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Long Range Plan KG1

KG1 September October November December January February March April May June July

School Sep 18th- Sep 21st Nov 2nd Dec 1st Jan 7th Start Feb 15th Mar 14th Apr 8th May 3rd No June 25th July
Functi 19th Hijra New UAE Flag Prophet of Term 2 Staff Report cards Start of school- staff Term 3 2nd
ons Staggered Year* Day Mohammed Developmen Term 3 development Reports last
start for ’s birthday* t Day day day of
KG1 & Nov 30th June 15th, school
KG2 Oct 26th UAE Dec 2nd Jam 9th and Spring Break Apr 12th 16th, 17th for
Start of Commemo National 10th Mar 25th-Apr Isra wai May 17th- Ismlamic eleme
Open Term 2 ration Day Parent/Teac 5th Miraj* Jun 14th
Holiday ntary
House Day* her Ramdan *
(4:30-7:00 0ct 26th Dec 6th T1 Conference Final
p.m.) Sep Progress Reports s Last day report
19th reports for KG ? s go
Winter home
Oct 26 Break: Dec
th th
Oct 8 -12 Fall 17th-Jan4th
School Festival
s Oct 29th-
31st Book

Social Outcome 1 - Regulates own emotions and behaviours

Emotional  Manages feelings
 Follows limits and expectations
 Takes care of own needs appropriately

Outcome 2 - Establishes and sustains positive relationships

 Forms relationships with adults
 Responds to emotional cues
 Interacts with peers
 Makes friends
Long Range Plan KG1
Outcome 3 - Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations
 Balances needs and rights of self and others
 Solves social problems

Physical Outcome 1 - Demonstrates traveling skills

Outcome 2 - Demonstrates balancing skills

Outcome 3 - Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

Outcome 4 - Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination

 Uses fingers and hands
 Uses writing and drawing tools

Mathemat Outcome 1 - Demonstrate understanding of number and numerical operations.

ical Skills  Demonstrate understanding of one-to-one correspondence
ongoing  Spontaneously count for own purposes
 Discriminate numbers from other symbols in the environment

Outcome 2 - Demonstrates emerging knowledge of spatial concepts, measurement and geometry.

 Identifies basic shapes in the environment
 Understand and uses measurement words (i.e., short, tall, heave, light)
 Uses positional and directional words in a functional way (i.e., over, under, top, bottom, beside, etc.)
 Makes three-dimensional constructions and models (i.e. block play, modeling clay, play dough etc.)

Outcome 3 - Understands patterns, relationships and classification.

 Sort objects into groups and by classifying them into subgroups (i.e., color, size, shape)
 Identify patterns in the environment (i.e., patterns in clothing, nature etc.)
Long Range Plan KG1
Language Outcome 1 - Children listen and respond to environmental sounds, directions, and conversations.
Arts  Create or act out familiar stories, songs, plays, and rhymes in play activities
 Listen for a variety of purposes (i.e., to gain and share information, to perform a task, for enjoyment, to learn what
Ongoing happened in a story, to converse with an adult or peer)
  Understand messages in conversations (i.e., responds differently based on purpose of messages in conversation;
attends and responds to conversations) and following one and two step directions
Outcome 2 - Converses effectively in their home language or English for a variety of purposes
 Speak clearly enough to be understood by unfamiliar adults and uses appropriate levels of volume, tone, and inflection
 Use new vocabulary to describe feelings, thoughts, experiences, and observations
 Use descriptive language (i.e.., color words; size words, such as bigger, smaller; shape words)
 Tell stories based on personal experience or make-believe
 Ask and answer questions to obtain information
 Follow conversation rules (i.e., taking turns, making relevant comments; staying on topic) when talking with peers and

Outcome 3: Children demonstrate pre-writing skills.

 Mark makes to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas
 Use writing tools and materials
Social Outcome 1 - Demonstrates knowledge about self
Studies Outcome 2 - Shows basic understanding of people and how they live
ongoing Outcome 3 - Explores change related to familiar people or places
Outcome 4 - Demonstrates simple geographic knowledge (i.e., I live in Abu Dhabi)

Science Outcome 1 - Uses scientific inquiry skills

Technolog Outcome 2 - Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks
The Arts Objective 1 - Explores the visual arts
ongoing Objective 2 - Explores musical concepts and expression
Objective 3 - Explores dance and movement concepts
Objective 4 - Explores drama through actions and language
Long Range Plan KG1
English Objective 1 - Demonstrates progress in listening to and understanding English
Language Objective 2 - Demonstrates progress in speaking English

Dates - Investigations/Studies
tentative We will use these investigations to reinforce the skills above
September All About Me – (Beginning of the year unit - Class routines, My School, My Community, Me, My Family)
24 –
November Assessments/portfolios and provocations for next unit
November Clothing/Celebrations
19 –
January 7 Assessments/portfolios
– 11
January 14 Our Environment/living things – mini unit friendship week
– March
April 8 - 12 Portfolios
April 15 – Transportation
June 7
June 7 - 14 Portfolios