crew will have their own normal character profile, WS, BS etc,
and can abandon lhe Engine anytime they like. If the Engine should
be attacked lhe crew may fight hand-to-hand with close combat
weapons. The crew may be shot at by enemy missilemen, the
Engine counts as soft cover.

If a crewman should be killed then another ordinary figure may

take his place. If this is not possible then the Engine may still fire
but must roll a dice (Oe) to determine whether the Engine is ready.
Number of Crew Score needed on D5 to fire that
a Firing is automatic
Player A indicates where he is to place each Regiment z 4r516
I 6
If the crew has an Engineer leading it then various sorts of special
missile may be fired, such as flaming pitch bolts.

\l" n4
Turning to face a targel
counts as movement
0 l)r UlI' I llr -

Arc of fire for bolt-throwing engines

T 2.8
I I f .l

1|" radius cardboard circle. You can easily make these up using
STONE THROWING ENGINES any card you might have, use the design and instructions given.

These War Engines have a counter-weighted arm for hurling rocks Place the effect template with the center directly over your target
at any enemy foolish enough to be in the way. The Engine may fire point. Now throw to determine how accurate your shot is. Roll a
once per turn during your Shooting Phase. Maximum range is 48", D6 for over shoot in inches - move the template as indicated. Now
Minimum range is l8t'. The machine cannot fire at troops under L8t' roll a D5 for undershoot in the same way. Now roll a D5 for left
away, although it is possible to hit troops within this distance if deviation in inches. Lastly roll a D6 for right deviation in inches.
you should happen to miss your target and undershoob. Now you know exactly where your shot has landed.
h4ovement. The Engine can be moved along by means of the crew
pushing. This distance moved is always lrt for each crew member.
The maximum speed possible is 6". Engines 11ry get a move in [he
secondary Movement Phase. You may finish the Movement Phase
by turning the Engine to face the direction you desire. If you lurn
the engine more that 45o then you may not fire that turn.
Otherwise if you move you may be able to fire. D6rerrdeviation
{-t \
If you move the engine at all, including turning it about' then their
is a chance it wonrt be relaoded in time to fire. Roll a D5. Irzrt
and you may not fire that turn. 4r515 and you may fire as normal. t D5 undersho", , D5 overshoot
Because of the bulkiness and general difficulty in moving the
Engine it can easily become bogged down . Roll a D5 at the D5 right deviation
beginning of the turn. If the score is a I then the maehine has
bogged down, roll a D5 and deduct that number of inches from the
move that turn. Next turn the machine is automatically free but
must roll to see if it is bogged down again.

Firirg. You must have at least J crew in order to fire the engine. 2
crew may fire if they roll a 41516 on a D5. f crewman may fire if Every model whose base is either wholly or partly underneath the
he scores a 5 on a D5. Ordinary troops may be 'drafted in to make effect template may be hit. Roll a D6.
up a crew if necessary.
Ir2r3 The model manages to get, out of the way -
To fire your Engine firstly nominate your target point. This can be no damage.
any point visible to the crew, or the middle of a formation which 41516 The model is struck by the rock and debris.
the crew can see. The target point must be within the f8r'-48"
range band, and must lie within the 45o firing arc of the War Large models are less agile and so more likely to be hit. Creatures
Engine. over l0'tall add I to the dice. Creatures over I0rtall with 5 or
more wound points add 2.

Each model struck receives J-D) Strength 5 hits. Dice 'To Kill' as
appropriate. Take any Saving Throws, remembering to save against
each wound/kill caused. Saving Throws have a -2 modifier for
Strength 5 attacks.

rli Combat. With most of these engines, such as the Orc War l4achine
MrNir^uM & $a*Yl\JM
Fl- -l Crewmen may be attacked in eombat or shot at. Large engine'
count as hard cover for Eheir crew. If all of the ctew are killed in
close combat then the victors may attempt to topple over the
Engine thus destroying it. Roll a D6 add 1 per Strength Level of
the troops involved, if Lhe score is 5 or more the machine is pushed
over and wrecked. If the attackers have a Strength Level of less
than 4 then at least 4 men are required to try to push over an
The strueture of the engine may only be attacked by creatures, They attack at the Strength indicated. Chariots with scythes
engines or magic with a Slrength Attack of 4 or more. Every time receiveI additional attack per scythe at the Strength indicated. If
a rKill' is caused roll a D5 - a seore of 5 will topple over the engine the chariot is pulled by creatures who would norrnally receive an
and destroy it. independant attack, sueh as wolves, then they may try to attack as
well. They have a 5096 chance of being able to attack.
The Ral Partha Goblin War Machine has a special armour plate
which prevents the crew being shot at from lhe front, or attacked A Chariot ean take a fixed number of rKills' - and is then useless
frontally in combat. In hand-to-hand combat the crew of the Goblin and the crew must pile out and fight on foot. A Chariot can take 5
War Machine may attempt to push the spiked wheels and armoured Kills before it is out of action.
skull over any enemy. This counts as 1D5 attacks with a
Weaponskill of f and Strength Attack of 4. Opponents may only go Everytime a Hit is scored on the chariot throw to rKill' as normal.
on to atLack the crew if they actually succeed in pushing the War Everytime a Kill is scored there is a chance that some vital
Machine back, and may then fight an extra combat round that turn. damage has been caused - Roll a D5. If the score is 6 then some
Only troops with a Strength of 4+ may attack an engine rather than sort of damage has occured, roll a D6 again and consult the chart
the crew. All troops pushing, fighting from and operating the below.
Engine counl as being behind hard cover . If crewmen are killed
then the speed of the machine will drop, and f iring may be I One of the animals drawing the Chariot has
restricted, but ordinary troopers may be drafted in to make up the been killed - deduct 2rt from the Speed and I
numbers. from the Strength of Ehe Chariot. If all the
animals are killed the chariot may not move.
The Goblin War Machine is a really fearsome huge Engine of War -
designed mainly for attacking the walls and ramparts of fortresses. 2 A wheel eomes off - roll a D5 to decide which
The Engine features a vast bestial ram at the front. When battering Lr2r3 LefL,4,5,5 Right. The chariot must keep
down doors count the Strength as lhe total of all of the Slaves turning 90o to the left/right or stop
pushing the Engine all x 2. So a full crew of 6 pushers would exert altogether.
6xZ = LZ Strength. This should be enough to break down even an
Extra-Heavy Door - roll a D5 per Turn, requiring a 4 to break in I The reins are severed - you can no longer
the door. Normal doors are just swepl aside automatically and control the beasts, roll to determine speed and
Heavy Doors are broken in on the score of a 2. direction of travel. Roll IDIO for speed. Move
the chariot where you actually want it to go
Range Strength ToughnessWounds Initiative and then roll a D6 for Left deviation and a D6
for Right deviation.
Orc War Machine l8-48n 5 E I I
Goblin War Machine 18-48[ 5 E 8 t The axle snaps - Bhe chariot crunches to a
halt. Skid D4". You may attack any troops
Goblin War Machine:- In eombat has D6 Attacks, WS J, S 4. contacted during the skid.

Points cost is I20 points for the Orc and I80 points for the Goblin The chariot pole snaps and the animals pulling
engine. Crew are paid for separately. it charge and attack the nearest enemy. The
body of the chariot slides to an ignominious
Capturirg Ergircs. If all of the crew should be killed then the rest - leaving the crew in a state of stationary
victors may capture an Engine rather than destroy it. Engines can embarrassment.
be pushed away, but may not be used by normal troops. Captured
engines may be used only under the direct supervision of a The animals go Berserk - charginq and
character with Ergineering Skill. attacking the nearest troops - friend and foe
alike, goring and biting insanely. All you can
If a character with Engircerirg Skill is available as part of your do is hang on, apologise to friends getting
crew then the Engine may fire more accurately. Roll as normal to killed and try to regain control. Roll a D5 in
determine tovershoott, rundershoot', trightt and tleft devialionr; but the Rout phase - if you score a 6 you have
if you should throw a 5 count it as 5 instead. regained control.


Some armies, and a few Heroes, are permitted to ride chariots;

[hese come under the special rules given here. DESCRIPTION PROFILE POINTS
M Ws Bs 5 w A
Movement. Chariots are of two kinds LIGHT and HEAVY. Liqht
Chariots may have no more than 2 Crew, one of whom is the HEAVY CHARIOT 5 3 4 D 5 3 D' 40+Crew
driver. Heavy Chariots are built to carry in excess of 2 crew LIGHT CHARIOT 7 3 4 D 5 5 D3 J0+Crew
members. No mat,ter which kind of creature is pulling the chariot
the move rate is 5'r for Heavy Chariots and 7" for Light Chariots. Scythes (2) t 3 t 2 l0
The only exception is creatures whose move is normally less than 7
or 5 inches, in which case the chariot may move no faster than the If the creatures pulling have their own attack then full
creature. points must be paid for bhem.

Combat. The crew of a Chariot will have all the normal 'profile'- tvlwntirg/dismanntirg. Any crew may get. on or off the chariot as
W5, BS, Strength etc - as if they were ordinary foot figures. The part of their normal move. It takes half of your movement to do so,
Chariotrs crew will still have their normal number of wound points, provided that the chariot is moving no faster than 2" durinq that
and these are recorded separately from damage on the chariot. move phase. If the chariot is going fasler then you can still iry to
get off, but take I automatic Strength 2 hit as you bounce off the
In combat the driver may not attack, the rest of the crew may
strike as normal and may strike all round lhe chariot. When a Frenzy and Fear. where animals are subjected to Frenzy or Fear
chariot is fired on or enqaged in combat, its opponent must strike the Games Master should take a hand and decide what shoulC
against the chariot - rnt against bhe crew. The chariot itself causes happen. Frenzied animals can act like 6 above - attacking and
a random number of attacks as the animals pulling it stamp and moving randomly whilst the crew hang on for dear life. Animals
gore and bite, and the chariot careers about trampling and subject to Fear or Terror could try to get away from the source of
pulverising the unfortunate enemy. Roll the dice indicabed on the what is frightening them, or they could just go wild and move in a
Attacks for the chariot - most chariots have l-f attacks (* a D5). random manner. It is up to the Games Master to apply common
sense here. If in doubt determine randomly.

When you have played Warhammer a few times, and you are
familiar with the methods of play, you might wish to introduce
fortifications and buildings into youn games. This really adds a
whole new dimension and can form the basis for a scenario - with
one side trying to defend a village or fort and lhe other side trying
to destroy it.

Buildings and fortif ications may be damaged by hits with a

Strength Attack of 5 or more, but not less. Large creatures or
monsters may try to pull buildings or walls apart if their Strength
is 5 or more, they have as many Attacks as normal and hit
Before your llame decide how may 'Kills' each of your buildings is
going to have. A typical cottage type building could have J Kills' a
small shed I Kill, a stone building 5 Kills. Walls and large buildings
should be done in sections, with each 4" section having a fixed
number of Kills - usually 5 for a stone wall.

All buildings have a Toughrcss of F. Stone walls andbuildings have a

5,5 Saving Throw against each Kill caused. Wooden stockades and
improvised barricades have a Toughness of E.

Kills scored against buildings must be recorded. When lhe building

has suffered its full amount of Kills it is destroyed, or that section
of wall falls down. Troops either inside or on top of f alling
buildings automatically receive I Killr with normal Saving Throws.
You might wish to have special destroyed models of your buildings
and wall sections. Alternatively you ean use pieces of black card to
place over fallen walls, or on top of destroyed buildings.

'' ' \r /r


i$r ; Buildings may also be damaged by fire.

'-&<,.r1 It
Any archers may fire flame arrows at short range. Each hit from a
flame arrow causes 1 Fire Damage Point. Fire arrows, must dice
'To Hit' as normal -with a +1. modifier for firing at a large target.

w Any stone throwing War Engine may shoot a flaming missile with
the same effect as for a stone. Flaming missiles cause fire damage
against thatched roofs and wooden buildings. Each hit causes lD5
Fire Damage Points. Bolt throwing engines may also throw
flaming missiles, each hit causes lDl Fire Damage Points.

,v Record the number of Fire Damage Points caused on each building.

A building which has less than 10 points is just smouldering, there

is no other effect. Place a little cotton wool on the building to
symbolise the smoke.

A building with over 10 or more points is ablaze and acquire an

additional D6 Fire Damage Points per turn as the fire burns out of

Once the building has 20 Fire Damage Points t'te roof collapses
causing f automatic 'Killt on anyone inside. Saving Throws as
normal - any saved figures are placed outside the building.

Once a building has acquired 30 points it collapses.

Large buildings can be divided into different sections if you wish.

Once a section is ablaze fire spreads to adjacent sections, causing
D5 points of damage per turn.

The turn sequence given in the first edition of Warhammer should This rule may be used only in games involving two
read as follows. Each player takes a turn in rotation. If the Games sides. In either players Shooting Phase the other
Master has troops to move then he may elect to do so either before player may attempt to shoob with figures whose Bow
or after the other players, but must be consistent. Skill is 5 or more, Throw a D5, add J- for each point
of Initiative. If the result is I0 or more that unit or
I Movement The Active Player may move any of his individual may shoot. This does not prevent them firing again in
troops within the provisions deseribed in the their own Active Turn.

2 Shooting The Active Player may shoot with suitably o '1.

$l'' a=r€
equipped troops. ': *l bE-.-
r:, _-t 4
.')>- \'r-*':
f Combat Any opposing troops in base-to-base contact
with each other may fight.
4 Second The Active Player may now move any of his
Movement troops again - so long as they didnt fight in
the Combat Phase. However, troops may not
move eloser than within 4ttof enemy troops.
Troops already within 4rr of enemy may not
move at all. This represents the bringing up
of reserves.
5 Magic Phase The Active Player may now cast and
implement spells. ,1/

5 Rout Phase AII units who are routing or pursuing should

:'/ ,
be moved now. Any players may dice to
rally their troops.


Weapons differentiations add more detail to your games. In large
battles, or where players are unfamiliar with thL rules, it is This is an advanced alternative rule designed for
conv_enient to ignore the effects of different weapon types. More games involving only a few (less than I0) models a
detail can be included in your games by introducing bonuses to side, although it is applicable !o any sized game. Any
cove_r exotic weapons and situations. The following list summarises charaeter model - a Hero, Wizard, etc, - may ehoosl
the factors given in the first edition of warhammer and includes a to.llglt defensively in combat. This means he forgets
few new ones. about trying to kill his opponent and just concentrates on parrying
and trying to stay alive. This is particularly useful if you find
youself tobally outclassed in combat. you must declare at the
Initiative To Hit To Kill beginning of combat that you intend to Fight Defensively. Having
done so you roll to hit as normal but with J +2 dice modiiier - you
CHARGE/COII|TERCHARGE +I will roll first even if your opponents Initiative is higher and he
FIIGHTING RCnJTING ENEMY +2 +1 would normally have the first blow. If you succeed in -hitLing your
LAIICERS +l -+L opponent then you cause no damage - but your opponent miy not
ARMED MOI{STER S+4 _+I att-empt to hit youl you have blocked his blow. you may fight
LOI\EER WEAPChI +1 defensively against as many individuals as you have attacks.

New items which wonrt be familiar are crossing Defended

obstacles and Fbavy weapon vs shock. If you are atta6king troops
who are behind some sort, of cover - such as a barricade, h-edge or
yqll - then you will suffer a penalty of -l 'To Hii' and _I
Initial.ive . Once you have pushed baci< tne defenders you have
scrambled over the obstacle and there is no penaltf. If the
defenders push you back then they don'b have to follow'over the
obstacle - but, the unit. pushed back still retreats 2" as normal.

Heavy Cutting and Thrusting Weapons - basically two_handed

weapons and heavy pole-arms - receive a +.1 'To Hit' bonus wnen 1
fighting troops in Close Order. This is because troops in close order
have little room to duck or dodge.

An additional bonus is the +2 'To Hit' and + r rro Kill' if you are
Fightirrg Routed Troops.


Wizards may not use shields and perform magic -they A character's Will Power reflects his personal determination and
may carry shields into combat but then function as self possession. Accordingly, characters with very high Will Power
fighters with no ability to cast further spells until levels (of ten or more) can be very resistant to magic. Sueh
they remove the shield. Shields hinder a Wizards characters are termed magically resistant.
ability to make the correct gestures for effective Add the Will Power of the magician casting a spell lo his Mastery
conjuration. Wizards may wear armour - but the presence of metal Level (Magical weapons are mostly considered to have a Will Power
armour will interfere with the Wizards abilities; setting up bad of I0). If this total is less than the Will Power of the magically
vibes and confounding his magic. All Wizards wearing armour resistant character then he is entitled to a D5 Saving Throw. This
become subject to an increased Furrtle Factor and must roll for a
fumble eveiytime a spell is cast. Roll 2D5 as for a normal fumble' witl be I 'pip' on the dice for each point advantage - f 'pip' ls 6t 2
rpips' 516 and so on. If he makes his Saving Throw then the
Tot up the modifiers that aPply (Wounds etc) and add an additional
I per Saving Throw'pipr from armour. That is, if your Saving Throw character takes no damage or effect from that spell. Of courset
is 6 - I 'pip', if your Saving Throw is 5 -Z'pips' and so on. Then if this rule will only apply to you if you have a Wilt Power of 10 or
the score is LJ or more' roll for a Fumble. This way, the more
armour a model has, the more likely it is to fumble a spell. Wrist I or 2 always take double damage
guards, the odd gorget and helmets donrt add to the Saving Throw -
Characters with a Will Power of
io they donft make any difference to the Wizard, being quite small or effect from magic.
and mostly decorative anyway.
For example:- A magically resistant character, with a Wilt Power
ol 12, is attacked by a Fire Ball from a Wizard with Will Power 8
and Mastery 2. Subiract the Wizard's Will Power and Mastery (8+2
These rules are used to determine the effects of = I0)r from the characterrs Will Power (12). This works out as 12
minu6 l0 = 2. This gives him a Saving Throw of 2 'pipsr - or 5r5 on a
Personal Characteristics in battle. The great mass of to be attacked by a goblin weilding
D6. If the same character weretfo
troops will have average values of Cool t a magic scimitar with a +2 Hit' and +2 tTo Kill" then this
Intelligence etc. However, Heroes, Regimental weapon would count as having a Will Power of I0. Our character
Leaders, Champions and iuch like can have normal must again make his Saving Throw to be immune to the weapon's
generated values. magic powers' if he makes the throw successfully the weapon will
count as a normal scimitar for that round of combat. More
LEADERSI{IP powerful magical weapons will have extra plus factors for mastery.
A characterrs Leadership determines his ability to lead and
If you use this rule then Dwarves will be particularly resistant to
organise other people. In units of troops the Regimental Leader magic. Because of this Dwarves with a Will Power over ten will be
may add I to the Saving Throw against Fear and Terror for the so out of tune with the ways of magic that they will not be able to
whole unit if his Leadership Factor is l. He may add an additional I become Wizards. Dwarves never were over keen on things mystical
for each Factor over J. The maximum normal Leadership value is 4 anyway. Dwarves with a Will Power of 16 will then be totally
for Men and Elves, 5 for Dwarves - so the maximum total plus immure to the effects of magic, they may not use magic items and
factors would be +2 and +3. cause Fear in any Wizard within L2".
Leaders with a Leadership of J or more can try to stop units coo|-
reacting to Hated Ercmy - Rolt a D5, you will need to score a 5 to
stop the unit reacting for that turn. Add I for each point of A character's Cool determines his temperament and ability to keep
Leadership above l. himself under control in stressful situations.
When Throwing for Morale a unit Leader may add I to the dice if Characters with a Cool of 2 or less are always subject to Frenzy'
his Leadership is J or more. and must make a compulsory throw when within charge range of an
enemy or when they are fired at. Rules for disgardinq of armour
In combat the leader of a unit may challenge his counterpart in the while in Frenzy are waived for these unstable characters.
opposing unit to man-to-man combat. If you refuse a challenge
then your Leadership value is reduced to I. If the combat is Characters with a Cool of eleven or rnore are NEVER subject to
accepted then the two models must fight each other - until combat Frenzy, even if caused bY magic.
is over or one of them is killed.
Characters with a Cool of 12 are immune to Terror and Fearr even
INTELLIGETICE if caused by magic. They are also immune to Aura of Command and
Mind Control Spells.
Characters with a high Intelligence receive a percentage bonus on
the Experience Points that they earn. Characters with a really low OTHER RAI{<s
Intelligence suffer certain penalties.
Ordinary rank and file members of a unit do not have tc roll for
Characters with an Intelligence of I are subject to STUPIDITY' their Personal Characteristics. They are considered to have
average values - which are.
Characters with an Intelligence oI 2 ot less are unable to acquire
more than I skill - they will not be able to learn to read or write Cool Intelligence Will Power
and suffer a mirus 25"/o Experience Points penalty-
Dwarfs 5 9 l0
Characters with an Intelligence of 4 or less may not become Elves 7 9 7
Wizards. Men75 5
Halflings 6 5 6.
characters with an Intelliqence of I0 receive a +1.0olo Experience
Goblinoids 5 5 5
Points bonus.

Characters with high Intelligence may learn new Skills quite

quickly, and Games Masters may wish to take this into account in
certain siluations. For example a character with an Intelligence of
I0 could have a IOo/o chance of being made supervisor of a
workshop if he is working there, or a character working as a Sailor
could have a IOo/o chance of being promoted to Mate and so on.

