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Product properties Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT
Product Information Colour Green
® Thickness 2.0 ± 0.2 mm
Product description: Stopaq Wrappingband CZHT is a non- Density 1.5 ± 0.1 g/cm³ (NEN 1833)
crosslinked, non-crystalline, monolithic viscous polymer based, Temperature ranges Operational temperatures: - 45°C to + 95°C
prefabricated wrap coating with cold flow, self-healing, visco-elastic Short term max.: + 120°C
properties that is specifically designed for high temperature applications. Substrate temp. during application: - 30°C to + 95°C
Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT is a corrosion preventing, non-toxic wrap Permeability < 0.2 g/m²/day (ASTM E96)
material adhering extremely well to steel and factory applied pipeline Glass transition ≤ - 65°C
coatings like PE, PP and FBE. Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT is viscous temperature
at the indicated operating temperatures and, due to its liquid nature, Drip resistance Tested 48h@+145°C : No dripping of compound
8 A)
flows into all irregularities of the substrate. The compound does not cure Specific electrical Rs100 > 10 Ω.m²
insulation resistance
and is unable to build up internal stress. Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT
Peel strength test Tested on steel (St 2 / St 3) and plant coatings PP and
is fully resistant to water and has a very low gas- and water vapour FBE A). Results on all substrates:
permeability.  @+23°C ≥ 0.2 N/mm (all substrates)
 @+95°C ≥ 0.05 N/mm (all substrates)
Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT requires an additional flexible mechanical  Cohesive failure, no evidence of adhesive failure
protective layer like Stopaq® Outerwrap or Stopaq® High Impact Shield.  ≥ 99% coverage of surface
This improves impact and indentation resistance of the coating system  ≥ 0.6 mm residual thickness
and supports the self-healing ability of small damages like dents and Thermal ageing Ageing A) 100 days @+115°C in dry air, tested on steel
cuts. Optionally a rigid mechanical protective layer can be applied on top followed by peel (St 2 / St 3) and plant coatings PP and FBE:
like Stopaq® Polyester or Stopaq® Outerglass Shield. strength test  @+23°C ≥ 0.2 N/mm (all substrates)
 @+95°C ≥ 0.02 N/mm (all substrates)
 Cohesive failure, no evidence of adhesive failure
 ≥ 99% coverage of surface
 Controlled cold flow providing permanent inflow into the finest pores of  ≥ 0.4 mm residual thickness
the substrate Hot water immersion Ageing A) 100 days @+95°C in hot water, tested on
 High temperature resistance followed by peel steel (St 2 / St 3) and plant coatings PP and FBE:
 Conforms to irregular shapes strength test  @+23°C ≥ 0.2 N/mm (all substrates)
 Low surface tension; adheres on many types of dry substrates at a  @+95°C ≥ 0.02 N/mm (all substrates)
molecular level  Cohesive failure, no evidence of adhesive failure
 ≥ 98% coverage of surface
 Surface tolerant: no blasting techniques required, wire brushing is
 ≥ 1.0 mm residual thickness
sufficient (ISO 8501-1: St 2)
Lap shear strength Tested @+23°C and +95°C on steel (St 2 / St 3) A).
 Constant film thickness Results on all substrates:
 Adhesion based on vanderWaals forces  @+23°C ≥ 0.02 N/mm²; @+95°C ≥ 0.002 N/mm²
 Inert to ageing and weathering  Cohesive failure
 Resistant to many chemicals like water, salts, acids, alkalis, polar  ≥ 99% coverage of surface
solvents, etc. For additional information, please consult Stopaq b.v.  ≥ 0.8 mm residual thickness
Properties of coating system comprising Stopaq® Wrappingband
Benefits: CZHT and Stopaq® Outerwrap
 Environmentally friendly, no health and safety hazards to humans Thickness ≥ 3.0 ± 0.2 mm (may vary per type of Outerwrap)
Impact resistance Tested @ 15 J A) and tested @ 40 J
 Fast and easy to apply
@ +23°C: no holidays
 Easy to control application @ +95°C: no holidays
 Can be moulded onto various types of irregular shaped objects Indentation Tested @10 N/mm² A)
 No osmosis or underfilm migration of moisture resistance @ +23°C: no holidays, residual thickness ≥ 0.6 mm B)
 No cathodic disbondment @ +95°C: no holidays, residual thickness ≥ 0.6 mm B)
 Cathodic Protection (CP) of steel structures is not affected Cathodic Tested at +23°C and +95°C A)
disbondment Disbondment 0 mm, no holiday (defect Ø 6mm self-
 Guaranteed performance resistance healed within 1 day)
Self-healing effect Artificial defect Ø 6mm tested for completion of self-
healing effect:
Application examples @ +23°C: completed < 24 hours, no holiday
@ +95°C: completed < 24 hours, no holiday
Piping and Vessels: For protection against external corrosion of buried, A)
According to ISO 21809-3:2008/Amendment 1:2011
immersed (offshore) or above ground carbon steel pipelines structures B)
After removal of load within 3 hrs.
and reservoirs. General order information
Field joints: For protection against external corrosion of buried, Product Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT is available in
immersed (offshore) or above ground carbon steel pipeline girth-weld rolls of various widths and lengths (other sizes on
joints. request)
Art. Nr. Packing size
Fittings: For protection against external corrosion of buried, immersed 6301 50mm x 10m; 12 pcs/box; 360 pcs/pallet
(offshore) or above ground carbon steel pipe fittings such as elbows, 6302 100mm x 10m; 6 pcs/box; 180 pcs/pallet
bends, tees, flanges and reducers. 6303 200mm x 10m; 2 pcs/box; 96 pcs/pallet
6304 200mm x 20m; 2 pcs/box; 96 pcs/pallet
Pipe coating repair: For repair and rehabilitation and protection against 6305 300mm x 10m; 2 pcs/box; 80 pcs/pallet
external corrosion of pipeline coating defects. Handling Handle with care. Keep boxes upright.
Storage Store indoor, clean and dry, away from direct sunlight in
a cool place below +45°C. Unlimited shelf life.

