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TEP Core Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Preparation
Topic/Day Science
RST.6-8.8 Distinguish among facts, reasoned judgment based on research
Standard(s) findings, and speculation in a text.

TSW use the website http://www.waza.org/en/zoo/choose-a-species to

Objective(s) determine which animals are the most endangered, and compare different
(Bloom’s/DOK) animals from different species.

Materials/ Computers
Resources/Safety Pen and paper
Technology http://www.waza.org/en/zoo/choose-a-species
Language Family
Student Grouping Independent
We will read a passage in class that will discuss the meaning of taxonomy. We
will also read an article that discusses how animals become endangered, and
Instruction/ Access
for All Students what we can do about animals who are endangered. This will be done before
this lesson to help build background knowledge for students.
Modifications/ Students who are ELLs can work alongside a student who is not an ELL.
Learning-Teaching Process Time
Activate Play a YouTube video about different animals that are endangered 5
Anticipatory Set

Show students a chart that explains the taxonomy we discussed the 5
Activate Prior
Knowledge class period before

I can differentiate between different species of animals. 1

“I can”

Formative Assessment Time

The teacher will review what it means Ask students to list their 10
for an animal to be endangered, as favorite animals and tell what
Content well as what it means for animals to species these animals belong
Exploration be different species. to.

The teacher will log onto the website Ask students which species we 10
Modeling http://www.waza.org/en/zoo/choose should pick, then ask students
-a-species and show students how to what animals belong in that
choose an animal species and then
choose a specific animal within the species before moving on to
species. The teacher will read the the page that lists the animals.
information out loud and determine if
the animal is endangered or not.

Take students to the computer lab Walk around the room and 10
and have them log onto the website. make sure every student is on
Tell them all to click on the species the correct website and
“reptiles” and then click on the following instructions. Repeat
Guided Practice “crocodile” tab. Have them all choose instructions if someone is
their own crocodile out of the 23 confused or on the wrong page.
listed and have them read about the
one they chose.

Tell students to go back to the main Ask students for a thumbs up 30

page and they need to choose their or down and show another
own species, animal subgroup, and example if necessary.
specific animal. They will need to read
the information and write down 2-5
Independent facts about the animal, including
Practice/Assignment/ whether or not the animal is
endangered and the taxonomy of the
animal. Repeat this process until they
have 3 different animals chosen from
at least 2 different species.

Go around the room and have students tell the class one animal they 10
Closure chose along with its kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and
Summative Assessment (End of Unit)
Students will write a one page paper over what they learned and explain any differences and
similarities they found between their animals.
Lesson Reflection (Complete after lesson)