Experienced players may wish If a riders mount is killed then Throw a D6. normal, the Rider will attack as normal and
to use these special Advanced the Infantry will attack the Dragon. If the
Rules which cover mounted Infantry succeed in killing the Dragon then
troops in increased depth. l-4 Rider is dismounted and must fiqht on lhe Rider rolls a dice to determine whether
These rules are recommended foot. he is dismounted, thrown clear or trapped.
for small games only, involving 50 or fewer Rider is thrown clear of mount. Place Once dismounted he will continue Eo fiqht
models a side. They are ideal for fighting 2'r behind combat. Fight on fool. on foot.
medieval type rjoustsr and multi-player Rider is trapped under mount -take I Example. If a Griffon rider and a Hippogriff
arena combats. A fantasy tournament can Strength 2 Hit and roll a 4,5,6 on a D6 rider at,tack each olher then the Griffon and
include all sorts of mounted warriors, at the end of the Turn to break free. If Hippogriff must attack each other. The
Dragon riders, Wizards riding monsters or attacked whilst trapped reduce riders may choose either to atLack each
strange fighters astride Chaos ereatures. Initiative to f and number of Attacks to other or their opponents mounl.
I only. If you break free continue to
fight on foot. It is ultimately left to the GM to decide
All Mounts and Riders may be considered whether a mount counts as horse sized or.
separate. In combat the Rider strikes a bigger - but as a rough guide most monstens
blow and the Mount also strikes a blow Ifa rider is killed then the mount may lhat can be ridden count as horse sized. For
where appropriate. Normal Horses, continue to fight alone if it is intelligent, example Griffons, Pegasus, Unieorns,
Donkeys, Mules etc, donri strike a blow but but a semi-intelligent or non-intelligent Hippogriffs, Manticore, Wolves, Boars,
trained Warhorses do. creature becomes subject to STUPIDITY. Carniverous Birds, and Centaur. Creatures
Non-intelliegent creatures will move and which count as bigger should be fairly
Foot opponents may choose to either fight attack randomly - this must be determined obvious, Elephants, Dragons, Giant Reptiles,
the Mount or Rider. If the Mount is so large by the Games Master. As a general guide Winged Reptiles and the 'riding' Wyvern for
that the Rider is out of reach of his enemies non-intelligent mounts without, riders will instance.
weapon then the blow must be struck attaek the nearest broops if they are
against the Mount. Genenally for foot naturally aggressive (such as a non- COMBAT FACTORS FOR TYPICAL MOUNTS
opponenLs under I0'tall the Rider can be intelligent stupid Dragon) and will run away
attacked if he is riding anything horse sized if they are passive (such as horses). WSS T W I A
and not if he is riding anything bigger.
Warhorses (M) 328Lt1
Where bwo mounted opponents meet in Riders and mounts take separabe Saving Horse (NI) -28L20
combal riders may attack either riders or Throws -riders receive no bonus for being Giant Wolf (SI) 43CI3t
mount.s; mounts may attack only mounLs. tmountedr. Giant Boar (NI) 54D2t1
Riders mounled on horses or horse sized Elephant (NI) t5F5I2
creatures may noL strike blows against Unicorn (SI) 53Ct42
riders riding larger creatures. They must Example. A Dragon rider could charge into a
strike against the mount. unit of infantry. The Dragon will attack as NI = Non-Intelligent. / SI = Semi-lntelligent

DISMOUNTING YOUR OPPONENT Roll a D5 to determine what has happened Trample involves get[ing stood on... a loL.
to the dismounted rider. This can hurl, count as I Hit at the Strength
This rules section provides the player with Attack of bhe mount. 5o you'll probaly
further optional rules for use with mounted 1-4 Dismounted - continue to f ight on foot. survive being trampled by a horse - but a
troops. If you are attacked by a mounted 5-5 Dismounted but with complications Dragon?
model then instead of attacking the rider
you may atteppt to unseat him - flinging I Foot caught in stirrup If you are flung to the ground take I Hit at
him from his rnount and forcing him to fiqht 2 Drops weapon -Disarmed a Strength Attack equivalent to the number
on foot. You may only attempt this if you 3 Trampled by mount of tpips' on your Saving Throw from armour.
may normally fight the rider, but not if you 4 Flunq to ground 5 is Irpipr, 5 is2,4 is I and so on. Riders
can only fight the mount. First, declare youn 5 Concussed flung to the ground may not get up that
intention to try to dismount your opponent. 5 Knocked out or killed Turn and may only fight defensively.
Then roll rto hit' as normal. For each hit
rollrt,o dismounlr-Roll a D5. If your foot calches in the stirrup you will If you are concussed this means that you are
be dragqed ID5 " by the mount and flung to the ground as above. In addition you
deposited as concussed. Horse and similar receive a blow to the head and become a
mounts will always run away from the Iittle bittvaguet- from now on you are
conflicl. Aggressive and inlelligent mounts subject to Stupidity.
will probably continue to f ight in which case
Then consult this chart:- count as trample. Knock out or kill means t.hat lhe rider has
been rendered out of combat and should be
I-2 No effect, at all Dropped weapons may include shields (50olo removed from play. Roll for injuries after
l-4 You fail to dismount of the time) and may be picked up; or the battle if you wish - Vol 1 p 15.
Roll rto kill' as normal but with a -2 another one drawn, on the roll of a D5 -
dice modifier. needing a 5 lo succeed. Recovery increases
5-5 You have unseated your opponent Roll by +1 per lurn and is automatic if there is a
again on the chart below. break in eombat.

Mercenaries are professional soldiers who The second chart gives the number of basic also be present in addition, use the chart
hire their services to the highest bidder. infantry types that are generated. Mounted given to determine the chance of a unit
Only lrbutral creatures may be mercenaries. troops will be half as many rounding up. having these types. Leaders, Standard
Troops wilh a basic points cost of over 100 bearers and Musicians are extra to the
HIRING MERCENARIES points and character models will be one (l) number of troops generated.
only. Where a character is to be generated
Any army may include mercenaries. The then dice randomly from those available. If
points cost of these is not fixed as with you are hiring more than one lot of
other troops. The player pays 100 points and mercenaries then you can decide to have
is then entitled to roll up a mercenary band.
If a larger band is desired then the cost will
be 200, f00 and so on in units of 100 points
for each roll of the chart. No army may D100 Type of Mercenary
have more than half of its points as mercen-
aries. 0l-10 Dwarfs
lI-15 Gnomes
25-35 Men of the East
Mercenaries are notoriously unreliable, and 36-46 Men of the North
have been known to switch sides before a 46-55 Men of the Orient
battle or even half way through. The first 55-55 Slann
time that a mercenary band comes within 55-80 Ogres
15" of the enemy they must test for loyalty. 8l-95 Lizardmen
A band which has been charged always 96-00 Giants
remains loyal and so need not test. A band
which has been shot at will probably remain
loyal and so adds I to the dice. Roll a D5. D6 Number of Mercenaries

Dice Result 26
I The Band decide to throw in their lot 412
with their former enemies. The 516
Regiment is now part of the other 620
players army.

D5 Leader
2 The Band decide that this war is not
for them. The Regiment marches 1-4 Minor Hero
away from the fighting and leaves 5 Hero
the battle-field as soon as possible. 5 Mighty Hero

D6 Standard Bearer
3-6 The Regiment remains loyal.
r-2 No
3-6 Yes
D6 Musician
Only Neutral creatures may be mercenaries,
and they may fight alongside Good, Evil or r-4 No
other Neutral troops. Generate mercenary 5-6 Yes
bands using the following chart. Roll once to
give the basic crealure types. Consult the
relevant army list and use the Random Note bhat there is no Ogre army list. Units
Generation system to delermine which sort of mercenary Ogre will have the same
of troops you may have. Where lhere is any profiles as for Golgfag's Regiment of
option as for armour or equipment then Mercenary Ogres in the Regiments of
mercenaries will always have shields and Renown section. Ogre Heroes have the same
mail-armour. Weapons will be as appropriate profile as Golgfag himself.
- you will probably be restricted in your them all of the same type or dice separately
choice of models anyway. There is no need for each - its up to you.
Ifyou wish, and if you have time, then
to pay extra points for it,ems of equipment, mercenary characters may be generated,
but mercenaries never have more than one complete with an entourage, as described in
weapon unless this is specifically mentioned lhe Heroes and Wizards section.
Allmercenaryunits have a Leader as well.
in the lists as being compulsory. Generate the Leader using the chart below,
he will be of the same race as the rest of his
men. Standard bearers and musicians mav


To fiqht a fantasy battle you do not need hundreds and hundreds of

expensive models - all you really need is a little effort, imagination
and an eye for the unusual. Our own eollections of models were
built up over a period of years, adding a Regiment every few
months. Certainly it is a good idea to collect one Regiment at a
time, painting each model carefully and finishing off wibh the
Leader and Standard Bearer. Many people have asked us about
eolour schemes and shield patterns, my usual reply is that in a
fantasy world you paint your models how you like. This still goes!
The following lists of suggested colour schemes and shield'pabterns,
are just that; a host of ideas, but not mandatory by any means. In
particular I find it difficult to invent shield patterns, especially
after I've done a dozen or more, so I know that this list will be
useful. _ t

The easiest way to assemble a fantasy army is to first decide what

sort of army yourre going to collect. There are lots of different
types of creatures available but most people have an idea of which
troops they would like to command. Goblins are popular, Dwarfs
and Undead are also widely collected - or perhaps you see yourself
at the head of a mighty Elven host, or leading wild and drunken
Norse Warriors. Collect a Regiment at a time. Regiments can be of d-
any size, but between 20 and f0 is the usual number. Skirmishing
troops are easier to use in Regiments of l0 or less. Each Regiment
can include a special Leader model and Standard Bearer. You can
add character to your Regiments by convertinq your own leaders
using a basic model and lots of Milliput to add cloaks, extra
weapons, and unusual personal characteristics. i
\.) ,

-;a: /
2/, (4 ..

.)) .t
z.-'\ -'
I rye,
( (-\


) ,n. )',,' -,
'(._'- '')^)/,-l'


/ ,/./z o/

The lists that follow show you one way in which you can assemble
and paint a fantasy army. Each of the main creature types is dealt
with in turn.

Organisation Chaos Regiments may be of from 15-24 models for

most infantry, with monsters and other troops in
units of a convenient size.

Tactics With such a diversity of troops the Chaos general

may adapt his tactics freely as he sees fit. Most of
the troops are better than average fighters' which
favours a straight forward advance and attack.
Ample support can be obtained from any of the
monster types, either fighting alongside
conventional units or attacking already engaged
units in the rear.

Paintirtg Chaos troops wear black. Some individuals, however

can wear clothing of any colour, even garish
patterns or wierd and frightening pictoral scenes
can appear. Armour for the majority is black' but
can be coloured, may glow (flouescent paint) or
change colour from time to time. Alternatively
armour can be highly decorated with gems or
precious metal. With some Chaotic mutations
armour, clothing and flesh may become physically
intermixed so that armour takes on flesh tints whilst
flesh becomes metallic.

Chaos Beastmen are often pale grey with pink inside

ears, nostrils, and corners of their eyes. Weapons
can be any metallic colour, black, red or white.
Shields may be any colour, some can be metallic.


Organisation Mounted troops are organised inbo Regiments of J-0

men, with infantry in unils of 2O-24.

Tactics The main aim of the armies of the West is to get the
armoured Knights into battle as soon as possible - a
wild and disorganised charge usually results. More
learned tacticans prefer to hold back t.he cavalry
until the enemy have been softened up with bow
Painting Armour is steel - silver or steel paint with a thin
wash of black gives an excellent impression of steel
plate. Chain Mail is dark steel or black. Clothing
can be leather, reddish browns, black or red in
colour. Other clothing can be virlually any colour.
Weapons are of steel with natually coloured wooden
parts. Knights carry lances which can be coloured
or striped in any bright shadc. Shields and banners
follow strict heraldric patterns, these can be very
colourful indeed. Knights always wear their own
badge or arms, retainers often carry the same arms
on their shields, or else some simplified form of it.


Organisation The Samurai fight in impromtu units, re-organising

themselves f or each battle. Accordingly their
Regiments can vary from as few as 5 lo as many as
J0 men. Cavalry RegimenLs and monks are generally
organised in smaller units of between 5 and 10

Samurai are not great tacticians and favour a

straight forward advance with ample support from

missile and mounted units. Martial arts monks and
Oriental Heroes are very tough fighters indeed, and
always form the spearhead of any attack.

Painting Oriental armour is often laequered as protection

again the warm, damp tropical weather. Armour
treated in this way can be black, red or dark red.
Other armour can be black iron or steel. Clothing
for Samurai is often very elaborate, with a variety
of colourful shades such as red, blue, green and
yellow. Cloth can be patLerned or have f loral
designs. Non-Samurai will wear more unifotm
clothing of duller colours, white, off-white, dark-
red, blue or brown.

Shields often bear the badge or sign of the warrior

lord commanding the troops. Banners are oblong
shaped and taller than they are wide - typical
designs are shown. Colours can be anything, light
colours such as white, yellow and pale greens are
common, usually with black outline designs in
Oriental script or an abstract form.

Weapons may be highly engraved, inlaid or

lacquered. Wood is always Iacquered red or black,
sometimes both.


Organisation Easterners are organised into quite formal

Regiments, with a good permanent military
structure. Their units sizes are usually between 20
and f0 for infantry, with skirmishers operating in
smaller units of between 5 and 12 men. Cavalrv
Regiments vary between 10 and 20 men.

Tactics Easterners have so many different kinds of troops

available that their tactics may be varied from one
battle to another. Great use can be made of the
unarmoured horsemen, who are able to skirmish
against enemy formations whilst waiting to
penetrate their lines and attack from the rear.
Camels and Elephants have their place too.
Elephants make excellenb battering rams which can
be charged against solid blocks of enemy troops.
Elephants can be supponted by the Arab infantry,
whilst the Dervishers rush ahead to tie up the
advance enemy units.

Painting Easterners wear white or off-white clothing, with

turbans often of a uniform colour within a
Regiment. Some units may wear coloured rpoverty
patches', these are squarish patches of brightly
coloured cloth sewn on more or less at random over
the tunics and trousers. Armour is often worn
underneath the tunic, but where visible is steel,
oecasionally with bronze, copper or gold decoration.
Regimental officers and some other personalities
can wear black clothing, as do some of the desert

Weapons are of steel. Shields are generally of one

solid colour, sometimes with decorative tassles
made out of horse hair and dyed red. Spear shafts
and bows are natural wood colour. Banners will be
any solid eolour and usually carry either a single NORSEMEN
device in a contrasting colour, or else reams and
reams of text from the great sacred books of the The Norse organise themselves into local Regiments
great eastern sage Mullah Aklan'd. Elephants are a Gganisation
based around their villages and communities. Sizes
mid-grey colour. Britains Ltd., the well known toy can vary between l0 and J0 men. Cavalry, where
company, make several excellent plastic Elephant present, operate in smaller units of under 10 men.
models. These are really very good value for money The Norse Berserkers are a disorganised and drunken
at less than €,2 each. Howdas can be constructed bunch - they tend to get together before a battle
and fight in either one or two units.

Tactics Hack and slay. Norsemen fight best when committed

to a rapid attack and as much bloodshed as possible.

Paintirq Norsemen have skins bronzed by the Northern sun.

They are also a very healthy lot, which they claim is
due entirely to their high roughage diet and constant
exercise. Clothing is of a natural colour, commonly
browns or dull shades of red, blue or green. Bright
colours are considered effeminate. Hair colour can
be red, reddish brown or blond. Most northerners are
heavily bearded. Weapons and armour are steel,
shields can be natural wood or painted in some
strong colour. Shield emblems are often of a
strange intertwined animal style, or simple parti-
colour shield divisions.

Banners are usually red, and have either no device

or an animal motif. War-horns are carried by some

Norse ship models are diff icult lo obtain

commercially, as the only one available in plastic
seems to have disappeared from the shops.
Cardboard can be used to produce a workmanlike
model, dowelling and paper can be used to make
masts and sails whilst thin dowelling or plastic rod
makes passable oars.


Organisation Dwarfs are tribal - with numerous family sub-

groupings. In battle Regiments are formed from
family groups, or occasionally from certain
localities. A typical Regiment will be of 20 Dwarfs,
Guards units are more likely to be in Regiments of
I0 and Militia can be of any size. Mounted Dwarfs
will be in Regiments of 5.
Tactics Tactics usually consist of a steady advance covered
by supporting missile fire. In combat Dwarfs are
powerful, but the cavalry are less reliable and so are
usually reserved for protecting flanks and keeping
enemy cavalry at bay.

Paintirrg Dwarfs have wetl tanned and ruddy complextions,

often with reddish hair. Their clothing is varied,
they favour fairly bright colours and like ornate
patterns, or interwoven designs. Bright blues, greens
and reds predominate. Shields may be painted, red,
black and blue being popular, or overlaid with gold
or silver. Shield designs are often metallic,
sometimes even Mithril - whieh is a silver coloured
metal many more times valuable than gold.

Dwarf standards are likely to be great family

heirlooms and often very old. Banners can be of any
strong colour or even black, with the family badge
or motto enblazoned on it in Dwarf runes.

Organisation Dark Elves retain a constant vigil amongst their
dark wood-land paths and mountain passes. As a
consequence all Dark Elves belong to one of the
Regiments, although there is no uniformity of
equipment or clothing. A typical Regiment will be
of between l0 and 20 men, with mounted Regiments
of 5 men.
Tactics Dark Elves are mighty warriors - they are cruel and
strong with none of the reticent sophistieation or
moralising of the High Elves. In battle they form
well ordered ranks and attack against the weakest
part of the enemy army.

Paintirrg Armour and weapons are black iron, sometimes with

decorative metal work of steel or bronze. Clothing
is always dark, black, dark greens, blues or browns.
Dark Elves are paler of skin colour than any other
elf types, and their eyes may be red due to their
living away from direct sunlight. Standards and
penants are black, and may have ornate gold or
silver designs. Shields are ornate with gold and
silver engraving. Witch Elves have masses of
unkempt black hair, which they often dye or streak
with wild and insane colours.

Dark Elves have a universal battle cry in the High

Elven language. A

Organisation High Elves are by far the most sophisticated of the

Elves and their organisation tends to reflect this. In
. peace time the sole troops under arms are the
Guardsmen, organised into Regiments of 10 men. In
times of war the civilian population is drafted into a
number of the traditional but essentially amateur
fighting Regiments. The Leadership of these
Regiments is hereditary - but in no way reflects
military ability. Size varies between 5 and 20
models, cavalry Regiments are no larger than 12

Tactics Tactics vary, the High Elves are great theorists of

the military art but in practice they do best by a
quick advance and as much hacking and slaying as
possible. Delay can be disasterous, as the needless
and pointless manouevres which nearly resulted in
defeat at the Battle of the Burning Temple proved.
This battle was one of the many skirmishes fought
as part of the religious persecutions of Jeon
Staleord, the infamous evangelical Elf Lord.

Paintirg High Elves dress in very fine and expensive clothing

which can be of any colour, or richly embroidered.
Grey, white, blue and green are highly favoured, or
any bright colour. Regiments may have identically
coloured spear or lance penants and helmet plumes.

6 9 z 6R x5 \ "a1 1,
7v U^
JL $r, Weapons and armour will be bright silver, although
armour can be black. Shields are of uniform colours
O PO T U \^/ in Guard Regiments but can be assorted colours and
t72345 ? -n ta, .t P /rL ,6 devices in ordinary Regiments.
b-l 8q -t>
o ))i v oo High Elves carry elaborate standards similar to Sea
Elves - but more commonly in white or blaek with a
quasi-religious motive.


Organisation Sea Elves, like Wood Elvesr are permanently

organised into local patrol groups - which form the
basis for Regiments in war time. Regiments are
between 12 and 16 men in strength, cavalry between
5 and 10.

Tacties Sea Elves favour a slow advance, hopefully backed

up by archers and covered by cavalry. Because Sea
Elf armies are small they avoid remaining
stationary, so their enemies cannot gang up against

Painting Sea Elves dress in solidr but bright colours

especially blue, but also red, green and grey. They
wear steel armour and their weapons are of keen,
bright steel. Spear shafts and bows may be left
natural wood or painted in a regimental colour'
which will be reproduced in the helmet plumes and

Shields may be elaborately embossed or brightly

painted; blue predominating but also redr green, and
parti-coloured. Spears and lances have pennons in
the regimental colour and the Regimental Standard
will be very elaborate with intricate embroidery and
careful needle-work, all executed in the fastidious
manner of Elves.


Organisation All Wood Elves belong to one of the tribal troops

whose main peace time duties involve patrolling the
border lands and intercepting unwanted travellers'
itinerant merchants and beggers. In war these same
troops form the Regiments that make up the Wood
Elf armies. Infantry are organised into Regiments of
between 12 and 15 men, whilst horsemen usually
fight in Skirmish Order and in Regiments of between
5 and I0 men.

Tactics Wood Elves are great bowmen and usually f ight

delaying actions until they can pick off the most
threatening or least stable enemy troops. Once
engaged in combat the horsemen take up positions
on the flanks of the infantry or behind to fend off

Painting Wood Elves favour bright natural colours' although

they have no such things as uniforms in the strict
sense. Clothing is often greenr grey or natural
browns such as yellow ochre or tawny.

Weapons are usually left natural wood shades' with

bright steel blades, spear tips and armour. Arrows
are sometimes red and have white or grey flights.

Elven shields are occasionally covered in sheet

silver or gold, or else painted brightly with the
regimental emblem. Elvish standards are often
elaborately embroidered with gold and silver thread.


Organisation Nope! none at all. Giant.s are sometimes

encountered in families.

Tactics Not a hope. Giant.s like to blunder about causino as

much damage as possible.

Painting Giants are a similar colour Lo humans, they are

generally well tanned and hairy. Hair colour can be
anything, but a good layer of dirl usually tones down
light or bright colours. Clothing is usually plain, in
some earthy shade. Remember, Giants are not very
sanitary, so all clothing will be at least. grubby.
Bronze, iron and steel are all used for weapons and

Giant weapons and heads can be affixed using an

epoxy lype glue, super glue is O.K. but nol so good.
The large size of the Iarger giants gives the
modeller considerable scope for a special paint job.
Extra detailing can be put on using a very fine brush
or drawing pen and ink, for example scars, stitches
and tatoos. Because these castings are quite robust
a certain amount of conversion can be attempted,
arms can be carefully repositioned, or sacks and
other baggage can be added r_rsing modelling putty.


