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a4 Glorious Chorus! By Sylvia Ferari, Anne Clayton, and Grace Miller “Take it from the top!” Mrs. Rummings eagerly told her participants at Chorus Fest which is held each spring. Each Monday and Wednesday after school, Chorus Fest participants sang their hearts out perfecting each song they were assigned. As the director, Mrs. Rummings is looking for confidence, rhythm, and precise pitch. If you have those qualities, this may be your golden opportunity! Chorus Fest is all about singing with students from other schools, making new friends, and having a wonderful time! Maddy Fiorini, a South participant, said that she was just happy to be with her friends. Maddy enjoys all the excitement that she gets to experience. Since she is already accustomed to trying out for other activities, she was more confident and ready for her performance. Practice for every participant takes about an hour each chorus day. Later, after Chorus Fest, they get Pop Rocks as a treat, and at the end of the year, each participant gets a trophy as a reward! Alsoa Cramer, another South participant, stated that last year they were told to wear something fancy, but they could pick whatever they wanted. Beginning participants might not know what to wear when the upcoming festival arrived, and they wouldn’t want to look unprofessional. “If you have stage fright, you can’t see anybody, just the director. The songs are very easy and this can boost your confidence,” Alsoa stated. Although the kids are the ones who make it happen, it couldn’t have been done without Mrs. Rummings, the Rommelt and South Williamsport chorus director. She’s the one who lets everyone participating get a chance to sing a song. Even though Mrs. Rummings SITITIIIIIIITITIIIIIIATATIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTATITAIIISISIITAISIIIIIN SIATATITITIIITITIIIIITATATIIIIIIIIIIIIIJITTITAIIIIISIITATIIIIIIIISY Seay SITATITIIIIITIIIIIIIIATATAISIIIIIIIIIIISTATSTIIIISISIITAISIIIIINI. is the South Williamsport director, she isn’t the one who picks the songs; the guest conductor does that job. All of the schools are from Lycoming County, which means there are about 28 schools participating in the festival. Chorus Fest is held at different schools in Lycoming County each year, and last year, it was held at Hughesville High School. She holds auditions and chooses six students from both fifth and sixth grades. Again, Mrs. Rummings is looking for children who have confidence, rhythm, and precise pitch! Chorus Fest is a wonderful experience in which Rommelt students have the opportunity to have an excellent time, make new buddies, and sing their hearts out! a4 Saggy SITITIIIIIIITITIIIIIIATATIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTATITAIIISISIITAISIIIIIN