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Basic Loadout (Loaded in Commando Ranger & Trailer)

● Tools: Shovel (3kg), pick (3kg), axe (3kg), sledgehammer (5kg), machete (2kg), one pair bolt cutters (2kg), vehicle tool kit [containing spanners,
wrenches, sockets and a jack] (10kg), Tripod M60 (6.35kg), Camouflage/shade net (7x7m) with poles, stakes and guy ropes (4kg), M83 solar
power unit (3kg), Safety equipment, cables and ropes: 20m Tow Chain, (10kg), three Halon or PhostrEx (after 2014) fire extinguishers (2kg or
1kg each for PhostrEx), 50m 11mm nylon rope in bag (5kg), Large medkit (5kg), two pairs dust goggles with interchangeable lenses, (clear,
amber, polarizing tinted, total 0.2kg), Communications and sensors: AutoNav vehicle navigation system (17kg), two AN/PRC-70 radios (17.7kg
each), one radio direction finder (4kg), one set of CP-7 binoculars (1.7kg), two pairs AN/PVS-5 night vision goggles (0.8kg)

Team Supplies (Loaded in Commando Ranger & Trailer)

● Four RATION PACKS [60 person days each] (17kg each)
● One CAMP KIT [Two four-person dome tents (4kg each), Two green eyeleted plastic c tarps, 2x3m (1.5 kg each), A spare set of poles & pegs for
tent, plus bungees, parachute cord etc to rig g tarps as shelters, vehicle awnings etc (1kg), Water purification pump p, with two spare filters,
good for a month’s use each (2 kg), Lightweight multi-fuel stove (1.5kg), Aluminum field cooking kit (Two pots w lids/frying pans, enamel
plates, serving spoon, ladle, strainer etc) (2.5kg), Two battery powered rechargeable electric lanterns (1 kg each, run 36hrs on o one four-hour
charge), A 10 liter (2.5 gallon) folding water carrier, with shoulder straps and hanging loop. It comes with a pouring tap and sprinkler nozzle to
rig it as a field shower. (1kg)](21kg)
● One UTILITY BOX [15m (50 ft) electrical extension cord on reel (1kg), Battery charger and set of common rechargeable batteries (6 each AAA to
D cells) (.5kg charger, plus 1.5kg for batteries), Set of basic spares for team equipment (replacement bulbs, fuses etc) (.5kg), Waterproof
writing case (Chino graph board & pencils, 4 pens, 4 pencils, 2 pads graph paper, scientific calculator, steel compass, scissors, protractor, ruler
& set squares) (1.5kg), Two pairs of heavy-duty k kitchen scissors (.1kg each), Box of 24 HB pencils, with h erasers (.1kg), Magnifying glass
(.1kg), 20m (~65ft) tape measure, 10m (~35ft) Plumb line, Two magic markers (.1kg each), Two cans spray paint (orange & black) (.4kg each),
Windup alarm clock (.3kg g), Claw hammer & nails (1kg g), 50m (~150ft) parachute cord (.1kg), Sharpening kit, Sewing kit (needles, thread,
buttons, cloth for patches etc) (.2kg), Two small metal mirrors s, for shaving or signaling (.1kg each), Two rolls of electrical tape, Three tubes of
superglue ( (.1kg), Two 12 liter (3 gallon) Plastic buckets (.75kg each), Pack of Ziploc bags, cable e ties, rubber bands, paper clips, safety pins
etc, Box (100 pairs) disposable surgical gloves, Pair of rechargeable hair clippers (.5kg) ](20kg)
● Two TRADE PACKS [ 60 gold double eagle coins, 50 silver dollars, 6-one liter bottles of liquor, tobacco. candy, 6 sewing kits, 4 mirrors, 6 combs
and brushes, various toilet articles, 6 knives and a selection of fishing gear.](15kg each)
● Two CONTACT KITS [This contains clothing and p personal effects that an itinerant survivor might possess. It is aimed to provide disguise to
Project c contact specialists and other personnel. All items look worn, but are in good condition. Typical items include: clothing (hat, shirt,
jeans, jacket, boots, belt, socks, underwear, eating utensils, a cup and canteen (often mismatched or improvised e.g. an old soda bottle as a
canteen), fire making equipment, twine, knife, blanket, poncho, and miscellaneous items like playing cards, pen and paper, a watch, etc.](13kg

Weapon Loadout (Loaded in Commando Ranger Only)

● Four M1 Rocket flares (.4kg each), One M79 grenade launcher, 36x40mm grenades in vest (13.04kg), Four M72A2 LAWs (2.4kg each), One
metal can 9x19mm ammunition (1000rds, 20.3kg), One case 5.56x45mm ammunition (1640rds, 31.5kg), Two cases 7.62x51mm linked ammo
(1600rds, 70kg), One case (30) M67 fragmentation grenades (23.6kg), One case (16) M7A3 CS gas grenades (13.5kg), One case 16AN-M8
smoke grenades (18.5kg), Two M18A1 Claymore mines (1.6kg each), One M183 demolition charge (10.5kg)

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