Organisation Gnomes are organised into family groups in a similar

way to Dwarfs. Typical unit sizes are between l0
and 20 men, with Cavalry and unarmoured troops in
smaller units of between 5 and 10.
Taetics Gnomes are underground dwellers and fight many of
their battles in cave systems and tunnels. In the
open they prefer to find a good defendable position
and hold it, supported by crossbows and other
missile fire. They are quite prepared to advance and
fight once the enemy has become discouraged.
Painting Gnomes are a very dark skin shade, their hair may
be blaek or occasionally fair or red. Armour and
weapons are steel, sometimes ornamented with gold
or other precious metals. Shields may be any strong
bright colour or blaek, usually with a family devic6
in cgntrasting colour. The same device mav be
repeated on clothing and banners.


Organisation Tribal organisation prevails; with local Chiefs

leading individual Regiments. Regiments can be of
any size, but 20 is usual.

Goblin Rider Regiments are of between 5 and 10


Tactics Cavalry operate as outriders, foraging and scouting;

and in battle advance to secure important positions,
cover the infantry and generally make a nuisance of

Lesser Goblins are not hardy warriors, but are useful

scouts and cannon fodder. Their small size make
them handy for assaulting houses and tunnels.

Paintirg Great Goblins are a ruddy-flesh colour, although this

varies from tribe to tribe. Some tribes practice
tatooing or the application of white or red warpaint,
usually in stripes over the face and arms. This helps
identification of Regiments in battle.
Clothing tends to be dull, black, brown or dark red.
Weapons are steel, armour can be steel or black iron
and helmets are steel or bronze.

Shields can be quite elaborate with carefully painted

tribal motives - white, black, red and blue being
popular colours.

Organisation Red Goblins are relatively tough f ighters for
Goblins. They operate in Regiments of 20 men.
Red Goblin Wolf Riders are organised into small
Regiments of 5 troopers in Skirmish Order - usually
armed with bows.

Tactics Red Goblins are great exponents of 'hit and run'

taotics. The Wolf Riders ride up to within bow range
of their enemy, fire their arrows and retire out of
charge reach. Once the main forces of the Goblin
Infanbry are engaged the Wolf Riders ride round the
enemy and attack them in the back.

Painting Red Goblins are a deep, red-brown colour. Their

clothes t.end to be black or brown or sometirnes red,
with little actual uniformity. Shields and weapons
are usually black, and even mail armour can be
black or very dark grey. Each Regiment has its own
shield pattern, standard and war-cry. Shields and
standards ofLen portray runic inscriptions in the
base Goblin tongue, and generally consist of obscene
anecdotes about the personal habits of Dwarfs. War-
cries follow the same general pattern.
Wolves are usually blaek, although some can be
brown or grey and Leaders can ride white or even
albino wolves.


Organisation Night Goblins are not really qreat warriors. In fact

Night Goblin commanders spend most of their time
watching their troops exercise a series of routs,
retneats and Eactical withdrawals. To make up for
their shortcomings Night Goblins are organised into
large Regiments of l0 on more troops - sometimes
with I0 extra bowmen in Skirmish order.
Night Goblin cavalry are less effeetive than Red
Goblins, but can still cause much damage atLacking
engaged enemy in the rearl advancing rapidly to
cover key points and protecting the sides and rear of
foot Regiments. Regiments consist of between 5 and
8 men.

Tactics Night Goblins have no real idea of tactics. Their

only role on the battlefield is to die in droves, this
they invariably accomplish.
The most effective ploy practiced by Night Goblins
is !o mob the enemy with as many ttoops as possible
as soon as they can. Lesser Night Goblins make
useful support troops, being cheap to equip with
bows and shields.

Painting Night Goblins are a pale, greenish flesh colour. They

wear black or brown clothes, with the occasional
qreen or red cloak or hood. Weapons are usually
black or wood painted red. Most metal is black iron,
with a little brass used for small items such as belt
buckles or ear-rings.

Like Red Goblins each Regiment has its own shield

pattern, standard and war-cry. Shields and standards
often portray runic inscriptions in the base Goblin
tongue or tribal motives, such as rats, eyes, or
abstract designs. War-cries tend to lack conviction.


Organisation Halflings dislike organisation of any kind. They like

food, however, and military administration is
dictated by the numbers of Halflings that can be
easily fed at one time. Regiments are of between 20
and l0 individuals with mounted Regiments in 5's.

Tactics No Halfling has ever thought about t,actics in his

life. Military campaigns generally revolve around
important stategic positions, such as graneries,
bakeries and ale houses. On the battlefield Halflings
try to oecupy buildings and then stay in them - using
the upper stories as missile platforms.

Painting Halflings are very fond of colours that, they describe

as rbright and cheerful'. Garish greens and yellows
are common, with blues and browns also appearing -
sometimes on the same garment. Blacks, dark
browns and reds are hardly ever used. There are no
uniforms at all, even amongst the Marshals - so a
Half ling Regiment will present a eolourful and
varied appearance. Shields are usually plain wood or
painted, weapons and armour are generally steel.


Organisation Hobgoglins are powerful fighters and they prefer a

smaller unit size to give then more tactical
mobility. I0 to 20 men is usual.

Tactics The Hobgoblins are best employed in a close combat

role, in this way they can make good use of their
high Toughness. They are subject to Frenzy,
because they also hate just about everybody
Hobgoblins are diff icult to control. This makes
tactics largely a question of initial placing - don't
expect too much eommon sense from a Frenzied

Painting Hobgoblins are a deep yellowish brown colour, their

hair is black. Hobgoblin armour is.black, with bronze
decoration. Favoured colours for clothing are all
dark shades of brown, green and red. Shields can any
colour with black the most common. Weapons can be
either natural wood or black iron.


Organisation Lizardmen have no formal organisation - although

local Chieftains may retain a loyal bodyguard with a
fixed number of troopers. Normally a Regiment will
have anywhere from l0 to l0 members. Cold Ones
are rare and so are used mostly in small units or
even on their own or in pairs. Troglodytes usually
have smaller Regiments.

Tactics As Lizardmen fight mostly underground or at night,

their tactical methods tend to be a bit specialised.
On the surface they prefer to sneak up as close to
the enemy as possible without being spotted, launch
a deluge of missiles, and charge in to atback.
Troglodytes are a bit too stupid lo attempt any
fancy tactical manoeuvres, so their most effective
approach is to get into combat as soon as possible.
Because Lizardmen are immune to Psychological
effects, and even some magic, they are especially
good at dealing with large or magical creatures,
which would normally cause Fear or Terror.

Painting Lizardmen can be almost any colour, but green is by

far lhe most common. Clothing and armour will be
dark, but again can be of any colour. Lizardmen
often have designs or emblems tatooed or painted on
to their skin. Rich or powerful Lizardmen can have
gem stones or precious metals studded on to their
tough hide, making them look very spectacular.
Weapons can be steel or bronze, armour iron, steel
or bronze.

Organisation Orcs are powerful fighters, Regiments are usually of
between 15 and 20 men. Riding Wyverns are banded
into small Regiments of up to 5 men.

Tactics Orcs prefer frontal assault to subtle manoeuvring.

They make great use of the Wyvern by engaging an
enemy Regiment frontally and simultaneously
attacking from the air.
Paintirrg Orcs are a deep olive brown or dull green colour.
Their clothing is usually of any dull shade such as
grey, brown or red. Guard Regiments wear red.

Weapons and armour canbe steel or brass, mail

armour would usually be steel but brass is
sometimes used.

Shields and standards are often heavy with embossed

metal. Orcs love making their own standards out of
those captured from their enemy, or even from
captured enemy themselves! Obviously this means
that a successful Orc Regiment could have a huge
standard, maybe even needing two Orcs to carry it.
Orcs have loud voices and typically loud and vulgar
For example - rWaaarrthe Orcs Oi! Oi! Oi!'


Gganisation Slann Empire soldiers are organised into fightinq

units of 20 men. Slave Warriors are used in
Regiments of 20 or more troops with Slann Slave
Leaders. Tribal troops are not organised into any
formal units, but on the battlef ield may form
Regiments of from 5 to J0 men.

Tactics Slann tactics are highly ritualised, at the beginning

of a battle the Slann warriors line up and advance
upon their foes. Often Slann may commit
themselves to battle without even an attempt to
cover their flanks, a role which could be amply
filled by the tribal troops.
Paintirrg Slann are green, blue, grey or sometimes yellow in
colour. Their skin may carry black or dark red
mottling or broken stripes, to some extent these are
dictated by the area the Slann come from, and some
skin colours have a limited geographic distribution.
Tribesmen, especially Braves, often wear not only
ritual or tribal tatoos, but also war paint,. Colours
vary and are traditional within each tribe -lights
blues, reds and white are common pigment types.
Slann armour is made from sea-shells and gold,
tribesmen wear animal skins which can be any
lightish brown colour. Decoration can be any vivid
colour with a predominance of Iight blues, red and
light green. AII wood is painted. Blow-pipes are
often black.
Slave warriors are humans, but tend to assume a
white and palid skin colour, clothing is simple white
or off white fabric. Slave warriors may be tatooed
to show ownership, in which case each warrior
within a Regiment will bare the same tatoo.


Organisation Regiments of Undead can be organised into

conveniently sized units, either of I0 or 20. All
Undead are quite powerful and so there is no need to
employ large Regiments. Cavalry are more usefully
employed in units of 5.

Tactics The Undead may not be quite as coherant as they

were whilst alive, and so tactics tend to be simple.
The problems with Instability make night the ideal
time to launch attacks, when the Undead are most
Paintirlg Undead assume sickly and palid colours. Bones can
be off white or any shade through to brown, they
may be stained with blood. Zombies look good with
lots of blood trickles and a good deal of dirt.
Spectres, Wraithes and similar etherial spirits can
be shadowy black or a whispy grey- try and achieve
a flourescent effect. Eyes can be white, yellow,
light green or bright red. Magical creatures often
have runes on cloaks or clothing. I
Shields and armour will be battered and dirty.
Shields too can be in poor state of repair, and may
have embedded arrows or spears. The Undead
battlecry takes the form of a deathly rattle rising
above the massed ranks of the undead as
inarticulate wizened throats imitate the actions of
once living vocal organs.
As Regiments fight battle after battle they can gain a reputation The band disappeared into the Bad Lands, and little was heard from
far beyond the expecbations of their commanders. The following them during the following years. Rumours from the south told of
are examples of f amous Regiments that have graced the the ravages of Bugmants Rangers, of cunning ambushes, of deadly
battlefields of the world. Long may their memory be honoured! Any nocturnal raids and the consternation of the Goblins.
of these units may be incorporated into an appropriate army.
Eventually, wounded and deathly exhausted, Bugman and his now
pitifully small band returned to their homes,only to fight their last
BUGMAhTS DWARF RANGERS battle defending Bugmanrs Brewery from the advancing armies of
the Goblins. Joseph Bugman's body was never found, ib is generally
Joseph Bugman was possibly the most famous Dwarf master brewer assumed that he died along with every other member of his
of all time. The brewing communiLy of Bugman's Brewery, in fact a Regiment and their families.
small lown, had been founded in ages past by the great Samuel
Bugman, Joseph's long-dead grandfather. By the time of the Goblin
Wars Joseph was a prosperous and wealthy brewing merchant, and a
reasonably passive and contenLed Dwarf. His small community lay Armament. Double-handed axe, hand axe, shorl sword and
well off the beaten track, away from the worst excesses of the crossbow.
fighting, and Joseph felt no inclination to meddle in what seemed.
Eo him to be a domestic quarrel. After all rBrass was Brasst, and Dress Sturdy brewers buff coats, heavy earth coloured
Bugmanrs Bitter sold well to Goblins and Dwarfs alike.
rough weather cloaks, buck-skin breeches and heavy
boots. Mail armour is worn underneath the buff coat.
Joseph found himself unexpectedly involved in the war when a
convoy transporting Bugmans Best Bitter into the Troll Country Shield The shield design illustrated is that of the Bugman
was attacked by a rampaging Goblin band. Every last Dwarf was family.
slain, including Samuels only son Bono. The news came as a
terrible blow to the old Dwarf , who instantly swore Battlecry rMhinz Abeirr - shouted by half the company, to which
uncompromising revenge upon the Goblins for this foul deed of -
theft and murder. Without hesitation Joseph took up his sword and the rest reply 'Zryor Rondr - Dwarvish, translation
his armour and gathered a small band of his workers - all of whom
had lost relatives or friends in the massacre.
Leader Samuel Bugman. Profile is as for a Major Dwarf
Hero. Leadership factor 5.


The island outpost of Fyrus seemed a good plaee for the monks of
the holy order of Saint Origo to build a monastery. True - Fyrus did
lie but a dozen miles from the coasts of Araby, it was the birth
place of the revered Mullah Aklanrd and its harbours did control the
main east-west trade routel but the Brothers of the Holy Order of
Saint Origo decided Fyrus would make an ideal place to rest and
meditate. They started by kicking out all of the natives and
building a huge f ortress. This they decided to call the 'Holy
Monastery of the Divine Origor.

When the good brothers found their prayer disturbed by Arabian

pirates and the continued complaints of the disinherited they
reacted in the only way they knew how. They built fleets, wiped
the waterways clean of eastern ships, and fired every Arabian port
within a hundred miles. For the purposes of the erusade the Grand
Master of the Order designed the special uniform and banner which
is illustrated here.

The Knights returned to a life of peace and conLemplation,

disturbed only by annual excursions burning, looting and destroying
all along the coasts of heathendom. After a few years they were
shaken from their solitude by vast armies of Easterners, who lay
seige to, and eventually destroyed, the monastery. Many of the
Knights were slain but a eompany eseaped, and led by ihe Grand
Master of the order, Sir John Tyrweld, the Order reformed in the

From then on the company crusaded extensively against the

enemies , of all right thinking folk and gained a eonsiderable
reputaLion from their enemies. Amongst the Goblins they became
renowned as 'The Frothers', whilst the Easterners dubbed Sir John
'The Foaming Oner.

Armament. Sword and Knife, known as the Heathen Dispatcher . Grom was killed in t.he first onslaught on the Dwarf fortress of the
Middenheim and his guards were exterminated at, the final battle of
Dress Mail armour, great helm and surcoat. The surcoat of the war at Mad Dog Pass.
this particular order is red, which symbolises the
blood that was shed that others miqht go on - Armament. Sword
specifically the blood of their enemies. Note the
badge of the order worn over the right breast. Dress Leather jerkin and trousers, with mail coal and heavy
iron helmet.
Shield The badge of the order is placed upon Bhe rheater'
shield. Shield Assorted shield patterns prevail.

Battlecry Peace and Justice. Battlecry 'Yaaaghhhruuuuuugh' - Goblins are not known for
their eloquence.
Leader Sir John Tyrweld, he has [he same profile as a Mighty
Hero. Leadership 6. 'Leader Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain. Leadership 4.
Grom has the attribut,es of a Major Night Goblin
Mte All of the Knights are subject to FRENZY, never Hero, except that his layers of fat give him a
take morale tests and add I to all Fear and Terror Toughness of D and 4 Wounds. Leadership 4.
throws. They HATE all non-westerners. In Frenzy
they disregard Ehe normal requirement to discard


t4328Ltl IO 43328731


Grom initiated the Goblin Wars when he slew Wulfrun Willowhand, During the spring of his Iast year Kraal the Hearteater galhered
King of the Northern Dwarfs, in a drunken brawl. The cause of the about him all the young men of his immediate family. Spells were
dispute is not recorded, although the relative merits of Old Samts cast, bloody sacrifices were made, and, at last, the young elven
Brown and Bugmants Best may hrrve been responsible. Grom led warriors were initiated into their family cult. At the completion of
the armies of the Goblins in some of their most notable victories, the ceremony Kraal banished all of the young elves, expelled them
for a Goblin he was a fine tactician and soldier. He was not a pure from the forest and forbade them to reLurn until each had slain a
bred Goblin but of mixed ancestory and presented the appearance human warrion, or died in the attempt. This was lhe way of the
almost of an espeeially ugly Ogre. He was known as 'The Paunch of Dark Elves of Kraal's family.
Misty Mountainrbecause he was so fat.
Mengil, son of old Kraal, had never before stnayed from the dank,
Grom selected his guard fron' the dregs of Goblin society - the leafy confines of his forest home. He soon acclimatised to his new
outcasts; creatures who were half Goblin and half Orc. These social role, however, and discovered that he liked the maraudinq
guards were especially large and vicious. Their armour was life so much that he decided against neturning to his fatherrs people
scavenged from the early baLtlefields of the war, and their and set out on a life of banditry and mayhern. His first victim was
weaponry was forged at the Dwanf smithy of Zhuf Field after its a huge Norse champion. His skin Mr:rrrlil fashioned into a cloak,
fall to Gromrs armies.

establishing bot.h the mode of dress of his followers and his full As you can see The Black Mountain Boys don't go in much for fine
name - Mengil Manhide. clothing or fancy gear. They have quite an extensive collection of
armour and weapons looted from travellers, including sturdy bows
Mengil's followers caused considerable disruption around the as well as heavy iron hooked cleavers called Dwarf Ticklers, an
farmlands and homesteads of the west. invention of Harbothts of which he is justly proud.

After the Goblin wars the Bad Lands were gradually cleaned up by
Armament. Long sword, knife and crossbow. the Dwarfs. Harboth and his gang were forced to take to their
heels. It is rumoured that Harboth spent his declining years cattle
Dress Black tunic and breeches with light leather boots, rustling in the deep soulh.
elegantly shaped. Over the tunic the elves wear a
coat of scale armour belted round the waist. Over Armament. Dwarf Tiekler, knives and clubs.
their shoulders each warrior wears the mark of his
company, a man-hide. Dress Ragged tunics and breeches, all clothing is very dirty
with a qenerally cast off appearance. A light Mail
Shield The device of Mengil is enscribed upon each warriors jerkin is worn underneath the other rags.
Shield Assorted emblems prevail - often of an offensive or
Battlecry None - the Regiment prefers sneaking up quiet.ly in insulting nature.
the middle of the night.
Battlecry Harbot.h's favoured expression is 'Pulp the Stunt.ies'.
Leader Mengil is a Mighty Dark Elf Hero.
Leader Harboth has t,he prof ile of a Mighty Orc Hero.
Leadership factor 4.

r:v. l.e-u,+'
22,,'\r+ 1f-

M WsBs S T W I A

4442 Br 5 ll


The Black Fire Pass is the only route over the Black Mountains, and
for years t,he mountain and the pass were by and large impassable It was the talented and fanatical wizard Mullah Aklan'd who first
due to the presence of a large Orc settlement. This dirty and led the Men of the East against the Elven lands. within his lifetime
squalid township consisted of several dozen wooden shacks, a large t,he Mullah had reduced the Elven nations to a few pockets of
but unslable saloon and hundreds of mean, greedy, low-down Orcs. isolated resistance, and taken control of all of their old trade
routes. It was at this time that the Sea Elves undertook many of
The town was nun by Harboth, an Orc of great size and stnength. lheir great journeys across the western seas.
Hanboth's mates used to spend most of their time in the saloon,
sheltering from the almost non-stop rain which is an every day Aklantd may have been insane, many claimed as much, most of
phenomenon along the slopes of the Black Mountains. They would them died horribly. His brand of religio-magic was based upon the
take turns manning the toll gates and Eorturing travellers. old religions of the desert tribes, modified to accord more closely
Occasionally there would be a fight as some indignant Halfling or with his own distorted view of the world.
Dwarf tried to defend himself - but not. oflen.

His most dedicted followers were the Aklan'd Death Commandos. THE BOWMEN OF OREON
This elite Regiment was formed from the most devoted of the
young desert warriors, men willing to die, and in dying gloriously All Wood Elves are noted for their skills with the bow. From
pass into the highest of the 7 Heavens, known as Stroec. amongst his falherrs people Prince Oreon chose the very best
archers and woodsmen and assembled this famous Elven Regiment.
The successors of the Mullah mainlained the glorious tradition of With his company Oreon left his homeland and joined the crusading
the DeaLh Commandos, always choosing lhe finest equipment, for armies of the Elven lord Sbaloerd. He fought with distinction at the
them and always placing them at the forefront of battle. assualt upon the Necromantic fortress of the evil Wizard Dornbast,
and eventually returned home after the destruction of Dornbast's
Armament. Scimitar and dagger. Goblin armies. It was in hand-to-hand combat with the
Necromancer himself lhat Oreon lost an eye.
Dress Mail armour and helmet. The long coat, is made up of
thick padded material and can be worn either Oreon's company wear the traditional hunting qreen of Wood Elves,
underneath or over the armour. It is blue. with full capes and hoods. In addition to his bow each warrior
carries a shield, sword, long knife, and two quivers. The company
Shield The Death Commandos wear the badqe of the Mullah. proved more than willing to get stuck inrand after their return to
the Greenwoods formed the basis of their defence.
Battlecry Purity through death.
Oreon himself grew sullen over the years and took to broodinq over
Leader Originally the Mullah himself, but af terwards a the loss of his eye and vitality, a result of the wound, inflicteJ as it
Captain of the Guard with the same profile as a was by a potent and evil magical weapon. One day he left his home
Hero. Leadershio 4. and was never seen again, it is said that he went in search of his
lost eye. The Eale is told at some length in the popular lay known as
lrbte The Death Commandos are subject [o Frenzy, but do Oreon's Folly .
not have to discard armour whilst Frenzied. They
HATE men of the west. Death Commandos add I to
all Morale, Fear and Terror dice. Armament. Long sword, knife, elf bow and two quivers.
Dress Green tunic and breeches with weather stained green
cloak and hood. Long leather boots are worn with
turned down toos.