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Application instruction: Preparation Overlap of wraps Side-by-side overlap: ≥ 10 mm

Tools, equipment  Temperature probe, Dew point tester, High Consecutive rolls: ≥ 50 mm
and auxiliaries voltage holiday tester Overlap on factory applied coating: consult
 Scissors, Knife, Measuring tape specific Stopaq coating instructions.
 Abrading pads, Wire brushes Specific coating See specific Stopaq coating instructions for e.g.
 Isopropyl alcohol, cas. nr. 67-63-0 applications field joints, pipe wrapping, coating repair, etc.
 Personal protective gear
Additional Depending on type of application, various Application instruction: Quality control
mechanical additional mechanical protective materials might Visual inspection The appearance of Stopaq® Wrappingband
protective be needed: CZHT must look smooth and tight and should be
materials  Stopaq® Outerwrap HTPP shaped around all details and into corners.
 Stopaq® High Impact Shield HT Holiday detection Immediately after application of Stopaq®
 Stopaq® Vinylester Wrappingband CZHT, holiday testing can be
 Stopaq® Outerglass Shield carried out with a voltage of 15 kV. A brush
High humidity Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT can be applied in probe is recommended. No further testing is
a humid atmosphere. The substrate should be required.
free from condensing water which can be
reached by keeping the temperature at least 3°C Application instruction: Mechanical protection
above dew point. Mechanical Once applied, Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT
Work area and The substrate surface should be dry, clean and protection should be protected against impacts,
substrate protected against negative weather influences. indentations, soil pressure and other influences
Product conditions Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT should be dry and by application of Stopaq® Outerwrap or Stopaq®
the temperature should preferably be between High Impact Shield HT, eventually followed by
+30°C and +50°C for the ease of application. Stopaq® Vinylester or Stopaq® Outerglass
Shield. Please consult Stopaq for further
Application instruction: Surface preparation
General The area to be coated has to be clean, dry, and
free from oil, grease and dust. All contamination Bringing into service
including mill-scale has to be removed. Exposure to loads Objects coated with Stopaq® Wrappingband
Degreasing Degrease surfaces with isopropyl alcohol and CZHT should not be exposed to loads e.g. from
e.g. a lint-free cloth. supports- or lifting equipment.
Salts and bacteria No need for additional cleaning. Immersion or Immersion or burying is possible immediately
Condensation of Prior to and during the application, the burying after completion of the coating application.
water temperature of the substrate(s) must be at least Backfill and compact with clean sand and filling
3°C above the dew point. material without sharp stones or hard lumps of
Substrate Temperature of the substrate should preferably soil.
temperature be above +30°C. Preheating may be required.
Steel Minimum requirement for surface preparation is Stopaq information and warranty
St 2 according to ISO 8501-1. Roughness profile Documentation Extensive information is available on our web-
is not essential for adhesion. site. Application instructions, “Stopaq® Technical
Other substrates De-gloss and degrease the surfaces by using an Standard” and other documentation can be
abrasive pad and isopropyl alcohol. obtained from our head office, from our local
Cleanliness check Take a piece of Wrappingband of ± 150 mm distributor or by email to
length, remove the release foil and fold it back Certified staff The application of Stopaq® coating systems
for about 25 mm. Put the Wrappingband onto the should always be carried out by certified
(preheated) surface, press it firmly and leave it personnel.
for 5 minutes. Pull the Wrappingband from the Stopaq ® Extensive laboratory tests and more than 10
substrate with an angle of app. 135 deg. and a performance years of service in extreme wet and chemical
speed of 100 mm/min. Cohesive fracture should aggressive environments have proven that
occur and coverage of the surface with corrosion, bacterial growth or stress corrosion
remaining material should be ≥ 85%. If this is cracking cannot develop on substrates coated
less, surface cleaning is insufficient. with Stopaq® coating systems.
Final control The substrates prepared for coating, should be Long term Stopaq® offers a 30 year guarantee on the
clean, dry and free of dust according to ISO guarantee material properties of the Stopaq®
8502-3, grade 3. Wrappingband materials as described in this
Application instruction: Brief version
Wrapping Start with removal of a small part of the release
liner and apply the Wrappingband on the
substrate. Apply Wrappingband without any
tension onto the substrate. Avoid air-enclosures.
Mould the Wrappingband tight onto the substrate
surfaces. STOPAQ B.V.
Release foil Do not remove the release foil before application Gasselterstraat 20
of the Wrappingband. Remove just prior to 9503 JB Stadskanaal
application of the Wrappingband to the surface. P.O. Box 285
9500 AG Stadskanaal
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0) 599 696 170
F: +31 (0) 599 696 177

DISCLAIMER: To the best of our knowledge, the technical data contained herein is true and accurate on the date of publication and is subject to change without prior notice. User must contact Stopaq
B.V. to verify correctness before specifying and ordering. No guarantee of accuracy is given or implied. We do not accept any responsibility for coverage, performance or injuries resulting from use.
Liability, if any, is replacement of products. No other warranty or guarantee of any kind is made by Stopaq B.V., express or implied, statutory, by operation of law, or otherwise, including merchantability
and fitness for a particular purpose. Stopaq® is a registered trademark of Stopaq B.V.

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