Shield The bowmen of Oreon adopted the device illustrated

for their shields.
Battlecry 'Oreon! - Oreon! take the high groundr
Leader Oreon himself wears a similar uniform to his men,
but in a more elaborate cut. He has the same profile
as a Mighty Wood Elf Hero. Leadership 5.


rvl WsBs A M WsBsS T W I A

43t28131 t0 4+4 5 2 B r 6 1 I3


The wars between the Goblins and Dwarfs had just begun when Dress Rutdroggs have long tunics down to the knee' with
Golgfag and his Ogre band emerged out of the nor[hern darkness. heavy breeches and boots. Over their tunics they
Golgfag was the chief of the Rutdroqg clan, and he saw the wear mail armour, and over their backs they have
impending war as a good opportunity to gather loot and fresh meat. Iong furry cloaks. Their skin coloration is swarthy'
The Rutdroggs shambled out of their mountain homes and straight with longish black or grey hair.
into the employ of Boqdan Legbreak, the chief of the Goblins of
the norbhern Misty Mountains. Shield Each Ogre carries a large round shield, this is
strapped to his back in combat so as to enable him to
Aften a limited period of service Golgfag had t.aken part in several swing the mighty war mace.
early actions of the war. The Rutdroggs proved themselves to be
excellent troops, if somewhat undisciplined. One nighl afler an Battlecry The Ogre language in bestial in the extreme, and not
especially long and intense drinking bout Glogfag and Bogdan, who easily translated. A phonetic transcription would be
had never liked each other anyway, fell bo arguing. Within moments something like, 'Gruugh aghhhhh aghhhh waaaaaa.'
the whole Regiment was up and blood was flowing freely. By Experts claim to recognise some elements and offer
morning Golgfag's Regiment had fought its way out of the Goblin the following broken translation. tRemove yourselves
compound and taken to the woods. He soon found employ againt from your currenb physical location, failure to
however, this time fighting for the Dwarfs against his former comply with our request could result in severe
allies. In this capacily he Ied a Dwarf party into the Goblinrs physical discomforL of a kind which could seriously
stronghold and slew Bogdan in a bitter fight. He later established curtail your social life.'
himself as one of the most adventurous leaders of the war and
collected a gneat deal of gold, Ioot and captives before reLurning to Leader Golgfag has a profile as given below. His Leadership
the frozen north. value is 5.




) fr

. F--\_

< /---.1



This section of the rules is intended to allow you to easily roll up
interesting Heroes, Wizards and their companions to order.

If you require a Hero and Wizard for an army which is being

assembled on a points value basis, you may also use the charts to
create a character with randomly determined Attributes,
followers, magieal equipment etc, having first paid the appropriate
number of points to be allowed to roll him up. This will give you a
different character every time, and whether you get good value for
points cost will be entirely in the hands of Goethi and spaanal the
Gods of Chance. For competitive battles where evenly matched
forces are imperative, the standard charaeters given in the main
lists should be used.
In random encounters you may dice for the might of the
encountered Hero or Wizard as follows:- throw a DIO

Ir2r3r4r516 Minor Hero lrzrJ14 Novice
7 r8r9 Hero 5r6rj Acolyte
0 Mighty Hero 8,9 Adept
0 Mage



Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero

Weapon Skill D6+? D4+4 D4+6
Bow Skill D6 2D4 DB
Strength 2 DT+l D2+I Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero
Toughness B D2+1 DZ+l
Wounds D3 D4 D4+l Primary Skill
Initiative D5+1 2D6+I lD+l if Bow D6+4 D4+6 D2+8
Attacks D2 D3 D2+1 if Sword D6+2 D4+4 D4+6
Secondary Skill D6 ?D4 DIO
Magic Weapons 100/6 25% 45Vo Strength ? D2+l D?+I
Other Magic 5%(D2) 10%(Dt) Z5oh(D4) Touqhness B D2+I D2+l
Wounds Dz D' D4
Followers 29o/o tO% 51o/o Initiative Dg 2D8 lD8
(andnumber) D6 2D6 2Dl0 Attacks Dz D' D4
Fantastic Mount z%o 5o/o l0% Magic Weapons L5o/o 31o/o 5Ao/o
Other Magie 10%(Dl) 20%(D4) 40%(D6)
Points Value 16 29 62
Followers 100/6 20% 4A%
(and number) D4 D5 D8
:vlighty Heroes will always have the best possible equipment for a
prestigious person of their race, including a horse if appropriate. Fantastic Mount 5o/o 10% 20%
f,ther Heroes may spend up to half of their own points Value on Points Value 15 30 68
Throw a D5 to determine the Elf Heroes Primary Weapon Skill
If the Hero is not mount,ed, then neither will be any of his
followers. Followers will usually be the same na[ionality as their rr2r3r4 BOW
ieader. 5,6 swoRD


Minor Hero Hero Mighty Hero

Weapon Skill D6+2 D4+4 D4+6
tsow-Skill D4 D6 D6
Strength D2+l t 3
Toughness B D2+I Dl+l
Wounds D4 D4+1 D4+2
Initiative D4+1 ?D4+I 2D4+2
Attacks D2 Dl D2+l
Magic Weapon IOo/o 25% 5oo/o
OtherMagic 5Vo (D2) (D])
10o/o I|o/R (D4)

Followers 2lo/o SOoh 5lo/o

(number of) D10 2DI0 lD10
Fantastie Mount No No No

Points Value 15 t9 65

Dwarf magic weapons will always take the shape of hammers or

axes. Dwarfs whose Will Power makes them MAGICALLY IMMUNE
rvill not have magical items or Wizards for followers, but will add
one to all dice throws, sometimes producing Mega-Heroes who go
beyond normal racial limit,ations.


Novice Acolyte Adept Mage

Novice Acolyte Adept Mage

Weapon SkillD5 DB D8+l D8+2

Weapon Skill D6 DB D8+l D8+2 Bow Skill D4 D6 D5+1 D6+2
Bow Skilt D4 D6 D6+l D6+2 StrengthZZD2+1 DZ+l
Strength 2 ? D2+1 D2+I ToughnessBBBD2+l
Toughness B B B ZD+I Wounds I DZ Dt D4
Wounds I DZ+l D3+I D3+2 Initiative D4+5 D6+4 D8+5 DI0+6
Initiative D4+1 D6+I D8+l D10+1 Attacks I DZ Dt D4
Attacks 1 1 D2 D3

Mastery L 34 MasteryI2S4
Constitution 6+D6
8+D12 10+Dl2+D6 12+2DI2
Constitution 6+D6 8+D12 I0+DI2+D6 I2+2DL2

Magical Weapon 100/6 l5Vo 25oh 35%

Magical Weapons 596 10% Zloh SOVo
Other Magic 157o (Dl) 25oh (D4) 45%(D6) 65%
Other Maqic 10o/o (Dl) ZOVo (D4) 40vo (D6) 600/0 (D8)
Special Staff 5Vo 70o/o tlo/o 45o/o
Special Staff 5%, 10% SAah 45o/o

Followers 0 ZBVo tO%

(number 0
D3 D5 DlO
(number 0 0 D4 DB

Fantastic Moun[ A 5o/o IOo/o L5o/o

Fantastic Mount 5% LOVo 2lo/o

Points Value 108 312 5t7 736

Points Values Il1 311 515 7t7

All Wizards have D4 spells at their Mastery Level and 2D4 of levels
below. They will be carrying D4 philtres for each spell they know
that requires them, with a l0o/o chance of instead having the
appropriate Amulet instead. They will have one each of all required
Talismans. There is a 50% chance of Amulets and Talismans having
been incorporaled into any magical weaponry to make a single
enchanted artifact.


Novice Acolyte Adept Mage

Weapon Skill D5 D8 D8+1 D8+2

Bow Skill D] D4 D4+l D4+7
Strength 2 D2+L D2+I t
Toughness D2+l D2+1 Dl+1 D2+2
Wounds D2 Df +1 D4+l D4+2
Initiative D4 2D4 2D4+7 2D4+2
Attacks I I D2 D3

Mastery I 2 34
Constitution 4+D6 5+DI? 6+DL2+D6 6+2D12

Magic Weapon 10% E% SOVo 4lo/o

Other Magic 5Vo (L) I|vo (DZ) 35% (D4) 55o/o
Special Staff 0 5Vo IOo/o 30o/o

Followers 0 10% 25o/o 4\o/o

(numberof) 0 D6 2D6 3D6

Fantastic Mount No No No No

Points Value I09 3IL 52L 754

Dwarfs do not lean naturally towards magic, and wizards are quite
rare amongst them. If a player wishes to add a wizard to his Dwarf HEROS FO-LOWERS
army, he must throw a D5:-
I. MfN
I,2,t Roll Dwarf Heroes instead to the
same Points Value To generate the followers of a Human Hero throw IDI00
4r516 Gets the wizard
0I-80 Man-at-Arms*
Dwarf wizards always carry a hammer, if they have an enchanted 81-85 Wizard - Throw for MasterY
weapon it will be the hammer, and all Amulets and Talimans will
be incorporated into it, magical or not. Follower of:- MinorHero I
Hero Dz
Mighty Hero Df
85-90 Elf/Orc
9I-95 Dwarf/Ogre
96-0C Creature
FANTASTTC MOt.hITS *l-0o/o of the Men-at-Arms of Mighty Heroes will themselves be
Throw a DIO:-
Neutral/Evil Heroes & Wizards Good Heroes & Wizards
To genenate the followers of an Elf Hero throw lDl00
I Giant Wolf Warhorse 01-80 Elves*
2 Cen[aur Centaur 81-90 Wizard - Throw for Mastery
I Griffon Hippogrif f
4 Griff on Griffon Follower ofl- Minor Hero 1

5 Wyvern Wyvern
Hero Dz
Mighty Hero Dl
5 Manticore Manticore 9L-00 Creature
7 Chimera Unieorn
8 WIZARD - Palanquin WIZARD -Palanguin
*l[Jolo of the Elves following a Mighty Elf hero will themselves be
HERO - Flightless Riding Reptile HERO -Unicorn Heroes.
9 Flying Riding Reptile Pegasus
]. i)WAP.FS
10 Chaos Spawn riding beast Peqasus
To gerrt:nate lhe followers of a Dwarf Hero thnow D100
If you roll up a Chaos riding beast genenate the creature randomly
using the Realm of Chaos supplemenl. A Palanquin is a naised 0l-97 Dwarfs
platform or chair held aloft by bearers, you can improvise one 9ll-00 Wizard - Throw for MasterY
using 4 models of appropriate type as bearers and an oblong piece
of card. Place the bearers at the corners and the Wizard on the Follower of:- MinorHero I
platform itself. It is usual for the bearers to be fairly huge and Hero Dz
genenally stupid monsters such as Ogres or Hobgoblins. Miqtrty Hero Df
Any Hero or Wizard can elect to throw for a chariot - you have a *10o/o o f the Dwarf s f ollowing a Mighly Dwarf Hero ''vill
I0o/o chanee. The chariot will be drawn by a brace of whichever tlrernselves be Heroes.
monster you role up as a mount.

I. MEN By far lhe most popular of all Wizardsr Personal Talismans is the
Staff. The Staff is very much the symbol of the magician and
To generate the followers of a Human Wizard throw f D100 Wizards often grow very fond of their Staffs. Often it will be
enchanted in other ways and may include further Talismans and
01-10 Man-at-Arms enchanted items as part of its design.
)L-45 Lesser Hero
46-60 Novice If a Wizard is found to have a Special Talisman Staff all Amulets
6l-75 Elf/Orc and Talismans he is carrying have a 5oo/o chance of being
76-90 Dwarf/Ogre incorporated into the staff. A Special Talisman Staff also has the
9l-00 Creature following additional powers:-
2. ELVES ARCANE ROD 207o Chance
VENOM STAFF 20olo Chance
To generate the followers of an Elf Wizard throw a D100 RUNE STAFF J0olo Chance
NIOBES TORCH l0o/o Chance
01-40 Elf PRECIOUS STAFF 10o/o Chance
4l-50 Minor Elven Hero
61-85 Novice PRECIOUS STAFFS are made of rare metals, gem encrusted or of
85-00 Cneature great artistic beauty, such as to make them worth D5 x D5 x 100
If the Wizard is found to have both an enchanted weapon and a
To generate the followers of a Dwarf Wizard throw a D100 special staff then, in fact, the enchanted weapon will also be his
personal talisman, and throws will be made for additional powers
01-80 Dwarf for it, as if it were a Special Talisman Staff.
8l-90 Minor Dwarf Hero
91-00 Novice If none of the extra benefits are found to be present, then the
Games Master should determine some useful or unusual minor
power for the staff.
To generale creatures as followers for your Heroes and Wizards
roll a D100, creatures generated in this way are far too wild to be Players may wish to retain favourite characters from game to
ridden but have a sense of dog-like loyalty which allows them to be game, perhaps continuing their earlier adventures and exploits. This
commanded and prevents them from attacking friends.
will also save time rolling up a new character for every game.
Players may keep any character who survives a wargame,
characlers who are killed during the game may not be used again.
DieeRoll Evil/Neutral Good The character may retain any magical weapons or equipment lhat
he pillages, and make use of them in games that follow. All wounds
0-10 Ogre -Eagle
and other hurts are considered healed in between games.
11-20 Centaur Centaur
2L-3O Minotaur Winged Serpent Experienced Games Masters may wish to allow characters to
tL-44 Troll Winged Panther advance and become more powerful as they acquire additional
experience and fame. The experience points system of Warhammer
41-50 Wyvern Wyvern can be used as the basis for !his.
5I-50 Chimera Hippogriff
6I-70 Griffon Griffon
71-80 Manticore Manticore
8l-85 Giant Giant
85-90 Harpy Treeman
9L-95 Giant Creature - D6 Were-Boar
I Frog
2 Rat
3 Spider
4 Seorpion
5,5 Wolf
96-00 Werecreature - D6 Were-Bear
I Tiger
2,3 Rat
4.5 Wolf

TEXT Richard Priestley & Bryan Ansell

BOX ART John Blanch
Vol f:- Cover Art:- John Blanche, Interior lllustrations:- John Blanche and Tony

Eastern magicians are famed for their deep understanding of the A rope has I wound point per foot of length. The lengLh can be
magical world. Some special items, which may be used by such determined as D5 +2'.
magicians, are included here. An eastern Wizard with a Men of the
East Battalion may have any of these items, paying the points cost Ropes may fight in combat. They may be struck with normal
as indicated. weapons at normal effect, they have a 41516 D5 saving lhrow
against each wound caused. They may be attacked with fire or fire
Magic Carpets. Eastern magicians may have access to magic based weapons at full effect with no save. Ropes are immune to all
carpets. Such a carpet will be about Srby 6', and will provide a psychological effeets, and do not suffer 'to hit'penalties when thev
stable platform over its entire surface. The carpet can be take wounds. Ropes are invulnerable to normal missile fire.
commanded only by its owner
A rope may tie itself into knots forming bonds or similar, this takes
A magic carpet has a Willpower of I0. To gain command over a move phase. A rope may pick up and wield any weapon, and
carpet a magician must contest for mastery. To do this roll a D5 .lbenefits
from appropriate weapons bonuses when dbing ,o. Rop",
and add the magicians Willpower. If the score is ll or more the are fully discriminating and can be ordered to move towards or
magician has gained mastery over the carpet, and becomes its seize specific items or creatures.

Ifhe scores 10 then the carpet is not fully subdued, and there is a
50olochance of the carpet working when requested. once airborne
the carpet will work automatically until it, lands, and then must
test again.
If the magieian scores less than 10 the carpet will never work for
him, he may not roll again.
The owner of a carpet may allow another character to have use of
it. If such a character is killed or attempts to steal the carpet it
will fly back to its master.
There is a 75Vo ehance of a carpet having tD4-l randomly
determined amulets woven into the design.

There is a 5oo/o chance of the carpet having an Aura of protection.

This works in the same way as for the spell, excepl the protection
applies to anyone on the carpet. If the spell should be broken i!
renews after I day. Carpets with this attribute always have an
Amulet of Thrice Blessed Copper incorporated into their fabric.
There is a 5% chance of the carpet having a Skirrik's pentagram
woven into the design - with the same effect as for the spell. The
protection applies only when the carpet is on the ground, and
extends over its entire area.
of course, one of the principal attributes of the magic rope is that
Points Cost for a magic carpet is 200 points. its owner may, if pressed, climb it and vanish. Such an action
transforms the character into an etherial state which may wander
In long running fantasy campaigns the GM may wish to make flying freely through the air or even solid objeets, at I0'pr, ..,ou" phase.
carpets available for sale, usually via an eastern magician. They To re-materialise the eharacter must'score a 5 on 'a D5 during any
should be very rare, and consequently very expensiv-. A typical subsequent turn.
price eould be D6 Thousand Gold Crowns, or even more if the GM
thinks the players are already too rich. It is more likely that a Points cost of a rope is D5 x 20
Wizard will offer a carpet in exchange for something, providing the
GM with a good background for a scenario. In a long running fantasy campaign magical rope may sometimes be
bought from an eastern Wizard. It is not rare, bui any powerful
Enchanted Rope. Eastern magicians may also have access to magic will be jealously guarded, and the price will be high. The
lengths of enchanted rope. An enchanted rope will respond to eost of a length of rope in crowns is l0Dl0x length in fe6t. Tne
commands from its owner. These ropes have a Willpower of 10, the GM may increase the cost or demand some sort of service in
magician must gain mastery over a rope in the same way as for payment.
carpets. Ropes will obey any command as far as they are able, a
length of rope has the following profile.

Move WSS T W I A

An enchanted bottle is a magical item used to entrap elementals, Rathnugg was a cobbler who lived many hundreds of years ago. His
and aerial creatures such as Genies. Enchanted bottles may be talents were many, he was, for example, the only man who ever
conslructed by a Wizard Artificer or Elemenlalist, as will be succeeded in making shoes out of Dragon skin. His most famous
described fully in a future supplement. Enchanted bottles creation was a pair of boots made out of Trollrs hide, instead of
occasionally turn up as magical items. Roll as follows to determine wearing out the boots simply regenerated new soles whenever they
contenls. were needed. Much of his footware was so well made that it has
Iasted right up until the present.
Boots of Speed
01-75 Empty
16-80 Djinn Boots of speed allow their owners to lravel at twice their normal
move rate.
85-90 Efreet
9I-95 Dust Devil Boots of Leaping
95-00 Another aerial creature, the Games Master
may choose or invent a creature at his Boots of leaping allow their owner to leap upto 5+D6 inches - over
discretion. walls, pits etc.

An empty bottle is identical to any ordinary non-magical bottle' Boots of Dawdling

this makes them impractical to buy, as you can't easily tell the
difference! Empty bottles do emit a magical aura' but then so Boots of dawdling prevenL their owners from moving faster than 2"
would a bottle which contained a potion, or which has some kind of per move phase. They were invented as a teaching aid for society
spell cast upon it. Bottles with Djinn etc will be sealed up' and ladies mindful of their grace and elegance.
emit a magical aura detectable by any Wizard. Breaking or
uncorking a bottle will release Lhe occupant. A Djinn' Efreet or Boots of Bovva
Dust Devil must be mastered by the character who opens the
bottle, otherwise the creature is freed. Only a Wizard may attempt Bovva was the most sueeessful apprentice to Rathnugg. He
to master one of these creatures - see the section on new invented these sturdy war-boots which allow their owner to make a
MOT{STERS. single Strength 4rkick'instead of any other attacks.

Boots of Corrcealment

Boots of concealment have secret magical pockets which can be

ARCANE RODS opened only by their owner. The pockets are magic, and can hold
upto 2r x 2t of goods, or a single item upto 5 feet long - such as a
These indestructable black rods seem to be obscure artifacts left double handed sword. These in no wav encumber the wearer.
by the ancient civilization of the Old Slann. An Arcane Rod is
nearly always 15r'long, f " in diameter and weighs about a pound. It Boots of Command
is constructed of the same deep black substance as a Power Sword
and would appear to have the same origin. Very occasionally Boots of command have no effecl upon their owner. However,
Arcane Rods turn up in other forms, shaped as daggers, figurinest anyone else wearing t.hem will find themselves in a most perilous
amulets etc. It is a mystery how their creators worked and shaped dilemma. The boots become alive with a will of their own, and
these artifacts, as they have proved indestructable and unmarkable move about of their own accord. The wearer has no choice but to
to man and god alike. follow the movements of the boots. The boot,s may be commanded
by lheir owner, and may not be removed without his consent.
The Arcane Rod functions as a storage battery for Arcane Power.
A wizard may store points from his Constitution in the rod for
future use, his power is used up as if he had cast a spellr and \-
returns only the following day after resting. The Constitution
points invested in the Rod lie in storage for up to a year and a day, t)
ready for use as required. The Wizard can store up to ten points
total in the Rod for each of his Mastery Levels. The power can be
used in any

of four ways.
The Wizard may draw Constitution points back from the

.. '''>
Rod, taking one turn, but he may never increase his

Constitution beyond his normal maximum.
2. The Wizard may instantly use the stored Constitution ---<?
points to defend himself from attack by magic. 7
. . //.'.t?
/, ,l 1__;
3. The Wizard may use points from the Rod to enhance his F.
Will Power beyond 10, and attempt to make a Saving
Throw against Magical Attack.

4. The Wizard may attempt t,o strike an enemy with the Rod' Random Generation of Boots
the number of points he invests in the strike indicates the
Strength Attack of the blow. 01-20 Boots of Speed
2I-4O Boots of Leaping
4I-55 Boots of Dawdling
The Arcane Rod can be used by a Wizard other than the one who 56-10 Boots of Bovva
charged it, but only if a BLESS SPELL is cast on it first. It can 7I-85 Boots of Concealment
then be used by the next person to handle it. In this manner high 85-00 Boots of Command
level Wizards may equip their lowlier assistants with additional
Constitution in order to see thern through dangerous quests or last
through a long battle.

A jewel of power contains a self renewing sLorehouse of magical Hamdork was a mighty warrior, who both detested and strongly
energy. This can take the form of:- distrusted all things magical. His deLermination to be free of magic
led him to have a shield constructed for himself, and for each of
A specific spell whieh can be unleashed by the jewels his guardsmen, which would offer protection from even lhe most
possessor without recourse to normal cast,ing powerful magic.
These shields are round, and usually plain. Any character using one
A store of Constitution points which can be used by willbecome Magically immure as if he had a Willpower of 15. The
the owner as an aid to normal magic. shields also cause any Undead within 6rr to make a compulsory roll
for Undead Instability.
A store of magical power which gives the possessor
additional Mastery.

D10 to determine the nature of the jewel AMI.JLETS

I-6 The jewel contains a single specific spell. An amulet usually takes the form of a metal or stone circle worn
Determine randomly. This spell may be cast around the wrist. They may also appear as any other commonly
instantly by the possessor of the jewel once circular ornaments - rings, pendants, circlets worn around the
per day and without use of normal magical head, eollars worn around the neck, torques worn around the upper
powers. arm or neck, ankle bracelets, ear or nose rings.

7-8 The jewel contains D3+1 specific spells as Amulet of Thric'e-blessed Copper. This amulet is essential for some
above. aura spells. It can be constructed by any Wizard using a perfect
copper band and three Blessing spells. A perfect copper band may
9 The jewel contains D10+2 Constitution be constructed by a Wizard Artificer and purchased for C75. These
points which the possessor may add onto his amulets have intrinsic powers of protection, and anyone wearing
own. one may add I to any saving roll made against wounds caused by
non-magical weapons or poison. The amulet may be used to detect
0 The possessor may rise I level in Mastery poison, it will turn green if placed within a foot of a poison source.
immediately. He must retain the jewel from
now on, otherwise he will lose the Mastery Amulet of Enchanted Jade. This amulet is essential for some aura
gained. and healing spells. It can be constructed by any Wizard using a
perfect jade band and a Blessing spell. A perfect jade band may be
constructed by a Wizard Artificer and purchased for C500. Like
copper amulets they have intrinsic powers of protection, and
anyone wearing one may add I to any saving roll made against
wounds caused by non-magical weapons. Wearers of these amulets
are immune to poison. The amuleL detects poison in the same way
as a copper bangle, except that it tulns from green Lo red. These
amulebs also confer powers of regeneration on wearers, allowing
them to recover wounds in the same way as regenerating creaLures.

Amulet of Adamantine. This amulet may only be constructed by a

Wizard Artificer. They are very rare and greatly valued. They may
be bought at a price of D6 Thousand Crowns. An amuleb of
adamantine is used as part of many of the more powerful spells. In
addition anyone wearing one of these amulets has his Toughness
increased to F. Once worn an amulet of adamantine may not be
removed unless the wearer is dismembered or killed.

Amulet of Coal. This amulet is used to store fire balls produced

using a Fireball spell. Each amulet can store up to 3 fire balls.
These can be f ired in your Magic phase without recourse to
preparation, fumble or resting - the shots can be fired individually,
in multiples or all at once. Only one amulet of coal may be
employed during any turn, but any number can be worn. The amulet
may be recharged, requiring I Fireball spell to load I ball of fire.
These amulets are made using a perfect band of coal, which can be
made by a Wizard Artificer and bought for C55. They may be used
by non-wizards.
Amulet of lron. These amulets are made from a perfect circle of
These resemble the Mirrors of Morbihan and also come in pairs, iron which can be made by a Wizard Artificer and purchased for
each reflecting the image which would normally be seen in the CIO. A Blessing spell cast onto the iron band turns it into an
other. However, with these an observer may actually reach through amulet which offers a certain amount of protection from magic.
one of the mirrors and handle or remove items reflected in the Wearers of these items have a saving roll of 6 on a D5 against any
twin. The mirrors were invented by a somewhat inept Wizard of the magical attack. Magically Resistant characters cannot benef it
same name, unable to make a living at his chosen profession he from the added protection, and a wizard wearing an amulet of iron
turned to more larcenous pursuits to sustain himself . These cannot cast spells.
matched mirrors were intended !o aid him in his life of crime.
Sadly one of his mirrors proved faulty and opened into a Amulet of Righteous Silver. An amulet of silver can be constructed
dimensional plane occupied by soul-hungry succubi and incubi, who only by a Wizard Artificer. These amulets are not common and
instantly rendered Mergith into a mindless, shambling zombie. command prices of 4D5 Hundred Crowns when offered for sale. A
There is a 1olo chance any of Mergithrs mirrors will have a similar silver amulet of lhis kind protects the wearer from psychological
fault. effec[s caused by undead.
Nothing is known about lhe origin of these rare and lreasured r-6 Another potion - generate nandom potion type
items. However, curiously enough, one of thein properties is that
they may not be acquired on a random generation roll by an Evil or The potion has gone off and has become
Chaotic charaiter. A character making such a roll must roll again Poisonous -save against poison. Spend D3 turns
for some other item. vomitting helplessly - no moving, no fighting et,c.
The 50 small, plain cubes are conlained within a small flat woooen
The potion has fermented and turned inLo a very
box. The dice may be emptied out and cast on to the ground, where
lhe faces will spell out the true name of any character or magical
powerf ul intoxicant - the drinker becomes
subject to Alcoholism for the rest of the day.
weapon the caster wishes. The dice may only be used once by any
one pefson.
The potion has lost, its potency and has no effect
A true name is a potent aid Lo power, and Wizards will go to greal at all.
pains to keep their true names secnet. A Wizard who knows the
true name of an enemy Wizard is in a position of power over him.
t0 The potion has been made using inconrect
ingredients and has some very strange effecLs
This has the effect of allowing the Wizard to rob D5 Constitution upon the person drinking it. The actual effecls
points from his opponent during a magical attack. Points robbed in can be delermined by the GM at the time. He
this way are deducted from the victim and added onto the may make up any appropriate m,:ntal aberration
ConstiLution level of the attacking magician, and may be used to
enhance his attack if he wishes.
or physical effect.

Some magical weapons have names, and cannot be mastened until - the character becomes subject to any
the name is known.
of the Psychological effects, falls asleep,
hallucinates, believes that the potion has caused
effects which il hasn't, becomes sick, paranoid
or incoherant. He staggers, has fiLs of coughing,
barking, or crowing like a chicken. He has bouls
of itching, extreme flatulence or sneezing. He
becomes unbearably arroganl, pedantic,
obsequeous or makes bad jokes all the time. He
keeps repeating himself or talking about 'the old
daysr. He assumes an unpleasant odour or turns a
funny colour. He gains some sort of obsession,
agrophobia, xenophobia, hydro-phobia etc or
A potion is a magical liquid. Anyone drinking a potion will become starts collect.ing seemingly pointless objecls,
subjecl to its power. Many potions are beneficial, but some are dead leaves, spent matches, buttons, horses
distinctly harmful. Magically Resistant characters are not effected hooves or all of the necessary components to
by potions of any kind. make a piston engine. He developes unshakable
protective instincts towards certain individuals
Any Wizard may make a potion, he does this by gathering and or species, goes berserk when certain words are
preparing all of the necessary magical herbs and other items. This spoken, becomes a compulsive eaLer, slimmer or
will take D3 days for common ingredients. Alternatively, any gambler or starts speaking in exlremely
necessary common ingredients may be purchased from a town improbable, long or badly constructed and
Pharmacist at C10 for each potion. Some potions require certain punctuat.ed sentences.
special materials which are noted in the text - a quest to find such
items can form the basis of a scenario. Once he has gathered all of
his ingredients a Wizard requires D4 hours !o prepare the potion,
and then he must cast the relevant spell type onto the now
magically receptive liquid.
A polion must be drunk at the beginning of a players turn and takes
effect immediately, once drunk a potion is used up.
Any number of potions may be consumed during a day. Mostly
potions are not labelled, and so drinking them always involves a
certain amount of risk. Also potions may go off after a eertain
time, and there is always a chanee lhal the Wizard who made the
potion might have got it wrong in the first place.
Accordingly, it is important to try to identify a potion when it is . Ll I
found. A Wizard may attempt to identify a sample of potion by
smell and taste, such a sample is too small to have any effect.
There is a 9oo/o chance that any identification made on this basis
will be correct. It is convenient to generale your potions either
when the game is devised or when they are found. Inform a Wizard
testing a potion of its true nature as you have determined it. Then,
when the potion is actually drunk, make the 907o accuracy test; if
the Wizard fails the test then the poLion is actually something
different than you thought all along, and can be generated

If your Wizard makes his identification roll of 9oo/o then the potion
will behave as expected. If, however, the Wizard fails to make his
roll then the potion will have other effects!
If the potion is t.aken without first sampling then the Games Master
can decide to roll randomly for type - and good luck!
BLESSING POTION. A Blessing Potion may be drunk with the same SHRJNK PorIoN. Has rhe same effect as if a Level 3 shrink spell
effect as if a Level I Blessing spell had been cast upon you. had been cast on the drinker. The condition can only be rectified
a Cure Severe Wound spell or a GrowLh or Healing potion.
BLOOD LUST POTION. This has the sameeffect as for a Level 2 Requires a Dwarfls beard and the hair from a Halflingrs llg during
Blood Lust spell. Requires I pint of Trolls blood during manufacture. Both creatures are usually most reluct."6t to-giu" up
manufacture. - their hair, and will fight bitterly in their defence.
CURSE POTION. A Curse Potion has the same effect as a Level I sroNE PorIoN. Anyone drinking this potion is turned to stone for
curse - dice randomly to determine the nature of lhe curse. 2D5 turns as for a Level I Turn to Stone spell. Requires the
bandages from a Mummy during manufacture.
FAR SIGHT POTION. This pobion has the same effect as for a Far
Sight spell. Requires the eyeball of an Eagle during manufaeture.

FLIGHT POTION. As for Level 1 Flighr spell - the imbiber will fly
as soon as he drinks the potion. He has a 5}o/o chance of being able
to conLrol the effects, otherwise he is moved randomly. Requires
77 Sacred Musfirrom's during manufacture, these may be eollected
only in certain damp meadows during the autumnal months, lhey
grow exclusively on the droppings of the Jabberwock.

FROG POTION. Anyone drinking a Frog potion is turned into a

Frog for the rest of the day, unless a Cure Severe Wound spell or
Healing potion can reverse the process. Requires a Frog during
manuf acture.

GROWTH POTION. Anyone drinking this potion grows to

approximately double their currenb size. Double Wounds and add I
level to Toughness whilst in this state. The condition can only be
rectified by a Cure Severe Wound spell or a Healing or Shrink
potion. Requires the casting of a Blessing spell, and the nail-
clippings of a Giant during manufacture.
HAMMERHAND POTION. As for Level .t_ Hammerhand spell.
HEALIT\G POTION. This has the same effect as a Level 2 Cure
Severe Wound, the imbiber is cured of all current wounds. In
addition this potion nullifies the effect of all other potions, poisons
and magically induced injuries or states, including characteristics
reductions from magical weapons. Requires one ounce of ground
Unicorn horn during manufacture, a typical horn yields 5DJ ounces
of such material.
INSPIRATION POTION. This potion allows the drinker to ask any I
question of the GM or other players, as for a Level I Inspiration
spell. Requires Harpyrs &oppings during manufacture.

INVISIBILITY PorIoN. An Invisibility Potion has the same effect,

as a Level I Invisibility spell. Anyone drinking this potion will not
be aware of its effects, nor will he be aware if the potion wears
of f. Requires the wolf tooth of a stallion Flippogriff during
manufacture, a mature male Hippogriff has two such teeth.

MASK POTION. Has the same effect as for a Level I Mask Shape
spell. The imbiber will turn into the first thing he concentrates on.
If this potion is taken accidentally the imbiber will assume the
shape of the first thing he mentions - the GM must use his
discretion. Requires 4 spikes from a Manticores tail during
manuf acture.

POISON POTION. Many Wizards manufacture poisonous polions for THUNDERHAND PorIoN. This allows the drinker ro fight as if a
their own purposes, and just leave them lying around out of spite. Level 2 Thunderhand spell had been cast upon him. {equires 7
Anyone attempting to drink such a potion will be able to detect the scales from a Dragonrs tail during manufacture.
poison by careful sniffing on the D5 score of a 5. Anyone drinking a
potion will have to save against Poison during the following lurn. A TONGUES PorIoN. As for Level r Gift of rongues. Requires the
Cure Severe Injury or Healing potion will revive a victim up to ) spittle of a level 4 Mastery Wizard during manufacture.
lurns after he has died. It will t,hen take Dl turns to fully recover,
during which a character may not fight and cannot move unaided. WALK ON WATER POTION- Anyone drinking such a potion may
A level l- Curse spell is required during manufac[ure. walk on water anytime during the next DlO- turns. Requires the
heart of a goodly fighter during manufacture.
REPUGNANCE POTION. A Repugnance Potion has the same effect
as for a Level 2 Curse of Repugnance. Requires the teeth of lf Potions on the Battlefield
Orcs during manufacture.

ROOTED TO THE SPOT POTION. Anyone drinking this will be I GM may wish to incorporat.e a limited number of potions into a
fantasy campaign. In this ease Ehey come under the control of the
rooted to the spot as for the Level 2 spell. Requires the bones from army leader, who may arrow the other charact.ers to use them at
the hand of a Troglodyte, or Lizardman during manufacture. his discrelion.
TREASURE GRAVE GOODS - Common burials contain nothing of valuer large
tombs, graves and vaults can contain substantial treasure. They
One of the most enjoyable aspects of f antasy wargaming is may also contain insubstantial guardians, Games Masters do your
treasure - often valuable, sometimes useful, but always interesting. worst.
Treasures can be used by the Games Master as a spring-board into
new situations or enviroments. A good Games Master can set up PERSONAL TREASURE - Peasant/Citizen/Merchant/Fop. Some
some very stimulating games involving f indingr avoiding' people will insist of walking around covered in jewelry, loaded with
collecting, or destroying treasures of one kind or another. With a money and sporting fine clothes. Such people deserve to contribute
little experience most Games Masters will be ready to invent their towards the redistribution of wealth in a fair society. Games
own unique treasures and magical items. This chart is intended as a Masters may find this chart useful, but you can easily fit in other
guide and quick means of creating unexpected hoards. Warhammer social types. Monks, priests, beggers and children donrt usually
players shouldn't feel in any way constricted by this chart - just use carry money and so mugging them isn't worthwhiler but it can pass
it as a convenient tool with which to create or advance games. the odd hour or two.

A treasure can be anything; moneyr magic, objeet drarb, valuable
animals, minerals, gemsr cloth or artifacts. Obviously sofne things Find the treasure grade you want. For each column in turn roll a
are going to be rarer than others, whilst some items are only going D100 to see if that particular treasure tyPe is present - for
to appear within a specific context. For example you wouldnrt example Domestic House (Poor) has a 50olo chance of gold coinage.
expec! to break into a peasant hovel and uncover gold cutlery, If a treasure type is found to be present, roll to discover how much
diamond paperweights, a dozen giant pandas and a lost Picasso. The as indicated - for example Domestic House (Poor) would be D3 gold
following treasure groups have been constructed. crowns money. Coinage is as described in Warhammer vol 5r i.e.
gold crowns, silver shillings and brass pennies, all coins weigh
DOMESTIC HOUSES - Poor/Affluent/Wealthy. Domestic houses iooroximateiy * ounce. A-on the chart equals dways - so, for
ek'ample, a fbp'always has DJ items of jewelry about his person.
represent the dwellings of ordinary citizens of each social class.
Poor houses are peasants hovels or workers cottages, affluent Where possible roll randomly to generate magic items using the
would include the homes of small traders, shop keepers or scholars, magic items random generation charts. Jewelry, object drart, cloth,
wealthy includes well off traders, merchants, manuf acturerst domestic articles and animals have no generation chart, but we are
gentry and lesser aristocracY. providing a list of suggestions which GMrs can construct into
suitable charts to complement their own scenarios. clothing tyPes
WORK SHOPS. The treasures associated with work shops represent and domestic articles are just about endless, so we've included only
items that are kept on the property for security or convenience, ones most likely to be made of, or incorporating, precious metal or
such as wages. I have nob included any specific treasures that you stones. Animals could be alive or dead - mounted trophies,
would expett to find associated with trades. For example a gold butterfly collections etc. Plants too could be pressed specimensr or
smith's will include mineral gold, a cobblerrs shop will include man-devouring, hot-house horrors. Large palaces or housholds may
shoes, a taxidermist's will include dead animals and lots of cotton contain workshops, shrines, treasuries, servants quarters (Domestic
wool. Poor), a mad uncies locked room (Wizard's House) and any other
combination of possible treasure types.
SHRINES. Shrines are small buildings, or even simple shelters, of
religious importance. They are unlikely to offer much treasure, but
could include simple offerings, and may have a few trappings. VALTJES

TEMPLES. Temples are usually a good bet for a bit of petty Here is a list of set values for various items. Games Masters can
larceny, anything from gold candlesticks to the collection box. use this list if they wish. Alternatively experienced GM's can allow
Strip the lead off the roof if desperate. characters to sell by bartering, and at what prices they can get.
The GM must determine a characterrs chances of making a
TREASURY - Small/Large. Treasuries are always well protected successful sale, the chance of suspicion, violence, treachery and so
but are full of money and other goodies. on.

WIZARDS HOUSE. Wizards always set clever traPsr and do awful 01-907o 9l-99o/o 007o
things to burglars that they catch. On the other hand, Wizards
generally have lots of treasure. Jewelry D10 Shillings Crowns Dl00 Crowns
Object drart D6 Crowns Crowns Dl00 Crowns
MENAGERIE. Keeping exotic animals is a kind of status symbol Cloth DIO Pennies Shillings D20 Crowns
amongst the rich. Unusual pets are very valuable. Domestic D6 Shillings D6 Crowns D20 Crowns
Animals Nothing DIO Crowns Df00 Crowns
MO{EY. I've included a simple money treasure assortment because
Irm a strong believer in coinage, and therers no random money chart
like there is for magic items. 12Pennies=lShilling
20 Shillings= L Crown
HOARDING MOIISTERS - Large/Small. Some monsters are
renowned for accumulating treasure hoardes, often as nests. In
-Small giants, dragons, hippogriffs and trolls all have this habit.
hoarding monsters includes magpies, jaysr and burrowing
rodents. If you want to dig up rabbit warrens in search of small
coins that's up to you, I suppose everyone has to start somewhere.

F l J
g \

z J
( 0l O
f F d
ry fi I
E =
x. J n
o lL I I ll 5
!J q
o n lr
x, IJ LJ
I I =I UJ d l x. u
tn ul H UI n t, a e
fo H z o td tl !J t!
e 3 6 3 X, lr
x, x,
I 3
o F llt,
O O I u7 .n d z o J
o 6
td 6
o lill z
x, |J) tn
d o z X. ll
o - itl L
UJ o

RANDOM MAGIC ITEM lolo-I t%-I 5%-r

50%D6 0 9OVoDJ 25%Dt Io/o-7 IVo-L
t%-L 5Vo-l 5Oo/oDj 7s%DJ IOVoDJ r%-t 5Vo-I
RANDOM PERSONAL TALISMAN l7o-l ,rat-, I%-I lrr'o, 95o/oDJ
RANDOM TALISMAN Io/o-l l%-l IYo-l 1%-r 5VoDJ lOo/oDJ

95o/oD6 IOVoDJ 5o/oDJ )r"o-, Io/o-L I7o-I 5o/o-I

RANDOM MAGICAL WEAPON l%-l I%-I 2%-l t%-t l0%-1 r%-l I0,6-l I%-l
RANDOM POTION I%-I zvo-Dt Lo/oDJ tor6-I 5VoDJ 5%-t 75%D6
MONEY CROWNS 5Oo/oDj A/D100 A/D500 75o/oD600 5006DI0 95ToD6O A/Dl0( )0 95%DI00 A/DIOO 75%Dl0 irno.' 5%D3 ,t^-, T5VoDIO
MONEY SHILLINGS 71o/oDz0 A/Dr0o A/Dr00 750hD600 750hD20 95o/oDIO l0 A/Dro( l0 95%DI00 A/Dr00 7so/oDIO LSVoOt 50hDt IO%D] AIDZO
MONEY PENNIES 95VoDZO AID?O AIDzD 75%DI00 A/Dt000 A/Dr00r A/Dro( l0 95%D20 L5%D'
JEWELRY AND GEMS 5VoDJ 9006DI0 5%D3 25%-r 95%D6 7s%oDt 75%DrO l5%-r 5%-r 1016-l 50h-I
OBJECT D'ART 5%D3 T5VoDIO l%-t 75%-I 95%Dt0 ffitT 90%Dt
CLOTH 50%D6 95oloDI0 5Oo/oD6 5o/o-L 95%D6 50%Dl 25%Dt 5o/o-l 5%-r
DOMESTIC ARTICLES AlD6 AIDTz 1006D6 250hD20 9Oo/oDI l0 25YoD6 5%D3 i" -, 25VoDJ
ANIMALS Io/o-I 5o/oDj 5%D6 5%-I A/DIOO ]."^-a 5Vo-I I0%-l


Badge - Guild Chain Glove Ring - Nose Basket, Cup Lute Scissors Drawing Miniature
Badge - Lodge Charm Hair Slide Stud - Clothes Book Dish Medicine Seal Engraving Model
Badge - Sect Choker Neeklace Stud - Ear Bowl Door Fitting Mirror Shovel Globe Mosaic
Belt Circlet Pin - Dress Stud - Lip Box File Paper Spoon Idol Ornament
Brooch Cod Piece Pin - Hair Stud - Nose Candlestick Fork Pen Tapers Painting Statuette
Braeelet - Ankle Comb Pin - Hat Thimble Case Jar Perfume Telescope Plaque Tapestry
Bracelet - Wrist Collar Pin - Pledge Torque - Arm Chest Knife Plate Walking Stick Sculpture
Buckle Diadem Ring - Ear Torque - Neck Clock Lamp Poker Wax Statue
Buttons Face Mask Ring - Hand
Carconet Gemstone Ring - Nipple ANIMALS AIS PI-ANTS

cLoT+{ Small Mammals Deer Octopus Tortoise

Cat Birds Insects Apes
Silks Furs Leathers Clothes Dog Hawk Butterfly Gorilla
Brocade Fox Calf Coat Mouse Parrot Reptiles Chimp
Chiffon Cat Fish Doublet Large Mammals Fowl Lizard Plants
Cloth of Gold Fox Reptile Hat Bear Fish Snake Narcotics
Lace Mink Seude Hose
Velvet Seal cub Snake Jerkin
( ..',,/

Djinn are aerial creatures with magical powers as detailed in the
original Warhammer magic volume. An Efreet is a fire creature
and a Dust Devil a more violent and less intelligent form of aerial
creature. All three kinds are sometimes described generically as
Genies. Level Blessing 50olo chance
Level Curse 50% chance
Eastern magicians may summon Djinn as detailed in the Level Flight 75% chance
Warhammer magic volume. Level Lock 50olo chance
Level Wind Blast Always
Djinn profile. Level Cure Severe Wound 25o/o chance
Level Hold Door L0o/o chance
Level Animate Sword l0o/o chance
M Ws Bs
: TW I 1 Level Invisibility 25o/o chance
Level Mask Shape 20olo chance
4 6 4 E6 I 4 Level Shrink l0o/o chance

Djinn afe fully sentient, intelligent creatures and may have In addition a Djinn has DlO randomly generated magic items which
additional powers. They automatically have the ability to cast a he may allow the use of if commanded (5oo/o chance of allowing
level I Wind Blast anytime they like' without recourse to use). There is an additional 25Vo chance a Djinn will have a magic
fumbling or resting. In addition a Djinn may have the following carpet if the random generation does not produce one.
spells, roll a Dl00 to determine whether each spell is available. He
can cast any one spell during his Magic Phase without preparation,
fumbling or resting.

An Efreet has the following profile.

46-4D 582

The body of an Efreet is encased in burning flames, a hit from an

Efreet counts as a fire attack. Each wound point caused has a I in
5 (5 on a D5) chance of allowing the Efreet to grip and hold his
victim causing an additional D3 strength 4 hits that combat round.
Efreets have limited magical powers, they may cast a level 1
Fireball anytime they wish without any chance of fumble. In
addition they may have the following spells which they may cast
without preparation, fumble or resting.

Level Fireball Always

Level Fliqht 507o chance
Level Lock 25Vo chance
Level Lightning Bolt 500,6 chance
Level Smash Door 5096 chance
Level 4 Blast 25Yo ehance

Efreets have D5 randomly generated magie items which they may

possibly allow use of on command - 25o/o chance of allowing use.
Efreets may choose to cause D6 Fire Damage Points against any
flammable object they touch, such as wooden buildings, dry crops,
thatched roofs etc.

Drst Clevils are powerful creatures which appear as dusl storms,

twisters or fierce winds. They may be marked on the table by a
section of card or a cone of paper. A Dust Devil has the following
prof ile.
Dust Devils cause D5 automatic hits within 12'r of themselves, as
the fierce winds tear at limbs and clothing, and heavy debris is
thrown around at ever increasing speeds. They will attack the
nearest models at I hit per model. If there are insufficient targets
within l2rr then the closest models receive I additional hit each,
until all of the attacks are used up. For example, if 3 targets were
hit by 5 hits then 2 would receive 2 hits and I would receive I hit.
Dust Devils are moved in the first movement phase only. They are If a single target were hit by 1 hits he would receive all I hits
moved by the Games Master, using a clock face chart as given himself.
below. If the Dust Devil is under the control of a Wizand then he
may nominate a preferred direction. The GM then considers the f2 A Dust Devil may assume the form of a level 4 Hurricane during
o'clock position as the nominated direction and rolls a D20 - any any active player turn on the dice roll of a 5. In this case normal
score of 12-20 indicates that the Dust Devil moves as preferred. If attacks are suspended. Dust Devils cannot be destroyed but may be
true random movement is required then roll a Dl2. held at bay by a Skirrik's Pentagram. A Dust Devil whose
movements take it off the gaming table does not return.

Djinn and Efreet are demons and may not be attacked with normal
weaponry. They are vulnerable to enchanted weapons, magic,
undead and other demons. They cannot be killed, but once all of
their wound points are used up they are banished.


An Eastern Wizard may use the level 3 Summon Djinn spell to

summon any of these creabures. The Wizard may then give the
Djinn or Efreet a single command, which it will then obey. The GM
may interpret the command and play the part of the creature.
Once the command has been fulfilled the creature will vanish, but
may be resummoned. A Dust Devil may not be given a command,
but the summoner may point it in the desired direction!


A Djinn, Efreet or Dust Devil may be enslaved by a powerful

Wizard. To accomplish this the Wizard must first summon the
creature. He must then attempt to enslave it - which he may do
using an enc*ranted bottle. To successfully capture his prey the
Wizard rolls a D5 and adds his Mastery Level and Willpower. He
may then add up to any number of Cons[itution points he has
remaining. If this total is more than the creature's Willpower then
it has been caotured.

The Willpower of an captive Genie can be established as 5D5. If the
Wizard fails to make the caPture then he has no control over the
Genie, and the GM may play it as he sees fit.

If successful the possessor of the bottle may call upon the Genie up
to J times a day, and issue one command each time. The creature
will obey each command and return to his bottle. If the bottle
should be broken the captive is then freedl there is a 5oo/o chance
that the creature will reward his liberator if the act is deliberate.

Chctos Chimercs
M Ws Bs S T W I Points

5 * * 5 E 7 * 6 275

The Chaos Chimera is an especially powerful monster. They have a

variable number of heads, a powerful body and can fly. They can
also have poisonous tail spikes or mace tails. The type of heads and
tails can vary, and the fighting abilities of each are different as
explained below.

Generate the number of heads by dicing. Once you have established

how many heads are present dice for each in turn to determine
type, and then individual variety.

Number of Heads (DIO)

I Two
2-9 Three
0 Four

Once you have determined the quantity and nature of the

Type of Head (D6) Chimera's heads, dice for the creatures tail.
rr2 Feline Type of Tail (D10)
314 Reptilian
515 Goat l-5 Non-Special
617 Snake
Feline Head (D6)
I Mace
9 Spiked
t-4 Big Cat - Lion etc
0 Scorpion
5,6 ' Sabre Tooth Tigre

Sabre Tooth Tigers bite with a +1 'To KilI and minus I from the Snake Tails are tails which terminate in the head of a snake. This
opponents saving throw. attacks wibh a Strength of l. There is a 50% chance of the snake's
bite being poisonous.

Reptilian Head (D5). Mace Tails strike as per Heavy Weapon.

IrZ Snake Spiked Tails may be 'firedt like missile weapons - projecting spikes
I Spitting Cobra into the enemy ranks. Maximum range is 8't, there is a 500,6 chance
4-6 Dragon of tail spike hits being Poiscnus. Only one such volley may be
fired in a turn.
Snakes have a 50olo chance of being poisonous. WS is 4' Initiative 5.
Spitting Cobras SPIT ACID. Dragons have breath weapons - dice to Scorpicr Tails Throw a D6
determine type.
L? Non-Poisonous
Dragon Breath Weapon (D5) 4-6 Poisonous

The tail strikes with a plus 2 'to hit' whenever the creature would
t-, Fire
be eligible to bite. The tail strikes with the effect of a swordt
4 Acid
5 Poison Gas Initiative level 4.
6 Iee

TOJGHNESS - Toughness is E.

WOI{DS - Hydra have 7 Wounds.

INITIATM - Initiative is I with all attacks.
ATTAO<S - Hydras receive I Attack for each head. Every time a
Wound is suffered one of the heads is destroyed - and the number
of Attacks drops. Instead of attacking with their heads Hydras may
lttag! by clawing (D) Attacks Strength 4), and, if they are
Reptillian bodied, tail-la$inq (Dl Atlacks -Strength 4). Snake
bodied Hydras in dition to their head attacks have a constrictian
attack - reduces victims strength level by r per hit. Reptiilian
Hydras may tail-lash and claw in the same combat round.

ARMOJR - Obviously armour is out! However, a Reptilian bodied

Hydra counts as having mail armour. This gives the creature a
saving throw of a 6 on a D6 against each wound received.

GAPING MAW - There is a J0olo chance of a Reptilian Hydra having

a huge circular mouth buried amongst the beasts protruding necks.
such a mouth need not always be visible as it can be helJ closed
and opened only when rhe Hydra deeides to try to grab and swallow
a suitable target. In combat a Hydra with a gaping haw mouth may
try to grab a single victim with the mouth, as well as make normal
attacks. The creature ean swallow anything under 6 feet tall qulte
easilyr and will usually go for the closest target where possible. If
in doubt randomise the target. Roll 'to hit'as normal, if successful
the Hydra has grabbed its victim and will swallow him unless he
can make his normal saving roll against strength 4 attack.

M Ws Bs S T W I A Points
* J 4 F 7 t 7 ?25

The Hydra is another mind wrenchingly odd Chaos creature. Hydras

are typified by having a multitude of heads, usually seven; although
the actual number may vary from as few as one to ten or more.
Unlike that other multi-headed chaos monster the Chimera, Hydras
never have wings and are incapable of flight. Body types are
variable - mammalian, reptilian and snake bodies are all equally
possible. The fighting qualities of each type are slightly different
as explained below.

MOVE RATE - This is determined by body type

Body Type Move Rate

Reptilian 6rl
Mammalian 6u
Snake 3tt

WEAPONI SKILL - Weapon Skill is always 3.

BOIV SKILL - Hydras may have breath weapons in a similar way to
Dragons. The Bow Skill in eaeh case is J.

STRENGTH - Strength is 4.

PSYCHOLOGICAL - Hydras are large monsLers and cause Fear in ATTACKS - Balrogs may attack without weaponry of any kind,
man sized and smaller creatures, except Elves. They are subject to their powerful bodies alone are sufficient to cause a great deal of
Stupidity - and must test each move. Hydras Fear fire, unless they damage. All Balrog hits are Poisanus, including lhe special
brea[he fire themselves. weapons that follow.

BREATH WEAPONS - Each Hydra head may be capable of a special Flame Sword - This is a huge and flaming sword used by
breaLh attack.A single head may not attack normally and use the Balrogs. Hits caused by the weapon may set fire to inflammable
breath weapon in the same turn, although some heads may breaLhe objects, causing ID5 Fire Damage Points as well as normal
whilst others bite. The breath weapon cannob be used against damage.
combat opponents.
Flarne Whip - This is a long and firey whip used by Balrogs to
Throw for Lype of breath weapon (Dl0) attack enemy at a distance of up to 5rr. Throw to thitt as for a
missile weapon. Flame whips have Bow Skills, Strength and
I12rJ None Initiative as for the normal Balrog Profile and have J Attacks
415 Fire per turn.
6r7 Acid
819 Poison gas ARMCIJR - Balrogs may wear armour. Balrog armour does not in
0 Ice any way prevent the Balrog using his magic.

There is a 75"/o chance of all heads having the same effect. MAGIC - A Balrog has a Mastery Level of 4 and 10DI0
Otherwise throw for each individually. The effects are the same as Constitution. He may cast the following spells, see the New Magic
for Dragon breath weapons except that only one individual model section for full details.
may be breathed on by each head, this is because the actual blast
is much smaller than that from a Dragon. Fire and acid attack has Elemental Spells - level f
a Strength of 2. Poison Gas and lce attacks must save against
poison. FIRE BLAST

Balrogs can have D6 each of Level l, 2 and 3 spells and Dl Level 4

RANDOM GENIERATIOT{ F TYPES spells as well as the three Elemental spells. These can be generated
randomly using the Random Generation charts.
If you wish to randomly genenate a specific type of Hydra use this
chart. Roll a DIO.
1-4 Reptilian
5-8 Mammalian
9-t0 Snake

Then roll for Gaping Maw, and Breath weapons as appropriate.

M Ws Bs S T W I A lPoints
T2 r0 r0 6 F 15 10 1011500

Balrogs are extremely powerful monsters. For purposes of

psychological effects they count as Great Derrrcns, which means
that they ate only subject to reactions caused by the Gods
themselves. Balrogs are also invulnerable to all damage caused by
fire and fire based magic. They have many arcane fire-based
magical powers, including Flame Sword and Flame Whip. They can
also cast bhe special Elernental spells Fire Blast, Flame Stpet and
Fire Bolt described in the New Magic section. In addition Balrogs
can have other magical spells as described.

PSYCHOI-OGICAL EFFECTS - Balrogs cause Fear in enemies that

can see them, and Terror in enemies within l5'r.

LEADERSHIP - A Balrog may command up to three Regiments of

Orcs, Goblins, Trolls or Hobgoblins. A Regiment under the
command of a Balrog need never test for i4orale and ignores all
Psyc*rological e f f ec ts.

MOVEMENT - Balrogs may fly or move normally.

An infestation consists of a vast stifling swarm of insecLs, reptiles, Ants move at 4'r per move phase. Ants will chew their way through
bats or other creepy-crawlies. In a dense, closely packed mass just about anything. Ants atLack at Strength 2 and anyone hit has a
Ehese otherwise mostly harmless animals can choke, chew or claw -I Saving Throw. Ants have a Toughness of A.
anything lhat comes in their path.

To create an infestation take a.circular piece of card 2" in radius. Ticks move at 4rr per move phase. Ticks are bloodsuckers who
This will represent the area covered by the hundreds or even reduce the Strength of !heir victims by I level per hit. They have a
thousands of creatures that compose the svarm. The card is moved Toughness of A.
around like any other piece on the table, except that movement is
determined by rolling dice, and swarms may move through ordinary Scorpions move at 411per move phase. They attack at Strength I
troops. You can place models on the card to indicate the type of with a 50% chance of any hit being Poisored. Toughness is B.
swarm, each model placed on the card will represent L00 actual
creatures or I0r000 insects. The more models placed on the card Bats. Bats move only by flying. They attack at Strength 1. Bats are
then the bigger and more dangerous will be the swarm. more difficult to kill than most swarm animals because they flap
around at speed, instead of quietly waiting to be squashed like the
The swarm will attack anything it comes across, friend or foe. poor old frogs. Consequently bats have a 41516 saving throw on a
Swarms enter combat, with a WS of I and Initiative of I and have D5.
2D5 attacks. The effect of any hit depends upon the type of
creature. Swarms have I wound point per model, and models are Swarms may by alLacked and destroyed by magic spells, for these
removed to represent the gradual depletion of the seething mass. purposes swarms have as many wounds as they have models and a
A swarm may be attacked in the normal way - see each creature toughness as indicated. Swarms are instantly destroyed by a
type for Toughness. Blessirg spell cast from a Wizard who is being attacked by that
swarm. A Fire Ball cast by a Wizard will cause D5 hits per fire
Snakes andLizards move a! 3" per move phase. They attack with a ball at strength 2. A Wird Blast spell will destroy a swarm of
Strength of I, with a 25o/o chanee of any hit being Poisored. insects or bats. A Lightnirg Bolt cast at a swarm will cause D6 hits
Toughness B. at strength 4. A Rooted to the Spot spell does just that. A forth
level Blast will destroy a swarm totally, as will forth level
Spiders move at 4'r per move phase. They attaek with a Strength of Flurricare.
I and a l0o/o chance of any hit being Poisoned. Toughness A.
Swarms are moved by the Games Master after the other players
Beetles move aE 4rr per move phase but can also fly. They attack have each had a lurn. During the first, Lurn of a swarms existance
with a SLrength of I. Toughness A. the direction of movement is dictated by the summoning Wizard.
Afterwards the swarm is moved randomly by the GM using the
Rats move at 5" per move phase. They attack at Strength 2 with a clockface chart such as is given for Dust Devils. The controlling
'Wizard may nominate a preferred direction of movement - which
10o/o chance of any hit being Poisorpd. Toughness B - each wound
caused on the rats has a saving throw of 516 on a D5. will be 12 orclock. Roll a DZO, a score of 12-20 counts as 12. If the
controlling Wizard should be killed then the GM rolls a Dl2 and
Frogs and Toads move at 4" per move phase. Being kind of placid moves the swarm totally randomly.
by nature these creatures have only ID5 attacks. They attack with
a Strength of I and anyone hit by a 'frog' attack has a +I Saving Points costs for swartrs - swarms may only be summoned by a
Throw. Frogs and Toads can swim and take no effect from water Wizard. See the New Magic section for details. Alternatively a
based magic. Toughness A. swarm may be run by a GM as part of a plague or infestation.
This list replaces that given in the oniginal Warhammer Magic
Book, and includes the new spells given in this volume. The column
on the left can be used to generate random spells within each level,
these have been slightly re-adjusted to accomodate the new spells.



0I-04 ALARM None

05-10 BLESSING Personal
l1-18 BLESS SWORD None
23-24 CURSE Silver Rune Bowl
tr-32 DETECT LIFE None
t5-t6 FAR SIGHT None
J7-50 FIRE BALL Personal
5L-55 FLIGHT Personal
56-60 GIFT OF TONGUES Wishbone
6r-68 LOCK None
69-75 MAGIC LIGHT Philtre of Fiery Humours
8I-95 AURA OF MIGHTY RESISTANCE Amulet of Thrice Blessed Copper
96-00 WIND BLAST Philtre of Aerial Humours



-04 AURA OF FEARSOME ASPECT Amulet of Enchanted Jade
-10 AURA OF PROTECTION Amulet of Thrice Blessed CoPPer
-zo BLOODLUST Philtre of Fiery Humours
-30 CURE SEVERE WOUNDS Amulet of Enehanted Jade
-35 CURSE OF REPUGNANCE Silver Rune Bowl
-42 DROOP Personal
-45 ESTHA'S FOUNTAIN Personal and Philtre of Wetted Humours
-60 HOLD DOOR None
-74 MYSTIC MIST Philtre of Wetted Humours
-79 ROOTED TO THE SPOT Philtre of Earthen Humours
84-89 SMASH DOOR Personsl
-97 SUMMON SWARM Personal
93.95 TELEPATHY Skrying Glass t|,\ \
96-98 THUNDERHAND None i tl/r
99-00 TURN TO FROG Were-scalp, Philtre or Amulet !,' ti I

i t'!,


01-06 AURA OF COMMAND Amulet of Adamantine

07-14 AURA OF INVULNERABILITY Amulet of Adamantine
t5-20 ANIMATE SWORD 4 Philtres - I Each of the 4 Humours
2I-t5 BANISH UNDEAD Pure Relic
56-t9 INSPIRATION Skrying Glass
40-4t INVISIBILITY Cap of Darkness
49-54 MASK SHAPE Were-scalp, Philtre or Amulet
55-59 PENTANGLE PILLAR OF LIGHT Philtre of Fiery Humours
60-65 SHRINK Wishbone
66-75 SLAM DOORS Personal
76-79 SUMMON DEMONS Kin Familiar
80-85 SUMMON DJINN Kin Familiar
86-89 TURN SOMEONE TO FROG Were-scalp, Philtre or Amulet
90-96 TO SOMEONE TO STONE Philtre of Earthen Humour
97-OO WALK ON WATER Philtre of Wetted Humours



01-15 BLAST Amulet of Adamantine

and Philtre of Fiery Humours
16-30 HURRICANE 4 Philtres, L each of the 4 Humours
3t-45 MANIPULATE TIME Golden Time Glass
46-60 MIND CONTROL Silver Rune Bowl
6L-70 SUMMON BALROG Kin Familiar
85-00 WALL SHAKER Golden Horn of Power


UJ--J|J RAISE RECE Philtre of Earthen Humours

57-75 HOLD UNDEAD Philtre of Earthen Humours
75r-U0 COMMAND UNDEAD Philtre of Earthen Humours


| 01-50 RAISE DEAD Amulet of Iron

151-00 __@ Amuteroflron _ I


0t-50 RAISE ZOMBIE Amulet of lron
5l-00 SUMMON UNDEAD Amulet of lron


01-50 REsroRE LIFE Hell Knife and silver Rune Bowl

5l-00 STEAL LIFE ENERGY Hell Knife and silver Rune Bowl


01-ll FIRE BOLT None

34-66 FIRE BLAST None
67-00 FLAME SHEET None
If this spell is cast by a Good Wizard then increase the fumble
The followinll new spells have been developed for inclusion in the factor by +3. The Wizard casts the spell. Subsequently during each
Warhammer Game. They provide nules for summoning and of his successive magic phases the player rolls a Dl0, generating 1
dispelling Infestations - as described fully in the new Monsters swarm of the type indicated. Use the random swarm-chart given
section. Also included are the three elemental spells as used by for the Ievel 2 spell except a roll of 0 indicates that the infestation
Balrogs. These are not intended to be the entire range of elemental is over and no more swarms will appear. If you roll a 0 on the first
spells, which will be covered in depth in a future supplement. throw roll again -but this will be the last swarm. Swarms appear
and are controlled as for the summon swarm soell.

SUMMON SWARM - Second level spell

Time to Prepare I Move Phase

Talismans needed Personal
Spell Level 2
Energy 4
Time needed to rest None

This spell allows bhe casting Wizard to summon a swarm of 4D6

creatures. The swarm will magically appear at the Wizard's feet
and can be moved in accordance with the GMts dice rolls. The
Wizard can control the swarms first move without recourse to dice,
aflerwards he may only indicate the pref erred direction of
movement - see the Monstens section for debails. Generate the
type of swarm randomly.
I Snakes/Lizards
2 Spiders
I Beetles
4 Rats
5 Froqs/Toads
5 Ants
7 Ticks
B Scorpions
9 Bats
0 Summon two swarms roll again

DISPELL INFESTATION - Second level spell

Time to Prepare None

Talismans Personal
Spell level 2
Energy 5
Time reeded to rest None

This spell may be used to destroy any and all swarms within L2u of
the casting magician. The spell may only be used once per day.

SUMMON II\FESTATION - Fourth level soell

Time to prepare 2 move phases

Talismans Personal
Spell level 4
Energy IO
Time needed to nest None


A Balrog has a Mastery Level of 4 and a Constitution of 10DI0. He

'ray castbhe following spells.

FIRE BLAST - fourth level Elementalist spell

Time to Prepare 2
Spell level 4
Energy 12
Time to Rest n

The Balrog can use this spell to blast a hole in solid rock or ground.
The range of the blast is Z4tt, the resultanb hole will be 4"x 4'r and
D5" deep. Anyone wiLhin 6'r of the area suffers D3 S[rength 2 Hits
from the flames. If such a blast is directed at any flammable
tangetit will receive lDI0 Fire Damage Points.
FLAME SHEET - fourlh level Elementalist spell

Time lo Prepare 0
Spell Level 4
Energy 15 f,
Time to Rest 0 / /l'! '
The Balrog can use this spell to lay a wall of flame behind him as
he moves along lhe ground. The spell will not work whilst flying.
The flame sheet will follow the path of bhe Balrog exactly during
his next turns movement, and lasts until his following turn.
Anything within the path of the flame sheet suffers lD5 Fire
Damage Points and creatures, including Undead, suffer I Sbrength
2 Hit per model. The flame sheet is 5 meters high.
FIRE BOI-T - fourth level Elementalist spell lt/ il9f/ o/ 1.,

t.tu / 1l
Time to prepare 0 i'i, ?' ' ,ll rt
Spell Level 4 lo''lh,tu
Energy L2
Time to Rest 0

A Fire Bolt is a much more powerful version of Lhe first level Fire
Ball spell. The spell allows the Balrog to cast up to 4 Fire Bolts at
a target, on different targets, at distances of up to 24il. Any
inflammable object hit receives 2D5 Fire Damage Poinbs per bolb.
The Bolbs hit automatically, each strike causes D3 Strength 2 hits
on the target.

,.N tq

\_;.-\:1 .=,
:> i-:tr#


The Games Master or players may find it necessary to randomly
generate enchanted items. The following tables replace those given
in t.he original Warhammer and include all of the new artifacLs
which have been described in this volume.

01-15 Table I Philtres

L6-26 Table 2 Amulets
27-29 Table f Sceptres of Power
10-50 Table 4 Personal Talismans
5t-50 Table 5 Talismans
61,-70 Table 5 Magical Weapons
71-85 Table 7 Potions
86-00 Table 8 Magical Miscellany


A philtre is a magical preparation consisting of ground herbs, bones

or sLones in a solution of liquid, usually blood or waLer. By
selecting only approprialely sympathetic items, at similarly
appropriate and sympathetic times of the day or nighl, a Wizard
may make a philtre which will help him perform his magic. PhilLres
are usually contained within a glass phial, or may be enclosed in a
small box or muslin bag such as is somebimes worn around the neck.
Philtres are destroyed when they are used, they may be burnt,
poured onbo the ground or used in some other way. It takes quite a
long time to make a philtre, you can generate this as fD6 hours
minus 2 hours per Mastery level of the Wizard. Wizbrds usually
employ apprentices to perform this laborious task. Philtres have a
limiled shelf life - usually 3 days. Generale the initial shelf life of
any philtre by rolling a Dl+I to give the number of days remaining.
Generate the remaining shelf life of any philtre you find as D6-f TABLE TWO - AMULETS
days, philtres with no remaining power are useless, and emit no
magical power as may be deLected by a Wizard's magical sense. Specific amulets may be required to cast some spells, amulets of
one or more of the four Humours may be used instead of the
There are only 5 kinds of philtres. Roll a Dl00 to determine Lype appropriate philLres. Unlike philtres, amulets can be used time and
time again. Amulets may take various forms but are mostly round.
See the section on new magical items for details.
0f-24 Philtre of Wetted Humours
2r-48 Philtre of Fiery Humours Roll a D100 to determine the type of amulet
49-72 Philtres of Aerial Humours
7t-96 Philtre of Earthen Humours 01-50% Amulet of a single Humour. Roll on
97-00 Were-Philtre Table I - Philtres - to determine type
5I-65 Amulet of two Humours. Roll on Table
Roll a D5 to determine the nature of the container for each type I - Philtres - to determine types.
66-70 Amulet of three Humours. Rolt on
1-l Glass Phial Table I - Philtres - to determine types.
4 Small Box 71 Amulet of four Humours - see Table I -
5 Small Bag Philtres
6 A whole plant roo! (Earthen) 72-80 Amulet ofIron
A whole bird claw (Aerial) 81-85 Amulet ofthrice-blessed Copper
A whale or fish bone (Wetted) 86-89 Amulet ofCoal (D4-1 shots)
A piece of coal (fiery) 90-93 Amulet ofEnchanted Jade
An animal skull (Were) 94-96 Amulet ofRighteous Silver
97 Amulet ofAdamantine
if opened tlrey will be seen to be
Bags and boxes contain dry items, 98-00 Were-amulet
of an appropriate type. For example, dry sea weed, dead frogs on
fish are WeLted Humoursl pepper corns, red berries or sulphorous Roll a D100 to determine the physical appearance of the amulet
cornpounds are Fiery Humoursl feathens, wind blown seeds, or dead
leaves are Aerial Hurnoursl plant roots, stones, soil and the remains 01-50 Bracelet
of underground animals ane EarLhen Humours. Were-philtres can 5L-75 Ring
be any vaguely animal remains. 75-90 Pendant - worn on a chain or ribbon
91-00 Torque - worn around the neck


A sceptre of power has the appearance of a ceremonial mace,

encrusted with gems and gilt. Anyone holding such a sceptre aloft
will have the power to command members of the race indicated
within l-2'r. Possessing a sceptre saps the bearers Willpower at a
nate of J, point per year, characters with a Willpower of less than 5
will be unwilling lo part with their sceptre of power.
Characters may be immune to the effects of the sceptre. Roll a D5
and add Willpower. If the score is l-5 or more you have saved
againsb the sceptres influence and are not effected.

Roll a DI00 to determine the type of sceptre.

or-25 Domination over Orcs

26-64 Domination over goblinoids - Goblins,
Hobgoblins, Goblin cross-breeds.
5r-75 Domination over Ogres
76-00 Domination over Draoons


Every Wizard has a personal talisman - a magical aid lhat will help
him concentrate his magical powers. This can be almost anything, A talisman is an object which has intrinsic magical powers due to
but staffs, rods, wands and crystals are popular. its shape or material, some are required in order to perform
certain spells. Unlike other magical items, most, talismans are not
Roll a D100 to indicate type much use apart from being a necessary part of some spells. Any
wizard Artificer may be able to manuf acture a talisman'for use in
01-50 Staff - a wooden or metallic staf f a spell not of a level higher than his Mastery. So, for example, a
2nd level wizard Artificer could not make a talisman for use in a
between 4 and 6 feet in lenglh.
51-65 Wand - a natural wooden bough or Jrd or 4th level spell.
roughly hewn piece of branch between 1
and 4 feet in length. Talismans may be generated randomly using a Dl00
66-80 Rod - a fashioned wooden or metallie
rod between 1 and 2 feet long. 01-15 Blackawall
81-85 A crystal - a clear or tinted
sphere 15-10 Crystalix
glass 6pere between tt end Ir in 3l-45 Darkstone
diameter. 46-60 Crucifix
A gemstone of precious or semi- 6l-65 Cap of Darkness
preeious materiat between lrr and Jtr 66-75 Pure Relic
radius. 76-85 Wishbone
9L-93 A fashioned brooch of semi-precious
85-90 Kin Familiar
material representing some arcane
9l-95 Silven Rure Bowl
symbol or magical animal. 96-00 Golden Time Glass
94-96 An amulet - roll
on table 2 -AmUlets-
the artifact functions as both an amulet
and personal talisman.
A magical weapon - roll on table 5 -
Weapons - the artifact fuctions as both
magical weapon and personal talisman.

There is a 5% chance of any Staff being a Special Talismanic Staff,

with one of lhe following possible attributes.

Arcane Rod 20olo chance

Venom Staff 207o chance
Rune Staff J0olo chance
Niobes Torch ]0o/o chance
Precious Staff l07o chance
A precious staff is made of rare metals, is gem encrusted or of
great artistic beauty, such as to make it worth D6 x D5 x DL00
Gold Crowns.

A venom staff can be used in combat, hits caused are Poisonous.

Ifnone of the above attributes is found to be present then the GM
may invent some useful or unusual minor power.

a :
v.- /
These items are examples of works of magic which do not fit into
specific categories. Many of these items are rare - and the charts
have been drawn up to reflect this. Players should consult the
original Warhammer Magic Book and this volume for full details,
new material is marked *.

Generate using a DJ.00

0l-05 Arcane Rod I

07-I2 Diviner I
ll-t 7 Elberath's Leash I

rs-22 Elven Cloak I

23-28 Enchanted Bottle* |

29-tO Enchanted Rope* |

3L-t2 Garathears Cord

3J-t4 Golden Horn of Power I
t5-t6 Grindlewood's Coffer I

i740 Hamdorkrs Shield of Scepticism* |

4I-46 Jewel of Power*
Jigri Loop
47 -52 I

53-54 Magic Carpet*

Mirrors of Mergith*
55-57 I

58-59 Mirrors of Morbihan I

TABLE SEVEN - POTIONS 60-67 Niobes Torch I

68-7I Rathnugg's Boots* i

A polion is a magical drink which has an effect upon the drinker 72-7t Runedice*
similan to that caused by certain spells. Potions are relatively easy 74-80 Sidonrs Phial I

to rnanufacture, the common ingredienLs may be bought for ClO 8l-88 Skrying Glass i
f rom any Wizard Artif icer or town Pharmacist. Alternatively 89-9r Urn-Guards
common ingredients may be collected taking D) days. Specific 92-9t Vallariel's Cloak I
ingredients, which are far from common, are needed for some 94-00 Water Horn I

potions as described in the main potions rules. It takes D4 hours to

make a potion followed by the casting of the appropriale spell
type. A poison potion requires a Level I or 2 Curse.
Potions rnay be found in glass bottles, or flasks made of leather or
rnetal. Generate risinq a D4.
l-2 Glass Bottle
3 Leather Flask
4 Metal Flask
Generale tlre type of Polion using a Dl00

0I-05 Blessing
06-10 Blood Lust
11-15 Curse
16-20 Far Sight
2I-25 Flight
26-30 Frog
tL-55 Growbh
t6-40 Hammerhand
4I-45 Healing
46-50 Inspiration
5I-55 Invisibility
56-60 Mask
6I-65 Poison
56-70 Repugnance
7I-75 Rooted Eo lhe Spot
76-S0 Shrink
81-85 Stone
86-90 Thunderhand
9I-95 Tongues
95-00 Walk on Water

Potions may be bought from the hornes of most Wizands (75To D6

random potions). It is possible thaL a Wizard will sell you any of his
potions outright (10o/o) for a pnice which can be deterrnined as
D5+10 Gold Crowns. It is rnore likely that a Wizard will ask for
sorne task to be performed instead of payment - such as collecting
cerlain nare rnaterials fon potions. Refusing such a task could
antagonise the Wizard, and he may feel inclined to place a minor
crJtse on vou.

,enerate the characleristics of magical weapons using lhe

l-nchanted Weapons section in this volume. Magical weaponry may
:ke the form of any of the ordinary, everyday weapon types. The
,ames Master may chose any sort of armament he pleases when
::signing magical weapons. The following chart has been prepared
,s a guideline.

01-u5 Dagger - bladed weapon under I foot

long r\\l*u't(
06-15 Short Sword - bladed weapon having a iy)/'lH
fairly broad blade between I and 2| nn,) fil,'i:)
feet Iong.
16-25 Sword - a weapon with a blade between
2| and 4 feet long with either a narrow
or broad blade.
26-30 Rapier - a long, slender, edgeless sword
designed for thrusting. Counts as Light
Cutting Weapon.
3r-35 Scimitar - a long curved sword with a
single cutting edge. CounLs as Light
Cutting weapon.
36-40 Falchion - a cleaver like sword with a
single cutting edge.
41-50 Double Handed Sword. A sword used in
two hands, bearing a blade over 4 feet
long. Counts as Heavy Cutting Weapon.
5r-55 Short Spear - a Spear under 5'long.
56-60 Long Spean - a Spear over 6tlong
6r-70 Pole-arm - Halberd, Bill or similar
weapon featuring a heavy blade
mounted on a long pole. Counts a Heavy
Cutting Weapon.
7r-75 Mace - a weighted, hand held weapon
76-80 Double Handed Mace - a large mace
wielded using both hands. A Heavy
Crushing Weapon.
81-85 Axe - a hand held axe
85-90 Double Handed Axe - a large axe
wielded using bolh hands. A Heavy
Cutting Weapon.
9I-94 Flail - a Weapon featuring a length of
heavy chain, usually wilh a wooden
handle of varying length.
95-98 Ball and Chain - a weapon similar to a
f lail, but with a heavy met,al ball
fastened to the end.
99-00 Warhammer - a weapon similar to an
ordinary hammer, usually incorporating
a spike to puncture armour.

l,emember - weapons can often be very exotically shaped and may

incorporate jewels, enamelling or engraving. Some more unusually
shaped weapons are drawn here. All of lhem are based on actual
Cesigns, so there really is no reason why weapons such as swords
should always be ordinary long swonds.

-,: ,\

Magical weapons can be forged by a high level Wizard-Artificer. Otherwise roll a DI00
The process is a long one, and involves a profound co-ordination of
astral-timing and rare and valuable raw materials. Ordinary 0l-5006 Common Tongue - spoken or accessible to everybody
Wizards have the ability to make enchanted weapons, but lack the
precise knowledge that is exclusive to the Wizard-Artificer. 5L-9Do/o Magick - spoken only by Wizards
Attempts at construction by over-ambitious Wizards have resulted
in a proliferation of poor, or unpredictable, magical weaponry. The 9I-OOVI Either no visible inscription, illegible or of unknown
construction of magical artifacts, and complete rules for tongue.
developing the powers of the Wizard Artificer, will form part of a
future Warhammer supplement.


Magical weapons can be randomly generated using the new system For the last category the games master can set the players clues,
given below. This system is intended to replace the lists of special create anagrams, or he could have the name written elsewhere -say
enchanted weapons given in the original Warhammer book J. as part of a wall hanging or painting. An Inspiration spell will
However, Games Masters are under no obligation to restrict either always provide the comect name. Names should imply something
the types or seope of magical weapons. Feel free to invent new about the weapon itself, Brain Smiter could be a sword that
varieties of weapons or new characteristics - a constant flow of ihcreases a playerrs Strength, Heart Burner could be a flaming
unique innovative rules will enliven your games and campaigns. sword, and so on. Games Masters can invent their own names to try
and help or confuse characters, names can take the form of riddles
WEAPON ALIG]WIENT or esoteric references if the GM wishes. The harder you make it
for the players the more valued will be the magical weapon.
Some weapons are aligned in a similar way to characters, having
dispositions given to Evil, Ctrrcs, Gmd, lrleutral, Avarice or WEAPOT{ WLLPOWER
Ffurrger. Most weapons are not aligned, however, and can be used
equally well by a character of any alignment. There is a 100,6 All weapons except Power Weapons have a Will Power level, in the
ehance that any weapon will have an alignment. Roll a D10 to same way as characters. Generate the Will Power level of any
discover which. weapon using 2D6. There is a I0% chance of a weapon having an
extra 2D5 Will Power. A character taking possession of a magical
weapon for the first time must test to see if he has sufficient
Lt Good personal mental strength with which to master it. Abilites
4-5 Evil associated with the weapon may only be used once it has been
6-7 Neutral mastered. To do this roll a D5 and add the characterrs Will Power.
8 Chaos If the score is greater than the Will Power of the weapon then the
9 Avarice character has been successful, and will be able to employ it. If the
I0 Hunger score is lower than the Will Power of the weapon then the
character has failed, and will never be able to use that weapon at
all. If the scores are equal the character may roll again.


There is a 5oolo chance that any weapon, and a 75i6 chance that any An aligned weapon may be used by any character who has mastered
sword, will have a magical name. No one can attempt to gain it - no matter what his personal alignment. If the users alignment
mastery over the weapon without first knowing its name, anyone is the same as the weapon then all of its powers may be fully used.
attempting to do so will feel a very strong mental resistancet
combined with extreme physical effects such as burning fingers, If the usersalignment is different to that of the weapon, then it is
violent shaking or unbearable pain. In either case they will possible the weapon cannot be used fully effectively. A user with a
automatically drop the weapon within I turn of picking it up. A Willpower level equal to, or greater than, the weaponrs Willpower
weaponrs name will be engraved upon it 75o/o of the time, although level may use all of the weapon's powers. In this repect he is no
the language used may not be decipherable by all characters. A different from an approprately aligned character. A user with a
user specific weapon will have any name written in the species Willpower level lower than that of the weapon may mt use any
tongue of the particular user specific species. extra-ordinary abilities or special attack modes. He may use any
other powers, including the full effect against Undead etc.

Chaos aligned weapons may actually cause their bearer to gain All enchanted weapons have full power against Undead, Demons
Chaotic Attributes. There is a 25Vo chance that any character who and Deities - even if they have no other abilities. A Wizard who
acquires a weapon will gain one attribute the rrext time he slays touches an enchanted weapon will be able to detect bhe presence of
with it. There is a 5olo chance Bhal a charact,er who acquires a magic using his magical sense ability. All enchanted weapons have
weapon will gain one attribute every time he slays with it.. certain common immunities to some magic - for example they
cannot be effected by a Droop spell, or an Animate Sword spell,
DETERMINING MAGICAL ABILITIES and automatically dispell an Aura of Invulnerabilitv .

There are four different varieties of general magical abilities.

There is a percentage chance of any magical weapon having each
of these abilities. Roll to determine which abilties are present. It is
possible to generate a weapon which has more than one, or even all
of these abilities. If you should happen to fail to generate any of
these categories then the weapon will have no special attributes,
but will still count as a magical weapon, and so may be used
effectively against Undead types, Demons and Deities.

75% Chance Eh&{AIrcED USER PROFILE





Having det,ermined that a weapon has certain types of abilities, roll

to find out which of the specific characteristics ane present.
Weapons may have any number of these, depending upon each dice
roll. Roll separately for each one. If no ability has been generated
by the time you have worked lhrough the chart once then stop. The
weapon automatically has only one ability of that bype and lhis will
be the first ability listed. For example, Initiative level gain is the
first Enhanced User Profile.

nhanced User ProI

25% Initiative Level gain -The user adds 1D10 to his I5Vo Wound gain -
The user may increase his number of
Initiative Level whilst he retains possession of the Wound Points by D3-I (min. +1). Should he lose
weapon. There is a I0% chance of an additional plus possession of the weapon, then Wound Points already
DI0 Initiative. gained remainl but he will not be able to recover
Wound Points past his own un-aided level . There is a
25% Attack gein - The user has an extra 1 Attack during 596 chance of the weapon bestowing an additional Df
combat so long as he is using this weapon. There is Wound Points.
L096 chance of the weapon conferring an additonal Dl
number of Attacks. 107o Willpower gain - The user may increase his Will
Power level by D6 points so long as he retains
2A% Strerrgth gain - The user adds I to his Strength for possession of the weapon. There is a 57o chance of an
attacks made with this weapon. There is an extra additional D5 points.
10% ehance of such a weapon conferring an
additional plus D} Strength for all attacks. 10% C@l gsin - The user may increase his Cool level by
D6 points so long as he retains possession of the
15% Trughnees gein - The user increases his Toughness by weapon. There ls a 5oh chance of an additional D5
I level whilst he retains possession of the weapon. points.
There is a chance
50,6 of increasing Toughness by an
additional DJ levels. It]% lntelligence gain - The user may increase his
Intelligence level by D6 points so long as he retains
possession of the weapon. There is a 5olo chance of an
, additional D6 points.

Speciql Altaclr
l0% Flame Attack - A sword bursts inbo flame when ib is 5o/o Strength Drain - In addition to normal damage' each.
drawn from its sheath, other weapons acquire flaming hit from the weapon automatically reduces the
poinLs or blades when brandished in combat. Combat victim's Strength level by I. There is a I in 6 (6 on a
altacks are as normal. The sight of the weapon will D5) chance of any individual hit reducing by a further
cause Fear in combaL opponents with a Cool level of I level, throw for this everytime you score a hit.
less bhan 12. The weapon will cause D6 Fire dpmage Once Strength reaches zeto the target is dead.
Points per Hit on inflammable targeLs. Strength drains receive no armour saving throw.
LOa/o Poison Attack - Opponents wounded by this weapon 5o/o Toughness Drain - In addition to normai damage, each
must save against Poison or die. hit from the weapon automatically reduces the
victimfs Toughness level by l. There is a 1 in 5
5o/o Degeneration Attack - Opponents wounded by this chance of any hit reducing by a further I level, throw
weapon will begin to feel weak, deeline, crumble and for this everytime you score a hit. Onee Toughness
die. Roll a D5 at the beginning of each successive reaches zero the target is killed. Toughness drains
turn, if the score is 6 remove I additional Wound receive no armout saving throw.
Point. A Cure Light Injury spell will halt the Process
for D6 Lurns. A Cure Severe Wound spell will slow 5o/o Initiative Drain - In addition to normal damage' eaeh
down degeneration to L Wound Point per week, but hit from lhe weapon automatically reduees the
must be recast every week. Wounds may not be victimfs Initiative level by Dt0. Models with an
recovered at. all whilst the victim is under the Initiative level of zero may not move or fight.
influence of the weaPon. Only a Healing Potion will
effect a full cure. Cool Drain - In addition to normal damage, each hit
from the weapon automatically reduces a victim's
5o/o Freeze Attack - When drawn from its scabbard, or Cool level by D5 points. There is no armour saving
brandished in comba[, the weapon can be seen to throw for such hits.
sparkle with an cold, misty white fire. The sight of
the weapon causes Fear in combat opponents with a 5o/o Will Power Drain - In addition to normal damage,
Cool of less than 12. Wounds caused by this weaPon each hit from the weapon automatically reduces a
cause extreme freezing, and death in living victimrs Wilt Power level by D6 points. There is no
creatures. Victims must save against Freezing' they armour saving throw. Characters with a Will Power
require a 5 on a D5 to survive. of above l0 still have a Magically Resistant saving
throw, but, if they fail to saver their levels will be
5o/o Warp Attack - The weapon has the strange abiltiy to reduced in the same way as for anyone else.
warp in and out of existence. When drawnr or
brandished in combat, the weapon can be seen to 5o/o Intelligence Drain - In addition to normal damage
pulse: f ading and becoming invisible, and then each hit from the weapon automatically reduces a
becoming visible again. The sight of such a weaPon victimrs Intelligence level by D6 points. Characters
eauses Fear amongst combat opponents with a cool of whose Intelligence falls to 4 lose any magical powers.
less than 12. During combat the weapon warps If the level falls to 2 then all but a single randomly
through shields and armour, and can re-materialise determined Skitl will be lost, the victim will forget
inside its horrified victim. Victims gel no saving how to read or write and suffers experience points
throw from atmour, shields or tough skins. The penalties for low Intelligence. Characters whose
weapon may strike through solid objects and magical levels fall to I or less become subject to Stupidity.
barriers so long as the user can see his target. There is no armour saving throw.

5"/o Sleep Attack - The weapon has the ability to cause

any single individual wiLhin 4" to fall fas! asleep. The
sleeper cannot be woken tor 2D6 turnsr no matter
how hard he is shaken or how much noise is made.
The ability can be manipulated by the user at will.
E xtrct - Ordi nc ty Abilit ies
Lso/o Flight - An individual holding this weapon has the 5o/o lnvisibility- The owner of this weapon may become
power of flight as if he were a winged creature. invisible anytime he wishes whilsl he holds it.

L5o/o Breathe underwater - An individual holding this 5o/o Egotistic The weapon so completely dominates other
weapon has the ability to breathe without air. He will sources of enchantment that the bearer may not cast
not suffocate or drown if placed in a vacuum or or use any magic, exeept for those powers of the
underwater sword itself. The bearer may still be attacked by
magic and have magical spells cast upon him.
I5o/o Confusion - The weapon causes all creatures within
J" to become subject to Stupidity so long as the user Divine Frenzy - The weapon is possessed of a divine
relains the weapon within his grasp. The user is killing frenzy. In his first combat round the bearer
immune to his weapon's effect. Troops already gains plus I Initiative, plus I to his rto hitr dice, and
subject to Stupidity become subject to Stupidity -1. plus I to his rto kill dice. In his second round lhe
bearer gains plus 2 to all of these factors, in his third
I0% Terror - The weapon causes Temor against all living combat round, plus 3, and so on for D8+2 rounds.
creatures within l2rt, so long as the user retains it Determine the number of rounds the weapon will
within his grasp. The user in uneffected. gain in this way before each combat. The bearer's
battle frenzy will be uncontrollable during this
process of escalating fury, he will ignore all wounds
10% Dimension Permiable - The weapon has the ability to that do not actually kill him, and, should he kill all
travel into different dimensions at the command of enemy within normal move distance, he will turn on
its user. The weapon will then remain invisibly ready any friends and allies still in reach. Otherwise he
to be brought baek into the real world at its users must move at charge rate towards the nearest
command. During any turn the weaponrs owner may enemy. Once the frenzy wears off the bearer will
declare that he is commanding the weapon to vanish pass into an ecstatic stupor for D10 turns. During this
in this way. To anyone watching, the weapon simply lime he will only Fight Defensively if attacked, and
leaps from the users hand and dissapears. At the must move at half speed towards nearest friends.
beginning of any of his future lurns the weaponrs
owner may try to recover the weapon. He only need Dispell undead - The very presence of this weapon
speak a few words of command to do this, and the will destroy all undead within Jr' - including Liches,
weapon suddenly appears, suspended within reaeh of Undead Champions and Heroes, as well as ordinary
its master. Undead types. This power can be felt by Undead
creatures within 12. Undead creatures who find
10% Resist Fire - An individual holding this weapon has themselves within the Jrr rdispell' radius due to the
the ability to withstand fire and fire based attacks. weapon bearer's movement are given the opportunity
. He will take no damage due to the effects of fire or to run away as if they had been charged.
burning, and cannot be harmed by fire-balls.
5o/o Destroy Magical Weapon - This weapon will destroy
5o/o D.rplication - The owner of this weapon gains the any other magical weapon in combat on the D5 scone
ability to duplicate himself entirely, including all of a 5. Roll once per combat round. The weapon gains
personal characteristics, but not weapons and any of the magical abilities of the defeated weapon
equipment. A elone created in this way is for the remainder of the lunar month 'until the next
indestinguishable from the original person. Duplicates full moon. If two weapons bearing this ability should
can be used in any capacity, such as combat meet then the highest Initiative may roll f irst.
assistance, scouting, keeping watch etc. Clones have Simultaneous dice rolls of a 6 destroys both weapons.
a full sense of personal identity and self preservation,
and are no more likely to co-operate with their
creators than any other character. Only I clone may ,o/o Magical Absorption - If a spell is cast at the bearer
be created at a time. If a clone is killed then the of this weapon then there is a 509o chance that the
sword may be used to create another. If the original sword will absorb the power of the spell, rendering it
character is killed then lhe clone can duplicate useless. The power of the spell gives the weapon a
himself if he obtains possession of the original plus rto hit' and 'to kill equal to the Mastery level of
weaPon. the casting Wizard. The effect of repeated spell
absorplions is cumulative, the effects last until the
5o/o Animated - This is similar to a level J Animate Sword next full moon.
spell. The weapon has a life of its own, and can move
through the air of its own accord and fight in combat. 5o/o Mighty Strike - This bearer of this weapon may strike
The owner of the weapon can command it as he with I Strength 5 Strength Attack once during the
wishes, and it can be moved by the player at a rate of day. The power renews itself overnight.
up to 6rt per move. Used independantly the weapon
has an Initiative of 6, Weapon Skill of 6, Strength of 4 5% Clouble Damage - Everytime this weapon scores a
and 2 Attacks. Other magical attributes may increase wound it causes 2 wounds - i.e. double damage.
this basic profile.
5o/o Talkirq Weapon - The weapon has the capacity to
talk. Weapons of this kind can communicate
knowledge about themselves and their history. If
talking weapons are aligned lhey may attempt to
deceive characters of other alignments.

25o/o Power Weapon - Generate the weapon using the 100,6 Dernon Sworde - Generate the weapon using the
extensive rules given in this section for Power .extensive rules given in the Realm of Chaos
Weapons. supplement for Warhammer.

25o/o Rure Weapon - Generate the weapon using the rules

given in this section for Rune Weapons.

Restr icted Use/Attaclr

Weapons with restricted use may only be owned by an individuat of 25Vo Specifie User Species - The weapon's magical
a cerlain specific creature type. Weapons with restricted attaeks abilities may only be employed by I given opecific
species of creature.
may or.rly be used fully effectively against a eertain creature type.
If an individual of the 'wrong' creature type attempts to use one Pf 25% Specific User Group - The weapon's magical abilities
these weapons none of the magical characteristics will work for
him, including the otherwise normal Undead, Demon and Deity may only be employed by a gru.P of creature types.
attacks. The weapon will just appear to be a perfectly normal and
If the weapon is already Specific User Species (above)
ordinary example of its kind. To a Wizard the weapon still deteets then the group will be of the species type i.e. if the
species is Dwarfs the group is A.
as magical using his 'magical senser, even if he is of the wrong
creature type.
10% Specific Attaek - The weapon's magieal abilities may
There is a 1006 chance that a creature picking up a weapon with a only be employed against a lpottp of creature types.
specif ie attack against his own species will receive a single
Strength 2 Hit - as if he had been dealt a sudden blow. In addition 5% Specific Attack - The weaponrs magical abilities may
he witl lose the use of his arm, or arms if he attempts to touch the only be employed against I given specific species of
weapon with both hands, for D6 daYs.

5% Specific Exemption - The weapon's magical abilities

Determine the nature of any restriction in the same way as for may not be employed against I given specific species
determining other general magical abilitiesr rolling a D100 for each of creature.
in turn. If you go through the entire chart and uncover no 5% Special Loyalty - once mastered this weapon retains
charae[eristics at all, then start again and throw until one is
oblained. If you determine that a weaPon has characterics which a direet loyalty to its owner. It will only work for
dontt make senser for example a sword which can only be used by him, and may not be mastered by a new owner whilst
goblins and which can only be used against goblins then the Games the old one is alive.
Master may decide to allow a re-role: alternatively he may invent
his own rules to allow for sueh weapons. Use the chart below to generate specific creatures. The chart
indicates creatures, and also the general magical ereature qrouPs
If a dice role indicates that a weapon is attack specific against a to which they belong. For example dwarfs, menr halflings and
rA', and a weapon which may be
monster type then Games Masters may use this chart to determine elnomes all belong to group
speeific monsters, if your games contain monsters of your own employed by group 'A' creatures may be used by all of these types.
invention you can alter the charts accordingly.

0r-04 CARNIVEROUS BIRDS Random Creature Group Random Creature Group

Gen. Gen
3r-32 GIANT FROGS 01-15 Men A 45-47 Lizardmen E
JJ-'4 GIANT INSECTS 16-20 Dwarfs A 48-49 Menfish E
35-36 GIANT RATS 2I-2t Halflings A 50-52 Slann E
37 -40 GIANT REPTILES 24-25 Gnomes A 53-55 Minotaur F
4r-49 GRIFFON 25-tO Elves B 56-57 Lesser Demon F
50-58 HIPPOGRIFF 3I-tZ Orcs C 58-5q Greal Demon F
59-67 HYDRAS 33-J4 Goblins C 6I-62 Balrog F
68-76 MANTICORES t5-t6 Hobgoblins C 63-54 Harpy F
71 -80 PEGASUS 37 -tB Ogres D 65-70 Werecreature G
8l-82 UNICORNS 39-40 Giants D 7L-72 Centaur H
83-85 WINGED PANTHERS 4I-45 Trolls D 73-80 Monsters* H
85-88 WINGED SERPENTS 44-45 Treemen D 81-00 Undead J
89-91 WOLVES
92-OO WYVERN The caLegory for monsters ineh.rdes all of those given as such in the
original Waihammer book I eieluding any mentioned separately,
e.g. Centaur, Treeman and Harpy. Monsters eannot actually use a
weapon because they either lack hands or are too slupid.
Accordingly a weapon cannot be monster user specific, in the event
of generating monsters as weapon users re-role on bhe chart above
to create another user [ype.

The old slann artificers who left the Arcane Rods on the earth left Slave must use aL least D6 points of his Will power each move
another strange legaey, the Power Weapons. These too are made thal he is within striking distance of an enemy or potential enemy,
entirely of a deep black, indestructable substance, and usually (g0o/o he may also use more if he wishes.
of the time) take the form of swords. Axes, hammers and various
very exotically shaped weapons have also been found. Once his Will Power reaches zero he will pass out and
comatose for D5 X l0 turns.
Like the Arcane Rod, the Power Weapon is also a sort of storage
device for magical power. The difference lies in the power Weapon On recovery the Slave will have lost one point of Will power
having integral, self-renewing power of its own. permanently, and Lhe weapon will have correspondingly gained a
Power Level.
A Power Weapon has a Power level of D6 x D5
Eventually the slave will possess no wiil Power at all, then a Very
A Character who takes up a Power Weapon of a power level lower Strange Thing will occur:-
than his own Will Power plus number of Wounds is known as the
weaponrs MASTER. The old slann artificers were great builders of arcane machinery in
obscure places, vast and mysterious devices of untellable function
A Character who takes up a Power Weapon of a power level higher governing the fates of worlds and races.
than his own Will Power plus number of Wounds is known as the
weapon's SLAVE. Millenia ago the artificers realised that their time would soon be
over, but still they wished to see their work continue. They built
A Master may use up the integral Power of the weapon first (this is the Power weapons as simple gee-gaws to attract the primitives
self regenerating like a Wizard's Constitution) and may then go on that were to follow them, but in each killing toy they imprinted
to fuel it, using his own Will Power and also Constitution if he is a deeply the task they required of their distant Slave.
Wizard. These are renewed daily, as normal with a Wizardrs
A Slave may fuel the Power Weapon only by using points from his
own Will Power, and he does this in a dangerously compulsive

A Power Weapon has three abilities

l. BLAST OF POWER. This is a direct magical assault,
functioning rather like an attack spell. The blast is
invested with a certain number of points - this is the
Strength of the blow caused on the target. If used
against a Wizard, the blast must be Enhanced with
further points. A magically resistant target
attempting to save against magic will count the
mastery level of the attack as being the number of
Power points remaining in the weapon after the blast
has been unleashed. Range of the blast is l5'r.
2. POWER BLOW This is a magically enhanced combat
blow. The number of points invested in the blow gives These tasks are almost exclusively functions of routine
the strength of the attack and also subtraets from maintenance, switch pulling and lever throwing.
the targets saving throw.
The Will-Powerless Slave will travel to a place where the
3. POWER UNLEASHED. This utilises any Power levels artificers machinery lies concealed, often deep under the earth,
remai@, can only be used by sometimes lhrough oddly-situated dimensional gates. He will know
@ blast of Power. The blast exactly how to enter these places, and what is required of him once
effects a circlular area of radius equal lo half the he is there.
power invested, and causes I Strength I hit on all
creatures in the area for each point invested, the Tales tell of mumif ied guardians, weird artifacts of immense
Master is unharmed. The entire Power remaining in potency and revalations that might turn a mortal insane.
the Weapon must be unleashed at once.
Once the task is complete, the Slave will have his Will Power
A SLAVE of the Weapon uses his own Will Power only to fuel restrored to him, with the addition of enough points to make him
BLAST and BLOWS, the weapon's Power Level remaining intact at his Weaponrs Master. The New Master will also know many things
all times as the Slavers Will Power diminishes. he did not before: a Wizard might know a spell previously unheard
of in the world, a Warrior might find his Weapon has some new
Handling and using the Weapon has an intense euphoric effect on previously unrevealed ability. It is said that when two New Masters
the Slave; which becomes compulsive and addictive. He will never meet, knowing glances are exchanged and particular matters may
give the weapon up, and would kill his friends rather than surrender be discussed. In far Chrystol, the Cult of the New Masters ever
it to them. grows in strength.

The power of a Runeweapon derives from the magical runes
enscribed upon it. A wizard may choose to enscribe one such rune
three times instead of gaining a spell. The actual Rune occupies an
area of roughly Znx 2'on both sides of the blade or weapon head,
which restricts the numbeiiFrunes which may be enscribed onto
any particular weapon. Runes may also be enscribed on armour, and
Wizards may enscribe runes onto their personal talismans. An
active rune glows dimly with a golden light - runes are only
effective when they are active.
Spell Rures

These function exactly as the particular spell described, on use the


rune will dim, and will not become active again for DlO turns, @ ri!
unless recharged by a wizard using the same spell.

hotectiqr Rures
) I \Y-l


w H
Each active protection rune gives a
bearer from magical attack. Thus
I in 5 ehance of protecting its
if a fighter has J
probection runes on his sword or armour, he is saved from magical
x I
attack on the score of a 4r516 on a D6. 4
Armour Rune +
These simply add I to all combat and missile Saving Throws. When
the rune causes a blow that would otherwise have struck to be
deflected, it will dim for 24 hours.
R K^y
Cuttirg rd
Smastrirg Rurcs A
These subtract L from an opponents Saving Throw, if this causes a
hit that would not otherwise have been scored, a rune dims for 24
g^. e9

Rune of Swiftness
These add I to Initiative, and 1 to all scores rTo Hit', if this eauses V^TI (s)

a hit that would not otherwise have been scored, a rune dims for 24 ?a$ A
hours. -A- z\
Rune of Renewal
This is a particularly important rune, it carries the energy to t9
repower any rune on lhe same weapon that has dimmed. This drains
the rune of renewal itself, which reeharges after 24 hours, or when
a weapon it is inscribed upon is used to kill an intelligent creature. H

Power Rurns
The Power Rune is rare: it
can only be enscribed by a creature of
great power. It causes the weapon which bears it to function as a
power weapon. Power Runes do not dim through use.


Enscribed on an axe or hammer, this rune causes it to always hit its The number of Runes = D5 x (Og-t) but cannot exceed the
target when thrown, dims after use. maximum specified for weapon Lype. 5oo/o of found Runeweapons
will be dormant.
Rune of Return
Causes a thrown axe or hammer to return immediately to the hand HALBERD HAMMER oT SHIELD
of its thrower, dims after use.
SPELL 0l-16 01-07 01-tl 01-60
Death Runes PROTECTION L7-32 0B-14 14-50 51-80
ARMOUR 5r-90
1. The Great Death Rune - this rune may only be enscribed by a CUTTING Jt-50 r5-2t
God, any creature hit by the weapon dies. SWIFTNESS 5I-65 24-30
RENEWAL 67-82 tt -37 91-00 8r-00
2. The Lesser Death Rune - Lessen Death Runes are not as rare. POWER 8J-87 38-42
they relate lo a particular type of being, which will die if FLIGHT - 4)-62
struck. Throw a DlO to determine tvoe:- RETURN - 63-82
GREAT DEATH 88-90 8l-85
1. All Goblinoids - Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs, MINOR DEATH 9r-95 86-94
Hobgoblins etc LESSER DEATH 95-00 95-00
2. Slays all four-footed mammals
J. Slays Men
4. Slays Dwarfs
6. Dragons
7. All other Reptiles If a Runeweapon remains unused, its nunes may become inact.ive.
8. Slays all those that bear the mark of The weapon will be identified as a Runeweapon by any Wizard who
Chaos handles it, but the runes will not become visible and active until
9. Magicians the weapon is used to kill in the heat of battle. or a Wizard chooses
10. Slays t.hose that do not bear the mark of to activate it instead of gaining a new spell.
t. The Minor Death Rune - these are more common, they slay TYPES MAY BE ENSCRIBED
just one species of creature. Generate the species nandomlyt
you can use the charl in the Restrict.ed Use/Attack table if Armour 100 01-05
vou wish. Shield 50 05-10
Sword 15 1L-50
Greatswords 25 5I-65
Shortsword 10 66-70
Axe I0 71-80
Hammer 15 8I-95
Halberd 20 96-98
Armlet/Bracelet 3 99
Gauntlet 4 00
Rune Staff 10


Magical weapons, and magical items in general are of qreater value

when employed by powerful characters. Accordingly it is very hard
!o pu! a fixed points cost on such things. However, if you are
intending to fight massed battles, and you wish to use weapons
created from these charts, then you will need some sort of points
values just to keep things under control. Throw randomly for each
weapon, and then having discovered which ailributes are present
apply the following costs.

Enhanced user profile 50 points each

Special Attack modes 75 points each
Extra-ordinary Abilties 100 points each
Special Types
Power Weapons 250 points
Rune Weapons 50 points per Rune except the Great
Death Rune is 500 points
Restricted Use Confers no real advantage and so
costs nothing

This list is only suggested - Games Masters should use their

common sense in this as in all things. These costs may seem
expensive, but then magic weapons are pretty good. A weapon with
none of these abilites, but which has the usual full effecL aqainst
Undead etc, costs 25 points.

Frriltill 11;

1) :::Y,i'l''ili{,'"11',',,' *

|t,lr l


l{ ' I


A group of characters have uncovered a rong forgotten temple That night the adventurers camp within the retaining wall of an
building surrounded by dense forests. Upon -reaching an inner
chamber they discover a long obsidian alter, on top of which are
ancient earthwork. Each lies upon his bed of sack and straw,
laid two ancient, but untarnished, weapons. one of the charaeters silently watching the whirling stars, the fireflys and the crouching
is a wizard, and he uses his magical sense to reveal that both watchman Red Ebrek.
weapons are enchanted. The Games Master has already rolled to
determine bhe nature of these weapons, and these were t'he results. 'Hey Albi', says the voice in the darkness, I Yunno all this killinrun
Robbin un such. ...it just donrt seem right. Reckon when you lhink
about it we dun some pretty bad things.r
First Sword
Name - Dulmaker - engraved in Common
Willpower 7
Enhanced User Profile:
Willpower Gain +4 points
Special Att.ack Mode:
Intelligence Drain D6 points per hit
Second Sword

Name - none
Aligned - Good
Willpower l0
Enhanced User Profile:
Initiative Level Gain: +10 poinLs
Restricted Use/Attack
Specific user - group A
Special Loyalty

The firs! sword is picked up by Albran the Thief - willpower g. The

GM still pretends to roll for mastery, even through the result is not
in doubt; the player isn't told either the weipon alignment or
Willpower level. The second sword is taken up by Red Ebrek, also a
thiefr alignment Neutral. He only has a willpower of 8, but rolls a J
yhgn he picks up the sword, so he has mastery over it.
Unfortunately the sword is aligned to good, and has already begun
lo work its goodly influence upon Ihe wiley thief.

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